The Armenian Genocide: Ad Perpetuam Memoriam


Published on Mar 23, 2014

The Armenian Genocide is a 2006 television documentary e
xploring the Ottoman Empire killings of more than one million Armenians during World War I. The documentary was broadcast by most 348 PBS affiliate stations on April 17, 2006.

Because of the controversial nature of the subject in Turkey, PBS attempted to give both sides a voice and produced a four expert panel discussion to be aired immediately afterwards.

However, due to an intense lobbying effort by Armenian groups and some members of Congress, the follow-up panel discussion was cancelled on a third of those stations broadcasting the documentary over concerns of offending human rights groups and the descendants of Armenian Genocide survivors.


More here on al-Jazeera (believe it or not) -

Armenian Genocide: Turkey has lost the battle of truth -

Requiescat in pace

Lest we forget!


The Armenian Genocide (Warning: gruesome pictures)

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The Evisceration of Yugoslavia: Part I: BNL, Yugo & Eagleburger

Grateful Unrich

B80 Termit mound, near Kakadu.(Part one of a five-part series excerpted from Chapter 15: Yugoslavia Bad, Greater Albania Good: Big Oil & Their Bankers…)

It was no coincidence that Yugoslavia was Banca Nacionale de Lavoro’s (BNL) second largest customer after Iraq. Both countries call their currency the dinar and both would, after rebuffing the global “privatization” crowd, see those currencies severely devalued.


Yugoslavia, like Iraq, has a long history of defying outside interference in its affairs. Its economy, like Iraq’s, has tilted toward socialism ever since Marshall Tito routed the Nazi Utashe during WWII.

Moreover, Yugoslavia became a world leader in the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), a large group of nations traditionally led by India who chose not to align themselves with either the US or the Soviets during the Cold War. The international bankers despised NAM because its members tended to be left-of-center nationalists who guarded their resources from Big Oil and other multinationals.

NAM was a thorn in the side of the CFR/Bilderberger crowd who wished to portray all Third World revolutionary struggles against their financial hegemony as Soviet-backed Communist threats. They could then play the “Red Menace” card to justify their bloody wars of depopulation.

Economic Warfare 101

Yugoslavia was the only East European nation which was never a member of the Warsaw Pact. The country succeeded India as the Chair of NAM and became a respected leader of the G-77 group of developing nations, which tried to divert OPEC oil revenues away from international banks and into Third World development.

Yugoslavia was an important supplier of inexpensive machinery to Third World factories and peasant-owned farms. Where once these countries were forced to buy expensive equipment from the West, using up valued hard currency and sinking further into debt, they now turned to newly industrialized Yugoslavia, which was often willing to trade machinery for commodities.

The Western multinationals were fuming. What really galled them was that, like Iraq, Yugoslavia had created a highly successful socialist economy no longer dependent on the unjust international financial system. Other Third World countries took note of the Yugoslav example, despite Illuminati propaganda that “socialism was dead”.

As Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, who was served up as demon by the globalization crowd, pointed out, “…the remaining socialist government threatening capitalist control of Europe”…, …provided “living proof that history has not ended, that more than one economic system was possible.”

Yugoslavia’s natural resources are vast. The Four Horsemen discovered significant deposits of oil off the coast beneath the Adriatic Sea. Some oil industry insiders believe the fields could equal those lying beneath the sand dunes of Saudi Arabia. Yugoslavia contains seventeen billion tons of coal and vast mineral wealth, including the huge Stari Trg mining complex, the first facility Hitler’s Nazi Reichstag seized when they invaded Yugoslavia in 1941.

Hitler mined lead at Stari Trg to supply batteries for his U-Boats. But Stari Trg also contains gold, silver, cadmium, zinc and platinum worth at least $5 billion. The Yugoslav land mass figures into any overland pipeline route connecting Four Horsemen Caspian Sea oilfields to mainland Europe. It also sits astride a major highway that connects Europe to Central Asia, while the strategic Danube River flows through the center of the nation. In the eyes of the international oligarchy, ripe Yugoslavia now demanded harvest. Enter BNL and Kissinger Associates.

Lawrence Eagleburger was US Ambassador to Yugoslavia from 1977-1981 and was later president of Kissinger Associates. During this latter stint he was director at LBS Bank, a subsidiary of Ljubljanska Banka, Yugoslavia’s second largest bank. While at LBS Eagleburger was also in charge of the BNL client relationship with Kissinger Associates.

A 1989 Federal Reserve examination found that 20-25% of LBS Bank’s business came from BNL, including millions in BNL loans to Iraq; loans which LBS conveniently repurchased just before Saddam defaulted on them. LBS repurchased rotten BNL loans from grain giant Cargill and financed a Yugoslav shipyard which built oil tankers for Mobil. Eagleburger provided buffet-style corporate welfare for his pals, while LBS ate a steady diet of bad loans.

Eagleburger also served on the board of Global Motors, which manufactured the Yugo automobile. The Yugo was a symbol of national pride in Yugoslavia, representing a giant step forward for the country, which saw itself joining the ranks of industrialized nations. Global is a subsidiary of Zavodi Crevna Zastava, the backbone of the Yugoslav arms industry.

In 1988 after Eagleburger had conveniently moved on, LBS was charged with money laundering. Yugoslav authorities found that Eagleburger had fudged the books at LBS, whose parent Ljublijanska Banka then became embroiled in a scandal involving fake promissory notes. The scandal shook the Yugoslav banking system. Global Motors went bankrupt in 1989.

The dinar took a serious tumble, leading to more bankruptcies and widespread financial panic. In 2000 Yugoslav intelligence officials stated that they had evidence that CIA had air dropped counterfeit dinars as part of their plan to destabilize the nation’s economy. The sabotaged Yugoslav ship was sinking and its Bilderberger saboteurs were grabbing the last life boats.

The West was quick to blame Yugoslavia’s economic woes on the ills of socialism, while the CIA began to sew ethnic division in country. The global powers wanted to smash socialist Yugoslavia into tiny fiefdoms modeled after their GCC puppet emirates. The US organized the Balkan Stability Pact, which called for a regional free market while CIA-backed Croat and Muslim separatists called for armed revolt.

For forty-five years the US had played the ethnicity card in the Balkans, a region traditionally colonized by Western powers. During WWII over a million people died in the Balkans, most at the hands of Nazi-armed right-wing paramilitaries like the Croat Utashe. Their victims were largely Serbian, Jewish and communist.

Now the US was, for propaganda purposes, dumbing their resource grab down to an ethnic skirmish. The US media picked the winners, siding with the wealthier Croats and Muslims, while demonizing the generally working-class socialist Serbs. The US justified its support for Muslim and Croat separatists by accusing the Yugoslav Army of ethnic cleansing. Though there were plenty of Muslims and Croats in that Yugoslav Army, the US spin machine collectively bludgeoned the Serbian people.

An August 17, 1992 Newsweek article finally admitted that, “Most of the horror stories (attributed to Serbs) are impossible to confirm.” Even the US puppet International War Crimes Tribunal in the Hague charged Croat and Muslim leaders with genocide as often as it did Serbs. The US anti-war movement, which had already fallen asleep at the wheel during the Somalia fiasco, parroted State Department propaganda. No war in history has been so driven by a frothy, emotive and completely unquestioning corporate media than was the war about to be waged against the people of Yugoslavia.

John Swainton, Chief of Staff of the New York Times from 1860-1870, explained as well as anyone why when he stated upon his retirement,

  • There is no such thing as a free press. You know it and I know it.
  • There’s not one of you who would dare to write his honest opinions.
  • The role of journalism is to destroy truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to fawn at the feet of Mammon…
  • We are tools and vassals of the men behind the scenes.
  • We are jumping jacks: they pull the strings, we dance; our talents, our possibilities and
  • our lives are the property of these men.
  • We are intellectual prostitutes”.

Dean Henderson is the author of five books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Das Kartell der Federal Reserve, Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel. You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column @

Source: Author – Dean Henderson


The Royal Crown or the “Company” did the same in Ireland. The began infiltrating around the 12 century but over the years the English invaders would assimilate which meant the Crown didn’t have loyal subjects – so they used religion - priests were hanged, drawn and quartered and replaced with transplanted Puritans – voila they got their division. A lot more involved but anyway fast forward – Cromwell the Bloody invaded Ireland around 165o’ish accompanied by the “Adventurers”  so-called because they lent or adventured (“ventures”) money to Parliament a decade earlier, in response to an act called the Adventurers’ Act. It consisted of members of Parliament, merchants and tradesmen. Cromwell was one himself since he advanced 600 pounds.


The money was required to raise an army to subdue the Irish Catholic, Old English Catholics, and assimilated Protestants, “rebels”. The Adventurers were offered two and a half million acres of Irish land, which was land which was to be confiscated at the end of the rebellion, as security or collateral of their money.  Suppliers of provisions and ammunition to the army also had to be paid. Again Irish land was to be used to settle these debts. The lands of the defeated Irish and Old English Catholics were declared confiscated and preparations were made for its distribution to the various people to whom the Crown was indebted. In order to facilitate the redistribution a survey of the land had to be done… Catholics, Old English Catholics didn’t get any land. This set the tone for the future of the Irish Catholics…slaughtered, sold ino slavery, and a number of famines until the Great Famine or Holocaust when millions died of a man-made famine.


The Old English Protestants who were transplanted in the 12c, and had assimilated, got a third of their land along with a hefty fine. The army officers (most of whom were aristocrats) were first on the list for the land, followed by the Crown – Adventurers and Merchants – The House of the Bankster Gangsters. It’s a long story and painful history, if one knew it, then one would recognize the blueprint. A new Ireland emerged after the Bloody Cromwellian Slaughter and Plantation. Land ownership and political authority passed from the Irish and Old English Catholics to a landed ascendancy of English Protestants who were to control the life of Ireland until the twentieth century. Ireland remains balkanized with 6 countires in the north belonging to the Crown, it will remain as such, since it ensures loyal subjects to the House of Windsor the bulk of which are Presbyterian Calvinists, like Ian  Paisley who was a paid English shill and instigator.


Significance to the Bundy Ranch: In other parts of Ireland where the methods of transplantation or extermination hadn’t been attempted and where the inhabitants had escaped the horrors of the slaughter, there were hundreds of thousands of fertile acres. These were then and had been for over three hundred years in the undisputed possession of their owners, the native Irish, and were held under the tribal system of tenure. As a pretext for dispossessing the lawful owners from their lands and making them available for plantation, a Royal Commission, appointed for the purpose, declared the titles defective, and over half a million acres of land not heretofore confiscated were adjudged to have reverted to the Crown.  The reformers, or “discoverers” (Harry Reid et al) as they were called, who attacked these titles before the Commission, were likewise rewarded by grants of portions of the plundered lands. Just make the law to remove the blockage of the land grabs. .

Note: The Crown-Adventurers-Merchants – the Adventurers was just another name for the Royal East Indian Company…Royal East Asian Company…

Today is just another chapter, another time, another method, same people, same results.

Serbia, the Colored Revolutions, Arab  Spring are all cut from the same cloth as Ireland, India, Africa…Just another chapter, another time, another method, same people, same results.

The German-Dutch House of Windsor continue to rule the world from the City of London. The USA is the military part of their “Company” which they’ll rein in eventually. It’s interesting that Cyrenicia, which owns 60% of Libya’ oil is opting to balkanize. Not unlike the rich in silver, gold, raw minerals, coal, and oil in balkanized countries of Yugoslavia, or the rich soil of the six counties in balkanized Ireland, diamonds and oil in Africa etc. When states in the US begin secession the “Company” will be happy since balkanization of countries leave them easier to control. They’ve got it down to a fine art since they’ve had 800 years of practice in Ireland.

Whew…didn’t mean to write so much and don’t intend to reread it so it is what it is… heh


The Biggest Lies of Our Time: Serbia versus The New World Order

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53% Think Neither Political Party Represents the American People

Rasmussen Reports
April 24, 2014


Voters continue to believe Democrats have more of a plan for the future than Republicans do, but most again say neither party represents the public.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 53% of Likely U.S. Voters think it is fair to say that neither party in Congress is the party of the American people. That’s up six points from 47% last October and matches the previous high found in June 2012 during the last national election cycle. Just 28% disagree, while 19% are not sure. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

But a plurality (47%) believes the Democratic Party has a plan for where it wants to take the nation. That’s up slightly from the low 40s in prior surveys back to February 2010. Thirty percent (30%) think President Obama’s party does not have a plan for the future. Twenty-three percent (23%) are undecided. Read more


I wasn’t surveyed but please count me in…

Anyone who watched and understood what happened at the Bundy Ranch has to believe we are no longer a Constitutional Republic, and haven’t been since Wilson, if not before. Every single elected official should have been shouting from the rooftops – we got a few mutterings. Today we’re a “democracy” similar to the UN/NATO-IMF-WB model they’re pushing around the globe. The IMF-World Bank doesn’t discriminate when it comes to their own enrichment. These same monsters stole trillions from us to save their usuary banks around the globe, and since we don’t have the money, our day of reckoning is coming. The government has made us slaves to the system through our labor and property…no wonder these elected officials wouldn’t speak up on the ranchers behalf…since they no longer work for us.

Bottomline: Get rid of usuary and you’ll see these robber barons drop like ninepins.

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Secret American base in Libya reportedly seized by jihadists

Published time: April 23, 2014 20:33

Reuters / Esam Omran Al-Fetori

Reuters / Esam Omran Al-Fetori

The Daily Beast’s Eli Lake claims that a team led by longtime Al-Qaeda affiliate Ibrahim Ali Abu Bakr Tantoush has seized a base 27 kilometers west of Tripoli that was established by the US in the summer of 2012 “in order to hone the skills of Libya’s first Western-trained special operations counter-terrorism fighters.”

Lake says his allegations — published in a report on the Daily Beast’s website on Wednesday this week — stem from local media accounts, Jihadist web forums and US officials. If it proves to be accurate, then a veteran Al-Qaeda member considered by both the US and United Nations to be a supporter of terrorism has taken the helm of a hush-hush base that has been the host of US-led training missions for two years following its refurbishment by American Green Berets.

An Arabic-language news report published earlier this month and cited by Lake suggests that Tantoush has recently taken command of the base and, according to the Beast writer, “he was heading a group of Salifist fighters from the former Libyan base.”

Lake went on to say an unnamed US defense official told The Daily Beast that the Libyan report was on par with what American intelligence knew, and a second official said he could not yet corroborate the facts of the matter. A third official with the US Africa Command declined to comment, and the message boards referenced by the reporter were not cited again elsewhere in his article.

On Tuesday evening, Lake added, Tantoush appeared on Libyan television and confirmed that he was in the country but not involved whatsoever in the camp. Another US official speaking on condition of anonymity, however, told The Daily Beast that the camp to the west of Tripoli is considered to be a “denied area” which American forces would not be able to easily gain access to.

Last September, Fox News reported that the base — the same one, according to Lake — was raided multiple times in August likely by terrorists who had taken a cache of equipment and weapons used by US Special Forces stationed in the region.

A grand jury in the Southern District of the New York indicted Tantoush and four others back in 2000 for conspiracy related to terrorist attacks carried out by Al-Qaeda, and since 2002 he has been included on a Department of the Treasury list of foreign persons sanctioned for terroristic activity as outlined in an UN treaty.

“No one at the State Department wanted to deal with the situation if any more went wrong, so State pulled its support for the training program and then began to try and get the team moved out of the country,” Fox reportedly heard from an unnamed source.

Speaking to Lake, Al-Qaeda expert Seth Jones said “There are a number of training camps for a wide range of Al-Qaeda and jihadist groups that have surfaced in southwest Libya, northwest Libya in and around Tripoli and northeast Libya in and around Benghazi.” Only now, however, have militants reportedly taken hold of a formerly US-run base that had been launched to counter those same terrorists. Source


NATO’s bombing strikes blew Gaddafi’s ammunition storage bunkers open, sending the items (a mix of bombs, missiles, grenades and other weapons) into surrounding areas. Source


European arms sales to Middle East reach record level

By staff writers
1 Feb 2014

European Union countries licensed arms exports in 2012 valued at €39.9 billion, according to newly released figures. This included a record €9.7 billion in sales to the Middle East – a 22 percent increase on sales in the previous year…

Overall, 47,868 arms export licences were applied for in 2012 by all EU countries. Of these, only 459 were refused. While 4,705 licences were granted to sell arms to the Middle East…

Five countries – France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK – were the source of eighty per cent of EU military sales.

Full report -

Informative site –

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NY Times Publishes Fabricated Evidence of Russian Troops in Eastern Ukraine

Kiev & Washington contrive dubious war propaganda

Paul Joseph Watson
April 24, 2014

Photos purporting to show Russian Special Forces operating in Eastern Ukraine were in fact an amateur fabrication on behalf of the post-coup Kiev government yet the New York Times blithely regurgitated them as part of the mass marketing campaign for World War III.

RELATED: NYT Retracts Russian-Photo Scoop

RELATED: New York Times Propaganda Photos on Ukraine Exposed

RELATED: Ukraine crisis: What the ‘Russian soldier’ photos say


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Texas Attorney General Abbott to the BLM: ‘Come and Take It’

After Breitbart Texas reported on the U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) intent to seize 90,000 acres belonging to Texas landholders along the Texas/Oklahoma line, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott questioned the BLM’s authority to take such action. by  4-22-2014

“I am about ready,” General Abbott told Breitbart Texas, “to go to the Red River and raise a ‘Come and Take It’ flag to tell the feds to stay out of Texas.”

Gen. Abbott sent a strongly-worded letter to BLM Director Neil Kornze, asking for answers to a series of questions related to the potential land grab.

“I am deeply concerned about the notion that the Bureau of Land Management believes the federal government has the authority to swoop in and take land that has been owned and cultivated by Texas landowners for generations,” General Abbott wrote. “The BLM’s newly asserted claims to land along the Red River threaten to upset long-settled private property rights and undermine fundamental principles—including the rule of law—that form the foundation of our democracy. Yet, the BLM has failed to disclose either its full intentions or the legal justification for its proposed actions. Decisions of this magnitude must not be made inside a bureaucratic black box.”

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart Texas, General Abbott said, “This is the latest line of attack by the Obama Administration where it seems like they have a complete disregard for the rule of law in this country …And now they’ve crossed the line quite literally by coming into the State of Texas and trying to claim Texas land as federal land. And, as the Attorney General of Texas I am not going to allow this.”

Abbott challenged the BLM director directly stating in his letter, “Nearly a century ago, the U.S. Supreme Court determined that the gradient line of the south bank of the Red River—subject to the doctrines of accretion and avulsion—was the boundary between Texas and Oklahoma. Oklahoma v. Texas, 260 U.S. 606 (1923). More recently, in 1994, the BLM stated that the Red River area was “[a] unique situation” and stated that ‘[t]he area itself cannot be defined until action by the U.S. Congress establishes the permanent state boundary between Oklahoma and Texas.’ Further, the BLM determined that one possible scenario was legislation that established the ‘south geologic cut bank as the boundary,’ which could have resulted ‘in up to 90,000 acres’ of newly delineated federal land. But no such legislation was ever enacted.”

As to what kind of standoff might Texas might be facing with the BLM on this matter, Abbott said, “I think that we should be able to resolve this from a legal standpoint because, I believe, what the BLM is doing clearly violates the law. They don’t have any legal standing whatsoever to do this and that’s why I have issued this letter today.”

In the letter, Gen. Abbott details five issues for the BLM to address:

  1. Please delineate with specificity each of the steps for the RMP/EIS process for property along the Red River.
  2. Please describe the procedural due process the BLM will afford to Texans whose property may be claimed by the federal government.
  3. Please confirm whether the BLM agrees that, from 1923 until the ratification of the Red River Boundary Compact, the boundary between Texas and Oklahoma was the gradient line of the south bank of the Red River. To the extent the BLM does not agree, please provide legal analysis supporting the BLM’s position.
  4. Please confirm whether the BLM still considers Congress’ ratification of the Red River Boundary Compact as determinative of its interest in land along the Red River? To the extent the BLM does not agree, please provide legal analysis supporting the BLM’s new position.
  5. Please delineate with specificity the amount of Texas territory that would be impacted by the BLM’s decision to claim this private land as the property of the federal government.

“The letter today,” Abbott explained, “is the first shot in the legal process. We expect answers from them and based upon their answers we will decide what legal action to take.”

“What Barack Obama’s BLM is doing,” Abbott continued, “is so out of bounds and so offensive that we should have quick and successful legal action if they dare attempt to tread on Texas land and take it from private property owners in this state.”

As to the timeline of how this matter moves forward Abbott explained that it is hard to tell how quickly or slowly the BLM might move on this matter. “One of the problems is, we can’t tell what they’re doing other than trying to operate in very suspicious ways. We want to make sure they are going to be open and transparent about what they are doing and that constitutional due process rights are going to be protected.”

Abbott told Breitbart Texas he wants to make sure the BLM understands that what they appear to be attempting to do is completely illegal. “This is Texas land. It belongs to Texas and the private property owners here,” Abbott firmly stated. “If we have to, we will assert quick and effective legal action to put a stop to it.”

Abbott said the next step now is for the BLM to respond to his letter and the five points detailed above. “The way these things work is,” Abbott explained, “what they say in response will lead to more questions. I anticipate another round of questions will follow in response to their answers.”

At that point, Abbott said it should be clear that either Texas will be taking legal action to stop them or the BLM will be backing off because they have no legal basis to support “their wrongful attempt to take Texas land.”

The BLM currently maintains roughly 40,000 acres of land in Collin County around Lake Lavon. When asked about this land, Abbott responded, “We’re looking at anything and everything BLM either has or is considering doing across the State of Texas. Anytime we see land grabs like this by federal authorities, it raises red flags that cause us to look into the full extent of their operations.”

Abbott said this issue comes down to a fundamental principle and that is, “private property rights and the rule of law are the foundation of democracy. Repeatedly we see the Obama Administration erode that foundation of democracy. As Attorney General, I will be restoring that bedrock foundation by restoring and protecting private property rights and the rule of law in Texas.”

Abbott summarized his position thusly, “If I have to, I will make this our 31st lawsuit against the Obama Administration.”

Abbott Letter to BLM by BreitbartTexas


You don’t have Property Rights – You become the property! This goes back to the Romans – Ireland in the 16th century when invaded by England and so on…

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The BLM Land Grabbing Endgame – Are You a Terrorist?

Michael Snyder – April 23, 2014

Agenda 21 Map

Why is the federal government so obsessed with grabbing more land? After all, the federal government already owns more than 40 percent of the land in 9 different U.S. states. Why are federal bureaucrats so determined to grab even more? Well, the truth is that this all becomes much clearer once you understand that there is a very twisted philosophy behind what they are doing. It is commonly known as “Agenda 21″, although many names and labels are used for this particular philosophy. Basically, those that hold to this form of radical environmentalism believe that humanity is utterly destroying the planet, and therefore the goal should be to create a world where literally everything that we do is tightly monitored and controlled by control freak bureaucrats in the name of “sustainable development”. In their vision of the future, the human population will be greatly reduced and human activity will be limited to strictly regulated urban areas and travel corridors. The rest of the planet will be left to nature. To achieve this goal, a massive transfer of land from private landowners to the federal government will be necessary.

So the conflict between Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and the BLM is really just the tip of the iceberg. The reality is that the BLM has their eyes on much bigger prizes.

For example, Breitbart is reporting that the BLM is looking at grabbing 90,000 privately-held acres along the Texas/Oklahoma border…

After the recent Bundy Ranch episode by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Texans are becoming more concerned about the BLM’s focus on 90,000 acres along a 116 mile stretch of the Texas/Oklahoma boundary. The BLM is reviewing the possible federal takeover and ownership of privately-held lands which have been deeded property for generations of Texas landowners.

Sid Miller, former Texas State Representative and Republican candidate for Texas Agriculture Commissioner, has since made the matter a campaign issue to Breitbart Texas.

“In Texas,” Miller says, “the BLM is attempting a repeat of an action taken over 30 years ago along the Red River when Tommy Henderson lost a federal lawsuit. The Bureau of Land Management took 140 acres of his property and didn’t pay him one cent.”

Needless to say, officials down in Texas are not pleased about this. In fact, just check out what the attorney general of Texas is saying

Gen. Abbott sent a strongly-worded letter to BLM Director Neil Kornze, asking for answers to a series of questions related to the potential land grab.

“I am deeply concerned about the notion that the Bureau of Land Management believes the federal government has the authority to swoop in and take land that has been owned and cultivated by Texas landowners for generations,” General Abbott wrote. “The BLM’s newly asserted claims to land along the Red River threaten to upset long-settled private property rights and undermine fundamental principles—including the rule of law—that form the foundation of our democracy. Yet, the BLM has failed to disclose either its full intentions or the legal justification for its proposed actions. Decisions of this magnitude must not be made inside a bureaucratic black box.”

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart Texas, General Abbott said, “This is the latest line of attack by the Obama Administration where it seems like they have a complete disregard for the rule of law in this country …And now they’ve crossed the line quite literally by coming into the State of Texas and trying to claim Texas land as federal land. And, as the Attorney General of Texas I am not going to allow this.”

Does the federal government actually need more land?

As I mentioned above, the feds already own more than 40 percent of the land in 9 different U.S. states

Nevada: 84.5 percent
Alaska: 69.1 percent
Utah: 57.4 percent
Oregon: 53.1 percent
Idaho: 50.2 percent
Arizona: 48.1 percent
California: 45.3 percent
Wyoming: 42.4 percent
New Mexico: 41.8 percent

The federal government does not need more land. But there is an obsession to grab more so that the dictates of Agenda 21 can be implemented.

The map that I have posted below is a simulation of what the endgame of Agenda 21 might look like. If these radical environmentalists get their way, the only areas that will be allocated for normal human use will be the areas in green…

Agenda 21 Map

If you do not go along with the “sustainable development” agenda, you risk being labeled a “threat” to be dealt with.

For example, Senator Harry Reid has used the label “domestic terrorists” to describe those that showed up to support Cliven Bundy at his ranch.

Reid could have used lots of other labels. But he specifically chose to call them terrorists. And considering what the law allows the feds to do to “terrorists”, that is quite chilling.

And don’t think that if you just stay quiet that you won’t get labeled as a “terrorist”. In fact, there is a very good chance that you already fit several government criteria for being a terrorist.

Just check out the list below. It comes from my previous article entitled “72 Types Of Americans That Are Considered ‘Potential Terrorists’ In Official Government Documents“…

1. Those that talk about “individual liberties”

2. Those that advocate for states’ rights

3. Those that want “to make the world a better place”

4. “The colonists who sought to free themselves from British rule”

5. Those that are interested in “defeating the Communists”

6. Those that believe “that the interests of one’s own nation areseparate from the interests of other nations or the common interest of all nations”

7. Anyone that holds a “political ideology that considers the state to be unnecessary, harmful,or undesirable”

8. Anyone that possesses an “intolerance toward other religions”

9. Those that “take action to fight against the exploitation of theenvironment and/or animals”

10. “Anti-Gay”

11. “Anti-Immigrant”

12. “Anti-Muslim”

13. “The Patriot Movement”

14. “Opposition to equal rights for gays and lesbians”

15. Members of the Family Research Council

16. Members of the American Family Association

17. Those that believe that Mexico, Canada and the United States “are secretly planning to merge into a European Union-like entity that will be known as the ‘North American Union’”

18. Members of the American Border Patrol/American Patrol

19. Members of the Federation for American Immigration Reform

20. Members of the Tennessee Freedom Coalition

21. Members of the Christian Action Network

22. Anyone that is “opposed to the New World Order”

23. Anyone that is engaged in “conspiracy theorizing”

24. Anyone that is opposed to Agenda 21

25. Anyone that is concerned about FEMA camps

26. Anyone that “fears impending gun control or weapons confiscations”

27. The militia movement

28. The sovereign citizen movement

29. Those that “don’t think they should have to pay taxes”

30. Anyone that “complains about bias”

31. Anyone that “believes in government conspiracies to the point of paranoia”

32. Anyone that “is frustrated with mainstream ideologies”

33. Anyone that “visits extremist websites/blogs”

34. Anyone that “establishes website/blog to display extremist views”

35. Anyone that “attends rallies for extremist causes”

36. Anyone that “exhibits extreme religious intolerance”

37. Anyone that “is personally connected with a grievance”

38. Anyone that “suddenly acquires weapons”

39. Anyone that “organizes protests inspired by extremist ideology”

40. “Militia or unorganized militia”

41. “General right-wing extremist”

42. Citizens that have “bumper stickers” that are patriotic or anti-U.N.

43. Those that refer to an “Army of God”

44. Those that are “fiercely nationalistic (as opposed to universal and international in orientation)”

45. Those that are “anti-global”

46. Those that are “suspicious of centralized federal authority”

47. Those that are “reverent of individual liberty”

48. Those that “believe in conspiracy theories”

49. Those that have “a belief that one’s personal and/or national ‘way of life’ is under attack”

50. Those that possess “a belief in the need to be prepared for an attack either by participating in paramilitary preparations and training or survivalism”

51. Those that would “impose strict religious tenets or laws on society (fundamentalists)”

52. Those that would “insert religion into the political sphere”

53. Anyone that would “seek to politicize religion”

54. Those that have “supported political movements for autonomy”

55. Anyone that is “anti-abortion”

56. Anyone that is “anti-Catholic”

57. Anyone that is “anti-nuclear”

58. “Rightwing extremists”

59. “Returning veterans”

60. Those concerned about “illegal immigration”

61. Those that “believe in the right to bear arms”

62. Anyone that is engaged in “ammunition stockpiling”

63. Anyone that exhibits “fear of Communist regimes”

64. “Anti-abortion activists”

65. Those that are against illegal immigration

66. Those that talk about “the New World Order” in a “derogatory” manner

67. Those that have a negative view of the United Nations

68. Those that are opposed “to the collection of federal income taxes”

69. Those that supported former presidential candidates Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin and Bob Barr

70. Those that display the Gadsden Flag (“Don’t Tread On Me”)

71. Those that believe in “end times” prophecies

72. Evangelical Christians

Do any of those criteria apply to you?

If so, then you are a “potential terrorist” according to the U.S. government.

We live at a time when the federal government is becoming increasingly oppressive. Just consider the following excerpt from a recent article by John W. Whitehead

It’s not just the Cliven Bundys of the world who are being dealt with in this manner. Don Miller, a 91-year-old antiques collector, recently had his Indiana home raided by the FBI, ostensibly because it might be in the nation’s best interest if the rare and valuable antiques and artifacts Miller had collected over the course of 80 years were cared for by the government. Such tactics carried out by anyone other than the government would be considered grand larceny, and yet the government gets a free pass.

In the same way, the government insists it can carry out all manner of surveillance on us—listen in on our phone calls, read our emails and text messages, track our movements, photograph our license plates, even enter our biometric information into DNA databases—but those who dare to return the favor, even a little, by filming potential police misconduct, get roughed up by the police, arrested, charged with violating various and sundry crimes.

This was not what our founders intended.

Our liberties and freedoms are being eroded a little bit more with each passing day, and most Americans don’t even seem to care.

In the end, we will pay a great price for our apathy.

Source - The Truth Wins


How nice of these people to give us permission to walk around our agenda 21 style apartments - ‘cos looking at the map that’s all we’ll be able to do. And I’m labeled as a “terrorist”, while the previously labeled terrorists got an upgrade, and relabeled “freedom fighters”. Up is down and down is up…

The BLM is the strong arm of the Department of the Interior. Just as al Qaeda is the strong arm of the Muslim Brotherhood.

These people are psychopaths who fear their own shadows. They’re afraid someone will discover their true nature at any time and dethrone them from power. The Government as a whole is afraid of its citizens, who it fears may revolt and overthrow it if they knew the truth about it. Therefore, per history, a corrupt and mentally unstable Government keeps a list of its political opponents, those dissidents and activists who challenge tyranny. It spies on them and harasses them. It’s obviously unlawful and against the Constitution, though technically not always illegal, since the Government writes and passes laws to codify its coercive behavior and make it okay – it legalizes its own criminality.

Bottomline – anyone who disagrees with this government is a terrorist.

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US GITMO Detainee Killed in Syria While Leading NATO-backed Death Squad

17.04.2014 Author: Tony Cartalucci

896678634The Long War Journal reported in its post, “Former Guantanamo detainee killed while leading jihadist group in Syria,” that:

Ibrahim Bin Shakaran, a Moroccan who spent more than three years at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility before being released to Moroccan custody, has been killed while leading a jihadist group that fights Syrian government forces.

Bin Shakaran, who is also known as Abu Ahmad al Maghribi, Abu Ahmad al Muhajir, and Brahim Benchekroune, was “martyred, Insha’Allah, in battles for Hilltop # 45 in Latakia,” according to Kavkaz Center, a propaganda arm of the Islamic Caucasus Emirate.

Bin Shakaran led a jihadist group known as Sham al Islam, which is based in Latakia and is comprised primarily of fighters from Morocco, according to the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. Bin Shakaran created the group “not only to recruit fighters for the Syria war, but also to establish a jihadist organization within Morocco itself.”

Sham al Islam has been fighting alongside the al Qaeda’s Syrian branch, the Al Nusrah Front for the People of the Levant, as well as Ahrar al Sham and the Army of the Emigrants and Supporters in an ongoing offensive in the coastal province of Latakia.


Curiously absent from The Long War Journal’s report is any mention of how Bin Shakaran made it into northern Syria in the first place. Clearly this is because it would involve mentioning Turkey, a long-standing NATO member, with NATO being the organization that invaded and occupied Afghanistan, and whom Bin Shakaran had been fighting and ultimately fled from before being captured.

The Long War Journal also makes mention of the Kavkaz Center, calling it “a propaganda arm of the Islamic Caucasus Emirate.” Only the Kavkaz Center had been backed by the now defunct US National Endowment for Democracy-funded ”Russian-Chechen Friendship Society.” While The Long War Journal poses as a stalwart fighter of terrorism, its Western-backed counterpart, the Kavkaz Center is promoting terrorism in Russia.

The Long War Journal” itself is a project of the Neo-Con Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD). The FDD has counted among its membership US politicians and policy makers such as current US Vice President Joseph Biden, William Kristol, Steve Forbes, Charles Krauthammer, Paula Dobriansky – many of whom were signatories of the now notorious Project for a New American Century and who had been the chief proponents of the so-called “War on Terror” and the two costly conflicts fought in its name – the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The detention center in Guantanamo is part of the “War on Terror’s” legacy, a continuous point of contention between the US government and rights activists, and clearly a failure in its alleged role of keeping dangerous terrorists off the battlefield. 


A Pattern That Fits Conspiracy

What Bin Shakaran’s case appears to prove, is that Guantanamo, and the larger “anti-terror” network maintained by the United States is instead redirecting terrorists from NATO theaters of operation to conflict zones NATO is currently unable to directly intervene in. In Bin Shakaran’s case, that conflict zone is northern Syria. Bin Shakaran is joined by fellow US detainees like Abdel Hakim Belhadj, who was fighting NATO troops in Afghanistan, was briefly captured in Malaysia and tortured by the CIA in Thailand, before then leading a NATO-backed assault on the Libyan government of Muammar Qaddafi in 2011.

Other members of Bin Shakaran’s militant group were also Guantanamo inmates. This includes Moroccan-born Mohammed al Alami who Reuters reported on in their article, “Former Guantanamo prisoner killed in Syria after joining Islamist brigade.” In it, Reuters stated:

A former prisoner at the Guantanamo Bay U.S. naval base died fighting for anti-government rebels in Syria, according to an Islamist opposition group which posted a video of his funeral on YouTube.

Reuters would add:

Alami, was the second known former Guantanamo detainee to be killed this year, Zelin added. A Saudi second-in-command of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) was killed in a U.S. drone attack in Yemen in July.

Throngs of terrorists, whose leaders are former inmates held in US custody, harbored, funded, and armed within NATO territory, and sent into Syria with NATO air and artillery cover fits the pattern of a conspiracy rather than a series of very unlikely coincidences.


It was in Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh’s 2007 article, “The Redirection: Is the Administration’s new policy benefiting our enemies in the war on terrorism?” that prophetically stated (emphasis added):

“To undermine Iran, which is predominantly Shiite, the Bush Administration has decided, in effect, to reconfigure its priorities in the Middle East. In Lebanon, the Administration has coöperated with Saudi Arabia’s government, which is Sunni, in clandestine operations that are intended to weaken Hezbollah, the Shiite organization that is backed by Iran. The U.S. has also taken part in clandestine operations aimed at Iran and its ally Syria. A by-product of these activities has been the bolstering of Sunni extremist groups that espouse a militant vision of Islam and are hostile to America and sympathetic to Al Qaeda.”


It is more clear than ever, with the West’s own warmongering policy makers admitting terrorists kept at their detention centers are now spearheading the fighting in a war of their own design, that the conspiracy described by Seymour Hersh in 2007 had been executed in earnest in 2011 and is continuing today.


The US and its axis partners are not waging a “War on Terror,” they are waging a “War of Terror.” While they will attempt to portray the appearance of Bin Shakaran and others in Syria as the unfortunate result of poorly planned policy, it was, by their own admission, all part of the plan, years before the so-called “Syrian Arab Spring” began.


It appears that guantanamo was/is a training camp for terrorists…no surprises here.

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Cliven Bundy vs Crony Capitalism (Clintons, Reids, Goldman Sachs…)

Posted on April 19, 2014 by

Poor Harry Reid.

The entire world that doesn’t pay heed to the mainstream media thinks he and his son Rory are involved in the Bundy Ranch grazing rights showdown with the Bureau of Land Management, and all he can do is sputter that “this isn’t over” and make vague threats about a mysterious federal task force he plans to sic on rancher Cliven Bundy.

The so-outraged Reid has resorted to calling Bundy’s supporters “domestic terrorists,” loudly and repeatedly, to divert attention from the fact that he actually is involved in the BLM mess — though perhaps not exactly in the way initially thought.

The mainstream media have tried to dismiss the Reid connection by deliberately misrepresenting it. The Las Vegas Sun even seems to think that I personally started the “conspiracy theory” that connects the Reids and a Chinese solar project to Clark County shenanigans. I didn’t, and while it’s flattering to imagine any calumnous catch phrases cast Dingy Harry’s way by yours truly could sway the national agenda, I believe the honor of first blood on that story belongs to Info Wars.

But having now been duly recognized as a rabble rouser, I feel there’s more I should say on the subject.

As I’ve pointed out before, if you follow the money, you’ll eventually start to get a sense of the real story.

In the case of Gold Butte, not Bundy’s personal ranch property, the fight with the Bureau of Land Management goes back years. Basically, for more than a century, the Bundy family has grazed the disputed land. Call me crazy, call me irresponsible, but I think having the free use of something over a hundred years should convey some sort of ownership right.

But the federal government doesn’t see it that way, and in 1993, seemingly at random, the federal government suddenly recognized the local desert tortoise as an endangered species that had to be protected. This resulted in the BLM trying to buy out local ranchers using their own money that had been paid in grazing fees, rather than putting it toward — oh, I dunno — preserving tortoise habitat. Long story short, Bundy got fed up with the BLM and “fired” them — stopped paying his grazing fees. Two decades later, the BLM swooped in to remove Bundy’s cattle, which the feds say are illegally grazing on Gold Butte and surrounding environs.

A couple of points need to be made about tortoises and grazing.

First, the tortoises obviously have done fine over more than a century of coexistence with local cattle. Two, just last year, the Bureau of Land Management was slaughtering same said tortoises at a local conservation center for lack of money to care for them. Both these points cast doubt on the assertion that the whole Bundy Ranch Showdown was to protect an endangered species that was probably being served for lunch in the BLM cafeteria. (Note to Las Vegas Sun: You CAN credit me for starting the BLM-served-tortoise-soup story should it happen to catch on.)

Regarding grazing, the BLM says Bundy’s cattle are illegally grazing on Gold Butte. If that’s the case, then he’s trespassing. And if that’s the case, he shouldn’t owe any grazing fees. If he owes grazing fees, then that implies he has some legal right to use the land, albeit he is expected to pay a tax for it. If that’s the case, then he’s not trespassing and his cattle aren’t there illegally, he is just in arrears. I’m sure this all makes sense to government lawyers and judges who can pull treaties and agreements out of their derrieres to prove their case, but to ordinary folk, this seems like a little bit of circular logic.

But back to Harry Reid.

Obviously, the whole tortoise-grazing fee thing didn’t wash in light of the BLM bringing in an armed 200-man army plus out-of-state backup to round up some cows, which witnesses say were chased to ground in helicopters in some cases. Then some documents on the BLM’s own website came to light.

At first blush, the story that emerged from those documents involved plans by a Chinese energy firm, ENN, represented by Rory Reid, to build a $5 billion project in Laughlin, clear at the south end of the state, and to buy a plot of land in Clark County, where the County Commission, formerly chaired by Rory Reid, voted to sell the land for pennies on the dollar.

As part of what the BLM has termed the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone, alternative energy projects in Clark County would pay into a fund to “mitigate” the Gold Butte and surrounding areas. The Las Vegas Sun (I’m just going to keep picking on you guys) said that the Dry Lake solar zone doesn’t match up with the Gold Butte area, but according to the BLM, its plans “consist of restoration and preservation measures prescribed for the Gold Butte Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC), but for which sufficient resources have been unavailable. The Gold Butte ACEC is in the same ecological zone (ecoregion) and subzone as the Dry Lake SEZ and is of the same vegetation community. The Gold Butte ACEC provides habitat for all of the wildlife, including the special status species, found in the Dry Lake SEZ.”

Translation: The BLM expects a bunch of alternative-energy businesses to move into the Dry Lake SEZ and tear up tortoise habitat, but that’s OK, because those companies will pay to beef up the tortoise country club planned at Gold Butte, if only that Bundy character would get out of the way. And, oh yeah, there’s a lot of money the BLM plans to soak from the businesses it’s going to let chew up “public” lands.

Well, it turns out that the ENN deal the Reids were working on fell through. However, never count out a schemer like Dingy Harry or his friends.

The BLM’s mitigation plan wasn’t just designed for one company. BLM records show plans for at least 50 renewable energy projects in Nevada, Arizona and California.

In March, Reid joined in the groundbreaking for the Moapa Southern Paiute Solar Project, just southwest of Gold Butte. That project, to be built partly on an Indian reservation and partly on BLM-managed lands, involves K Road Power, a New York energy company, as the major leaseholder. K Road’s business development manager is Jonathan Magaziner, former associate at the Clinton Climate Initiative of the William J. Clinton Foundation and son of President Clinton’s senior policy adviser Ira Magaziner.

A BLM map of planned renewable energy projects also shows a company called First Solar among 11 projects sited in Clark County. The list of investors for First Solar includes Goldman Sachs, Ted Turner, Paul Tudor Jones and Al Gore. Here’s my personal favorite part, though: First Solar’s CEO is Michael Ahearn. Ahearn is a fundraiser for President Obama and … ta da! … Harry Reid.

Small world, ain’t it?

These projects are all part of a much larger plan by the Democratic Party to turn the West into essentially a giant battery. The President’s New Energy for America Plan calls for 10 percent of U.S. electricity to be generated by renewable sources by two years ago, a goal that has been slightly surpassed at this point. However, it also calls for a whopping 25 percent by 2025.

My guess is they’re running a little behind schedule.

According to the BLM, a 2009 memo from the secretary of the interior demanded that the Department of the Interior make renewable energy development a top priority. The Moapa solar project is on the fast-track list, according to a BLM report.

So the reason why Cliven Bundy’s cattle were the target of an armed invasion really had only peripherally to do with grazing fees and even less to do with a tortoise. The truth at this point seems to be that he stands in the way of a massive plot — dare we say conspiracy? — to make a whole lot of business and political figures on the Left a whole lot richer.

The BLM went up to Clark County to clear the way for the people who think they own this country. It’s just too bad for Dingy Harry and friends that the federal agents found out that there are still Americans who, right or wrong, won’t be pushed around so easily.


They appear to be buying land in groups-partners-for pennies. Goldman Sachs, Blackstone, Leon Black’s Apollo Management…(of interest or not – the Times Square attempted bomber was employed by an Apollo subsidy), Citi, Merril Lynch, and so on…Ted Turner owns Southern Company outright – he’s partnered with at least 16 solar companies since 2010 – Adobe Solar in Kern County, CA being the latest…his first was cimorron solar…How it works – “Jigar Shah (owns SunEdison) maintains that Climate Wealth is created when mainstream investors team up with entrepreneurs, corporations, mainstream capital, and governments at scale to solve the big problems of our time while generating compelling financial returns.” wiki. Ted Turner has partnered with Jigar Shah for at least two of these plants.

Dingy Harry has some pretty powerful friends - had a quick look at both sites below – banking, education, utilities, healthcare, insurance, cfr, chatham house, bilderberg, rothchild banks, goldman sachs, morgan chase, diane feinstein’s husband, and a few other interesting people…one click away it gets even more interesting…

Friends for Harry Reid –

Searchlight Leadership Fund (Reid) –

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Earth Day: More Americans Believe in God than Al Gore’s Global Warming


22 Apr 2014, 8:04 AM PDT

Some will seize on this as proof that Americans are credulous and anti-scientific, but I’d draw the opposite conclusion. The survey – insofar as it can be taken seriously: only just over 1000 people were consulted – suggests how remarkably resilient Americans are in the face of relentless environmental brainwashing.

The schools, the universities, the government, the green NGOs, Hollywood and the MSM have invested billions of man hours and dollars trying to persuade them that climate change is the greatest threat of our age. But according to this survey, only 33 per cent are buying it – while another 37 per cent remain thoroughly unconvinced.

Now these people  have made a killing in their investments.

Happy Earth Day!

In the survey, respondents were asked how confident they were in a range of scientific statements. The ones in which they had fullest confidence were:

Smoking causes cancer – 82 per cent extremely/very confident

Mental illness is a medical condition that affects the brain – 71 per cent

Inside our cells there is a complex genetic code that helps determine who we are – 69 per cent

Overusing antiobiotics causes the development of drug resistant bacteria – 65 per cent

The universe is so complex there must be a supreme being guiding its creation – 54 per cent

Childhood vaccines are safe and effective – 53 per cent

The average temperature of the world is rising, mostly because of man-made heat-trapping greenhouse gases – 33 per cent

According to a Nobel Prize winning biochemistry professor Robert Lefkowitz of Duke University, the poor performance of greenhouse gas theory in the survey may result from “the force of concerted campaigns to discredit scientific fact.”

Perhaps he should venture out of the biochemistry lab a bit more often. If he did so, he would realise that the 67 per cent who had doubts about greenhouse gas theory are almost certainly correct. The most obvious flaw in the statement is that phrase “mostly because of”.

Few scientists dispute that greenhouse gases have a warming effect; none disputes that, since 1850, global mean temperatures have risen by about 0.8 degrees C. But there is little if any scientific evidence to suggest that man-made greenhouse gases are the main driver of climate change.

On the contrary, all the latest research suggests that the importance of CO2 and other greenhouse gases has been grossly exaggerated in the various computer models predicting catastrophic global warming, which is the reason why they have been so badly wrong-footed by real world data – such as the pause in the global warming since 1997.

Maybe the true, encouraging take home message from the survey should be this: most Americans know more about climate change than your average Nobel prizewinning biochemistry professor.


Americans have too much commonsense than to believe in anything as daft as Global Warming. It takes a while but we eventually come to a conclusion which is – since AlGore and his accomplices sounded the alarm twenty years ago; that we’d be under water by now, huge areas of land would no longer produce agriculture products (he was probably talking about Monsanto, land grabs for windmills which needs thousands of acres of land – rather than food…, and had a freudian slip), and the Polar Ice Caps that would be gone, blah, blah, blah.

What we have learned thusfar: if you invested in some of the new Corporations popping up to combat the problem early, you could make a s**t load of money. If you were late to those companies, or stayed invested too long, you would loose your money, most going bankrupt.
Bottomline: The Earth is in a period of Warming, except when it is in a period of Cooling. Hurricanes will be more numerous, except when they occur less often, and Tornado’s will become more severe and numerous, except when the numbers are below the long term average. Most of us know that Science has become corrupted by University Grant Money targeted to get a specific result. Obama said the science was settled – science in never, ever, ever settled. the end.

PS: I was taught to be a Good Stewart to the land by my parents. I passed on the message. Many people have been snookered by these greedy fatcats like Al Gore, the Clintons et al…and we’re paying for their stupidity with our taxes. It was one of the greatest scams the world has ever known and yet another legacy from the most crooked luciferians on the planet.

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Abortion Oligarchy: Rich Americans More Likely to Support Abortion Than Poor

by Kelsey Hazzard | Washington, DC | | 4/22/14

Last week, the media exploded with the news that the United States is not a democracy, but an oligarchy:

Oligarchy is a form of government in which power is vested in a dominant class and a small group exercises control over the general population.

A new study from Princeton and Northwestern Universities concluded that the U.S. government represents not the interests of the majority of citizens but those of the rich and powerful.

“Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens” analyzed extensive data, comparing nearly 1,800 U.S. policies enacted between 1981 and 2002 with the expressed preferences of average and affluent Americans as well as special interest groups.

The resulting data empirically verifies that U.S. policies are determined by the economic elite.

populationcontrolThis should not come as a shock to anyone who is involved in the pro-life movement.

The American public overall is opposed to abortion on demand; whether they call themselves “pro-life” or “pro-choice,” a majority do not want abortion to be legal except in the “hard cases” (e.g. rape and incest), and of the remainder, most support limits on later-term abortions. The problem is that low-income Americans lean pro-life while the well-off tend to support abortion. For instance, in a January 2013 Gallup poll, 58% of those with an annual income of $75,000 or more identified as “pro-choice.” Among those who earned less than $30,000 a year, only 41% identified as “pro-choice”—a whopping 17-point gap.

This leads, unsurprisingly, to abortion groups having a fundraising advantage over right-to-life groups. Abortion groups also enjoy the patronage of billionaires like Warren Buffett and Susan Pritzker. And of course, they command a majority of
a particularly elite group of nine.

But I don’t think the oligarchy report (or at least, the media’s reporting on it) captures the full picture. When the United States was founded, the vote was restricted to certain white males over the age of 21. It has never been a pure democracy. Put into that historical context, we are moving in the right direction; this study just serves as a reminder that we aren’t all the way there yet.

And the pro-life movement is moving in the right direction too. Abortion levels in the United States are at record lows, pro-abortion think tanks are panicked by our progress at the state level, and just last week, the representatives of the people of Colorado rejected abortion-on-demand legislation.

So don’t let the oligarchy get you down. Wealthy elites are powerful, but they are not omnipotent. By banding together, we can win.

P.S.—If you’re a young pro-lifer in college, thinking about majors, consider business. The revolution needs funding!

Overpopulation is a perennial myth. Plato and Aristotle, Tertulian, Confucius thought the sky was falling…

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Planned Parenthood Fundraiser Mocks Catholic Church With “Queer Nuns”

by Steven Ertelt | Washington, DC

The Planned Parenthood abortion business in Seattle, Washington is taking a page out o the religious bigotry book in order to raise funds for itself.

Tomorrow night, the abortion corporation will stage “Bar Nun Bingo” at and, two days later, with hold another “Bar Nun Bingo” — fundraising events that, as Bill Donohue of the Catholic League tells LifeNews in an email, are aimed squarely at Catholics:









Both fund-raising events will bash nuns, and will be led by the demonstrably anti-Catholic gay group, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Pictures of previous “Bar Nun Bingo” affairs show how sick it is.

Planned Parenthood has a long history of Catholic bashing. Its founder, Margaret Sanger, was both a racist and an anti-Catholic.

  • In 1987, it trashed Mother Teresa, calling her an “old and withered person, who doesn’t look the least like a woman.”
  • In 1994, it mocked the Eucharist at the Monmouth County Fair in New Jersey.
  • In 1995, it blamed New York Archbishop John Cardinal O’Connor for the killing of an abortion doctor in Brookline, Massachusetts.
  • In 1998, its opposition to school vouchers led it to brand the Catholic Church an “extremist” group on Long Island.
  • In 1999, Planned Parenthood passed out green condoms on the eve of St. Patrick’s Day at the state Capitol in Connecticut.
  • In 1999, it sought to oust the Holy See from its non-member state permanent observer status at the U.N.
  • In 2000, it accused Pope John Paul II of waging “war” against the “sexual and reproductive rights” of women.
  • In 2009, one of its male leaders in Florida dressed as a pregnant nun at a Halloween party; others joined him in a “Safe Sex Bash.”
  • It regularly insults Christians at Christmas with its “Choice on Earth” program. And so on.

Planned Parenthood receives more than half a billion in tax dollars per year, a quarter of which comes from Catholics.

We are writing to Tennessee Rep. Marsha Blackburn, who has introduced a bill prohibiting public funds for abortion providers, about Planned Parenthood’s bigotry.

We urge everyone to contact her.

Not only Margaret Sanger (who was supported by the Rockefellers) but also Bill Gates Sr and Bill Gates Jr – all are a part of the International Globalists who have no respect for thee or me since they believe they’re better than…we’re called useless eaters, vermin, virus’, and sooooo much more. Info on the search engine here or on the net – start with the Club of Rome…

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Chinese Government Threatens Dissenters With Forced Abortions, Sterilizations

by Steven W. Mosher and Anne Roback Morse | Beijing, China

It is hard for persons in democratic societies to grasp how China’s party-state can control the fertility of China’s millions. The effort starts with a barrage of anti-child propaganda in the schools and workplaces, and then moves to open intimidation in banners and slogans posted in public places. Here are some pictures of the kind of public threats the authorities make against those women who may be pregnant with “illegal” children.

If it should be aborted and is not aborted, your house will be destroyed and your cow will be taken.该流不流扒握牵牛


Translation: “If it should be aborted and is not aborted, your house will be destroyed and your cow will be taken.”


Even if you bleed enough to make a river, you must not give birth to an extra child! Hunan Province.

宁可血流成河, 不准超生一个

Translation: “Even if you bleed enough to make a river, you must not give birth to an extra child!” Hunan Province.


If you should get sterilized and you don’t, you will be detained and prosecuted. If you should abort and do not abort, your house will be torn down and your cattle will be led away.

该扎不扎, 关人作押, 该流不流, 折房牵牛。

Translation: “If you should get sterilized and you don’t, you will be detained and prosecuted. If you should abort and do not abort, your house will be torn down and your cattle will be led away.”


Call back those who are located far away, dig out those who are hidden, Those who are pregnant outside the policy absolutely must have labor induced. Those who should be sterilized absolutely must be dragged down.

外出的叫回来, 隐瞒的挖出来 计划外怀孕的坚决引下来 该扎的坚决拿下来

Translation: “Call back those who are located far away, dig out those who are hidden, Those who are pregnant outside the policy absolutely must have labor induced. Those who should be sterilized absolutely must be dragged down.”


If you are supposed to wear an IUD but don't, or are supposed to have your tubes tied but don't, you will be arrested on sight!

该环不环,该扎不扎, 见了就抓.

Translation: “If you are supposed to wear an IUD but don’t, or are supposed to have your tubes tied but don’t, you will be arrested on sight!”


Those of you who don't abort or get sterilized, and are happy to have excess births and pay fines

Translation: “Those of you who don’t abort or get sterilized, and are happy to have excess births and pay fines. . . [image unclear].”

This kind of in-your-face propaganda, combined with strong-arm tactics on those who hold-out, brings most women to heel. Then there are group pressure tactics, used in Liaoning province in northeastern China and elsewhere. In these provinces, second births are allowed only if there no illegal births. If even one illegal child is born, no second births are allowed, and women carrying second children are aborted.

Steven Mosher, who lived in China for several years and witnessed forced abortions commented, “It is hard to imagine the intense hostility, even hysteria, that these group pressure tactics would generate in a small, tightly knit rural community towards anyone who threatened to break the rules.”

On the streets or in the workplace, on the television and in the newspapers, the Chinese people are bombarded with anti-people propaganda. Day after day this softening up process continues, so that when the midnight knock on the door comes, many pregnant mothers and their husbands do not even try to fight back. Next week we will talk about some who did, and the punishment that they faced from the Chinese Party-State.

Human beings are cheap in China because they believe they have too many people – over-population. In the West overpopulation is again the mantra therefore abortions, wars etc., are promoted.

Bottomline: respect ALL human beings as a gift from God and become PRO-LIFE…

PS: Obama, Harry Reid et al are mostly Maoists and apparently believe China’s state-corporatism is so good they’re bringing it to Nevada and elsewhere in the US. We witnessed one example during the Bundy Ranch attack by the armed federal BLM.

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Homeland Security to Purchase 25 Million Shotgun Rounds

DHS likely gearing up for mass panic in America with perpetual ammo purchases

Kit Daniels
April 22, 2014

Yesterday the Department of Homeland Security announced that it is seeking an ammunition dealer who can provide 25 million shotgun rounds to the agency over a five year period, adding to its already enormous arsenal of ammo.

Credit: stevensnodgrass / Flickr

The solicitation posted on states that U.S. Customs and Border Protection, a department under DHS, is seeking “shotgun ammunition for use by all applicable agencies in the Department of Homeland Security,” more specifically three million rounds of shotgun slugs per year and two million rounds of buckshot per year for five years.

“The ammunition will be used as appropriate at all Department of Homeland Security (DHS or department) component locations nationwide and outside the CONUS [continental United States,]” the notice reads.

This is an excessive amount that not only reveals the vast scope of the emerging police state but also fuels fears that DHS is preparing for large-scale mass panic in America.

And as we’ve exhaustively documented in the past, mass ammunition purchases by DHS are becoming quite common.

Earlier this year, Homeland Security stockpiled over 141,000 rounds of .308 Winchester ammunition, a rifle round well-known for its consistency in long-range shooting.

The agency requested 168 grain rounds in particular, which have an effective range of 800 to 900 yards.

And last year, DHS released a market survey asking companies if they were able to provide two million rounds of ammunition under short notice.

The survey also asked companies for both their capabilities in producing “large quantity orders of any training caliber specified” within two months and what their lead time would be for a single order of two million rounds.

It has been estimated that over the past couple of years, DHS ammunition purchases have totaled over 2.5 billion rounds, with much of the ammunition being hollow point rounds known for their effectiveness at stopping human targets.

DHS also spent $80 million on armed guards to protect government facilities in New York last year and even sought more guards for federal buildings in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

More recently, the agency spent over $58 million for security details for two Social Security offices in Maryland.

But that’s not all. Back in March DHS began taking delivery of hundreds and perhaps even thousands of recently retrofitted Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles (MRAP) once used in Iraq and Afghanistan but now destined to roam the streets of America.

While these expenditures reveal that DHS is gearing up for civil unrest, the bulk ammunition purchases in particular are also exacerbating current ammunition shortages across America in what can be described as back-door gun control.

And it isn’t just DHS making large-scale ammunition purchases.

Last February, the United States Postal Service announced it was seeking “proposals for assorted small arms ammunition.” After intense scrutiny, USPS later claimed that the mass purchases were for its Postal Police.

But there is a massive arms build-up by just about every federal agency in existence. Even the U.S. Dept. of Education has been stockpiling firearms and ammunition since at least 2001.

Considering how well-armed Bureau of Land Management agents were during the recent standoff at Bundy Ranch, the increased militarization of government agencies is frightening indeed.

H/T: Rick Wells,



Firearms and Arrest Authority of Federal Agencies

USPS Stocks Up On Guns and Ammo: “It Doesn’t Make a Whole Lot of Sense”


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Greek austerity has caused more than 500 male suicides

April 22, 2014

Spending cuts in Greece have caused some 500 male suicides since their implementation, according to a new study. The research found a positive correlation between austerity and suicide rates after other possible links proved to be unrelated.

An unemployed Greek leaving a 1 Euro thift shop. Credit: spaceshoe / Flickr

The 30-page study, titled ‘The Impact of Fiscal Austerity on Suicide: On the Empirics of a Modern Greek Tragedy’ and published in the Social Science and Medicine journal was authored by Nikolaos Antonakakis and Alan Collins from Portsmouth University.

“Suicide rates in Greece (and other European countries) have been on a remarkable upward trend following the global recession of 2008 and the European sovereign debt crisis of 2009,”
states the study’s abstract.

Each 1 percent decrease in government spending resulted in a 0.43 percent rise in suicides among men, according to the study. Between 2009 and 2010, there were 551 deaths which occurred “solely because of fiscal austerity,” it stated.

Suicide rates by age group and gender in Greece, 1968-2009 (Source: WHO 2012)Suicide rates by age group and gender in Greece, 1968-2009 (Source: WHO 2012)

“That is almost one person per day. Given that in 2010 there were around two suicides in Greece per day, it appears 50 percent were due to austerity,” one of the paper’s co-authors, Nikolaos Antonakakis, told the Guardian.

Antonakakis, a Greek national, said that he had been motivated to examine the link between austerity and suicide rates after watching media reports and hearing stories about friends of friends killing themselves.

While there had already been research into the impact of negative economic growth on health, there had previously been no studies linking austerity cuts with poor health and suicide.

“Our empirical findings suggest that fiscal austerity, higher unemployment rates, negative economic growth and reduced fertility rates lead to significant increases on overall suicide rates in Greece, while increased alcohol consumption and divorce rates do no exert any significant influence on overall suicide rates,” the study notes.

Antonakakis and Collins are both contemplating expanding their work by examining the link between economic austerity in other eurozone countries most affected by the crisis. This work could encompass Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Ireland.

“These findings have strong implications for policymakers and for health agencies,” said Antonakakis. “We often talk about the fiscal multiplier effect of austerity, such as what it does to GDP. But what is the health multiplier?” he questioned.

The study identified some gender and age trends, finding that men in the 45-89 age bracket suffer the largest risk because of salary and pension cuts. There was no obvious rise in suicide rates among females.

“The fact we find gender specificity and age specificity can help health agencies target their help,” said Antonakakis.


Anywhere the World Bank and IMF… appear – it’s death to the people!!! Millions of blogs in the West have warned the East, including this one, to say NO to these purveyors of death but alas…currently the Ukrainian  people are following the Oligarchs, who usurped the democratically elected president, and walking freefall into the abyss. It’s a dismal picture but it’s also the truth. When one eventually learns that the underbelly of the beasts disguised as gods it’s too late – the legions now inside and people despair.  A mans self-worth should be not based on states and entitlements. The true God is where we should base our hope by prayer who gives us strength.

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Agenda 21: SPLC Admits U.N. Losing Battle With Grassroot Activists

More Americans now realize that Agenda 21 expands government power at the expense of individual liberties

Kit Daniels
April 22, 2014

The Southern Poverty Law Center recently admitted that proponents of the United Nations’ neo-feudalism program known as Agenda 21 are losing public support due to the ever-growing influence of grassroot organizations.

U.N. Agenda 21 encourages cities to take land rights away from private owners.  Photo credits: Austin skyline by jrandallc / Flickr, U.N. background by Nicolas Raymond / Flickr

In its latest report entitled “Agenda 21: The U.N., Sustainability and Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory,” the SPLC indicates that the implementation of Agenda 21, a United Nations program designed to replace private control of land with government planning, is slowing down due to successful resistance by liberty activists across the country.

At least three states — Arizona, Missouri and Oklahoma — have considered laws, each of which passed one chamber of their legislatures, to halt the purportedly noxious effects of Agenda 21; Alabama went all the way, passing a 2012 law that was signed by Gov. Robert Bentley,” the report states. “Major political battles have broken out over it in Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Montana, Ohio and Texas.”

“Even the Republican National Committee, in January 2012, denounced Agenda 21 as a ‘destructive and insidious scheme’ to impose a ‘socialist/communist redistribution of wealth.’”

Signed in 1992 by President George H.W. Bush and later phased in by President Bill Clinton, the United Nations Agenda 21 Sustainable Development program is based on communitarianism, which calls for government to eventually take control of all land use without leaving any decision making in the hands of private property owners.

“It is assumed that people are not good stewards of their land and the government will do a better job if they are in control,” Agenda 21 expert Rosa Koire wrote on the subject, who is a Californian Democrat and the author of Behind The Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21. “Individual rights in general are to give way to the needs of communities as determined by the governing body.”

Some of the features of Agenda 21 include but are not limited to:

  • The development of expensive and inefficient public rail systems in cities in order to increase centralized government control while also reducing the use of private transportation
  • Utilities monitored by “Smart Meters” which can be controlled remotely by public utility companies
  • The purposeful lack of easy freeway access in cities so residents remain close to their neighborhoods
  • The accelerated implementation of toll roads, especially toll roads that discourage driving by increasing prices for traveling alone or for driving in “congested” areas

Another good example of how Agenda 21 is currently being implemented is to look at the explosion of “mixed use” condos being built in American cities which feature retail stores on the ground floor with several residential floors above.

These buildings are designed to keep people from traveling long distances by placing businesses within walking distance, but the stores on the ground floor typically stay vacant or are filled with businesses which seem out of place with the surrounding neighborhood.

In one major city in Texas, for example, a high-end pub with an expensive menu opened up on the ground floor of a “mixed use” condo and began charging $14 for hamburgers despite the neighborhood having an average annual income of around $40,000.

The current push by cities to completely replace private transportation such as cars with public transportation and bike lanes is another aspect of Agenda 21. Hamburg, Germany is already planning to ban cars within its city limits in the next 20 years.

And despite being fiction, the megacities in the comic series Judge Dredd feature many planned aspects of Agenda 21, a scary scenario even if real cities never completely match these fictional counterparts.

The overall intent of Agenda 21 is to expand government power at the expense of individual liberties by making the population more dependent on city infrastructure controlled by the government.

While the SPLC and other Agenda 21 proponents constantly harp that the program is “voluntary,” it is a moot point when so many cities are already implementing Agenda 21 which clearly benefits the government at the expense of its citizens.

“The plan is to restrict your choices, limit your funds, narrow your freedoms and take away your voice,” Koire added.

Info on Agenda 21 on this blogs search engine.

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‘Hacking the Constitution’: States Quietly Plan to Ditch Electoral College

(Jon McNaughton – Via YouTube)

Artist Jon McNaughton on his Facebook page, “I for one am deeply offended. I can’t believe I had to paint this in our own country. Stand up and be heard America!!” source
April 22, 2014

Nearly a dozen states have quietly signed onto a plan to effectively ditch the Electoral College and instead, award the White House to the candidate that wins the popular vote.

The National Popular Vote agreement would take effect if states that represent 270 electoral votes all commit. New York has most recently joined the efforts, bringing the number of states to 10 plus the District of Columbia. Altogether, they represent 165 electoral votes.

Without the Electoral College, digital politics editor Chris Stirewalt said we would have had a whole different trajectory of presidents. If presidents are selected through the popular vote, he said that campaigns will focus on maximizing turnout in urban centers. He said the “plan is to subvert the will of the Constitution and the founders.” Read more

There’s so much wrong with eliminating the electorial college…

Bottomline: The Founding Fathers were very smart people and knew what they were doing – trust them.

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Video: TSA Agents Pat Down 2 & 6 Year Old Children

Infants allegedly targeted because mother’s name was on a watchlist

Paul Joseph Watson
April 22, 2014

Disturbing new video footage shows TSA agents performing full body pat downs on two infants aged just 2 and 6 years old, illustrating how the federal agency still targets children despite a partial rollback of the policy in 2011.

The clip begins with the two year old instinctively moving away from a blue-gloved TSA screener who starts performing a full body pat down on the nervous toddler while he is held in place by his mother.

The video then shows a 6-year-old girl receiving the same treatment as a female TSA agent touches her backside, the inside of her thighs and around her chest. The child appears to say something like, “I need to go” and is clearly uncomfortable with the pat down.

After both pat downs, the TSA agents announce they will check their hands for signs of explosives before the family is allowed through security.

The description underneath the video suggests that the children were selected for a pat down because their mother’s name was on a watchlist. “Can they do that,” she asks.

In response to a huge backlash, the TSA amended its policy in 2011 to massively reduce pat downs of children under the age of 12. Infants are allowed to pass through x-ray or body scanners multiple times if there is any anomaly in order to prevent the need for a physical search. However, on its official website the TSA says that the change only “reduces the likelihood of a pat-down,” and doesn’t eliminate it altogether.

However, during a recent controversy involving actor Alec Baldwin’s 5 month old daughter allegedly receiving a TSA pat down (the pat down was actually not conducted by TSA agents), reports about the incident cited a DHS official who said that, “The TSA does not pat down children under 12.”

The video description clearly suggests that the children were given a pat down without first being allowed to pass repeatedly through x-ray scanners to clear the issue, and in fact that there was no issue with the children at all because it was the mother’s name appearing on a watchlist that prompted the pat down. If this is the case, it represents a violation of the TSA’s own policy.

In a more general context, the video serves as yet another reminder of the numerous idiotic policies employed by the TSA which do nothing to target potential terrorists and everything to harass and inconvenience innocent travelers.

The clip will also stoke concerns that the entire concept of children being taught not to allow strangers to touch them is being violated by the actions of the TSA.

This makes me sick to my stomach. I couldn’t give a damn what creed this family is from but do not fondle children. It’s been over eleven years since this invasion of privacy has attacked our airports and they haven’t found one terrorist among ANY of the passengers. I would go to jail before I’d let any of them pat down my kids – period. This poor woman has an obvious English accent and was trying her best to please the TSA but she did question the weirdness to ask “can they do that…” Enough already!


I blogged a little about it here…

Hitler vs Obama

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Supreme Court Upholds Michigan’s Ban On Affirmative Action

4. 22. 2014

Scott Neuman

The Supreme Court has ruled that a Michigan ballot initiative to ban racial preferences in college admissions is constitutional, overturning a lower court decision.

In a 6-2 decision Tuesday, the justices said the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals was wrong to set aside the voter-approved ban as discriminatory.

Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote the majority decision in the case Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, while Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Stephen Breyer authored concurring opinions. Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg dissented, and Justice Elena Kagan recused herself from the case.

Kennedy stressed that the case was not about the constitutionality or merits of the race-conscious admissions policies of colleges and universities, but instead hinged on whether voters in the state may choose to prohibit consideration of such preferences.

“Here, the principle that the consideration of race in admissions is permissible when certain conditions are met is not being challenged,” Kennedy wrote in the majority opinion.

He said nothing in the Constitution or the court’s prior cases allowed judges to undermine the will of voters.

“The decision by Michigan voters reflects the ongoing national dialogue about such practices,” Kennedy wrote.

The Michigan ballot initiative, known as Proposal 2, was passed in 2006. The 6th Circuit overturned Proposal 2 in 2012. (Update at 11:50 a.m. ET: The San Jose Mercury News says the case has “major implications” for a similar ban, known as Proposition 209, that was passed by California voters in 1996.)

Sotomayor, who read her dissent from the bench, noted that “without checks, democratically approved legislation can oppress minority groups.

“For that reason, our Constitution places limits on what a majority of the people may do,” she said. “This case implicates one such limit: the guarantee of equal protection of the laws.”

The American Civil Liberties Union, NAACP Legal Defense Fund and others had challenged Proposal 2, saying it unfairly and unconstitutionally rigs the admissions system against minority students.

“Minority students and others who support a broadly diverse student body should not have to overturn a constitutional amendment simply to have their voices heard in the admissions process when everyone else can go directly to the university,” the ACLU said in a fact sheet about the case.

As NPR’s Nina Totenberg reported in October, when oral arguments in the case were heard, “a clear majority [of the justices] … sounded ready … to uphold the Michigan ban.”

I came to the USA because of job and other forms of discrimination in my own country. I’m white but with a (800 years) long history of discrimination - was flabbergasted to discover that there was also discrimination here. In my country it was all about “religion” which was really all about divisiveness and power, and in the US it was all about “skin color” which was also all about devisiveness and power. Either way it was divisive-political, served only those in government, or other merchants of hate and deliberate social engineering, who benefited from the discrimatory law. Great decision by the Supreme Court.


“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”


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Buried city of Pompeii Unveils Three Restored Houses – 79AD

There is new real state to be seen in the Pompeii, Italy, archaeological site, with three restored houses open to the public.
By Ed Adamczyk | April 17, 2014 at 3:23 PM
POMPEII , Italy, April 17 (UPI) — In time for Easter tourists, three additional houses in the ancient city of Pompeii, Italy, buried in a volcano eruption in 79 A.D., were opened Thursday. (CC/David Singleton)Italian Culture Minister Dario Franceschini inaugurated the three restored houses, or domus, in a ceremony at the celebrated archeological site. The houses were formerly occupied by the families of Marcus Lucretius Fronto, Romulus and Remus and Trittolemo, the office of Pompeii’s archeological superintendent said.Superintendent Massimo Osanna described them as “aristocratic houses.”

The Romulus and Remus house and the Trittolemo house were damaged in World War II bombing raids and never opened to the public until now. The house of Fronto, a prominent politician in 2nd-century Rome, was opened “because it did not require a great amount of resources,” Osanna said.

The buildings will be open at least until May 1, when a labor agreement at the site ends.[ANSA]

© 2014 United Press International, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Any reproduction, republication, redistribution and/or modification of any UPI content is expressly prohibited without UPI’s prior written consent. UPI


The Domus of Romulus and Remus

The domus of Romulus and Remus was erected in the second century BC, in the same period when a unique sort of sidewalk, decorated with a pebbles mosaic, was realized in front of the house. Located in a prestigious district of the city, in proximity of a city gate and the main public buildings, the house has a traditional plan: the entrance (a) leads to the atrium with impluvium (b), surrounded by private rooms.


Affresco parete ovest (acquerello
The representative rooms comprise a tablinum (k) and an oecus (n) as well as a small garden (q), surrounded by a portico with fluted columns, paved in cocciopesto (p). The room (t), an alcove, bears traces of the presence of a bed, namely grooves visible on the east and west wall.


Sgabello di bronzo

The name of the house derives from a fresco which was lost during the bombing of 1943. In the night of August 24 (in tragic coincidence with the supposed date of the eruption in 79 AD) and September 13, two bombs fired by Allied forces hit the domus. The fresco was located in room (n) and represented the legendary she-wolf while suckling the twins Romulus and Remus, founders of Rome (established, according to the legend, on April 21 753 BC).


Giardino esotico (paràdeisos

Inside the house, which was excavated primarily in the years 1871-72, the bodies of five persons were discovered, one of whom died when attempting to escape. His right hand was clapsing numerous gold, silver and bronze coins, while the left hand was clapsing a gold and a bronze ring. Since we know of another lost wall painting depicting Romulus, and since one of the rings bears the initials FA.H, M.


Della Corte hypothesized that in 79 AD the house was inhabited by members of the illustrious gens Fabia (hence the initials FA), known for contributing to the college of priests who organized the celebrations commemorating the foundation of Rome during the feast of Lupercalia.


Figura femminile

The marble steps at the entrance as well as the discovery of finely crafted objects (including a bronze stool, silver objects, a safe of which the basis of lava stone remains, placed in room (g) reflect the high living standard of the family.


Pavimento a mosaico


Piccolo scudo in argento

The great Fourth Pompeian Style frescos in the peristyle (p) show, on the west wall, statues of nymphs, a fountain and a peacock. Originally, there was also a sleeping satyr. A group of animals is depicted on the north wall: an elephant and a buffalo; a snake and a winged griffin (top), a cow, a gazelle, a donkey, a running fox, a bear and paws of big cats. The scene, placed on a red background with flowering bushes and birds, recalls the theme of the paràdeisos, a garden full of exotic animals. In the central part, which is lost, Orpheus was probably entrancing the animals with the sound of his lyre.


The Getty museum in California is more or less a replica of one of the houses excavated at Herculaneum. One of the artifacts from the House of Piso is a brazier that stood just inside the front door; the possibility exists (despite the long interval between him and the eruption) that Julius Caesar warmed his hands over it.


The House of M. Lucretius Fronto (pics)

File:Lucretius Fronto villa fresco.jpg


The houses are open for viewing. Lots of pics at google.

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VIDEO: Cliven Bundy, Rand Paul Respond to Harry Reid’s “Domestic Terrorist” Slur

April 18, 2014

Published on Apr 18, 2014 -  Rand Paul On Harry Reid Calling Bundy Supporters Domestic Terrorists

Published on Apr 17, 2014 – This level of immorality leaves me rather speechless.
The personal is political, the political personal. When you see the big picture, you see how everything is connected.

“During a ‘Hashtags & Headlines’ event at the Paris Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Reid referred to Bundy supporters as “Nothing more than domestic terrorists,” adding, “I repeat: what happened there was domestic terrorism.”” – Harry Reid.

Despite Reid’s characterization of Bundy supporters as “domestic terrorists,” the only violence metered out during the dispute was when BLM agents tasered and assaulted Bundy supporters during an incident on April 9.

No matter where you stand on the Bundy issue, Reid’s characterization of American protesters as “domestic terrorists” is chilling and a massive backlash is almost certain to follow.

It also fits the narrative that the federal government has been pushing for years through literature such as the MIAC report, which framed Ron Paul supporters, libertarians, people who display bumper stickers, people who own gold, or even people who fly a U.S. flag, as potential terrorists. In 2012, a Homeland Security study was leaked which characterized Americans who are “suspicious of centralized federal authority,” and “reverent of individual liberty” as “extreme right-wing” terrorists.

Reid attracted controversy earlier this week when he promised that the BLM’s fight with Bundy was “not over”. The Nevada Senator was hit with accusations of cronyism after his former staffer Neil Kornze was confirmed as the new BLM director earlier this month.

Reid is obviously angry after his complicity in the siege against the Bundy family was exposed and became a viral story. Although many news outlets claimed this issue was “debunked,” Reid’s involvement in a solar farm just 35 miles from Bundy’s ranch is documented. Archived files which were deleted from the BLM’s own website confirm that confiscating Bundy’s cattle was necessary in order to clear the way for lucrative solar deals with transnational corporations.

Meanwhile, the BLM has admitted slaughtering two prize bulls belonging to Cliven Bundy during their round up of his cattle. The BLM claims the bulls “posed a safety hazard” but refused to elaborate. Bundy supporters have pointed to photographs which appear to show one of the bulls having suffered a gunshot wound. source

Obama, Harry Reid, Pelosi, non-elected heads of the Alphabet Agencies, et al are rolling out a social engineering plan which is why we’re hearing about Domestic Terrorism more often, along with guns, and son on…  The International Bankers have been directing Obama from behind the scenes – shadow government – and want an excuse to decree Martial Law.  If they don’t find one they’ll do what they’ve always done, make up another false flag! USA Inc. want our guns because when everyone discovers we’re been sold to the International Bankers, and see their bank balance at zero, it’s not going to be pretty. Thanks a lot President Wilson.

“Confrontional Children Can Become Terrorists”.

And now we have one of Obama’s chief advisor agent from Homeland Security proclaiming that “Confrontional Children Can Become Terrorists”. Little kids can’t even have a toy gun. A baby throwing a bottle might be a terrorist. Parents your children could become terrorists is the message! This is really all about branding – branding people all people as terrorists. Guilty until proven Innocent which stands the constitution on its head. We’re now witnessing the takeover of foreign banks grabbing our land for pennies. And when one rewinds back to Waco it was the Feds who had kids at the front of the barrel of their guns. I’m now considered a domestic terrorist because I support peaceful Cliven Bundy rather the real domestic terrorists who threatened to shoot the people present. And early during the protest people were tasered, a cancer victim thrown to the ground, attack dogs – the BLM was breaking the law. The BLM broke the law! They destroyed the ranch’s infrastructure, rustled his cattle, and shot a some them. So who were the domestic terrorists in this protest? Remember, they are the servants and we are the masters - written in the Constitution.

The real terrorists are within the UN/NATO-White House and International Bankers who’ve been present in every war and “revolution” since the beginning of time.

Today is just another chapter, another time, another method, same people, same results.

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The Eleventh Marble

by Michael Rivero

Any five-year old child knows that if you put ten marbles into a tin can, you can only take ten marbles back out. No amount of wishful thinking, dreaming, or praying, will yield that eleventh marble from inside that can. That eleventh marble does not exist. It never did, and it never will. All discussions about the eleventh marble are the product of imagination. The eleventh marble is a fantasy.

Private central bankers issuing the public currency as interest-bearing loans operate on the belief that they can put ten marbles (dollars) into a tin can (the world) and magically get 11 marbles (dollars) back out. Thus, we may conclude that the bankers are dumber than five-year old children! But unlike five-year old children, the bankers will take your home, your business, and your nation when they don’t get that eleventh marble! The spoiled child may cry and throw a tantrum, but that will be the end of their upset. The spoiled banker, however, in his or her arrogant rage that they cannot have the eleventh marble their imagination says must still be in that tin can, may start a war before they will admit that eleventh marble was never really there.

Economies are like tin cans. Before you can take a marble out, you must have put a marble in. Nobody can give you a marble that does not exist, yet this simple reality is lost to the priests of that fantastic religion called “economics” in that unholiest of temples called the Private Central Bank. Their religious doctrine seems to be that there must always be an eleventh marble inside the tin can, and that the tin can unfairly withholds that eleventh marble, indeed cheats them of their right to the eleventh marble, purely out of spite. That faith in the existence of the eleventh marble, unseen and improvable, is the article of faith the religion of banking rests on. It is far easier to burn the heretics than to question the dogma.

Today we see the bankers, having already retrieved their ten marbles from the tin can, flogging the world for that missing eleventh marble. Greece does not have that eleventh marble, so they turn to Germany and ask, “Do you have an eleventh marble”, and Germany replies, “Sorry, but the bankers already took the ten marbles they put in our tin can, and we are searching for an eleventh marble ourselves. Try the Americans.” The Americans, of course, have only just surrendered the last of their ten marbles back to the bankers and are looking under seat cushions for that missing eleventh marble nobody seems able to find.

But the eleventh marble will never be found. After all that mayhem brought down on the tin can there still will be no eleventh marble. It does not exist. It never did, and it never will.

The problem with all modern reserve banking systems is that the moment the first bank note goes into circulation as the proceed of a loan at interest, more money is owed to the banks than actually exists. Ten marbles have been put into the tin can, but the bankers see 11 marbles owed back to them. Sooner or later the non-existence of that eleventh marble will create a crisis of faith. People will stop believing in the religion called private central banking, and that crisis of faith will bring the system crashing down, as did the Temple of Baal in ancient times when the Syrians saw through the priests’ trickery. This evil magic of creating money out of debt was a fraud all along, as fraudulent and silly as the idea that one can put ten marbles into a tin can, and take out eleven.

In ages to come economists will look back at this failed experiment in debt-based currency, and dump it into the same category of human folly as Tulip mania, The Nation of Poyais, Credit Mobilier, the Great South Seas Company, and Mortgage-Backed Securities.

UPDATE: Rebuttal to Steve Keen

Economist Steve Keen apparently took umbrage with my thesis of the Eleventh Marble and presented a long convoluted argument which distills down to, “The FED will create that 11th marble when needed.”

And he is correct that this is what they do. But what Keen fails to mention is that when the FED adds that 11th marble into the tin can of the US economy, they are now expecting twelve marbles back. When they add that twelfth marble, they will expect back a thirteenth, and so forth. But the original problem remains; the bankers are expecting to take out of the tin can more marbles (dollars) than actually exist!

Money as debt – full length documentary.


Unless they’re are stopped they’ll continue to create more wars, destruction, total devastation, and the death of millions of souls. They need strife and division of the people in order to conquer – their side and the other side. Divide and Conquer.

Example: After a number of decades the invading Normans and the Native Irish eventually assimilated. Edward III put a stop to that with the Statutes of Kilkenny. They need loyal subjects in order to continue the rape.

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How You Became a Slave to the International Bankers!

By Michael Rivero

In the good old days, after George Washington and the boys won the war to free us from the (private) Bank of England’s predatory and impoverishing practices, they set up a “revolutionary” economic system. The government created and issued all the public currency, spending it into circulation to purchase what the government needed, then after the currency circulated through society to fuel commerce, was taxed back to the government to balance the books.

Click for larger image

Banks existed, of course. But they were kept off to one side, and use of the banks was optional for the people of the United States. It was possible to go through one’s entire life without dealing with a bank if one chose to do so.
Click for larger image

This system not only reserved the choice whether to use the bank to the people, but it was a stable system, because as debt increased, the people could voluntarily choose to stop borrowing from the bank! That was one of the most important freedoms won during the revolution; the freedom to say “no” to the banks!
Click for larger image

Then, in 1913, a corrupt Congress and a corrupt President changed the structure of the nation’s economy and stole your freedom to say “no”! The economic system was reverted to a mirror of that same system the nation fought a revolution to be free of. The power to issue money was taken away from the government and given to the bankers and from that day onward, ALL money in circulation was created as the result of a loan at interest from the bankers to the government, to business, and to the people. There is no exception. Every dollar paid in salary, spent to purchase food or gas, or paid in taxes, began as an interest bearing loan. There is no money in circulation in the United States that did not start out as a loan at interest from the bankers at the privately-owned (private) Federal Reserve system.
Click for larger image

From that moment on, the freedom of the people to refuse to borrow from the banks and to refuse to pay interest was stripped away. To participate in the commerce of the United States at all means being forced to use money loaned at interest, to the profit of the bankers and the impoverishment of the public. Your freedom to say “no” was stolen by Congress in 1913, without your permission and before you were born.

When you have lost the freedom to say “no”, when you have no choice but to pay a percentage of your earnings as interest to the bankers whether in private debt or taxes to cover the gargantuan debts by the US Government itself, you are a slave to the bankers. And because more money is owed to the bankers than actually exists, because of the interest charged on the loan that created the money, the debt-slavery is permanent! No matter how hard you work, no matter how much you sacrifice, the debt can never be paid off. The system is intentionally designed to trap the nation’s population permanently in unpayable debt, to make them slaves to that debt and to the bankers.

This is the purpose behind the design of the Federal Reserve, the International Monitary Fund, the European Central Bank, and indeed every private central bank issuing the public currency as a loan at interest. This is why today every nation is drowning in created debt, and slaved to the private bankers. That is the reason for ever increasing taxes and decreasing benefits; to pay the bankers their unpayable interest on the public currency.

For that enslavement to succeed, your right and freedom to refuse that bank’s interest-bearing money must be stripped away. The government must force you to use that private central bank’s currency, loaned to you at interest, via the Legal Tender Laws. Therein lies your slave chains. You are ordered by the government, on pain of prison, to use the banker’s money, and to pay the interest charged by the bankers through your taxes.

Free people have the right to say “no.” Free people have a right to decide for themselves what medium of exchange they will use and to choose not to involve the bankers!

There is no freedom without the freedom to say “no.” Slaves cannot say “no” when ordered to surrender the products of their labor to their masters.

You are a slave.

“I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is now controlled by its system of credit.We are no longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.” — Woodrow Wilson 1919

Slavery exists only because the slaves have been taught to believe that slavery is the way the world is supposed to be. Beliefs are chains used to enslave free people. No chains of steel ever bound a human tighter than the chains made of the beliefs with which we are indoctrinated while young in the state schools and the churches.

Slaves used to be held prisoner by their belief in rule by divine right. Then the slaves regained their freedom when they realized that divine right is only an illusion created by the enslavers to trick the people into obedient servitude.

Then slaves were held prisoner by their belief in rule by chattel ownership of one’s body. Then the slaves regained their freedom when they realized that one person owning another is an illusion created by the enslavers to trick the people into obedient servitude.

Today the modern slaves (that is YOU) are held prisoner by their belief in compound interest; that they owe money that never existed to repay money created out of thin air. And you modern slaves will regain your freedoms when you realize that private central banking is just another illusion created by the enslavers to trick you into obedient servitude.

Stop believing.

Cry freedom!


Forgive ourselves the debts, ban usuary, and start over. These International Bankers only have power because we give it to them.

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Hitler vs Obama

Obama Hitler billboard - Mason City Globe Gazette Deb Nicklay - full.jpg

Bill Board Iowa USA - 2010 Source

May 14, 2012

Nazis are not fascists but belong to global socialism, a section of the radical left.


The United States of America is becoming more like Nazi Germany every single day. In fact, the Nazification of America is almost complete. The parallels between Nazi Germany and the United States of today are going to absolutely shock many of you. Most Americans simply have never learned what life was really like back in Nazi Germany. Under Adolf Hitler, Germany was a Big Brother totalitarian police state that ruthlessly repressed freedom and individual liberty.

Under Adolf Hitler, Germany adopted socialism, dramatically increased government spending and raised taxes to astronomical levels. Under Adolf Hitler,

  • abortion became legal in Germany,
  • the government took over health care and
  • Christianity was pushed out of the public schools and out of public life.

To prove all of these points, I am going to use extensive quotes from two sources. Kitty Werthmann was a child living a peaceful life in Austria when Hitler took over her nation. Her eyewitness accounts about what life was like under Nazi Germany are invaluable. In addition, I will also be quoting extensively from author Bruce Walker. He is the author of a book entitled “The Swastika Against The Cross: The Nazi War On Christianity”, and during his years of research he has uncovered some absolutely jaw dropping stuff. After reading the information in the rest of this article, there should be no doubt that the United States is becoming just like Nazi Germany.

Nazi Germany shows us what happens when the state becomes god.

Adolf Hitler was certainly more racist than the leaders of America are today, but other than that there are very few differences between the road that Adolf Hitler led Germany down and the path that the United States is being led down.

The following are 25 signs that America is rapidly becoming more like Nazi Germany….


#1 Nazi Germany was a totalitarian Big Brother police state that constantly monitored everything that German citizens did.

Today, the bureaucrats that run things in the United States are also absolutely obsessed with constantly trying to monitor us. For example, there are now control freaks that inspect the lunches of preschool students in certain areas of the country in order to make sure that they contain the “right” foods….

A preschooler at West Hoke Elementary School ate three chicken nuggets for lunch Jan. 30 because the school told her the lunch her mother packed was not nutritious.
The girl’s turkey and cheese sandwich, banana, potato chips, and apple juice did not meet U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines, according to the interpretation of the person who was inspecting all lunch boxes in the More at Four classroom that day.
The Division of Child Development and Early Education at the Department of Health and Human Services requires all lunches served in pre-kindergarten programs – including in-home day care centers – to meet USDA guidelines. That means lunches must consist of one serving of meat, one serving of milk, one serving of grain, and two servings of fruit or vegetables, even if the lunches are brought from home.


It’s not only at airports but now happening at ball games – Fabian Socialists – >gradual increments. I’m beginning to think that even a trip to the local shopping mall might mean a run in with the TSA thugs if America keeps on going the way it’s going. source – google

Since their inception they’ve yet to catch a terrorist. So this can be nothing but a desensitizing excercise on our psyche

#2 Nazi officials often used their positions of power to force others to do dehumanizing things.

This is exactly what the TSA is doing today. It would be really easy to imagine some Nazi military officers forcing a young woman to walk back and forth in front of them several times so that they could admire her form. Well, that is what TSA agents are doing to American women today. The following comes from a recent Wired article….

TSA agents in Dallas singled out female passengers to undergo screening in a body scanner, according to complaints filed by several women who said they felt the screeners intentionally targeted them to view their bodies.
One woman who flew out of Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport several months ago said a female agent sent her through a body scanner three times after the agent commented on her “cute” body.


This image is from the UK. I’d rather clean toilets than do this job. Source

#3 In Nazi Germany, even women and children were treated like dehumanized cattle.

Well, today schoolchildren are being strip-searched all over the United States. Down in Georgia, one student was recently strip-searched by public school officials after another student falsely accused him of having marijuana.

Another student down in Albuquerque was recently forced to strip down to his underwear while five adults watched because he had $200 in his pocket. The student was never formally charged with doing anything wrong.

#4 In Nazi Germany, authorities could stop you and search you at any time and for any reason.

In America that is not supposed to happen, but it is happening. Last year, TSA “VIPR teams” conducted approximately 8,000 “unannounced security screenings” at subway stations, bus terminals, seaports and highway rest stops.

If you are not able to produce “your papers”, there is a good chance that you will get thrown into prison in America. For example, a 21-year-old college student named Samantha Zucker was recently arrested and put in a New York City jail for 36 hours just because she could not produce any identification for police.

#5 Under Adolf Hitler, there were massive increases in government spending.

According to eyewitness Kitty Werthmann, just about everyone was getting some sort of a handout from the German government….

Newlyweds immediately received a $1,000 loan from the government to establish a household. We had big programs for families. All day care and education were free. High schools were taken over by the government and college tuition was subsidized. Everyone was entitled to free handouts, such as food stamps, clothing, and housing.


Of course, as I have written about so many times before, this is the exact same thing that we are seeing in the United States today.

#6 Under Hitler, taxes were raised dramatically in order to pay for all of these social programs.

Kitty Werthmann says that “our tax rates went up to 80% of our income.

In the United States our tax rates have not gotten that bad yet, but when you total up all federal taxes, all state taxes, all local taxes, all property taxes and all sales taxes, there are a significant number of Americans that do pay more than 50% of their incomes in taxes.

The Fabian Socialists believe in ‘easing’ into absolute power by deceit. The Communists and Fascists believe in attaining power quickly by violence

One can read whole reams of economic literature written by both fervent followers of John Maynard Keynes and his attackers as well and never know that there was a German language edition of his profoundly influential General Theory late in 1936, for which Keynes wrote a special foreword addressed solely to German readers. By that time the National Socialist regime of Adolf Hitler was four months short of four years in power in Germany. Source

#7 The economy of Nazi Germany was very highly socialized.

As Ludwig Von Mises once correctly observed, the German economy under Hitler was not capitalist at all….

What Mises identified was that private ownership of the means of production existed in name only under the Nazis and that the actual substance of ownership of the means of production resided in the German government. For it was the German government and not the nominal private owners that exercised all of the substantive powers of ownership: it, not the nominal private owners, decided what was to be produced, in what quantity, by what methods, and to whom it was to be distributed, as well as what prices would be charged and what wages would be paid, and what dividends or other income the nominal private owners would be permitted to receive. The position of the alleged private owners, Mises showed, was reduced essentially to that of government pensioners.


The United States has not gotten to the level of Nazi Germany yet, but we do have a socialist president and back in 2009 the cover of Newsweek boldly proclaimed that “We Are All Socialists Now“.

True case – video at link. Source

Small farms are shutting their doors. More land for the feds to sell to Harry Reids son (Clintons/Algore and on to China.

#8 In Nazi Germany, if you conducted business outside of the socialist paradigm you were heavily punished.

Well, the same thing is happening in the United States today. For example, the FDA has been running elaborate entrapment schemes that are designed to entrap producers of raw milk. Any “unauthorized commerce” is dealt with very strictly by the U.S. government these days.

#9 In Nazi Germany, government regulation of business got wildly out of control.

The following is eyewitness testimony from Kitty Werthmann….

My brother-in-law owned a restaurant that had square tables. Government officials told him he had to replace them with round tables because people might bump themselves on the corners. Then they said he had to have additional bathroom facilities. It was just a small dairy business with a snack bar. He couldn’t meet all the demands. Soon, he went out of business.
If the government owned the large businesses and not many small ones existed, it could be in control.
We had consumer protection. We were told how to shop and what to buy. Free enterprise was essentially abolished. We had a planning agency specially designed for farmers. The agents would go to the farms, count the live-stock, then tell the farmers what to produce, and how to produce it.


Of course we all know about all of the ridiculous regulations that the U.S. government is burdening businesses with today. In every day and age control freaks love to stick it to business people that are just trying to make a living.

#10 Under Hitler, free market capitalism was absolutely hated.

National Socialist theologian Gregor Strasser once stated the following….

We National Socialists are enemies, deadly enemies, of the present capitalist system with its exploitation of the economically weak … and we are resolved under all circumstances to destroy this system.


And as I have written about previously, a lot of Barack Obama’s strongest supporters are socialists and communists, and an increasing number of Americans are showing disdain for capitalism. In fact, some recent polls show that young adults in America actually have a more favorable view of socialism than they do of capitalism.


 In July of 1939, a conference of medical professionals was held in Berlin, Germany. Participating were the professors and chairmen of the departments of psychiatry of the leading universities and medical schools of Germany, many of them, the most respected professionals in their fields. The subject? What would be the criteria for determining what patients would be considered to have “lives unworthy to be lived,” and what was the most “practical and cheap” manner of removing them from being burdens on the health-care system—by death. Source

#11 In Nazi Germany, the health care system was taken over by the government.

The following is more eyewitness testimony from Kitty Werthmann….

Before Hitler, we had very good medical care. Many American doctors trained at the University of Vienna . After Hitler, health care was socialized, free for everyone. Doctors were salaried by the government. The problem was, since it was free, the people were going to the doctors for everything. When the good doctor arrived at his office at 8 a.m., 40 people were already waiting and, at the same time, the hospitals were full. If you needed elective surgery, you had to wait a year or two for your turn. There was no money for research as it was poured into socialized medicine. Research at the medical schools literally stopped, so the best doctors left Austria and emigrated to other countries.


Of course we all know what is going on in America today. The government spends nearly half of all health care dollars and Obamacare is going to mean more government control over the health care system than ever before.

Everything Hitler Did Was Legal

One of the weakest arguments for the legitimacy of abortion is that it is legal. Civil law does not determine morality. Rather, the law should reflect a morality that exists independently of the law. Can anyone seriously believe that abortion was immoral on January 21, 1973, and moral on January 23, 1973 Source

#12 Under Adolf Hitler, abortion was made “safe and legal” in Germany.

It turns out that Hitler was a huge fan of the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger. And as I wrote about recently, it was Sanger that once said the following….

“The most merciful thing that a family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.”


Hitler echoed this sentiment when he wrote the following in Mein Kampf….

“The demand that defective people be prevented from propagating equally defective offspring. . . represents the most humane act of mankind.”


After the Nazis came to power in 1933, abortion was very quickly legalized. By 1935 there were approximately 500,000 abortions being performed in Germany every single year.

Yes, Hitler very much encouraged Aryan women to have as many children as possible. But he also very much viewed abortion as a way to reduce “undesirable” populations.

Unfortunately, something very similar is happening today. Abortion clinics are often located in the “poor” part of town, and a staggering 72 percent of Planned Parenthood’s “customers” have incomes that are either equal to or beneath 150 percent of the federal poverty level.

Collection Bus for killing patients. wiki common

#13 In Nazi Germany, killing the “defective”, the “weak” and the “disabled” was considered to be a good thing because it made the German people “stronger”.

Unfortunately, many in America today have fully embraced the eugenics principles which were so dominant in Nazi Germany.

A 3 year old girl named Amelia was recently denied a kidney transplant because she is considered to be “mentally retarded”, and we all remember what happened to Terri Schiavo.

Not only that, the editorial page editor of the Detroit News recently proposed putting contraceptives into the drinking water in Michigan because the state has become a “breeding ground for poverty“.

This kind of sick thinking is rapidly spreading in America, and that is a very frightening thing.

#14 In Nazi Germany, education was nationalized and God was kicked out of the schools.

The following is more eyewitness testimony from Kitty Werthmann….

Our education was nationalized. I attended a very good public school. The population was predominantly Catholic, so we had religion in our schools. The day we elected Hitler (March 13, 1938), I walked into my schoolroom to find the crucifix replaced by Hitler’s picture hanging next to a Nazi flag. Our teacher, a very devout woman, stood up and told the class we wouldn’t pray or have religion anymore. Instead, we sang Deutschland, Deutschland, Uber Alles, and had physical education.

Unfortunately, the exact same thing is happening to U.S. public schools.


#15 Under Adolf Hitler, God was mocked and religion was pushed out of every corner of public life.

Just check out the following information uncovered by author Bruce Walker….

The Nazi tract Gott und Volk was distributed in 1941, and it describes the life cycle of German youth in the future, who would: “With parties and gifts the youth will be led painlessly from one faith to the other and will grow up without ever having heard of the Sermon on the Mount or the Golden Rule, to say nothing of the Ten Commandments… The education of the youth is to be confined primarily by the teacher, the officer, and the leaders of the party. The priests will die out. They have estranged the youth from the Volk. Into their places will step the leaders. Not deputies of God. But anyway the best Germans. And how shall we train our children? Thus, as though they had never heard of Christianity!”

Once again, this parallels what we are seeing happen in America today. Last year, a high school student in Southern California was suspended for two days because he had private conversations with his classmates during which he discussed Christianity. He was also banned from bringing his Bible to school ever again.

For many more examples of this phenomenon, please see this article: “18 Examples Of How Christians Are Being Specifically Targeted By Big Brother“.

Eugenics and Race wiki commons
Stanley  Fischer in Southwest Africa was later used by Hitler in the Extermination. wiki commons

An illustration from Harper’s Weekly shows an alleged similarity between “Irish Iberian” and “Negro” features in contrast to the higher “Anglo-Teutonic.” wiki commons

#16 Adolf Hitler fully embraced the theory of evolution, and Darwinism provided the intellectual foundation for much of Nazism.

At a Nazi Party rally in Nuremberg in 1933, Hitler declared that “higher race subjects to itself a lower race . . .a right which we see in nature and which can be regarded as the sole conceivable right“.

Hitler was obsessed with the “survival of the fittest” and he took this theory to its logical extremes. The following is how one author put it….

“Hitler was influenced above all by the theories of the nineteenth-century social Darwinist school, whose conception of man as biological material was bound up with impulses towards a planned society. He was convinced that the race was disintegrating, deteriorating through faulty breeding as a result of a liberally tinged promiscuity that was vitiating the nation’s blood. And this led to the establishment of a catalogue of ‘positive’ curative measures: racial hygiene, eugenic choice of marriage partners, the breeding of human beings by the methods of selection on the one hand and extirpation on the other”


But of course we have no problem with teaching this flawed theory to our children in the public schools of America today.

Haven’t we learned anything from history?

Hillary Clinton: ‘It takes a village to raise a child.’

#17 Under Adolf Hitler, the state started taking over the job of child care.

The following is more eyewitness testimony from Kitty Werthmann….

When the mothers had to go out into the work force, the government immediately established child care centers. You could take your children ages 4 weeks to school age and leave them there around-the-clock, 7 days a week, under the total care of the government. The state raised a whole generation of children. There were no motherly women to take care of the children, just people highly trained in child psychology.


Of course this is exactly what is happening in America today. Children are raised by day care centers and public schools, and most parents spend very little time with their own children.


Someone pissed in a jar of urine with a Crucifix and called it “art”. Someone else came along and smashed it with a hammer.

#18 In Nazi Germany, it became fashionable to mock Christians and the Christian faith.

The following is more from author Bruce Walker….

By 1935, the virulently anti-Christian leader of the Hitler Youth, Baldur von Shirach issued a regulation that prohibited any child from belonging simultaneously to a church youth group and the Hitler Youth, and gradually membership in the Hitler Youth became almost obligatory – parents were told that their children would not get jobs in the civil service unless they belonged to the Hitler Youth and employers were told not to hire children who did not belong to the Hitler Youth. Christian schoolchildren who did not belong to the Hitler Youth or its female counterpart were routinely beaten up by young Nazi thugs.
Boys inducted into the Hitler Youth were required to explicitly reject Christianity by oaths like this: “German blood and Christian baptismal water are completely incompatible.” At Hitler Youth center at Halle, was the following prominent statement: “The Faith fanatics, who still to-day slide down on their knees with faces uplifted to heaven, waste their time in churchgoing and prayers, and have not yet understood that they are living on the earth and that therefore their task is of a thoroughly earthly kind. All we Hitler people can still only look with the greatest contempt on those young people who still run to their silly Evangelical or Catholic Churches in order to vent their quite superstitious religious feelings.”


Those that believe that the Nazis embraced Christianity are delusional. The following are direct quotes out of Hitler Youth training manuals….

  • “Christianity is a religion of slaves and fools.”
  • “How did Christ die? Whining at the Cross!”
  • “The Ten Commandments represent the lowest instincts of man.”
  • “Christianity is merely a cloak for Judaism.”

This is definitely where things are going in America today. Our television shows and our movies regularly mock Christians and they are always portrayed as the “bad guys”.

In addition, the name of Jesus is rapidly becoming a forbidden word. Some U.S. courts have even ruled that it is unconstitutional to use the name of “Jesus Christ” during any official government meeting. The following comes from a recent WorldNetDaily article….

But the American Civil Liberties Union and Americans United for Separation of Church and State are standing by their victory in a U.S. circuit court decision that states even “a solitary reference to Jesus Christ” in invocations before the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners’ meetings could do “violence to the pluralistic and inclusive values that are a defining feature of American public life.”

Lebensborn soon expanded to welcome non-German mothers. In a policy formed by Hitler in 1942, German soldiers were encouraged to fraternize with native women, with the understanding that any children they produced would be provided for. Racially fit women, most often the girlfriends or one-night stands of SS officers, were invited to Lebensborn homes to have their child in privacy and safety. Source

USA: Watch the video below. 

#19 Under Adolf Hitler, sexual promiscuity was actually encouraged.

The following is more eyewitness testimony from Kitty Werthmann….

My mother was very unhappy. When the next term started, she took me out of public school and put me in a convent. I told her she couldn’t do that and she told me that someday when I grew up, I would be grateful. There was a very good curriculum, but hardly any fun no sports, and no political indoctrination. I hated it at first but felt I could tolerate it. Every once in a while, on holidays, I went home. I would go back to my old friends and ask what was going on and what they were doing. Their loose lifestyle was very alarming to me. They lived without religion. By that time unwed mothers were glorified for having a baby for Hitler. It seemed strange to me that our society changed so suddenly. As time went along, I realized what a great deed my mother did so that I wasn’t exposed to that kind of humanistic philosophy.


Of course the exact same thing is happening in America today. If you doubt that your tax dollars are going to promote sexual promiscuity, then I have a video for you to watch. It is a video from the American Life League, and you can view it right here. DO NOT let any children watch this video. It is done by a pro-life organization but it is very graphic. I have posted a link to it because it is imperative that parents understand what is really going on out there. But please be warned that it is very, very graphic.

Things don’t go well when the socialists take away our guns.

First the Armenians in the army were disarmed, placed into labor battalions, and then killed. Next the Armenian political and intellectual leaders were rounded up on April 24, 1915, and then killed. Ditto for Ireland 1602 against Elizabeth I of England which was the beginning of the end, Russia, Germany, North Korea, Venezuela…they’re threatening to take the guns in the Ukraine…and also the USA…

#20 Once the Nazis took power, they rapidly implemented gun control legislation and later on they took all of the guns away from the populace.

Kitty Werthmann remembers very well what happened in Austria under the Nazis….

Next came gun registration. People were getting injured by guns. Hitler said that the real way to catch criminals (we still had a few) was by matching serial numbers on guns. Most citizens were law abiding and dutifully marched to the police station to register their firearms. Not long after-wards, the police said that it was best for everyone to turn in their guns. The authorities already knew who had them, so it was futile not to comply voluntarily.


Last year, more than 10 million guns were sold in the United States, but gun control legislation continues to become even more strict, and it is only a matter of time before the federal government tries to disarm the U.S. population completely.


#21 Under the Nazis, large numbers of children were taken away from good families.

The following is more from author Bruce Walker….

Parents who resisted Nazi anti-Christian indoctrination too strongly simply had their children taken away from them. The Nazis even forbade parents to give their children Christian names and ordered babies instead to be given names like Dietrich, Otto or Siegfried. The home teaching of Christianity by parents in the home was forbidden. Not content with simply driving Christianity out of public schools, Himmler banned all Confessing Church seminaries and instruction in 1937 and he closed all private religious schools two years later.


Doesn’t this sound exactly like where America is headed?

In many states, CPS (“child protective services”) has become one of the most feared government agencies. All over the nation, thousands upon thousands of children have been removed from good homes because the parents were not raising them “correctly”.

You can read about one particularly bad CPS horror story right here.

Police State

Firearms and Arrest Authority of Federal Agencies

#22 Under Adolf Hitler, society became very highly militarized.

Of course we are seeing the same thing in the U.S. right now.

Sadly, this is even happening to our public schools. According to blogger Alexander Higgins, students in kindergarten and the 1st grade in the state of New Jersey are now required by law to participate “in monthly anti-terrorism drills”. The following is an excerpt from a letter that he recently received from the school where his child attends….

Each month a school must conduct one fire drill and one security drill which may be a lockdown, bomb threat, evacuation, active shooter, or shelter-in place drill. All schools are now required by law to implement this procedure.


This is the kind of thing that a sicko like Adolf Hitler would try to do, and it is not good for our children.

Site is Sourcewatch – gives statistics… Source

#23 In Nazi Germany, the prisons were absolutely packed.

Right now, the United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world by far and the largest total prison population on the entire globe by far.

Even children are being arrested in alarming numbers. In a previous article, I described how one 12-year-old girl down in Texas was recently arrested for spraying herself with perfume and how police were recently sent out to collect an overdue library book from a 5-year-old girl in Massachusetts.

Leonard Downie Jr., a former executive editor of The Washington Post, wrote the 30-page analysis entitled “The Obama Administration and the Press.” The report notes President Barack Obama came into office pledging an open, transparent government after criticizing the Bush administration’s secrecy, “but he has fallen short of his promise.”

“In the Obama administration’s Washington, government officials are increasingly afraid to talk to the press,” wrote Downie, now a journalism professor at Arizona State University. Source

#24 Under Adolf Hitler, there was basically no freedom of speech.

In the United States today we are told that we still have freedom of speech, but that freedom is being “chilled” in thousands of different ways.

For example, the FBI is now admittedly recording Internet talk radio programs all over the United States. The following comes from a recent article by Mark Weaver of….

If you call a radio talk show and get on the air, you might be recorded by the FBI.
The FBI has awarded a $524,927 contract to a Virginia company to record as much radio news and talk programming as it can find on the Internet.
The FBI says it is not playing big brother by policing the airwaves, but rather seeking access to what airs as potential evidence.


So please speak freely on talk radio. Just realize that the feds will be recording every single word.


This blogger supports life, traditional marriage, and the 2nd Amendment.

Supports all human life.

#25 Under Adolf Hitler, paranoia was standard operating procedure.

In Nazi Germany, every citizen was a potential threat and everyone had to be constantly watched for suspicious activity.

Of course the exact same thing is happening in America today. Just about anything you do can get you labeled as a “potential terrorist” by the government.

According to a new DHS report, the following are some of the beliefs and ideologies of potential terrorists….

  • “fiercely nationalistic (as opposed to universal and international in orientation)”
  • “anti-global”
  • “suspicious of centralized federal authority”
  • “reverent of individual liberty”
  • “believe in conspiracy theories”
  • “a belief that one’s personal and/or national “way of life” is under attack”
  • “a belief in the need to be prepared for an attack either by participating in paramilitary preparations and training or survivalism”
  • “impose strict religious tenets or laws on society (fundamentalists)”
  • “insert religion into the political sphere”
  • “those who seek to politicize religion”
  • “supported political movements for autonomy”
  • “anti-abortion”
  • “anti-nuclear”

And the definition of “suspicious activity” has become so broad in America that it pretty much covers 100% of us. In 2012, the following activities are considered to be “suspicious” by the FBI….

  • shielding your computer screen from others
  • paying with cash
  • acting “nervous”
  • using multiple cell phones
  • requesting a specific room at a hotel
  • traveling with a large amount of luggage
  • refusing maid service at a hotel
  • staying in your room for too long
  • changing your appearance

In addition, the U.S. government has decided that it would be a really good idea for all of us to spy on one another. The “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign looks like it could have been pulled right out of a Gestapo security handbook.

But America is not supposed to be about spying on one another and reporting each other to the secret police.

America is supposed to be about liberty and freedom.

Recently, Fox News made a really bad decision by cancelling Freedom Watch. Judge Andrew Napolitano was one of the few voices on television that was still standing up for individual liberty.

As we think about how the Nazification of America has progressed, let the things that Judge Napolitano said on his last show echo in our minds. Video from that show is posted below….

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The Video is Well Worth Watching!


One by one most of Karl Max’s goals in the Communist Manifesto either already have been achieved in the USA, or are on some political agenda to implement. Those goals are:

  • Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes. (being implemented by many foreclosures by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac currently)
  • A heavy progressive or graduated income tax. (achieved by XVI Amendment to the Constitution 1913)
  • Abolition of all rights of inheritance. (Planned by Obama’s Blueprint for Change)
  • Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels.
  • Centralisation of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly. (Obama’s nearly acheieved this by taking control of banks and student loans)
  • Centralisation of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the State.(On Obama’s agenda)
  • Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the State; the bringing into cultivation of waste-lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan. (Partially implemented by Obama)
  • Equal liability of all to work. (Partially planned by Obama Citizen Ccrps). etablishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture.
  • Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of all the distinction between town and country by a more equable distribution of the populace over the country. (Largely implemented)
  • Free education for all children in public schools. Abolition of children’s factory labour in its present form. Combination of education with industrial production, &c, &c. (Accomplished) source


According to Judge Napolitano (video in post below) only one third of the people of America were down for the revolution, one third supported the British, and one third were passive.


There are really only two theories of history. Either things happen by accident neither planned nor caused by anybody, or they happen because they are planned and somebody causes them to happen. War uses up expensive equipment gets blown up fast. So who benefits?

WWI: The Bank of England, private bank so the name was disingenuous, was founded in 1694 and from its founding to Napoleons defeat in Waterloo the country was at war for fifty six years and the rest of the time preparing for war. So the money changers whether they’re called the British Royal Adventurers (or called something similar) who caused Ireland such devastation, or the Honorable British (Dutch…) Indian Company(ies) who caused India, Africa, China and so many others so much devastation, were granted a Royal Charter in 1600 to one of her favorite families – the Cliffords/Russells and other aristocrats,  or the International Bankers, they’ve been sucking the world dry ever since.  Many work two jobs now to pay these crooks because a default our homes are gone - the government can take it with IRS might (or eminent domain for that matter)…

The US resisted pressure to open a Centrol Bank for decades - fast forward to the private and newly formed Federal Reserve Bank December 1913 when President Wilson signed the bill from Congress during Christmas when those who opposed it were home for the holiday. One can only imagine the champagne over the New Year. So it’s now 1914 and within a few months there’s a war – the first world war in the history of the world. Coincidence? There were imperialistic disputes between European countries on raw materials in Africa and Asia, Germany was eroding the lead, a Serbian problem with Austia and Hungary, but not even the media propagandists could get a war going until the assassination of the Duke and his wife. Convenient? The government and media hype justified an unnecessary war to the public.

Bottomline: The US now had a brand new private bank they disingenuously called the Federal Bank. England had theprivate Bank of England since 1694 therefore in deep financial trouble (they no longer had their East Indian cash cow), and Germany had opted out. They had to bring Germany back into the fold of the International Bankers so they had another war. And they’ve been doing it ever since around the globe. Today they’re in the Ukraine where they ousted a democratically elected president who refused to toe the line.

Note: President Kennedy understood the danger of private central banking. And he understood why Andrew Jackson fought so hard to end the Second Bank of the United States. So Kennedy wrote and signed Executive Order 11110 which ordered the US Treasury to issue a new public currency, the United States Note which represented a return to the system of economics the United States had been founded on, and was perfectly legal for Kennedy to do. About four and one half billion dollars went into public circulation, eroding interest payments to the Federal Reserve and loosening their control over the nation. Five months later John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas Texas. The US notes were pulled from circulation, John J. McCloy, President of the Chase Manhattan Bank, and President of the World Bank, was on the investigative Warren Commission, and the rest is history.


Major General Smedley Butler on WAR -

A male in his military uniform; military ribbons are visible.

Major General Smedley D. Butler

His book, War is a Racket, denounces the workings of the military-industrial complex, the network of industrialists, financiers, and government officials who directly profit from war, a security state, and the industries that support this. It is a must read still today, as his logic and clarity offers deep insight into why our priorities are so stoutly centered around war and security. It is very, very lucrative for people in high places.

He writes:

WAR is a racket. It always has been

It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.

A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small “inside” group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.

In the World War [I] a mere handful garnered the profits of the conflict. At least 21,000 new millionaires and billionaires were made in the United States during the World War. That many admitted their huge blood gains in their income tax returns. How many other war millionaires falsified their tax returns no one knows.

  • How many of these war millionaires shouldered a rifle?
  • How many of them dug a trench?
  • How many of them knew what it meant to go hungry in a rat-infested dug-out?
  • How many of them spent sleepless, frightened nights, ducking shells and shrapnel and machine gun bullets?
  • How many of them parried a bayonet thrust of an enemy?
  • How many of them were wounded or killed in battle?

Out of war nations acquire additional territory, if they are victorious. They just take it. This newly acquired territory promptly is exploited by the few – the selfsame few who wrung dollars out of blood in the war. The general public shoulders the bill.

And what is this bill?

This bill renders a horrible accounting. Newly placed gravestones. Mangled bodies. Shattered minds. Broken hearts and homes. Economic instability. Depression and all its attendant miseries. Back-breaking taxation for generations and generations.

For a great many years, as a soldier, I had a suspicion that war was a racket; not until I retired to civil life did I fully realize it. Now that I see the international war clouds gathering, as they are today, I must face it and speak out.”

See: Major General Smedley Butler – – The Military Industrial Complex’s Original Whistleblower

“The war wasn’t only about abolishing fascism, but to conquer sales markets. We could have, if we had intended so, prevented this war from breaking out without doing one shot, but we didn’t want to.”- Winston Churchill to Truman (Fultun, USA March 1946) 

Germany’s unforgivable crime before WW2 was its attempt to loosen its economy out of the world trade system and to build up an independent exchange system from which the world-finance couldn’t profit anymore. …We butchered the wrong pig.” -Winston Churchill (The Second World War – Bern, 1960)


“England has drawn money from us through the Federal Reserve Banks and has re-lent it at high rates of interest to the Soviet Government… The Dnieperstory Dam was built with funds unlawfully taken from the United States Treasury by the corrupt and dishonest Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks.” Rep. Louis T.McFadden (R-PA) 2

Even when Communism collapsed in the Soviet Union, Boris Yeltsin revealed that most of the foreign aid was ending up, we quote. “straight back into the coffers of western banks in debt service.” Rep. Louis T. McFadden. (and per McFadden – the US funded the Bolshevics others say Germany – yours truly says the Internationalists who belong to the “Company”).

“Banks do not have an obligation to promote the public good.” — Alexander Dielius, CEO, Germany, Austrian, Eastern Europe Goldman Sachs, 2010

“I am just a banker doing God’s work.” — Lloyd Blankfein, CEO, Goldman Sachs, 2000 source

Colonization and trade have been around since the ancient Greeks. There’s a very distinctive blueprint or template which they tweak to suit the country being invaded.

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Mass Civil Disobedience in New York Against ‘Safe Act’

Molon Labe: Gun control law a total failure

Paul Joseph Watson
April 17, 2014

The state of New York is refusing to say how many gun owners complied with a mandate to register their assault weapons under the Safe Act while a Sheriff says he will not enforce the measure, suggesting that just like a similar law in Connecticut, the gun control effort has been a total failure as Americans engage in mass civil disobedience against curbs on the Second Amendment.

Albany NYS “Safe Act” Protest – “We Will Not Comply”!

Owners of assault-style weapons had until Tuesday to register their weapons under the new law, but firearms advocates say they expect less than 10 per cent have complied, while, “The state refuses to say how many were registered, claiming it is confidential information protected by the law,” reports the Buffalo News.

Meanwhile, Erie County Sheriff Timothy B. Howard said he would not ask his deputies to enforce the new law, stating, “I don’t know. I am not encouraging them to do it. At the same time, their own consciences should be their guide. I am not forcing my conscience on them. That is a decision they should make.”

Protesters against the measure, labeled the “toughest” gun control law in the United States by Governor Andrew Cuomo, marked the deadline by shredding their registration cards during a demonstration in upstate New York on Tuesday, arguing that the law merely creates a new class of criminals out of responsible gun owners.

“They have been shredding the Constitution for years,” said Rus Thompson. “You shred the Constitution, we’ll shred any form you want us to fill out. They can’t arrest a million people. What are they going to do?”

A YouTube user by the name of Van Prepper posted a video showing him placing an anti-Safe Act sign outside his property wondering whether it will last one or two nights before it is defaced.

Meanwhile, Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb derided the Safe Act as “the worst piece of legislation I have seen in my 14 years as a member of the Assembly.”

This is a law that was created absent of any public input or participation. It has been costly. It has been confusing. And it has not made New York any safer than it was prior to its enactment. Bad legislation does not get better with age, and time will not make the SAFE Act acceptable to those whose constitutional rights have been compromised,” said Kolb.

A New York judge dismissed a last minute challenge to the law yesterday, ruling that it was not unconstitutional.

Mass disobedience against gun control in New York state mirrors what happened in Connecticut earlier this year, where residents were required by law to register high capacity magazines and assault rifles manufactured after 1994.

Just over 50,000 assault weapons were registered after the law came into effect, despite the fact that there are at least 370,000 assault rifles in the hands of Connecticut gun owners, meaning that just 13% of assault rifles were registered.

Obioiusly their “safe act” scam isnt to make the people safe. It’s to make the Government safe for them to apply more tyranny – iow – gun control isn’t about guns – it’s about control. The Bundy Ranch is a prime example of what could have been. As it is they lost many cattle, especially since it’s calving season – they also lost their water infrastructure from the destruction by the BLM.

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IRS Demands Donor List from Rand Paul’s Nonprofit Campaign for Liberty

By Joel Gehrke | APRIL 15, 2014

Photo - Former Congressman Ron Paul gestures during a rally for Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli in Richmond, Va., Monday, Nov. 4, 2013. (AP Photo/Steve Helber) Former Congressman Ron Paul gestures during a rally for Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken…

Ron Paul‘s nonprofit Campaign for Liberty will fight the Internal Revenue Service’s demand that it reveal its donor list to the agency, despite having already been fined for refusing to do so.

“There is no legitimate reason for the IRS to know who donates to Campaign for Liberty,” Megan Stiles, the communications director at Campaign for Liberty, told the Washington Examiner in an email on Tuesday. “We believe the First Amendment is on our side as evidenced by cases such as NAACP v. Alabama and International Union UAW v. National Right to Work. Many 501(c)(4) organizations protect the privacy of their donors in the very same way as Campaign for Liberty. For some reason the IRS has now chosen to single out Campaign for Liberty for special attention. We plan to fight this all the way.”

Ron Paul suggested that the group will refuse to pay the IRS fine in an fundraising email to supporters about the agency’s request for information.

“Paying this outrageous extortionist fine — just to exercise our rights as American citizens to petition our government — may even be cheaper in the short run,” he wrote. “But it’ll just embolden an alphabet soup of other federal agencies to come after us.” Paul’s email said that the rule requiring that 501(c)(4)s list their donors is “rarely enforced.”

Stiles accused the IRS of trying to silence her organization. “The IRS technically requires donor information from 501(c)(4) organizations and is forbidden by law from releasing it to the public, yet despite this they have ‘mistakenly’ released the information repeatedly over the years,” she wrote. “Often these leaks have been made to political opponents of the conservative groups whose information was leaked. Leaking the donor information is intended to harass and to intimidate those donors from donating to political causes. Campaign for Liberty has refused to provide donor information to the IRS to protect the privacy of our members. Now the IRS has demanded the information and fined Campaign for Liberty for protecting its members’ privacy.”

Web URL:

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Bloomberg Attempts Fresh Start With New Gun Control Group

Comes months after MAIG gun confiscation agenda exposed

Adan Salazar
April 16, 2014

Gun rights activists who’ve fought back against former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s repeated efforts to infringe on the Second Amendment can revel in a mild victory.

Photo by bkabak, via Flickr

Today the billionaire announced he would invest $50 million merging his embattled Mayors Against Illegal Guns group with his other anti-Second Amendment venture, Mothers Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, to form a more inclusive “Everytown for Gun Safety.”


“This is not a battle of dollars, this is a battle for the hearts and minds of America so that we can protect our children, protect innocent people,” Bloomberg told NBC’s Today show, sounding similar to Attorney General Eric Holder when he said the government needs to “brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.”

In the months leading up to the disbandment of MAIG, the group had earned itself a notably dirty reputation due to its consistent efforts to undermine the Bill of Rights and its recruitment of an assortment of criminal mayors. Of course, it didn’t help that their Director Mark Glaze was also issuing bold lies on national television.

In February, Infowars reported on former-MAIG member John Tkazyik’s damning OpEd claiming Bloomberg’s group was a front for a wider gun confiscation agenda.

“Under the guise of helping mayors facing a crime and drug epidemic, MAIG intended to promote confiscation of guns from law-abiding citizens,” Tkazyik said, confirming what many already suspected about the group. “Nearly 50 pro-Second Amendment mayors have left the organization. They left for the same reason I did,” he also added. Days later, three New York mayors scuttled to the group’s defense.

Just this month the mayor of Danbury, Conn., Mark Boughton, also jumped the MAIG ship for fear his constituents would vote him out of office. Earlier this year, Connecticut witnessed a massive revolt from gun owners who refused to register their weapons after the state passed a mandatory registration law targeting assault weapons and “high-capacity” magazines.

The Mayors group was also instrumental in influencing New York state politicians to hurriedly pass the unconstitutional SAFE Act, which at one time contained Democrat proposals for outright gun confiscation. Within five days of the shooting at Sandy Hook, the group was already urging President Obama to take action against the Second Amendment, and even presented him a list of anti-gun suggestions.

As we reported today, thousands of law-abiding New York gun owners are also refusing to register their weapons and are calling on everyone to revolt against the SAFE Act’s ridiculous registration mandate, which essentially redefines most semi-automatic weapons, guns with detachable magazines, a telescoping stock, or long guns with a pistol grip as “assault weapons.”

The formation of “Everytown” should have been long expected. Months prior to disbanding MAIG, the membership roster, which identified mayors across the country who support gun control, was deleted from the MAIG web page. The roster is still available on the Internet Archive, however.

Indeed, the slate is now clean for Bloomberg to wage yet another propaganda “battle” against the minds of the American people. Time will only tell if this effort will be another spectacular fail as his others have been. Source


NAZI = National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that the supply of arms to the underdogs is a sine qua non for the overthrow of any sovereignty. So let’s not have any native militia or native police. German troops alone will bear the sole responsibility for the maintenance of law and order throughout the occupied Russian territories, and a system of military strong-points must be evolved to cover the entire occupied country.” –Adolf Hitler, dinner talk on April 11, 1942, quoted in Hitler’s Table Talk 1941-44: His Private Conversations, Second Edition (1973), Pg. 425-426. Translated by Norman Cameron and R. H. Stevens. Introduced and with a new preface by H. R. Trevor-Roper. The original German papers were known as Bormann-Vermerke.

Gun control? It’s not about guns it’s about control.

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Cliven Bundy to sheriffs: ‘Disarm’ the Bureau of Land Management

 Cliven Bundy is pictured. | Getty

By TAL KOPAN | 4/14/14 12:40 PM EDT

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy said Monday that his standoff with the feds isn’t just about cattle: It’s about an “overpowering” bureaucracy in the U.S. that needs to be disarmed.

“I only want to talk to one person in each county across the United States, and here’s what I want to say:

  • County sheriffs, disarm U.S. bureaucracy.
  • County sheriffs, disarm U.S. bureaucrats,”

Bundy said on Glenn Beck’s radio show on TheBlaze on Monday.

On Saturday, the Bureau of Land Management released Bundy’s cattle back to him after rounding it up on federal land over what they say are unpaid grazing fees.

(PHOTOS: Politicians with guns)

The release ended a tense standoff between BLM and protesters including Bundy’s supporters, some of whom were reportedly armed.

“My Clark County sheriff, Doug Gillespie, didn’t finish his job,” Bundy said. “What the mandate from we the people was, Saturday was to disarm the park service and BLM. And when he didn’t do that, and his time was up, then we the people took it into our hands and had to do the sheriff’s job and the governor of Nevada’s job.”

Bundy said his supporters marched “and they faced an army of bureaucrats, and they faced those guns with courage and faith and much danger, and they backed those bureaucrats down and they run out of this county into Utah.”

Beck pushed on Bundy as to whether his armed supporters justified the response from the feds, but also questioned whether something more was at play than grazing fees.

“All I know is … I feel like it’s evidently time to disarm this bureaucracy,” Bundy said. “They’re overpowering us with guns, and this is a prime example. They’re ruling with unlimited power over we the people, and we the people, we can’t stand it no longer. We’ve got to do something. So this seems to be sort of a mandate for we the people.”

Bundy did not go into specifics about how sheriffs or people should “disarm” federal regulators, but he said he disputes that the land in question is federal land. He claims the land belongs to the state of Nevada.

He said it is up to county sheriffs to enforce the people’s constitutional rights in cases like his.

Read more:

Good point. Why use BLM militarized federal agents (contractors/mercenaries), snipers, helicopters with armed agents,and ban net access, just to herd a few cattle especially since it’s a state issue. The sheriff there is on the board of the ACLU, and the DHS so he’s obviously a Harry boy. Most of these federal agencies have no need to be armed let alone with militarized weaponry just as they’ve no need to get involved with states rights. The government is slowly getting rid of the National Guards – some states have included them in their state budgets in order to keep the feds out of their hair.

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USPS Stocks Up On Guns and Ammo: “It Doesn’t Make a Whole Lot of Sense”

Mac Slavo
April 16, 2014

Going postal just took on a whole new meaning.

Image: USPS (Wiki Commons).

Earlier this year Kit Daniels reported that the U.S. Postal Service is joining other alphabet federal agencies in stocking up on ammunition and firearms. It’s an alarming trend that has swept the nation over the last several years and one that Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Washington-based Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, calls “highly unusual.”

Conspiracy theories abound over the stockpiling of some two billion rounds of ammunition to date, leaving many wondering what the US government has in store for the American people.

Just last week, in the wake of the most recent Fort Hood shooting, mainstream media issued a report claiming that shooter Ivan Lopez was stockpiling weapons and ammo, when in fact he had purchased a single firearm and perhaps a few hundred rounds for it over a couple of visits to the gun store.

If his meager purchases are supposed to raise concerns with the American public and instill a sense of fear, then should we not be absolutely terrified of what our government is doing?

Earlier this year, the USPS posted a notice on its website, under the heading “Assorted Small Arms Ammunition,” that says: “The United States Postal Service intends to solicit proposals for assorted small arms ammunition. If your organization wishes to participate, you must pre-register. This message is only a notification of our intent to solicit proposals.”

Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Washington-based Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, said: “We’re seeing a highly unusual amount of ammunition being bought by the federal agencies over a fairly short period of time. To be honest, I don’t understand why the federal government is buying so much at this time.”

A little more than a year ago, the Social Security Administration put in a request for 174,000 rounds of “.357 Sig 125 grain bonded jacketed hollow-point” bullets.

Before that, it was the Department of Agriculture requesting 320,000 rounds. More recently, the Department of Homeland Security raised eyebrows with its request for 450 million rounds — at about the same time the FBI separately sought 100 million hollow-point rounds.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration also requested 46,000 rounds.

Philip Van Cleave, president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, asked: why exactly does a weather service need ammunition?

“I don’t believe in conspiracy theories, but it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense,” Gottlieb said. “The amount of ammunition they’re buying up far exceeds their needs. It far exceeds what they’ll use — they’ll never use it all.“

(Newsmax via Steve Quayle)

It certainly doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. If you, as an individual, were to purchase a thousand rounds of bulk ammunition you’d be flagged, according to Senator Rand Paul, as a domestic terrorist.

Know good and well that some day there could be a government in power that is shipping its citizens off for disagreements. There are laws on the books now that characterize who might be a terrorist.

Someone who has guns, someone who has ammunition that is weatherproofed, someone who has more than seven days of food in their house can be considered a potential terrorist.

Perhaps what the government is afraid of and what they are preparing for… is us.

They may have bugged out of Bunkerville, NV last weekend, but you can rest assured that they are licking their wounds and reorganizing. They no doubt learned a lot during this incident, and they will be fully prepared for the next one, likely with military personnel and stockpiles of ammunition in tow.

While we’d like to agree with the notion that the government will “never use it all,” all signs suggest that they are building these reserves in the event that they do, in fact, need to use them.

It’s apparent that elements within the U.S. government foresee a set of events in the near future that will require them to raise up arms against the American people. If this is the case, then the stockpiling of two billion rounds of ammunition, firearms, tactical gear, and coffins across federal agencies that all have specific guidelines set out for “national emergencies” and martial law scenarios makes perfect sense.

They are planning for something big and they are doing so at an accelerated pace.

Posting information is not a conspiracy theory as the US funded Corporate Media and their NGO’s claim. Just full disclosure excercising the right to free speech and history.

See: Firearms and Arrest Authority of Federal Agencies

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Firearms and Arrest Authority of Federal Agencies

dated August 02, 2012

US Capitol Police officer guards Capitol Building after Phoenix, AZ shooting

US Capitol Police officer guards Capitol Building after Phoenix, AZ shooting – Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

More than a few eyebrows were raised when the U.S. Department of Education purchased 27 police-grade shotguns. However, the Department of Education is just one of 73 federal government agencies employing full-time law enforcement officers who are authorized to carry firearms and make arrests in the United States.

Brief Overview

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics’ latest (2008) Census of Federal Law Enforcement Officers, the combined federal government agencies employ about 120,000 full-time law enforcement officers who are authorized to carry firearms and make arrests. That is roughly the equivalent of 40 officers per 100,000 U.S. residents. By comparison, there is one member of the U.S. Congress per 700,000 residents.

Federal Law Enforcement Officers are authorized by law to perform four specific functions:

  • conduct criminal investigations,
  • execute search warrants,
  • make arrests, and
  • carry firearms.

From 2004 to 2008, the number of federal law enforcement officers with arrest and firearms authority grew by 14%, or about 15,000 officers. The federal agencies also employ nearly 1,600 officers in the U.S. territories, primarily in Puerto Rico.

The Census of Federal Law Enforcement Officers does not include data on officers in the

  • U.S. Armed Forces, or the
  • Central Intelligence Agency and the
  • Transportation Security Administration’s Federal Air Marshals Service, due to national security restrictions.

The number of Federal Law Enforcement Officers has increased rapidly in response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Since the 9/11/2001 attacks the ranks of Federal Law Enforcement Officers grew from about 88,000 in 2000, to about 120,000 in 2008.

Front Line Federal Law Enforcement Agencies

Excluding 33 Offices of Inspectors General, 24 federal agencies each employed more than 250 full-time personnel with firearm and arrest authority in 2008. Indeed, law enforcement is the main function of most of these agencies. Few people would be surprised to see field agents of the Border Patrol, FBI, U.S. Marshals Service or the Secret Service carrying guns and making arrests. The complete list includes:

  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection (36,863 officers)
  • Federal Bureau of Prisons (16,835)
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (12,760)
  • U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (12,446)
  • U.S. Secret Service (5,213)
  • Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts (4,696)
  • Drug Enforcement Administration (4,308)
  • U.S. Marshals Service (3,313)
  • Veterans Health Administration (3,128)
  • Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigation (2,636)
  • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (2,541)
  • U.S. Postal Inspection Service (2,288)
  • U.S. Capitol Police (1,637)
  • National Park Service – Rangers (1,404)
  • Bureau of Diplomatic Security (1,049)
  • Pentagon Force Protection Agency (725)
  • U.S. Forest Service (644)
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (598)
  • National Park Service – U.S. Park Police (547)
  • National Nuclear Security Administration (363)
  • U.S. Mint Police (316)
  • Amtrak Police (305)
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs (277)
  • Bureau of Land Management (255)

From 2004 to 2008, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) added more than 9,000 officers, the largest increase at any federal agency. A majority of the CBP increase occurred in the Border Patrol, which added more than 6,400 officers during the 4-year period.

Officers of the Veterans Health Administration need arrest and firearms authority because they provide law enforcement and protective services for over 150 VA medical centers located nationwide.

At the Cabinet department level, component agencies of the

Within the legislative branch, the U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) employed 1,637 officers to provide police services for the U.S. Capitol grounds and buildings. With full law enforcement authority in the area immediately surrounding the Capitol complex, the USCP is the largest federal law enforcement agency operating wholly within the nation’s capital.

The largest employer of federal officers outside of the executive branch was the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts (AOUSC). The AOUSC employed 4,696 probation officers with arrest and firearm authority in its Federal Corrections and Supervision Division in 2008.

The Not-So-Obvious Federal Law Enforcement Agencies

In 2008, another 16 federal agencies not so typically associated with police powers employed fewer than 250 full-time personnel with firearm and arrest authority. These included:

* The Library of Congress Police ceased operation in 2009, when its duties were assumed by the U.S. Capitol Police.

Most of the officers employed by these agencies are assigned to provide security and protective services at the agency’s buildings and grounds. Officers employed by the Federal Reserve Board of Governors provide security and protective services only at the Board’s Washington, D.C. headquarters. Officers serving at the various Federal Reserve banks and braches are hired by the individual banks and were not counted in the Census of Federal Law Enforcement Officers.

And the Inspectors General

Finally, 33 of the 69 federal Offices of Inspectors General (OIG), including the Department of Education’s OIG, employed a total of 3,501 criminal investigators with firearms and arrest authority in 2008. These 33 Offices of Inspectors General represent all 15 Cabinet-level departments, as well as 18 other federal agencies, boards and commissions.

Also See: Obama’s Missing Inspectors Generals

Among other duties, officers of the Offices of Inspectors General often investigate cases of improper, wasteful or illegal activities, including theft, fraud and wrongful use of public funds.

Also See: Outrageous Examples of Government Waste, Fraud and Abuse

For example, OIG officers recently investigated the General Services Administration’s outrageous $800,000 “team building” meeting in Las Vegas, and a series of scams being perpetrated against Social Security recipients.

Are These Officers Trained?

Along with training they may have received in the military or other law enforcement agencies, most federal law enforcement officers are required to complete training at one of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) facilities.

In addition to training in basic to advanced law enforcement, criminology and tactical driving, FLETC’s Firearms Division provides intensive training in the safe handling and justifiable use of firearms.


Obama’s Personal Army

“Because the American military swears an allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, and not to the President, could Obama’s strategy be to strip our Armed Services and shift their dollars into an all powerful civilian Army under his command? Two tips coming into CiR this week surprisingly connect just these dots and link these machinations to Obamacare funding.”

“A long time FEMA source cites this sentence in the Obama Army speech: “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set.” This tipster told CiR that when Obama took office, older, long time FEMA employees and/or individual assistance personnel were in the process of being replaced by “18 to 24 year olds who knew next to nothing” about homeland security or emergency response. These young people and FEMA operations were pulled into Washington, D.C. under the executive branch’s prerogative.”

Bundy Ranch – FYI to Obama – this whole country’s a free speech zone!

All dictators need their own army! These militarized cops are working for the government not us. No surprises that many of these militarized cops were brain-washed into viewing us as the enemy. So when we see the multiplying of armored military vehicles, increase in police using military weapons, the purchase of billions of bullets by the DHS, it’s certainly not for our safety or protection. It’s to implement the UN aka International Globalists decrees. These International Globalists were around with their money and power before and after Hitler’s introduction/paid propaganda to the German people…(reminds me of the Obama super-produced, carefully manipulated, Greek column inauguration pageant in 2008…when silly people were fainting all over the place.)

Hitler posing in Nuremberg with SA members in the late 1920s. Julius Streicher is to Hitler’s right, and Hermann Göring stands bedecked with medals beneath Hitler.

Read “the Night of the Long Knives” and you will see the plan that Obama has for us.

blm 4






The People vs Government at Bundy Ranch

Today is just another chapter, another time, another method, same people, same results.

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Airing Harry Reid’s Dirty Laundry

Reid ~ ‘We can’t have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it.’

Reid ~ ‘It’s Not Over.’

A Western Journalism Exclusive By Steve Baldwin

Senator Harry Reid claims to be an ethical politician and he often employs his Mormon religion in order to demonstrate his alleged immaculacy. However, the reality is that he is, in fact, one of the most ethically challenged politicians in office today. This report will review his alliances with corrupt individuals, his support of ACORN, his ties with organized crime figures and his chronic failure to comply with campaign finance laws.

Harry Reid’s Alliance with Jack Abramoff

Soon after the Jack Abramoff scandal broke, Reid took the lead in attacking Republicans for fostering a “culture of corruption.” (1)

But shortly after making these comments, it was reported that Reid took almost $68,000 from Abramoff’s firm, its PAC and its Indian casino clients. (2)

Reid then tried to distance himself from Abramoff, stating, “[D]on’t lump me in with Jack Abramoff. This is a Republican scandal. Don’t try to give any of it to me.” (3)

Here’s the key passage:

Harry Reid wrote at least four letters helpful in Indian tribes represented by Jack Abramoff, and Reid’s staff had frequent contact with the disgraced lobbyist’s team about legislation….Reid collected nearly $68,000 in political donations from Abramoff’s firm, lobbying partners and clients…Abramoff’s firm also hired one of Reid’s top legislative aides as a lobbyist. (4)

The bulk of the donation money came from Indian tribes who were Abramoff’s clients, most of whom owned casinos in the region. Reid’s letters were meant to influence the Interior Department to reject applications that would allow certain Indian tribes to open up new casinos. Reid was not acting in opposition to gambling, but was rather protecting the existing Indian casinos (Abramoff’s Clients) from having new competition in their regions. (5)

Reid Protects ACORN from Investigation

There is little doubt that ACORN is used by the Democrat party to fabricate voters and register illegal aliens in order to benefit their politicians. What’s more, there is little doubt that ACORN efforts benefited Reid’s campaigns.

The Las Vegas Review Journal reported that the Las Vegas office of ACORN has been engaged in massive fraud. At least 48% of the registrations turned in by ACORN are fraudulent.

Indeed, it was so obvious that the ACORN Las Vegas office was raided by authorities. They found that 59 inmates from a work-release program at a nearby prison were employed by ACORN and found numerous irregularities. Its field director, Christopher Edwards, pled guilty to two gross misdemeanor counts of conspiracy.

Despite these findings, when the US Senate voted 83-7 to block ACORN from bidding for additional federal grant money, Reid refused to hold a hearing on ACORN’s activities. Even after the scandal broke revealing that ACORN was assisting an underage prostitution operation, Reid claimed such an investigation of ACORN by Congress might distract attention from more important issues. (6)

Another publication reported that Reid wrote Senator Vitter to inform him that his call for an ACORN investigation was driven by his political bias!

In his letter to Sen. David Vitter (R-La.), the majority leader said he would rather not “ask our committees or this Congress to do anything that would detract from efforts” to address bigger priorities, including healthcare reform and economic recovery. He also expressed his concern that Vitter’s “interest in this matter is driven, at least in part, by partisan political views.” (7)

Perhaps Reid’s attitude here is due to the fact that the group which seems to be running ACORN, Service Employees International Union (SEIU), contributed nearly $50,000 to Reid’s campaign committee and leadership PAC. (8)

Reid’s Relationship with George Soros

George Soros is a foreign-born billionaire who is the single largest funder of many Anti-American groups:, Democracy Alliance, Media Matters, Health Care for America Now, Center for American Progress, and Campaign for America’s Future, just to name a few. Soros wants to destroy the principles America was founded upon and turn it into a “socialist paradise.”

Soros is a convicted inside trader who supports open borders, gay rights, abortion rights, increased union power and is hostile to the free enterprise system, even though he made billions off of it. He made his money in a very unethical and, many believe, illegal way – international currency speculation and manipulation. Some believe his fortune was made from drug smuggling since his empire is based offshore in the Netherlands Antilles; the CIA describes this location as “a transshipment point for South American drugs bound for the US and Europe; money–laundering center.” (9)

But Soros’s shady background did not dissuade Reid from taking money from him. Since becoming the Senate Minority leader in 2005 and then the Majority leader in 2007, Reid has had operational control of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. While fundraising for the DSCC, Reid took over $220,000 from Soros, the Soros Fund Management, and various Soros family members. (10)

Reid Violated Federal Election Law by Using Campaign Funds for Christmas Bonuses

In 2006, it was reported that Reid paid Christmas bonuses to staff at the luxurious Ritz Carlton where he lived, using campaign funds. Federal Election law prohibits candidates from using campaign funds for such activity. (11)

Reid Uses his Office to Financially Benefit his Sons

Harry Reid has four sons who all work for Nevada’s largest law firm, Lionel, Sawyer & Collins. All of them have benefited from Reid.

Here’s how the Los Angeles Times puts it:

But Harry Reid is in a class by himself. One of his sons and his son-in-law lobby in Washington for companies, trade groups and municipalities seeking Reid’s help in the Senate. A second son has lobbied in Nevada for some of those same interests, and a third has represented a couple of them as a litigator.

In the last four years alone, their firms have collected more than $2 million in lobbying fees from special interests that were represented by the kids and helped by the senator in Washington.

Apparently such activities are not illegal. They should be. They are certainly unethical. The article details half a dozen examples of specific legislation pushed by Reid which benefited his sons. (12)

The Coyote Springs Land Deal

Reid accepted donations from a key Chinagate fundraiser: John Huang.Huang was responsible for arranging illegal contributions for the Clintons; in return their administration signed off on hi-tech exports that helped China upgrade its weapons systems.

Indeed, part of it was originally intended for target practice for a defense contractor, part of it was a habitat for the endangered desert tortoise, part of it was for a power line right of way, and much of the property contained a fragile system of streams important to the local ecosystem.

But Whittemore was also a large donor to Reid. Whittemore and his family gave over $50,000 to Reid and his leadership fund over the last decade. Reid’s sons also received contributions for their campaigns. (13)

So they obviously came to an agreement: Whittemore poured money into Reid’s campaigns and Reid cleared the obstacles, allowing Whittemore to develop land for housing that was previously thought impossible to develop.

Reid inserted language in a land management bill that reallocated the power line corridor.

Regarding the tortoise issue, he persuaded the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to swap that part of the property for land adjacent to the property.

Then he persuaded the EPA to lesson their opposition to the project on grounds that it impacted the ecosystem of the area.

The Los Angeles Times covered the story:

Yet the valley – an hour northeast of Las Vegas – is on its way to becoming a real estate development of historic proportions, with as many as 159,000 homes, 16 golf courses and a full complement of stores and service facilities. At nearly 43,000 acres, Coyote Springs covers almost twice as much space as the next-largest development in a state famous for outsized building projects.

Helping make Coyote Springs come alive was an alliance between a multimillionaire developer and one of the highest-ranking members of Congress: Nevada Democrat Harry Reid, the Senate minority leader and a member of the powerful Senate Appropriations Committee.

The relationship between developers such as Harvey Whittemore and politicians such as Reid is especially close in Nevada, home to a small fraternity of movers and shakers, powerful demands of rapid population growth and a huge amount of federally owned land.

Over the last four years, Reid has used his influence in Washington to help the developer, Nevada super-lobbyist Whittemore, clear obstacles from Coyote Springs’ path. At one point, Reid proposed opening the way for Whittemore to develop part of the site for free – something for which the developer later agreed to pay the government $10 million. As the project advanced, Reid received tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Whittemore. The contributions not only went to Reid’s Senate campaigns, but also to his leadership fund, which he used to help bankroll the campaigns of Democratic colleagues. (14)

Reid Collects $1.1 Million Windfall on Property he didn’t Own

In 2006, it was reported by the Associated Press that he collected $1.1 Million on land he hadn’t owned in three years. As the AP reports:

Senate Democrat Leader Harry Reid collected a $1.1 million windfall on a Las Vegas land sale even though he hadn’t personally owned the property for three years, property deeds show. In the process, Reid did not disclose to Congress an earlier sale in which he transferred his land to a company created by a friend and took a financial stake in that company, according to records and interviews.

The Nevada Democrat’s deal was engineered by Jay Brown, a longtime friend and former casino lawyer whose name surfaced in a major political bribery trial this summer and in other prior organized crime investigations. ….In 2001, Reid sold the land for the same price to a limited liability corporation created by Brown. The senator didn’t disclose the sale on his annual public ethics report or tell Congress he had any stake in Brown’s company. (15)

The Del Webb Land Swap

A corporation called Del Webb wanted to acquire and develop 4,700 acres of prime federal land outside of Las Vegas. In order to make this transaction work, Del Webb wanted to use a federal program that swaps federal land for private land that is supposed to be environmentally sensitive. However, the land being offered by Del Webb for the swap was inferior land and not even close to the value of the federal land that he desired. Thus, the taxpayers would take a loss with such a swap.

There were also a lot of other obstacles and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) opposed it for numerous reasons. Once again, Reid intervened with Federal agencies to make it happen; and once again, Reid’s campaign received over $50,000 from Del Webb for his efforts.

Indeed, Del Webb hosted a fund-raiser for Reid at its Phoenix headquarters. As Human Events reported:

In the early 1990s a helpless corporation, Del Webb, wanted to realize its personal dream and develop some land outside Las Vegas. There was just one problem: the government owned much of it and it wasn’t for sale! Employing the simple Reid Estate wealth building system, Del Webb hired a former Reid aide, donated $18,000 to Harry Reid’s campaign fund and then did the obvious next thing: it purchased “environmentally sensitive” lands 400 miles away near Lake Tahoe. After two letters to the Interior Department from Sen. Reid and a personal meeting organized by him, at which a government employee said he felt “pressured” by Reid, the Interior Department allowed Del Webb and its partners to swap that environmentally valuable land near Lake Tahoe for the environmentally worthless (but commercially valuable) land in Las Vegas. Reid claims to have done nothing unusual. (16)

Harry Reid Tied to Chinagate Figure


Reid accepted donations from a key Chinagate fundraiser: John Huang. Huang was responsible for arranging illegal contributions for the Clintons; in return their administration signed off on hi-tech exports that helped China upgrade its weapons systems. Reid then later pushed for the Senate confirmation of the judge who let Huang off with just a “slap on the wrist.”
As NewsMax reports:

In June 1999, Huang’s case was assigned to U.S. District Judge Richard Paez, who had six months earlier been nominated to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals by President Clinton. Critics says the assignment presented a massive conflict of interest for Judge Paez, a concern fueled by the sentence he meted out to the Clinton donor in Aug. 1999.

Sen. Reid’s former donor received a mere $10,000 fine, 500 hours of community service and one year probation. When Paez’s 9th Circuit nomination came up for Senate confirmation, Republicans cried foul. Sen. Jeff Sessions complained that Paez had violated Justice Department sentencing guidelines that required Huang to serve jail time, calling the plea bargain “a dangerous agreement” and “a debasement of justice.”

But Sen. Reid went to bat for Huang’s judge, after being asked to reach out to other Mormon Senators by Mrs. Paez, a fellow Mormon. “That’s what I did,” Reid told the New York Times. (17)

Reid Accepted Free Boxing Tickets while a Related Bill was Pending

The AP first reported this ethical lapse:

Senate Democratic Leader Harry M. Reid (Nev.) accepted free ringside tickets from the Nevada Athletic Commissionto three professional boxing matches while that state agency was trying to influence him on federal regulation of boxing. Reid took the free seats for Las Vegas fights between 2003 and 2005 as he was pressing legislation to increase government oversight of the sport, including the creation of a federal boxing commission that Nevada’s agency feared might usurp its authority. (18)

Reid – A First Class Porker

In 2009 alone, Harry Reid requested money for pork projects that ended up costing taxpayers $229,773,429. Reid was responsible for diverting taxpayer money to all kinds of projects that should have never been the responsibility of the Federal Government. A few examples include:

  • Local transportation projects
  • Private research institutes
  • Research on water
  • Research on job training
  • Lake Tahoe bus facilities
  • University projects
  • Boys Town
  • Railroad projects
  • Economic development projects for the town of Wells
  • Copper wire theft protection programs for Las Vegas
  • Lighting demonstration projects
  • Wastewater improvements for city of Henderson
  • Water treatment for city of Goldfield
  • School counseling projects for Las Vegas schools
  • Arts center for Las Vegas


071009-reid-earmark2 While many of these projects may have merit, they should be funded at the city, county or state level. Forcing taxpayers nationwide to fund projects in Las Vegasor for sewage improvement for Goldfield is outrageous. (19) These projects alone were just in 2009!

One project Reid obtained $54 million for was for a “Magnetic Levitation Train.” The train would go from Disney Land to Las Vegas, but the project was opposed by the Department of Transportation. Nonetheless, numerous companies and individuals tied to this project gave Reid a total of $28,749.

One taxpayer group denounced the project as:

“[A] train to nowhere….We’re wasting tens of millions of dollars on a project nobody believes will be built except Harry Reid.” (20)

As Business Week Writes:

But Reid has pressed ahead, earmarking $9 million between 2000 and 2004 and winning a $45 million authorization in last year’s federal transportation bill. It’s just one small example of how congressional leaders can keep projects alive and how difficult it will be for reformers to stamp out earmarks — the hidden pots of cash that lawmakers tuck into spending bills for favorite projects or constituents. (21)

Reid’s love of pork knows no limits—most of the time it ends up benefiting him in some way or another. One earmark funded a bridge that was to be built in Laughlin, Nevada. The bridge would increase the value of all the property in that area, but what Reid played down, however, was the fact that he owned 160 acres of the land where the bridge was to be built. (22)

Reid even diverted money from the 2009 Defense Budget appropriation bill. So instead of defense funding going to our soldiers to help fight terrorism, Reid diverted this money to projects such as a Reno fire station, a “renewable energy” plant for the National Guard, and ammo “recycling.” (23)

Incredibly, when Reid first became Senate Minority Leader, he vowed to reform earmark abuse. Since then, not only has he failed to reform the abuse, he has become one of the biggest earmark abusers in the Senate.

Reid’s Positions On Issues

Overall Ratings

Some believe Reid is a moderate, but there’s really nothing to substantiate that, except for perhaps his stance on the issue of gun control. Regardless, his most recent ratings are fairly liberal:

His ACU ratings have ranged from 26 in 2003 to 0 in 2007, but since 2002, the average has been 12. His ACLU rating is 44; his ADA rating is a perfect 100; his League of Conservation Voters and NARAL ratings are also perfect 100s; and his pro-Union vote, according to SEIU, is 92.

In other words, he’s hard left on abortion, environment, and union issues. Some commentators have tried to claim that Reid is pro-life because he says he is “personally” opposed to abortion. Well, so is Ted Kennedy and the fact of the matter is that Reid has perfect ratings with all pro-abortion groups.

Gun Control

Even concerning gun control, much has been made of the fact that Reid is allegedly conservative on that issue. However, that’s not totally accurate.

While the NRA gave him a “B” in 2004, Gun Owners of America gave Reid an “F” four out of the last six years. Moreover, the Coalition to Stop Handgun Violence gave him a perfect 100 in 2000 and the Brady Gun Control Group gave him a 71 in 2003. Indeed, just within the last year Reid supported these anti-gun actions:

* Voted for the Stimulus Bill which contained anti-gun language

* Voted for legislation that expanded the amount of land covered by the national parks gun ban.

* Voted to confirm Attorney General Eric Holder who doesn’t believe the 2nd Amendment is an individual right.

* Voted to confirm dozens of other anti-gun appointees, including the Sotomayor nomination

to the US Supreme Court, even though she wrote an opinion that the 2nd amendment did not apply to the states.

* Voted to block legislation to repeal the unconstitutional gun ban in the District of Columbia

Homosexual Issues

On Homosexual issues, Reid told gay rights activists that he opposes his own church’s views on homosexual marriage. He actually criticized the LDS church for backing Prop. 8, the measure which banned same-sex marriage in California.

Reid also signed a letter supporting an anti-Prop 8 march. (24)

But this shouldn’t be surprising since Reid has always voted for gay rights legislation and has received funding from the leading homosexual PAC, the Human Rights Campaign. (25)

War on Terrorism

On foreign policy issues, Reid appears to be clueless. He called for the United States to pull out of Iraq and then laughed about the consequences of doing so. As most experts say, a pull out of our troops would lead to total chaos and ethnic cleaning on an unprecedented level. (26)

Reid also said the surge would not work in Iraq before it even had a chance to work—There’s little doubt such rhetoric demoralized our troops. (27)

Health Care

On Health care, Reid obviously supports socialized health care and has called opponents to Obama’s health care plan “evil mongers.” (28)

Indeed, Reid parroted fabricated facts given to him by the Soros-funded, pro-socialist medicine group “Health Care for America Now.” He claimed that profits for health insurance companies rose 450% since 2000:

There is no business in America that makes more money than the insurance industry – over the last 10 years their profits have increased by 450 percent. (29)

But, according to numerous studies, the average profit margin for health care insurance groups has been 3 to 3.5 % annually, a figure that is less than many industries. (30)

Social Security

According to Reid: “Social Security is the most successful program in the history of the world,” even though it is headed toward collapse. (31)

Ironically, Reid, as a member of Congress, introduced a bill that would allow members of congress to opt out of social security. (32)


One of the most shocking statements made by Reid is his claim on a television talk show that the paying of income taxis voluntary. [MC-to him it's voluntary since he's evaded paying it in the past]

“Our system of government is a voluntary taxation system.”

His most recent rating with the National Taxpayers Union is 7%, making him one of the most reckless spenders in congress.


Reid’s views on energy and the environment are unbelievable. He wholeheartedly believes in global warming and will support any and all legislation that will cripple American industry in order to bring us in compliance with the demands of the radical environment movement.

His attitude toward our natural resources is stunning; he told one group this:

“Coal is making us sick…oil makes us sick. Its global warming, it’s ruining our country. It’s ruining our world.” [MC-his deals with solar farms might have something to do with it]

Reid opposes all oil drilling, including drilling in ANWR. He opposes nuclear energy; His solution for American energy crisis is solar and wind energy, a ridiculous notion according to energy experts. While economical, solar and wind energy can never meet all our energy needs. [MC-his shady deals with solar farms might have something to do with it]

Naturally, Reid supports the Cap and Trade legislation. (33)

Reid supports amnesty for all illegal aliens and introduced a bill last January that would do just that. The bill contains provisions which are anti-border security and even cite the unification of homosexual partners as justification for the amnesty!(34)
But Reid has also been in favor of open borders. He led an effort to block an amendment that required citizenship verification for those who receive stimulus funds. (35)

When Senator John Cornyn introduced an amendment to end the “Catch and Release” policy, Reid prevented a vote on it. (36)

In 2001, Reid placed an earmark in a bill that would give $5 million to the National Council of La Raza, a radical Hispanic group that advocates open borders. (37)

Harry Reid’s Mob Connections

The connections between Harry Reid and the Mafia are quite numerous, but much of it is complicated. Ironically, Reid wants to build a $50 million dollar “Mob Museum” in Las Vegas, paid for by the taxpayers. (38) Indeed, Reid inserted this money into the Stimulus Bill.

Why does Reid want to glorify a murderous bunch of thugs?

Does he have fond memories of the days when the Mob ran Las Vegas?

Reid likes to claim he was responsible for chasing the Mob out of Las Vegas and portrays himself as some type of hero by claiming to have “cleaned up Las Vegas and ushered in a new era of responsibility.” (39)

The fact is that the Mob may not be as involved with the casinos as they once were, but they are still heavily involved in Las Vegas and Reid knows this. In fact, the mob has moved into sports betting. Indeed, in a report requested by the U.S. Congress in 1999, the National Gambling Commission estimated illegal sports betting generates around $80 billion; half of that figure betted on football games. (40)

I will outline the major links Reid has with the Mob; most of this is taken from a 4-part report by a mysterious author with the alias “Fedora,” all of which can be accessed in the footnotes.

What Former FBI Agent Joseph Yablonsky Says

Yablonsky was a FBI special agent in charge of the Las Vegas office for four years, until his retirement in 1983. When interviewed by journalist Del Tartikoff in 1996 Yablonsky was asked questions about many Las Vegas figures, including Reid:

Yablonsky: “Harry Reid is a mealy-mouth, and he was in their pocket just like the rest of them. Of course, there’s certain things I know I can’t speak about because of Privacy Act considerations. But he’s a worm, and he was a congressman, back there, representing Mr. Greenspun, you know, trying to agitate in terms of my removal. But all you’ve got to do is

read the pone he read when they had that phony Sinatra licensing.”

Tartikoff: “He wrote a poem?”

Yablonsky explained that, even though Frank Sinatra has lost a gaming license in the State of Nevada back in 1963 after evidence surfaced that mobster Sam Giancana was the real owner of the Cal-Nevada Lodge at Lake Tahoe and that Sinatra was merely a mob-friendly figurehead, Sinatra was back before the state Gaming Control Board in the late ‘70s, seeing a gaming license again.

“After this ridiculous hearing,” he said, “when Sinatra went up for licensing which had no adversary witnesses – McNeil-Lehrer played a half-hour of it on their program without even making a comment, it was so obvious. And when it came up to the Gaming Commission, which you know is [the top tier of] a two-tiered system,

Reid was the chairman, and he read this kiss-ass poem. He’s a faker.” (41)

So here you have the former head FBI agent in charge of investigating the mob in Las Vegas admitting Reid was “in their pocket” and relating how Reid voted to return to Sinatra his license to own gaming casinos, even though the Gaming Commission had access to plenty of information indicating that Sinatra remained connected to the Mob.

The Gaming Commission, led by Reid, dismissed strong evidence presented by FBI informants and other police reports. During the proceedings, Sinatra lied about his relationship with Mobster Willie Moretti, claiming he was just “a neighbor.” Sinatra denied making a pay-off to Lucky Luciano and acted like he didn’t know Sam Giancana. When Sinatra was questioned about a 1976 photo of himself with a group of prominent Gambino family mobsters, Sinatra claimed that he didn’t even know these men and that one of them wanted a picture with him and “before I realized what happened, there were approximately eight or nine men standing around me and several other snapshots were made.” (42)

This outrageous pack of lies was accepted by Reid who told the New York Times that he found Sinatra’s defense convincing! As New York Times reporter Robert Lindsey recounted:

All the old charges appeared to have been dispensed with. Yet, at least some observers said afterward that they felt there was less to the hearing than met the eye. Mr. Sinatra was treated with a kind of awe. He and his lawyer-manager, Milton Rudin, appeared to know many of the panel’s questions in advance. Board investigators seemed to base many of their conclusions solely on the singer’s own word; on some points, their fact-finding appeared to have been naively superficial. . .

Several times, when asked a potentially embarrassing question, Mr. Sinatra said that his memory failed him; he also gave some puzzling replies. In answering a question about the incident that led to the loss of his gaming license in 1963, he firmly denied knowing that the late Sam Giancana, a Chicago mobster, had visited the Cal Neva Lodge in violation of state laws barring gangsters from casinos. But when asked if he had ever admitted knowing Mr. Giancana was there, he answered, ”I might have said almost anything; if I said it, I don’t believe I meant it because I never saw him.”. . . Whatever Mr. Sinatra’s relationships might have been with the underworld, no matter whether he had been treated unfairly by the press, as he claims, there appeared to be a desire at the hearing to reinstate him, if for no other reason than that he’s good for business. (43)

After Reid and his fellow gaming commissioners awarded Sinatra gaming rights regarding Caesars Palace, Caesars Palace donated at least $8,000 to Reid. (44)

Reid’s Ties to Mob Attorney Jay Brown

Jay Brown is a partner with Reid in a shady land deal that yielded $1.1 million for Reid, a transaction that he failed to report. Brown goes way back with the Mob mostly as one of the Mob’s main attorneys. Brown and his law firm have been counsel for numerous high profile mob cases. As the Washington Post reports:

Brown’s name has surfaced in federal investigations involving organized crime, casinos and political bribery since the 1980s.” (45); (46); (47)

Brown was also the attorney for a mob-controlled bar called the Crazy Horse and has close ties to the Bononno crime family.

Brown is also a huge donor to Reid, giving him or to his leadership fund close to $60,000. (48)

Reid has Four Sons who Work for a Law Firm that Defends Mobsters

All four of Reid’s sons have worked for Lionel Sawyer & Collins, a firm that also employs John Dawson, an expert in transferring assets offshore. It is believed that Dawson is involved with hiding the assets of convicted Mobster Rick Rizzolo, who was in trouble with the law for using his Crazy Horse bar to engage in illegal activities. Many people were beaten in this bar, some died, but those suing Rizzolo had a difficult time getting their money due to Rizzolo’s assets being hidden.

John Dawson’s brother Kent was appointed to the Federal Bench by Senator Reid. And Kent Dawson, as Judge, has a history of giving out lenient sentences to mob connected people. Both Kent and John Dawson are heavy donors to Harry Reid. (49); (50); (51)

The Reno managing partner of Lionel Sawyer & Collins is Frederick Whittemore, whose clients have included casino mogul Steve Wynn, identified in a Scotland Yard report as a front man for the Genovese Mob family and connected to some high profile drug dealers. (52)

Moreover, Rory Reid and Mob attorney Jay Brown both acquired stock in American Enterprises, a company that operates the Table Mountain Indian casino near Fresno, California and Brown became an agent for this company. A short time later, Brown and other officers of this company gave Reid campaign contributions. (53) Is it illegal for Harry Reid’s son to invest in the gaming business along with Mob lawyers and then used their connections to donate to Harry Reid? No, but it certainly raised the question of why so many mob-connected people want to keep Reid in power.

Reid was Investigated for Accepting Mob Bribes as Head of the Nevada Gaming Commission

While Reid was cleared of this charge, lots of questions remain. Federal authorities were unable to prove Reid was being bribed. However, the main evidence for this was a tape recorded conversation involving Kansas City Mobster Joe Agosto. Unknown to Agosto, the FBI was taping him:

“I’ve gotta Cleanface in my pocket.”

Cleanface was the codename Agosto gave Reid. At the time, Reid was chairman of the all powerful Nevada Gaming Commission.

But there was other evidence that Reid favored the Mob while serving as chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission. One of his first acts was to approve the sale of the Hacienda Hotel/Casino to an individual named Paul Lowden despite objections by the state’s Gaming Control Board having to do with “hidden associates” of Lowden’s. Lowden later gave $6,000 in campaign contributions to Reid. (54); (55)

Reid also led the Nevada Gaming Commission in approving a deal that allowed associates of Agosto to skim money from the Tropicana. What’s more, Reid also approved applicants for some projects proposed by the Del Webb Corporation, also known to be connected to mobsters Bugsy Siegel and Meyer Lansky. (56)

Indeed, Reid’s tenure on the Nevada gaming Commission appears to have involved approving quite a few projects for people with mob connections. Moreover, it was Jimmy Carter’s Justice Department which “cleared” Reid of the charge of accepting mob bribes.

This was a highly politicized department that was also unable to come up with any prosecutions in the Billygate, KoreaGate, ABSCAM, or BCCI scandals, despite massive evidence of corruption. (57)

It was Mob attorney and sometime Reid business partner, Jay Brown, who was accused of funneling casino money to Reid to influence his votes on the Gaming Commission. FBI informants had fingered Brown but when the grand jury questioned him, he took the fifth and refused to turn over the financial records for the Tropicana Casino, for whom he served as counsel. As a result of Brown’s obstructionism, the Justice Dept probe ended up going nowhere. For years after this, Brown was a heavy donor to Reid. (58); (59)

Essentially, Reid now has a political career and is able to claim he was never charged with bribery, all because the jury refused to believe an FBI information AND due to his buddy, Jay Brown, taking the fifth. No exactly a ringing endorsement of Reid’s honesty.

Reid has accepted money from many mob-connected people:

  • Morris Shenker, a mob attorney associated with the St. Louis Mafia, Meyer Lansky, Jimmy Hoffa and the Dunes Hotel. He funneled campaign money to Reid through his daughter Patty.
  • Moe Dalitz, associated with the Cleveland mob. He gave Reid $1,500.
  • Irwin Molasky & Merv Adelson. These were Dalitz partners in the Rancho La Costa development. Molasky has given at least $15,000 to Read and Adelson have given at least $40,000 to either Reid, his leadership committee or the DSCC which Reid controls.
  • Ed & Fred Doumani, associated with the Chicago Mob, gave at least $6,000 to Reid and the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee.
  • Kirk Kerkorian, former owner of Caesar’s Palace, has Mob ties and gave over $100, 000 to Reid or DSCC.
  • Steve Wynn, connected to the Genovese mafia family, gave Reid at least $19,000.
  • Sam & Edgar Bronfman. Sam was a bootlegging associate of Meyer Lansky. Edgar is his son. Both have made substantial contributions to Reid
  • Joseph Alioto. Alioto is a San Francisco politician related to Milwaukee Mafia boss John Alioto and was implicated in the Koreagate bribe scandal. He is his wife gave $5,000 to Reid. (60); (61)


1) Las Vegas Sun, 12/20/05

4) Associated Press, 2/9/06

5) Ibid

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11) Associated Press, 10/16/06, “Reid Used Campaign Money for Christmas Bonuses at Personal Condo.”

15) Associated Press, 10/11/06, “Democrat leader reaped $1.1 million from sale of land he didn’t own.”

19) This info is from the 2009 Pig Book, published by Citizens Against Government Waste

21) Ibid

22) Los Angeles Times, 11/13/06, “Will the Pork stop Here?”

23) See Department of Defense Appropriations bill, 2010, 9/10/2009

24) The Salt Lake Tribune, 10/13/09, “Reid rips LDS church’s Prop. 8 support.”

26) Sen. Harry Reid press conference, 4/3/07

27) Human Events, 4/20/07, “Harry Reid, Loser.”

28) Wall Street Journal, 8/18/09, “Harry Reid’s Evil Moment.”

29) CNS News, 8/13/09, “Rockefeller uses Health-Insurance Profits stats calculated by ACORN-backed group.”

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31) Face the Nation, 4/10/05

32) H.R. 3589, 7/18/83

43) Ibid.

44) Ibid.

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And you should read this…more at the site…


Harry Reid makes law to suit his greed…


My heads spinning….this despicable little man should’ve been in jail 50 yrs ago. After reading only a few articles about this creep (there’s soooo much out there) I feel dirty – gotta go shower. And he must be brought to justice and never again be permitted to attack a decent man like Mr Bundy. So many ranchers have lost their land because of this fiend…we can’t allow it to happen to the Bundy’s!

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Soviet Propaganda Posters Hanging In The WH Press Secretary’s Home

Hunter Walker – April 11, 2014

Washingtonian MOM magazine’s spring issue has a profile of White House Press Secretary Jay Carney’s wife, ABC News contributor Claire Shipman, that features a picture taken inside their home. In the background of the photo, you can see two framed Soviet-era propaganda posters.

One of Carney’s posters is a version of this iconic design by artist Dmitry Moor with a soldier pointing his finger alongside text that says “Have YOU Enlisted?” in Russian:

soviet poster

The other poster features a female factory worker. According to this eBay seller, who is offering one for $1,660, the poster was printed on June 26, 1941, days after Russia began fighting the Axis powers in World War II. It encourages women take jobs vacated by men who have gone to fight. The woman in the poster is switching out a tag with a man’s name to one with hers and the text says: “Women! Learn production, replace workers who went to the front! The stronger the hinterland – the stronger the front!”

soviet poster


Carney and Shipman have a lot of history with Russia. They met in Moscow in the 1990s while he was writing for Time and she worked for CNN. Carney did not respond to a request for comment from Business Insider Friday.

Breaking eggs & Soviet propaganda art ... Red Diaper Doper babies at the Claire Shipman/Jay Carney home photo 192117_5__zps79a86384.png

This is the picture in the magazine. Pictures can be seen in the background.

And this one’s in Obama’s bedroom. Well it could be… :)

Don’t forget their first WH Mao-Xmas tree decorated with mao.


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UPDATE: Missing Airline MH370 Underwater Mini-Sub Aborts First Search

4/15/15 | By Agencies

A mini-sub hunting for Malaysian jet MH370 aborted its first search of the remote Indian Ocean seabed after just six hours because the water was deeper than its operating limits, officials said Tuesday.

The unmanned submarine loaded with sonar to map the ocean floor deployed Monday night from the Australian ship Ocean Shield which has spearheaded the hunt for the Boeing 777 that vanished on March 8.

“After completing around six hours of its mission, Bluefin-21 exceeded its operating depth limit of 4,500 metres and its built in safety feature returned it to the surface,” JACC said, without detailing the exact depth of operations.

“The six hours of data gathered by the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle is currently being extracted and analysed,” JACC said.  The AUV had been due to spend up to 16 hours collecting data.

US Navy Captain Mark Matthews explained the vehicle had exceeded its programmed operational limit and automatically resurfaced.  “There’s certain abort criteria that the vehicle has as it’s executing its mission,” he told CNN from Perth.  “If there’s certain conditions that occur, it stops and it comes to the surface.

“In this case the vehicle’s programmed to fly 30 metres over the floor of the ocean to get a good mapping of what’s beneath.”  Charts put the depth at 4,200-4,400 metres, he said.

“It went to 4,500 metres and once it hit that max depth, it said this is deeper that I’m programmed to be, so it aborted the mission.”

Matthews, a search and recovery expert, said the crew would now refine the task to cope with the depth encountered.

“It happened in the very far corner of the area it’s searching. So they are just shifting the search box a little bit away from that deep water.”


Prayers up that they’re successful…

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Sheriff Mack – “Feds are preparing a raid on Bundy Home”

Published on Apr 14, 2014

Exclusive: Sources Inside The BLM and Las Vegas Metro Say Feds Are Planning A Raid On Bundy Home

Bunkerville, NEVADA, April 14, 2014– As reported yesterday, hundreds of federal agents are still at the Bundy Ranch and the area continues its status as a no-fly zone. Despite major media reports that the Nevada Bureau of Land Management is retreating, the remaining activity that still surrounds the ranch illustrates a different scenario.

Not only is the BLM not actually backing off of Cliven Bundy, Sheriff Richard Mack of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association has revealed stunning information: on Ben Swann’s radio program, Mack said that he has received intelligence from multiple, credible sources inside the BLM and the Las Vegas Metro that there is “no question” that the federal government is planning a raid on the Bundy home and the homes of their children who live on the property.

Read more:…

Sheriff Mack: “If they do that kind of raid, I don’t believe there’s any way that could happen without bloodshed,”


Bundy Ranch – Great Audio - brief, coherent, rational, intelligent, commonsense, and clarifying update. Well worth a listen!

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Sen. Harry Reid: Bundy Dispute ‘Not Over’

“We can’t have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it. So it’s not over”

Mikael Thalen
April 14, 2014

After remaining silent for days, Nevada Sen. Harry Reid made comments regarding the ongoing dispute between the Bureau of Land Management and rancher Cliven Bundy today, accusing the Bundy family of violating the law.

“Well, it’s not over. We can’t have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it. So it’s not over,” Reid told News 4.

Despite telling the Bundy family that a deal had been reached Saturday after federal agents were forced to retreat, the BLM reversed its promise Monday and told reporters that they planned to go after Bundy “administratively and judicially.”

“The door isn’t closed. We’ll figure out how to move forward with this,” BLM spokesman Craig Leff said. “The BLM and National Park Service did not cut any deal and negotiate anything, there was no deal we made.”

Unsurprisingly, reporters made no attempt to question Reid regarding his involvement after an Infowars report linked Reid to the attempted Bundy land grab.

The most read news story in the world Friday, Infowars reporter Kit Daniels revealed documents linking Reid and the BLM’s director, Reid’s former senior adviser, to a Chinese energy firm that has been working to remove Bundy from his home in order to install solar panel power stations.

“Non-Governmental Organizations have expressed concern that the regional mitigation strategy for the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone utilizes Gold Butte as the location for offsite mitigation for impacts from solar development, and that those restoration activities are not durable with the presence of trespass cattle,” one document states about Bundy’s cattle.

Harry Reid’s son, Rory Reid, has been the chief representative to the Chinese firm, which announced its plan to build a $5 billion solar plant on public Nevada land in 2012.

Despite multiple attempts by the BLM to regulate Bundy off the land his family has worked on for more than 140 years, in one instance claiming Bundy was harming an endangered tortoise that the agency itself was killing in mass, Bundy has continued to remain the last rancher in his area.

Although corporate media outlets are attempting to sway public opinion, Bundy supporters continue to arrive at the ranch to provide support. Regardless of the federal government’s next move, the BLM’s heavy handed response to the situation, which included snipers, assaults, a no-fly zone, a First Amendment Area and threats of death, has shattered their public image.

Fresh off the historic victory, which saw federal agents back down to Americans and return nearly 100 cattle, Bundy supporters remain on scene, awaiting the federal government’s next move. Source


BLM “Contractors” – We’re going to shoot you if you don’t move back.”

Who will be held responsible for the BLM threatening to shoot hundreds of Americans?

During the final standoff at the Bundy Ranch on Saturday, we had a hundred or more militarized government agents and snipers aiming military grade weapons at hundreds of innocent American citizens. And they were being ordered through a public address system to move away or they would be “SHOT!” Their crime? Standing in defense of a Nevada citizen who was being ruthlessly tormented by rogue federal agencies over a twenty year period.

The fact that the BLM seemed to be perfectly willing to slaughter innocent Americans using military grade weapons and tactics over “grazing fees” on public lands is a national disgrace. This is the work of a criminal government.

You might expect a communist or fascist regime to do this, not the American government. This agency is totally out of control and heads need to roll.

I’d suggest starting with Senator Reid’s Nevada henchman, his former aide Neil Kornze, who is now the chief of the BLM. Then a serious congressional investigation into Reid and his son’s involvement in this matter would be in order.

And if there’s any truth whatsoever in the reports that Reid and his son are involved with the Chicom government in trying to bring Chinese investments or Chinese solar operations to the Nevada desert, and Senator Reid is using his government power and or connections to the BLM to help move this along, they need to be charged and prosecuted.

Or if Senator Reid is using his power and connections in any way shape or form whatsoever to aid the BLM in its threatening actions against American citizens, he needs to be ejected from the U.S. Senate. Source


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Flashback: Sen. Reid Breaks Ground for Nevada Solar Farm Near Bundy Ranch

The senator’s plan for solar farms in Nevada wasn’t just limited to the shelved project near Laughlin

Kit Daniels
April 14, 2014

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), who was exposed last Friday as the mastermind behind the Bureau of Land Management’s persecution of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, can be seen in this March 2014 photo breaking ground for a new solar farm near the Bundy Ranch, emphasizing that the senator’s plan for solar projects in Nevada wasn’t just limited to the shelved solar farm near Laughlin.

Credit: First Solar Media press release via Business News

Signaling the first day of construction of the Moapa Southern Paiute Solar Project, which is about 35 miles from the Bundy homestead in Bunkerville, Nevada, Sen. Reid joined representatives from the Moapa Band of Paiutes, executives from First Solar, Inc. and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power for the groundbreaking ceremony on March 21.

“First Solar is thrilled to celebrate this important milestone with Sen. Reid and distinguished guests, and honored to work with the Moapa Band of Paiutes on this landmark project,” Jim Hughes, the CEO of First Solar, said at the time.

The development of solar farms just like this one is exactly why Sen. Reid was using the BLM, whose director is Reid’s former senior advisor, to push Bundy out of the Gold Butte area his family has worked for over 140 years.

As we revealed last Friday in an article that became the #1 news story in the world for 24 hours, the BLM specifically stated that it wanted Bundy and his cattle out of the area as part of the agency’s “regional mitigation strategy for the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone.”

The BLM attempted a cover-up by deleting documents exposing the plan from its web site, but fortunately contributors at the Free Republic were able to save them for posterity.

Others have attempted to whitewash the situation by suggesting that the solar farm development was only limited to the shelved 2012 deal between Sen. Reid and Chinese-owned ENN Energy Group in Laughlin, Nev., but by reading the BLM’s own documents it is quite obvious that this is not the case.

“The BLM’s current action builds on the Western Solar Energy Plan, a two-year planning effort conducted on behalf of the Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of Energy to expand domestic energy production and spur development of solar energy on public lands in six western states,” the BLM announced in a March 14 press release. “The Western Solar Energy Plan provides a blueprint for utility-scale solar energy permitting in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah by establishing Solar Energy Zones with access to existing or planned transmission, incentives for development within those Solar Energy Zones, and a process through which to consider additional Solar Energy Zones and solar projects.”

“The Regional Mitigation Strategy for the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone is the first of several pilot plans to be developed by the BLM,” the press release added.

In summary, the BLM, acting under Sen. Reid’s corrupt interests, wants Cliven Bundy out of the 600,000 acre Gold Butte area so the agency can use the land for future solar projects and de facto buffer zones surrounding the solar farms.

This is crony capitalism at its finest and Bundy’s supporters, who numbered in the thousands, knew it. Source

Why doesn’t Harry put some of these solar “farms” on his land in Searchlight?

And what’s going to happen to the Tortoises?


This is an except from a book about “Dirty” Harry…

Money, Mob & Influence In Harry Reid’s Nevada

Authored by Daxton Brown

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s connections to money, mob and influence in Nevada going back fifty years (fourth edition). Revelations from Reid’s first campaign manager and others paints a picture of a politician taking money on the side. Most shocking is the polygraph backed claim that Harry Reid took unreported donations from pimp Joe Conforte of the Mustang Ranch brothel in the years leading up to Reid’s time on the Nevada Gaming Commission. Conforte’s links to mob figures like Jimmy ‘the Weasel’ Fratianno and Johnny Simone mean the mob knew Reid was on the take. Also disturbing are accounts of Reid’s long friendship with a lawyer to many of the most notorious strip clubs in Las Vegas – some of whose owners just did jail time for bribery and were Reid’s political proteges. Oscar Goodman, Las Vegas Mayor and lawyer to the mob also enters the picture. Sweetheart treatment of land developers, the G-Sting scandal, fat cat campaign contributors and more taint the record of Senator Reid, one of the most powerful politicians in the U.S…




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Bundy Ranch False Flag?

Published on Apr 13, 2014

“I am putting this up WAY out of chronological order because of its importance. LVPD Sheriff Gillespie said that the BLM would pull out and release the cattle back to Mr. Bundy within an hour of his (Gillespie’s) speech to the crowd. It did not happen as he promised. Worse, an MRAP and a LVPD SWAT team were only one exit away. Why? After the discovery of the MRAP and the SWAT Team, Gillespie claimed they were to keep the peace. But if the cattle were released according to the promise of Gillespie, no need to “keep the peace” would have existed. Another conflicting aspect was the statement of his Deputy, Dep. Jenkins, who told Brand that the release of the cattle was “Not going to happen.”

Therefore, Brand and I conclude that a more sinister and deadly trap was being set to end the lives of many people, especially the BLM officers, and to use the massacre as an excuse to implement far more stringent and tyrannical controls over the American People. Gillespie sits on the board of the despicable Southern Poverty Law Center and the DHS. This was a highly sophisticated manipulation to kill as many as possible and blame it on the liberty/conservative movement.” youtube - gopdailydoseblog


Th video is a long-winded recording by two very exhausted but obviously sincere people, who felt their story important enough to be recorded. These militia guys were at Bundy Ranch all week, and they suspect this was a false flag set-up. They believe that feds sent in BLM “contractors”  to be slaughtered. This was cemented by the fact that they had heard conflicting remarks made by Sheriff Gillespie and his Deputy/ The Sheriff stated on camera that the Bundy’ were going to get their cattle back - yet later the Deputy told one of them that this wasn’t the plan. In the video they questioned the saftey factor of leaving the overpass open for through traffic and also the motivation at having a SWAT team and armored vehicles an exit away. One of them also saw fear in the eyes of the 20 BLM “contractors”  when they suddenly realized they were alone, boxed in on a river bed, with no immediate backup at hand. It was at this point apparently that the BLM “contractors” realized they were being setup and backed off leaving a lot of technical equipment and other vehicles behind.

Some questions I’ve seen at a couple of sites albeit abbreviated :

  • A SWAT team and an armored vehicle waiting one exit away?
  • Why didn’t BLM follow through with promise to release cattle?
  • Why didn’t they lay down their weapons?
  • Why were they waiting in the river bed arms drawn?
  • If they intended to fight, why was the SWAT team waiting off site instead of moving in to support BLM?
  • Why didn’t they shut down the freeway overpass if they were worried about a fight?
  • Why did they allow themselves to be surrounded and boxed in so easily?
  • Was this just a test to see what the militia could turn out?
  • The BLM were surrounded by 500 armed Militia – the Feds now know who they are – they need to be careful else
  • It’s on tape that the BLM “contractors” threatened to shoot the crowd if they came too close. Were they told to say that?
  • The guys in the video said the BLM “contractors” left behind generators, communication equipment, even vehicles in their haste to get the hell out of the river bed.
  • One of them also said “Those guys figured out at the last minute that they had been set up to be slaughtered.”
  • I thought the government forces had a much better tactical position and resources than they did; I thought the Bundy supporters were going to be a sacrifice.
  • Yes, one wonders why they just didn’t have a swat team come in and try and scoop up Bundy prior to the public fiasco they created.
  • Just wondering why the two guys in the video keep wondering if some of the BLM agents could have been foreign contractors
  • There was going to be dying on both sides but there is no doubt that the BLM was out numbered and out gunned. It would not have ended well for them.
  • Now this is definitely something to be considered. False flag within a false flag within an illegal taking by government under color of law.
  • They didn’t leave. They just pulled back for now and as soon as the crowd leaves they’ll go in and slaughter the Bundy family.
  • And many comments saying - you’re all nutcases…

Not shutting down the overpass flow of traffic was highly unusual, it’s the first thing a safety officer would do, in order to protect the people. But the most worrisome part of the confrontation was when I heard on the audio, a BLM “contractor” telling the people from a loudspeaker, that if the people (who had their weapons down) came any closer they were going to shoot – one might suspect this order came from the BLM leader at their command center. Despite the threat the people continued moving forward – weapons down. No shots were fired.

When they got to the barricade, listen to BLM spokeman at this video  speaking to Bundy’ son, he asked that Bundy and his son to go through the barricade to “talk” about the cattle. Was the plan to hold Bundy and his son and then call in the armored vehicles and backup who were positioned about 1/2 mile away?  The son, heard on the video, refused and insisted they leave. It was at this point perhaps that the BLM “contractors” realized they were set-up to be slaughtered by the BLM leaders. They were surrounded from all sides with no back-up, out-numbered, and out-gunned. Perhaps this was why the BLM “contractors” backed up and high-tailed it out of dodge leaving behind their hi-tech equipment, and vehicles.

It was certainly a tinder-box especially when they threatened to shoot. The opinions of the people recorded on the video could have been heightened due to their lack of sleep, which can leave anyone a bit paranoid, still wanted to post it for posterity. We’re all nutcases for giving it any credence? Perhaps! :) The fact remains these people were present at the Bundy Ranch. Another fact is that the Obama administration wants to eradicate the 2nd amendment and needs something big in order to grab the weaponry from the people. So anything critical that happens one is always on the alert for a false flag since it could lead to Martial Law!!!

PS: Forgot to mention the BLM leaders also shut down airspace above the ranch along with taking the cell towers out of service to prevent video uploads!

Note: I haven’t noticed the Marshall’s or the FBI around…laying low or trying to stay out of it…

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Oops! Obama ‘champion’ scrubbed from website

WND ^ | 04/14/2014 | Aaron Klein


Without any explanation, the White House has scrubbed from its website an amnesty advocate who was honored by President Obama but who was then indicted for immigration fraud.

Immigration attorney Bonnie M. Youn was picked by the White House as one of 11 Cesar Chavez “Champions of Change” activists who purportedly embody the spirit and legacy of Chavez, a labor leader and civil rights activist.

According to a Breitbart report, however, on April 1, Youn was indicted on three criminal counts related to harboring illegal aliens. The charges included perjury, harboring an illegal alien for commercial and private financial gain and tampering with the witness testimony of an illegal alien.

In touting her as one of Obama’s 11 “Champions of Change,” the White House website originally listed Youn as “a recognized Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) community leader in Georgia.”

Without any explanation or recognition of the alteration, however, the White House website quietly sliced the 11 “Champions of Change” to only 10 so-called champions.

“The White House honors 10 community leaders who embody the spirit of Cesar E. Chavez’s legacy,” reads the new text.

The online link for Youn’s bio now brings readers to a page that states: “UPDATE We’re updating the White House privacy policy, which will go into effect on April 18.”

Youn’s name, however, is still visible on the page as one of the “Champions of Change”

They can’t even manage a simple social event right…wish this was only the first time.  What a bunch of incompetent fools. And I believe Chavez was totally against illegals and amnesty for illegals.

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Judge Napolitano: Ranch Rebellion Was Americans’ “Line in the Sand”

Prayers up by ranchers prior to their confrontation with the BLM “contractors” yesterday.


Judge Napolitano: BLM feds should have been arrested for theft of private property

Paul Joseph Watson
April 14, 2014

Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared on Fox News to denounce the federal government’s operation against Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy, asserting that BLM agents should have been arrested for seizing his property and that the case represents a “line in the sand” for Americans who have had enough of big government tyranny.

Napolitano said the feds were forced to back down because they had suffered a public relations nightmare, pointing out that Bundy lost his case in a federal court but that the case should have been tried in a state court.

“The federal judiciary should not be deciding what land the federal government owns,” said Napolitano, adding that the feds should have placed a lien against Bundy’s property to collect grazing fees and not conducted a raid backed up by armed agents to seize his private property.

“The government’s option is to take the amount of money he owes them and docket it, that is file the lien on his property….the federal government could have done that, instead they wanted this show of force,” said Napolitano, adding, “They swooped in….with assault rifles aimed and ready and stole this guy’s property, they stole his cattle, they didn’t have the right to do that, that’s theft and they should have been arrested by state officials”.

Napolitano also chastised the BLM’s ludicrous creation of a ‘First Amendment Area’ outside of which free speech was banned. Protesters completely ignored the zone and it was quickly torn down by BLM officials after being widely derided in the media.

“They established something utterly repellant in America, a First Amendment Zone….the square was three miles away from where these events were going – this is the federal government emasculating the First Amendment rights of the protesters,” said the judge.

Napolitano characterized the resistance shown by Bundy supporters as a clear example of how Americans feel, “enough is enough with the federal government, we’re drawing a line in the sand right here – and it drew people from all around the country who basically said ‘quit your heavy handed theft of property and act like you’re a normal litigant and not God almighty’.”

As we reported on Saturday, around 380 cattle were eventually released by BLM agents who then left the scene after a confrontation with hundreds of Bundy supporters who refused to back down despite facing threats that they would be shot dead.

However, the BLM has still vowed to pursue Bundy legally for the $1 million dollar grazing rights fee they claim he owes. Bundy asserts the land in question has been in his family for generations and has said he will only pay the fee to Clark County and not the feds.


VIDEO: the Judge is speaking for millions of Americans. And from what I can gather the Corporate Media has hardly mentioned Harry Reid and his accomplices cronyism roles.

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Concerns that West African Ebola Virus May Have Spread to Morocco



Moroccan media outlets and prompted concerns over a probable outbreak of the West African Ebola virus in Morocco.

As a matter of fact, the sources alleged that the Moroccan authorities may have sent some West Saharan natives directly from Airport Mohammed V in Casablanca to the Moulay Youssef hospital after suspecting their contamination with the virus.

The Moroccan authorities denied this right away.

Mr.Abdelghani Drhimeur, Ministry of health’s spokesman, said that “no infection case with the Ebola virus has been detected, whether within Morocco or in any of its airports,” as relayed by

Prayers up that this is just a scare.

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VIDEO: Irish Priest’s Version of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’

Video of Father Ray Kelly’s version of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” was taped at a recent wedding in Ireland. The priest is from Oldcastle, Co. Meath, Ireland. He  told reporters that the couple had no idea what was going to happen. Father Kelly changed the lyrics to make the song more suitable. He’s made a few albums for local charities.


Oldcastle is the birthplace of St. Oliver Plunkett. The last Irish Catholic Martyr to die in England. The Plunkett family estate was stolen by the English after Cromwell’ and his “Model Army” slaughtered the indigent Irish. St. Oliver Plunkett was hanged, drawn & quartered in Tyburn, London in 1681 on false charges. That’s how “land grabs” happened in those days.

Hanged, Drawn, and Quartered: Convicts were fastened to a hurdle, or wooden panel, and drawn by horse to the place of execution, where they were hanged (almost to the point of death), emasculated, disembowelled, beheaded and quartered (chopped into four pieces). Their remains were often displayed in prominent places across the country, such as London Bridge.,_drawn_and_quartered

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NATO Wants More Military Spending? More than $990 billion?

Published on Apr 11, 2014 – Ben Swann

A lot of talk about the need for increased military spending by NATO countries in order to combat the threat of the Russians in Eastern Europe. What the media isn’t telling you… how much money NATO countries already spend on military compared to the Russians.


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VIDEO: Feds Forced to Surrender to American Citizens

Published on Apr 13, 2014

In an epic standoff that Infowars reporter David Knight described as being like “something out of a movie,” supporters of Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy advanced on a position held by BLM agents despite threats that they would be shot at, eventually forcing BLM feds to release 100 cattle that had been stolen from Bundy as part of a land grab dispute that threatened to escalate into a Waco-style confrontation.


It helps when the people are armed – there were also militia men and women on standby covering both sides and up on the bridge. A few days ago the federal government used tazers and attack dogs on unarmed men and women. This time the ranchers armed themselves, and the feds gave back the stolen cattle as they high-tailed it out of town. It also helped when Cronysim (government + big business = cronyism per Mussolini who should certainly know) was discovered – the BLM Director was once an aide to Sen. Harry Reid, that Harry Reid and his son Rory were in a crooked land deal with a Chinese billionaire. This was an abuse of power by an elected official and I’m looking forward to watching Harry Reid being put behind bars. This corrupt government, along with other corrupt governments around the world, are working for the Globalist Mafia while we’re being ignored and robbed blind by these Internationalists. They must be stopped! Throwing Harry Reid in prison would be a good start at cleaning house.


I posted this within a blog yesterday but it deserves a blog of it’s own. Enjoy!


Thusfar on youtube - likes = Like Dislikedislikes = 49

BTW, why does the Gov need heavily armed forces in riot gear and shields to collect cattle?

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Harry Reid: Ranch Showdown Blows Lid off Long-Standing Plans With the Chinese

Reid smelling anything but rosy in ranch fight – By Jerome R. Corsi

April 13, 2014


NEW YORK – When Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy refused to take his cattle off land the federal government demanded for the habitat of an endangered desert tortoise, it focused the nation’s attention on an arena Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., may have preferred to be kept quiet.

An investigative report published last week by drew a connection between Senate Majority Leader Reid’s involvement with Chinese energy giant ENN, Chinese efforts to build massive solar facilities in the Nevada desert and the showdown between Bundy and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, or BLM.

It wasn’t the first report to notice curious dealings involving the Chinese and America’s top Democrats.

Harry Reid’s last roundup: Exclusive: Joseph Farah exposes China deal possibly driving fed action against rancher

On Jan. 20, 2013, WND warned Chinese government-backed economists were proposing a plan to allow Chinese corporations to set up “development zones” in the United States as part of a plan proposed by the Chinese government to convert into equity the more than $1 trillion in U.S. Treasury debt owned by the Chinese government.

The next day, Jan. 21, 2013, WND documented the Obama administration had begun to allow China to acquire major ownership interests in oil and natural gas resources across the USA.

China grabs oil interests in USA

The first major intrusion of China in the U.S. oil and natural gas market can be traced to the Obama administration decision in October 2009 to allow state-owned Chinese energy giant China Offshore Oil Corporation, or CNOOC, to purchase a multi-million dollar stake in 600,000 acres of South Texas oil and gas fields.

By allowing China to have equity interests in U.S. oil and natural gas production, the Obama administration reversed a policy of the Bush administration that in 2005 blocked China on grounds of national security concerns from a $18.4-billion dollar deal in which China planned to purchase California-based Unocal Corp.

China’s two, giant, state-owned oil companies acquiring oil and natural gas interests in the USA are CNOOC, 100-percent owned by the government of the People’s Republic of China, and Sinopec Group, the largest shareholder of Sinopac Corporation, an investment company owned by the government of the People’s Republic of China, incorporated in China in 1998, largely to acquire and operate oil and natural gas interests worldwide.

On March 6, 2012, the Wall Street Journal compiled a state-by-state list of the $17 billion in oil and natural gas equity interests CNOOC and Sinopec have acquired in the United States since 2010.

  • Colorado: CNOOC gained a one-third stake in 800,000 acres in northeast Colorado and southwest Wyoming in a $1.27-billion pact with Chesapeake Energy Corporation.
  • Louisiana: Sinopec has a one-third interest in 265,000 acres in the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale after a broader $2.5-billion deal with Devon Energy.
  • Michigan: Sinopec gained a one-third interest in 350,000 acres in a larger $2.5-billion deal with Devon Energy.
  • Ohio: Sinopec acquired a one-third interest in Devon Energy’s 235,000 Utica Shale acres in a larger $2.5-billion deal.
  • Oklahoma: Sinopec has a one-third interest in 215,000 acres in a broader $2.5-billion deal with Devon Energy.
  • Texas: CNOOC acquired a one-third interest in Chesapeake Energy’s 600,000 acres in the Eagle Ford Shale in a $2.16-billion deal.
  • Wyoming: CNOOC has a one-third stake in northeast Colorado and southeast Wyoming after a $1.27-billion pact with Chesapeake Energy. Sinopec gained a one-third interest in Devon Energy’s 320,000 acres as part of a larger $2.5-billion deal.

On March 6, 2012, in a separate story, the Wall Street Journal described that China’s strategy implemented since 2010 by Fu Chengyu, who has served as chairman of both CNOOC and Sinopec, involved the following components: “Seek minority states, play a passive role, and, in a nod to U.S. regulators, keep Chinese personnel at arm’s length from advanced U.S. technology.”

Harry Reid and Chinese solar investments in Nevada

On April 3, 3012, Bloomberg reported Chinese billionaire Wang Yusuo, one of China’s richest citizens and the founder of Chinese energy giant ENN Group, had teamed up with Senate Majority Leader Reid to win incentives including land 113 miles southeast of Las Vegas that ENN sought to buy for $4.5 million, less than one-eighth of the land’s $38.6 million assessed value.

Bloomberg reported ENN intended to create solar energy farms on the Nevada land, despite the nearly 50 percent plunge in solar panel prices globally in the previous 15 months that led to the bankruptcy of solar equipment maker Solyndra LLC, which had received approximately $535 million in U.S. government loan guarantees.

Bloomberg further documented ENN had contributed $40,650 individually and through its political action committee to Sen. Reid over the previous three election cycles.

Subsequently, on Sept. 4, 2012, reported lawyer Rory Reid, the son of Sen. Reid, had been appointed the primary representative for ENN Energy Group, fronting the bid by the Chinese company to build a $5-billion solar panel plant on a 9,000-acre Clark County desert plot in Laughton, Nevada.

A Reuters report published on Aug. 31, 2012, documented that Reid was recruited by ENN during a 2011 trip he took to China with nine other U.S. senators, supposedly to invite Chinese investment in the United States.

The Senate group accompanying Reid on his 2011 trip to China included six other Democrats and three Republicans: Richard Shelby, R-Ala.; Barbara Boxer, D-Calif.; Dick Durbin, D-Ill.; Mike Enzi, R-Wyo.; Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.; Frank Lautenberg, D-N.J.; Johnny Isakson, R-Ga.; Jeff Merkley, D-Ore.; and Michael Bennet, D-Colo.

“A tortoise isn’t the reason why BLM is harassing a 67-year-old rancher,” blogger Dana Loesch wrote last week. “They want his land.”

Loesch pointed out that Reid has been accused by ranchers in Nevada of using the BLM to control Nevada land, over 84 percent of which is already owned by the federal government, and to pay back special interests, including his top donor, Harry Whittemore, who first urged Reid to have the habitat of the desert tortoise moved before he was convicted of violating federal election laws by illegally funneling $150,000 to Reid’s 2007 reelection campaign.

Confirmed by a 71-28 Senate vote on April 9, BLM chief Neil Kornze served as a former senior adviser to Reid before he joined BLM in 2011, serving for the past year as the agency’s principal deputy director, according to a CBS local television news report broadcast in Carson City, Nevada.

In 2012, BLM and the U.S. Department of Energy published a “Final Pragmatic Environmental Impact Statement (PEIS) for Solar Energy Development in Six Southwestern States” that charged established the basis for allowing the endangered desert tortoise to migrate habitats, paving the way to put solar energy development projects on acreage that includes public land at dispute in the Bundy standoff over grazing rights.

Loesch’s analysis of the BLM’s actions was echoed at the Moapa Valley Town board meeting last Wednesday when one of the local citizens rose to give a stirring defense of Cliven Bundy and issue a warning to the BLM.

“They can throw an army of men around there … with sniper rifles on people just like you are, men, women and children … out there, who believe they have a right to be there,” he said.

“Maybe you believe in some other place that you believe you can be. Someday they’re gonna throw that army of men around you. And then somehow they feel like they got the right … they can drop a damn tripod in the ground and set a sniper rifle on it, so if you cross a line, they can put a bullet in you. Who the hell is the man behind that trigger? I wanna know … which one of you guys gives that guy the authority to throw that rifle down? And when he does, which one of us is he going to shoot?”

“Good God, didn’t he grow up in this country? Are we gonna give it up? This is a helluva lot bigger than Clive Bundy.”

The audience erupted in applause as the man concluded his speech.

“And when Clive decides to go back in there after his cows, and they’ve got orders to shoot anyone who goes in there, I’m gonna be with him.”

Someone in the crowd piped up, “Carrying a gun I hope.”

“No, no,” he said, “because them son of a bitches will fire the next shot heard around the world … and we will fire the rest!”

The full speech can be viewed, below.

Earlier today, BLM announced it was terminating it’s operation at the Bunday ranch and would withdraw.


Does the Director of the BLM, who just happens to be a former aide to Harry Reid, and the lawyer involved who coincidentally is his son, believe that the Chinese would be better caretakers of the Tortoises than the cattle rancher? Until the BLM reduced the amount of cattle permitted on the Bundy Ranch there were hundreds of them since tortoises feed off of cattle waste.

And does the BLM director, Reids previous aide, really believe that a billionaire from China is interested in a Green Company since so many of them are bankrupt, not only here, but his own country in China? Reid aligned with Crony Capitalism? Mussolini would say yes, and who better to tell us.







Obama’s Bankrupted Green Companies in the USA: ( * Denotes companies that have filed for bankruptcy.)

  • Evergreen Solar ($24 million)*
  • SpectraWatt ($500,000)*
  • Solyndra ($535 million)*
  • Beacon Power ($69 million)*
  • AES’s subsidiary Eastern Energy ($17.1 million)
  • Nevada Geothermal ($98.5 million)
  • SunPower ($1.5 billion)
  • First Solar ($1.46 billion)
  • Babcock and Brown ($178 million)
  • EnerDel’s subsidiary Ener1 ($118.5 million)*
  • Amonix ($5.9 million)
  • National Renewable Energy Lab ($200 million)
  • Fisker Automotive ($528 million)
  • Abound Solar ($374 million)*
  • A123 Systems ($279 million)*
  • Willard and Kelsey Solar Group ($6 million)
  • Johnson Controls ($299 million)
  • Schneider Electric ($86 million)
  • Brightsource ($1.6 billion)
  • ECOtality ($126.2 million)
  • Raser Technologies ($33 million)*
  • Energy Conversion Devices ($13.3 million)*
  • Mountain Plaza, Inc. ($2 million)*
  • Olsen’s Crop Service and Olsen’s Mills Acquisition Company ($10 million)*
  • Range Fuels ($80 million)*
  • Thompson River Power ($6.4 million)*
  • Stirling Energy Systems ($7 million)*
  • LSP Energy ($2.1 billion)*
  • UniSolar ($100 million)*
  • Azure Dynamics ($120 million)*
  • GreenVolts ($500,000)
  • Vestas ($50 million)
  • LG Chem’s subsidiary Compact Power ($150 million)
  • Nordic Windpower ($16 million)*
  • Navistar ($10 million)
  • Satcon ($3 million)*

It is no secret that President Obama’s and green energy supporters’ (from both parties) foray into venture capitalism has not gone well. But the extent of its failure has been largely ignored by the press. Sure, single instances garner attention as they happen, but they ignore past failures in order to make it seem like a rare case. The government’s picking winners and losers in the energy market has cost taxpayers billions of dollars, and the rate of failure, cronyism, and corruption at the companies receiving the subsidies is substantial. Source

These elected officials can wait until they’re private citizens and venture all they want with their own money. Though one doesn’t see too many of them doing it rather they go to work for huge companies (they’ve “helped” while they were gov. officials) where they don’t have to venture while enjoying a huge salary.

There should be a legislation that none of them can garner these crony jobs until two years after they leave office. Enough already!


Perhaps this is the real reason…

Quick facts about mining plans on BLM land in The United States.

  • Acres of U.S. public land (BLM land only) under mining plans and notices, estimated: 36,560 <!–

    • Gold extracted from top 10 mines in U.S., 2002: $2.3 Billion ( 2.6 billion ounces)


    • Royalties paid for precious metals and minerals mined and sold: $0


• Foreign-owned corporations among top BLM land mine operators: 5 of 10<!–

• Countries outside U.S. that headquarter the top 10 operators: Mexico, Canada and England


• Pollution from all US mining operations, ranking among all U.S. industries: : #1 in total toxic releases

• Pollution from top 89 mines in US: 5 times pollution from entire U.S. chemical industry (3,600 plants)

• Western water polluted by mine waste: 40 percent of Western headwaters

• Proposed mining operations that have been blocked by the Department of Interior because they posed a risk to public health or the environment: None

• Other land uses that supercede rights of mining companies to operate on public lands: None source


The EPA and their imposed strict, near impossible regulations, and their armed wing the BLM appear to concentrate on cattle ranchers, farmers, coal-miners who financially can’t meet their stringent standards therefore are driven out…whereas they close a blind eye to rich Mining Companies who give lucrative paybacks. Mining companies pay about $2.50-5 dollars an acre with no royalities to the gov. It’s just a thought thereagain was thinking it was for fracking a couple of days ago. Bottomline: There were 54 cattle ranches in this area a short while back and today there’s one left – the Bundy ranch.

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Agenda 21: Land Grab in Florida State and Beyond

by Alex Newman, Gary R. Schor
Sections: World, Local, Property
From: Volume 2, Issue 2

OCALA – A decades-old scheme to eliminate private ownership of land has been working quietly to snatch up thousands of acres in North-Central Florida and across the nation under the guise of environmental protection. The plan, formally known as “Agenda 21,” was originally outlined in a 1976 United Nations report called ‘Habitat I.’

United States and Florida law enshrine the protection of life, liberty, and property, but the U.N. condemns private property and goes on to state that “public control of land use” is “indispensable.” Private land ownership, according to Habitat I, contributes to “social injustice.”

The two ideologies are irreconcilable, but Agenda 21 marches on with the support of the U.S. government and even state and local governments.

Figure 2. Linkages between the IUCN, Sustainable Development, UN Agenda 21 and supporting agencies, from Coffman’s “The Greening of America” Source

Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts on the environment,” the U.N. Department of Economic and Social Affairs explains on its Web site.

In the final agreement after the U.N. Conference on Environment and Development, section H encouraged countries to “pursue these principles at the appropriate level of government,” recognizing that in countries like the U.S., the power is supposed to be divided among different levels of government.

So, the ‘Commission on Sustainable Development’ was created in 1992 to “ensure effective follow-up” of the U.N. “conservation” treaties and “to monitor and report on implementation of the agreements at the local, national, regional and international levels.”

According to the Department of Interior, the federal government alone owns almost 30 percent of the land in the U.S.

“The principles embodied in Agenda 21 present a framework for environmental action that should be pursued at all levels of society–in our schools, local communities, governments, and in our lifestyles,” said Rep. NANCY PELOSI before urging fellow representatives to co-sponsor the implementation of Agenda 21 in America.

The law she was pushing, HR-353, called for “national and international actions to integrate environment and development, negotiated and adopted by the United States and 177 other countries” and the U.S. “participating in a high-level U.N. Sustainable Development Commission.” It states in section B: “The United States Government should encourage and facilitate, at all levels of community and sectors of society, appropriate means for adopting individual Agenda 21 plans of action, including the establishment of local, county, State, business, and other boards and commissions for achieving sustainable development. Each member of the Congress should help initiate this process within their States or districts.”

The law passed in 1992.

Land in Alachua County shown in black has already been acquired while the gray areas have been ‘nominated.’ Programs like ‘Alachua County Forever’ and ‘Florida Forever’ were outlined in U.N. documents as part of ‘Agenda 21’, a global plan to put land under ‘public control.



Florida’s government has already acquired almost 6 million acres “that are managed for natural resource protection,” according to James A. Farr, the environmental supervisor at the Florida Division of State Lands. When combined with local and federal government holdings, almost 30 percent of Florida is strictly “conservation land.”

In an article titled ‘Florida’s Landmark Programs for Conservation and Recreation Land Acquisition,’ Farr also discusses the establishment of “land acquisition programs” by local governments.


 “We were often criticized, perhaps fairly, for purchasing more land than we were able to manage,” wrote Farr, his department’s chief, Greg Brock, and Presidential candidate MIKE HUCKABEE in the report they collaborated on.

Critics point to government mismanagement of land as one of the many reasons why it is better left in the hands of private owners with a vested interest in the property. One example commonly cited in Florida is the federal government’s waste of billions of dollars in an attempt to “drain” the everglades, then having to spend billions more to attempt restoration.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection boasts on its Web site of a new program to transfer control of land from the people to the government using the people’s tax money: the ‘Florida Forever Program.’

It will replace the “highly successful,” three-billion dollar “Preservation 2000 Program” which acquired almost two million acres over its 10 years.

“This new program is more than just an environmental land acquisition mechanism,” it says before assuring readers that eminent domain will not be used in “most circumstances.”

This is just one of Florida’s many programs or departments busily buying up land across the state.

In Alachua County, where the City of Gainesville flies a U.N. flag at city hall to celebrate U.N. day every year, and where the Sheriff is the chair of one of the local U.N. ceremonies, a land buying program similar to Florida Forever was approved in 2000.

It will manage over 5,000 acres of land and was involved in acquiring over 10,000. The ‘Alachua County Forever’ used a property-tax hike to raise $29 million which will fund the purchases, management and “improvement” of “environmentally significant lands.”

In Marion County, more and more land is also coming off the tax rolls and entering the realm of what propagandists call “public-private partnerships,” a union between big government and corporate interests that Mussolini appropriately named “corporatism.”



One of the immediate problems is that when this land is taken off the tax rolls, the burden is shifted by default to other home and business owners. Just last year the state government took ownership of more than 1,700 acres in Marion County, the second and final phase of a purchase near Silver Spring of almost 5,000 acres.

The move is part of a partnership between Marion County and The Nature Conservancy, an environmentalist group funded by wealthy foundations and government grants that buys up land for “conservation” or to sell to a government, often times for a lot more than it paid. It is supposedly to “protect the water quality” of Silver Springs – this in addition to land “owned” by the Greenways projects, Bureau of Land Management, Fish and Wildlife Service, national forests, state parks, and associated preserves.

Private property is also under attack with outrageous fees, regulations, and fines – like those proposed in Marion County last year under the guise of “springs protection,” say property rights activists.


The Fourth Amendment to The Bill of Rights protects Americans against unreasonable searches and seizures, yet lobbyists are hard at work to give the government the power to walk on to private property and demand that residents prove that they are in compliance with laws that many legal experts say are unconstitutional and ridiculous to begin with.


Though most don’t realize it, very few states even allow property to be owned in allodial title anymore. Texas and Nevada are among the holdouts, and the few that do posses an allodial title there are among the last true land owners in the world.

In Florida, tenants may own an interest or estate in land, subject to property taxes, zoning bureaucracies, and more. If an owner of what Florida statutes call “real property” or “real estate” can’t afford the taxes, the land can be sold to pay them.

Two or more individuals who “own” their property in Florida are known as “tenants in common.”


Throughout most of history, land available for true ownership by the common man has been rare, with property rights being reserved mostly for kings and nobles who could then charge the people rent.

America was founded on the principle that individuals have a right to own property, the fruits of their labor. But, at few times since Americans secured the right has it been more endangered than it is today, property rights activists say.

Most don’t openly advocate the destruction of private property rights or a return to the systems of the past that kept the bulk of the human population as penniless slaves and serfs. That doesn’t mean it isn’t being discussed behind closed doors.



 Corporate Feudalism
Images going left to right from the top:

King Henry VIII / Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke

Lord Chamberlain 6th Earl of Dorset / JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon

Archbishop of York Lancelot Blackburne / Chamber of Commerce CEO Tom Donohue

Chief Minister Thomas Cromwell / President Obama

Christopher Columbus / Fmr. Sec. of State Condoleeza Rice

Adm. Horatio Nelson / Surgeon & CNN Correspondent Sanjay Gupta

Monty Python (Life of Brian) / Characters from The Simpsons

Update: One mistake in the attribution of the images. The Monty Python pic is from Holy Grail, not Life of Brian.


Neo-Feudalism – those who are permitted to live will be corraled into cities to live in a 300 sq ft Apt. working for minimum wage at the mercy of your overlord. MC.

“Feudalism is coming back in a different guise,” said John McClaughry, a property rights advocate and retired State Senator…

“A growing body of legal theorists, allied with activist organizations and congenial political leaders, has been working very hard to replace the long-cherished concept of freehold property and land with the old feudal concept of social property. The essence of that theory is the contention that property and land cannot be owned by anyone.”

The land we live upon and the homes we reside in are much more than lines on a map, said a Marion County property rights activist concerned about Agenda 21.

“Property is the foundation of a free society, and the sacred heritage of any people who would dare lay claim to the right of liberty,” he said.

Even local governments are participating in these violations of property rights, said the activist who asked not to be named, so “let this be your siren warning.” “Environmentalism, with all of its ‘newspeak’ code words, is just the means by which our new feudal lords are selling us on the idea that private property is detrimental to society,” he explained.

The land use management concepts, according to the activist, come from a “pseudo-science” known as “conservation biology.”

“They use masterful public relations techniques,” he explained before going on to cite some examples.

“The Wildlands Project” has a nice sound, but it calls for the elimination of human presence on over 50% of the American landscape and heavily controlled activity on most of the rest. “Smart Growth” calls for dense human settlements subject to increasing controls on how we live and increasing restriction on our mobility.

The most damning evidence against this movement to people who support the right to own property comes right from the pages of its own founding documents.

The “Habitat I” report that provided the blueprint for Agenda 21 openly states:

“Private land ownership is also a principle instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth and therefore contributes to social injustice. Public control of land use is therefore indispensable.”

Property owners can only wonder, indispensable for whom?

“Since public property is a collectivist fiction, since the public as a whole can neither use nor dispose of its property, that property will always be taken over by some political elite, by a small clique which will then rule the public – a public of literal, dispossessed proletarians,” wrote Ayn Rand, a famous author renown for her fierce defense of capitalism and property rights.

In California, another state where these plans are relatively advanced, there are already laws on the books which call for the “decommissioning” of roads, homes, and businesses. This would mean the literal abolition of the communities that exist there. Roads, homes, schools, businesses, and churches will be “decommissioned,” all in the name of the environment.

And what of the idea that we must sacrifice private property rights for the benefit of the environment? That argument doesn’t stand up to even the most casual analysis, say defenders of property rights.

China and Russia, two countries that have rejected the notion of private property for generations, are environmental disasters. Seventy percent of China’s rivers are contaminated. In Dzerzhinsk, Russia, a former Cold War-era center for making chemical weapons, the average life expectancy is 42 for men and 47 for women.

With no private entity or stakeholder to protect and value the land and natural resources, the state has had the freedom to do as “it” saw fit. Private property is not only desirable for economic reasons, say virtually all economists, it is the only means by which to ensure that the environment is protected. Polluted land is of no value to its owner, and a polluter is liable for polluting his neighbors land.

“It is important that every American citizen recognize the goal of this plan for what it is; a return to the ideas that ruled humanity throughout the dark ages and the system where men and women toiled on their land only at the permission of the aristocratic ruling elite,” said the knowledgeable activist and property owner from Marion County.

The founders understood the concept of inalienable individual rights, rights that necessitate the ability to own property, rights that are derived from our Creator and are above the reach of government. They wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution to secure and protect those rights.

The Statue of Liberty, Independence Hall and Thomas Jefferson’s home, Monticello, are all proud reminders of America’s heritage of freedom. Now, they’re also all considered official U.N. ‘World Heritage Sites.’

“Neither Congress, nor any state legislature, has ever voted to approve any of the 47 U.N. Biosphere Reserves in the United States. The management policy for millions of acres covered by these reserves is crafted by international committees of bureaucrats, none of whom is elected,” said Henry Lamb,the executive vice president of the Environmental Conservation Organization and the chairman of Sovereignty International.

“To comply with ‘international obligations,’ the United States conforms its management policy and in some cases its law to accommodate the wishes of bureaucrats that are completely unknown to the people who are governed by the policies.”

The U.N.’s “declaration of human rights” states in article 29 that: “These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.”

Also, officials at the U.N.’s Commission on Global Governance “strongly endorse community initiatives to encourage the disarming of civilians,” according to their report, ‘Our Global Neighborhood.’ The Liberty Sentinel did an extensive report on the matter in Issue II of Volume I, including an interview with the C.E.O. of the National Rifle Association, Wayne LaPierre, and a headline story about the U.N. flag flying at city hall. Both are available online.


A few other examples of Land Grabs:

.Land grab in New Mexico…

Land grab in Utah…

Land grabs in Florida…

Land grab protests in Nebraska and South Dakota…

Land grabbers in congress…

Land grab in Montana…

Land grabs of Obama Admin http://www.propertyrightsallia…

Land grab in Texas…

Land grab in Wyoming (in court now)…


Don’t forgetOperation American Spring – May 16, 2014


Agenda 21: The Green Agenda: Club of Rome – Club of Budapest – Club of Madrid

Oklahoma House votes to nullify Agenda 21, 66-26

Australia To The UN: No More “Socialism Masquerading As Environmentalism” (Agenda 21)

AUDIO: 200 Cowboys on Horseback Attempting to Seize Back Cattle Stolen by the Rustlers/Feds

BLM Backs Down: Sen. Reid-Big Chinese Energy Land Grab Vs Bundy Family Ranch

FAA Designates Bundy Ranch a No-Fly Zone

Breaking: Sen. Harry Reid Behind BLM Land Grab of Bundy

If the Feds Take Your Cattle and Property, YOU Become

Clarke Co. Commissioner Threatens Ranchers: “Better

Range War – Nevada Cattle Rancher Standoff

Clarke Co. Commissioner Threatens Ranchers: “Better Have Funeral Plans” – “inbred bastards” – said we should “turn our asses around on mind our own f-ing business”

Life inside the densest place on earth: Remembering Kowloon Walled City (agenda 21)

Bottomline: It’s not about the turtles or polar bears, global warming, environment, greening of a country, conservation of the land or whatever…the plan is a lot more diabolical.

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New HHS Secretary’ – first campaign at age 7 stumping for pro-abortion Sen. Jay Rockefeller

by Ben Johnson Fri Apr 11, 2014 15:53 EST

WASHINGTON, D.C., April 11, 2014 ( – The woman who will oversee the Obama administration’s implementation of the HHS mandate, requiring employers to give “free” contraception to all American women, spent a decade leading the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s population control efforts in the Third World.

President Obama has named Sylvia Mathews Burwell to succeed Kathleen Sebelius as secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Sylvia Mathews Burwell

Burwell served the Gates Foundation in a variety of capacities from 2001 until December 2011, including executive vice president, chief operating officer (COO), and president of its Global Development Program.

Its Global Development Program coordinates the Microsoft billionaires’ “family planning” efforts around the world, much of it funding Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion “philanthropies.”

Between 1998 and 2012, the Gates Foundation gave:

During Burwell’s tenure the Gates Foundation became a corporate partner of Pathfinder International, which “believes access to abortion services is not only a public health imperative, it is also every woman’s right,” according to its website. Its population reduction efforts are concentrated exclusively in the Global South.

In 2010, the Gates Foundation pledged $1.5 billion over five years to improving “maternal health,” much of it dedicated to “family planning.” Steven Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute, told LifeSiteNews at the time the program was “clearly a push for population control.”

In July 2012, Gates raised $2.6 billion for population control measures at a London-based summit, offering more than half-a-billion of the foundation’s own dollars. Gates insists her agenda “is not abortion. It is not population control.”

But she says promoting “family planning” is “my life’s work.”

For a decade, it was Burwell’s life’s work, as well. When she left the foundation in 2011 after being passed over to become CEO, Bill Gates said the future HHS nominee “put our global development work on a path to success, and we look forward to building on it.” Melinda Gates said Burwell’s “dedication to the world’s most vulnerable will be her lasting legacy at the foundation.”

Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan also saluted her accomplishments.

The 48-year-old Burwell has amassed a resume heavy on experience in the most elite centers of power in government and the non-profit sector.

Hailing from Hinton, West Virginia, the granddaughter of Greek immigrants served on her first campaign at age seven, stumping for pro-abortion Sen. Jay Rockefeller. She graduated from Harvard and became a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford.

She sits on the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)’s board of directors and is a member of the Trilateral Commission and the Aspen Strategy Group.

She worked as an aide to Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis before serving on his 1988 presidential campaign.

She served on President Clinton’s transition team in 1992, ultimately holding some post for all eight years of the Clinton administration. Although she worked in an economic capacity, she rose to become deputy chief of staff to the president alongside John Podesta.

After spending a decade with the Gates Foundation, she became president of the Walmart Foundation in January 2012.

Last February she was named to the President’s Global Development Council, which Obama established by executive order in 2012.

Finally, President Obama named her director of White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in March 2013.

Her appointment to lead HHS comes just as the Obama administration’s CDC issued a new report suggesting Medicaid pay for underage girls to get abortifacient contraceptives without their parents’ knowledge or consent.


Billionaires for Population Control: Bill Gates, Sr. (2nd from left), co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and father of the Microsoft founder, is pictured next to Ted Turner, George Soros and David Rockefeller who've all heavily donated to depopulation efforts.

Billionaires for Population Control: Bill Gates, Sr. (2nd from left), co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and father of the Microsoft founder, is pictured next to Ted Turner, George Soros and David Rockefeller who’ve all heavily donated to depopulation efforts.


Pro-abortionists and overpopulation believers – Bill Gates and Melinda Gates along with Kofi Annan think she’s going to be just dandy. If she’s so great why didn’t he give her the CEO job at his foundation in 2011?

Stumping for a Rockefeller certainly didn’t do her any harm. A Rhodes scholar…hmmm


Also see:

Sebelius Replacement-Sylvia Burwell: Bill Gates Vaccines, Common Core, GMOs in Africa



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Every Senator Probing Time Warner Cable Merger Took Comcast PAC Cash

Douglas Ernst – April 12, 2014

Money talks — or at least Comcast hopes it does. The Senate Judiciary Committee held its first congressional hearing on the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger Thursday, and every single member of the committee has taken money from Comcast PAC — even Democratic senator Al Franken of Minnesota, who is generally considered to be anti-Comcast.

Out of 18 committee members, 10 Democrats and eight Republicans, 17 got money from Comcast’s federal PAC, according to the database at, technology website Ars Technicareported.

Control! There’s so much that needs to be changed back - prior to the corporatists ever growing gigantic footprints and corruption within the government.

Ars Technica then confirmed with Mr. Franken’s spokespeople that he did accept $5,000 in Comcast PAC cash in 2009 for his recount fund, since did not have that donation listed.

The full list of Senate Judiciary Committee members and cash they’ve accepted from Comcast PAC donations are:

Comcast PAC donations to Democrats:

• Chuck Schumer, New York: $35,000

• Patrick Leahy, Vermont, Chairman: $32,500

• Sheldon Whitehouse, Rhode Island: $26,500

• Chris Coons, Delaware: $25,000

• Dick Durbin, Illinois: $23,000

• Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota: $22,500

• Dianne Feinstein, California: $18,500

• Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut: $11,500

• Mazie Hirono, Hawaii: $5,000

Al Franken, Minnesota: $5,000 (2009 recount fund)

Comcast PAC donations to Republicans:

• Orrin Hatch, Utah: $30,000

• Chuck Grassley, Iowa, Ranking Member: $28,500

• John Cornyn, Texas: $21,000

• Lindsey Graham, South Carolina: $13,500

• Jeff Sessions, Alabama: $10,000

• Mike Lee, Utah: $8,500

• Ted Cruz, Texas: $2,500

• Jeff Flake, Arizona: $1,000

In Sen. Franken’s case, the recount money might not have been well spent.

“There’s no doubt that Comcast is a huge, influential corporation, and I understand that there are over 100 lobbyists making the case for this deal to members of Congress and our staffs,” Mr. Franken said on Thursday, Ars Technica reported. “But I’ve also heard from over 100,000 consumers who oppose this deal, and I think their voices need to be heard, too.”

Ultimately, it will be the FCC that either allows the merger to go through or not, but Comcast PAC knows that the senators wield tremendous clout.

“Congressional reaction will tend to influence how the agencies react,” wrote Harold Feld, seniors VP of consumer advocacy group Public Knowledge, Ars Technica reported.

Washington Times


Sounds like another well-invested “investigatory” panel – golly gee, wonder who they’ll favor?! And what contacts does Comcast have inside the FCC one might wonder…

We have the best politicians money can buy! USA Inc.


“This is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people no longer. It is a government of corporations, by corporations, and for corporations. — How is this?”

~ Rutherford B. Hayes


Note: Be aware, Obama is trying to shut down our alternet medium outlets by transferring ICAAN: I’m sure he has a place on the ‘global community’ board that will assign IPs and you can bet those who disagree with their agenda won’t be approved for an IP. No IP, no Internet.

Obama didn’t do this on a whim, he’s been looking for a way to shut us up and now he’s found it. He’s doing his usual distractions, nothing to see here, etc. to stall until the transfer is completed but Congress can stop it now .

All Congress has to do is tell ICAAN to stop the transfer, the Prez doesn’t have the authority to authorize it.

“The Property Clause of the Constitution says Congress must pass legislation to effect a transfer of government property.”

How to Save the Internet - The major reason the BLM backed off was the net. source

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AUDIO: 200 Cowboys on Horseback Attempting to Seize Back Cattle Stolen by the Rustlers/Feds

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones
April 12, 2014

BLM federal agents are threatening to shoot Cliven Bundy supporters who are attempting to seize back stolen cattle as a showdown looms.

Go to 3:39 in the video to learn about the feds’ threatening to shoot people.

Despite the fact that the Bureau of Land Management has backed down and announced it will cease its operation to round up Bundy’s cattle, the rancher gave Gillespie a one hour time limit to seize all firearms from BLM agents involved in the siege.

Video footage from the scene in Bunkerville shows hundreds of cowboys on horseback, with supporters now vowing to take back hundreds of cattle the feds have already stolen from Bundy.

View image on Twitter

Infowars reporter David Knight is at the center of the scene and says he clearly heard BLM federal agents threaten to shoot men, women and children.

Police are now blocking roads and demanding that hundreds of Bundy supporters turn back as tensions mount.

SWAT teams are also in place.

Some are now reporting that BLM have pulled out of the area and police are allowing vehicles to pass.

The Las Vegas Review Journal is reporting that the BLM has agreed to completely cave and release all the cattle they rounded up.



BLM Backs Down: Sen. Reid-Big Chinese Energy Land Grab Vs Bundy Family Ranch

FAA Designates Bundy Ranch a No-Fly Zone

Breaking: Sen. Harry Reid Behind BLM Land Grab of Bundy

If the Feds Take Your Cattle and Property, YOU Become

Clarke Co. Commissioner Threatens Ranchers: “Better

Range War – Nevada Cattle Rancher Standoff

Clarke Co. Commissioner Threatens Ranchers: “Better Have Funeral Plans” – “inbred bastards” – said we should “turn our asses around on mind our own f-ing business”


Watch – Live stream link working on an IPAD and batteries:

This feed is saying that there wasn’t a threat to kill the people present and the cell towers haven’t been taken down as reported above…the local cops per this reporter states the local cops are on the side of the people…he also condems the above reporting…(MC->will continue to monitor both – time permitting)…


The thousands of people present will listen only to the State of Nevada. They refuse to listen to the BLM Feds-US Government/Globalists who should have nothing to do with this land. Since the feds banned the air there are no news reports from the National media  at this time – blackout – censorship…


Harry Reid and his accomplices are in deep trouble. They’d better pray that nothing ontoward happens  here…as should we all.


Excellent link w/ a good collection of links/videos: nebraska attitude

Good summary here w/ links: dan miller panama

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BLM Backs Down: Sen. Reid-Big Chinese Energy Land Grab Vs Bundy Family Ranch


4. 12. 2014 Cliven Bundy and his wife standing for the National Anthem…


Bundy Ranch 3 days ago Source


Matt Finn FNC@MattFinnFNC

BREAKING: BLM backs down in per Clark County Sheriff

A day after Infowars blew the lid on Sen. Harry Reid’s link to the BLM’s land grab of the Bundy Ranch, the Sheriff of Clark County, Nevada, Douglas Gillespie, announced to tremendous applause that the Bureau of Land Management would cease their efforts targeting cattle rancher Cliven Bundy.

In an emotional response, Bundy told the Sheriff he had one hour to disarm the federal agency, to bring the arms to the platform where speeches were made this morning, and to take down their barricades.

Last Saturday, the BLM, with the aid of helicopters, low-flying aircraft and hired cowboys, began rounding up Bundy’s cattle, and forbade him from interfering with the operation, as Bundy announced he was prepared to weather a full-on assault.

The sheriff’s announcement coincided with a press release put out by the BLM today stating that they would back off due to “serious concern about the safety of employees and members of the public.”

The people ignored this area.

From the director of the BLM, Neil Kornze:

“As we have said from the beginning of the gather to remove illegal cattle from federal land consistent with court orders, a safe and peaceful operation is our number one priority. After one week, we have made progress in enforcing two recent court orders to remove the trespass cattle from public lands that belong to all Americans.

“Based on information about conditions on the ground, and in consultation with law enforcement, we have made a decision to conclude the cattle gather because of our serious concern about the safety of employees and members of the public.

“We ask that all parties in the area remain peaceful and law-abiding as the Bureau of Land Management and National Park Service work to end the operation in an orderly manner.

Ranching has always been an important part of our nation’s heritage and continues throughout the West on public lands that belong to all Americans. This is a matter of fairness and equity, and we remain disappointed that Cliven Bundy continues to not comply with the same laws that 16,000 public lands ranchers do every year. After 20 years and multiple court orders to remove the trespass cattle, Mr. Bundy owes the American taxpayers in excess of $1 million. The BLM will continue to work to resolve the matter administratively and judicially.”

The BLM did not mention giving Bundy his cattle back, but he hadn’t asked for them, he asked for his freedom back and for the BLM to lay down their arms. Source


Watch – Live stream link:


The Godfather of the Arizona Mafia, Senator Harry Reid, made it go away before the Corporate Media was forced to report on how his son and Big Chinese Energy needed that land for their billion dollar solar investment. Don’t expect it to end here, they will regroup and try to go in under the radar next time. These people don’t give up. We’ve had a close-up demonstration  and know for sure now that the BLM feds are a wing of the Globalists.


Now Harry Reid, his sons, and other accomplices will have to figure out how to stay out of prison!!!!! First he needs to be Recalled for his abuse of power!!!


PS: 5000 people had already gathered at the Bundy Ranch…



FAA Designates Bundy Ranch a No-Fly Zone

Breaking: Sen. Harry Reid Behind BLM Land Grab of Bundy

If the Feds Take Your Cattle and Property, YOU Become

Clarke Co. Commissioner Threatens Ranchers: “Better

Range War – Nevada Cattle Rancher Standoff

Clarke Co. Commissioner Threatens Ranchers: “Better Have Funeral Plans” – “inbred bastards” – said we should “turn our asses around on mind our own f-ing business”


Bottomline: The BLM (Federal aka UN aka Globalists including reigning and non-reigning Royal Monarchs) have been serving to provide collateral for foreign debt for decades and now it seems - the foreign holders of those notes want more than just a piece of paper – they want access to the land they own!!!

A Charter is a piece of paper. A Royal Charter is a piece of paper. Treaties are pieces of paper these corrupt representatives of ours signed. The money they print is also a piece of paper. They’ve been stealing the real money from us since time began – when the implemented usuary was the nail in our coffin. I say get rid of the paper money, forgive each other our debts, and get back to a non-usuary system.

Is this land grabbing happening in a country near you? Yes! Agenda 21…

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VIDEO: Depopulation and You

Published on Jun 24, 2013 Worth watching.

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Sgt. Maj. Page to St. Louis Oath Keepers: The End of American Sovereignty & Constitutional Rights

Published on Apr 23, 2014

Sargent Major Dan Page, speaking to the St. Louis/St. Charles, Missouri Chapter of Oath Keepers, explains how they plan to end American sovereignty and the Constitution, establishing martial law and merging the U.S. with the New World Order.


Very instructive.

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