NYPD: Cops Exit Ebola Victim Apartment, Dump Gloves, Masks In Sidewalk Trash Can

If there was one theme from last night’s Cuomo/De Blasio Ebola press conference it was ‘how everyone has been preparing for months’ for Ebola. We can all be reassured, right? Wrong! As The Daily Mail reports (and these stunning photos show), the police officers involved in securing Dr. Spencer tossed their gloves, masks and the caution tape used to block off access to his apartment in a public trash can.

[Video at site

Not just any trash can, but one on a public street corner…

While it is unclear whether the police entered the apartment (which is now locked down and isolated), some are suggesting that for the sake of safety – not to mention public sanity – it would have made sense to discard of these masks and gloves and tape in a biohazard bag.

* * *

Seems like not everyone has been preparing for months (since August) for Ebola… no matter, we are all assured by Cuomo’s reassuring words that Ebola is very hard to catch (just don’t tell the hundreds of healthcare workers who have been infected despit all their precautions).



I remain convinced it  was a staged PR fear-mongering performance drill – test run…. See Ebola strikes NYC: Doctor Home from Guinea Tests Positive for Deadly Virus



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Canada: Achingly Beautiful and Powerful Tribute to Nathan Cirillo

 R.I.P     (image: hronicleherald )

It pulls on the heart strings.

May God always hold him in the palm of His hand.

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Billionaire George Soros’ son in messy divorce after cheating

NY POST – page six

By Emily Smith

 October 22, 2014 | 9:14pm

Billionaire George Soros’ eldest son, Robert, is going through an increasingly messy divorce after he cheated on his wife, Melissa Robin Schiff, with model and “naked artist” Meredith Ostrom.

Robert, deputy chairman and president of the $28 billion Soros Fund Management, filed for divorce from his wife of 22 years in Manhattan Supreme Court in May.

But sources tell us that Schiff is arguing their prenup is “ambiguous” in order to go after potentially billions of dollars of Robert’s personal wealth.

One source told Page Six: “One of the reasons Robert filed for divorce was that he was already seeing Meredith well before their marriage ended.

“The current battle is over their old and archaic prenup. Many of the provisions in it appear to be ambiguous. Melissa believes she can go after a large portion of his wealth, which could extend to billions of dollars.”

Robert married photographer and filmmaker Schiff at Temple Emanu-El in New York in 1992. The estranged couple also owns a $13 million West 11th Street townhouse, a Rhinebeck country home called Enterprise Farm and a $9 million Martha’s Vineyard waterfront cottage. Robert and Melissa have supported causes including reproductive rights, Democratic politics and the arts.

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Ebola strikes NYC: Doctor Home from Guinea Tests Positive for Deadly Virus

By Jamie Schram, Frank Rosario and Shawn Cohen

October 23, 2014

NYC doctor being tested for Ebola went bowling, used Uber taxis

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VIDEO: Shooting at Parliment Hill…Canada (odd police actions caught live)

youtube – published on Oct 22, 2014…

The police were found laughing on a global news network/caught by infowars which they’re calling a false flag- theatre starts around 1:15 – certainly weird police behavior considering they’re in a tense crisis situation but since I didn’t see it in context myself don’t know what was going on…maybe a performance for the cameras…

Parliament Hill wasn’t the only attack site. A few blocks away the Rideau Mall was also under lockdown at the same time due to another shooting. There are 2 and possibly 3 shooting sites which apparently happened simultaneously.


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Is It All About Ebola After All?

Correlation is not causation but this is uncanny…

Charts: Bloomberg



A picture can say a thousands words.



[...] 3.But what is the link between Ebola and Money-ebola? One suspects the breakdown of constraints on the behaviour of big Pharmacological companies . Control measures like vaccines and basic research is not being done. Even if known, it is not implemented. Remember HIV?

There is the horrible suspicion that they have an effective vaccine against Ebola, but it is too cheap to make a profit.

The Clipboard man below is not worried. He is vaccinated. 

Clipboard guy pics  – google

4. Where are our Champions of Immortality?

Especially L Craig Venter. He has the resources to solve the vaccine problem within about a week:

See http://www.jcvi.org/cms/home/ An humongous concentration of capital and skill (Note how L Craig Venter has morphed into J Craig Venter)



Or perhaps they have already done so . While killing of most of the human race is seen as an attractive option by the-end-justifies-the-means mob , it has already been tried.

It didn’t work then , and it won’t work now.



Youtube – published on Oct 18, 2014 – …

“clipboard guy”

staged event? vaccinated already?

The corporate media “investigated” and discovered the clipboard guy was needed to direct the medics onto the plane – yet the protective covering appears to  give them adequate flexibility – it’s not like they were going through a maze…


Patients tried to flee in panic shouting ‘Ebola!’ when medics in Biohazard suits brought elderly woman into London hospital to be tested for the disease.


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VIDEO: Musician Arrested Illegally for Performing in Brooklyn Subway

Youtube published on Oct 18, 2014 – One of NYPD’s finest arrests a man for playing in the subway after he recites the law word for word that allows him to perform for donations….


Kalleen was charged with loitering and spent a night in a police holding cell. The video went viral and into the media – the NYPD issued a statement indicating that the officer involved will not face disciplinary measures, but will be retrained.


Followup – Buskers Rally:



Note: I’ve been a Manhatten commuter for years and don’t have a problem with buskers nor do other commuters I know. Performers very rarely (if ever) get in your face – the hats on the ground – if you want to contribute feel free – otherwise – walk (or run) on… Listening to buskers is just part of the subway and has been for eons…

FYI: In his day Ben Franklin was a street performer!

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