By on April 9, 2013
Egypt’s Coptic Christians frequently accuse State Security and police of overlooking Muslim attacks on Christians and their places of worship, especially monasteries and churches.  The Western mainstream media often ignores these accusations, or mentions them in passing as “unsubstantiated reports.” Last weekend’s assault on the St. Mark Cathedral — unprecedented in significance — was no different, except for the fact that there are many pictures demonstrating State complicity.

To recap: After last Sunday’s St. Mark Cathedral funeral service for Egypt’s most recent Christian victims of jihad — including one man set aflame — gangs of Muslims attacked the Christian mourners, resulting in the deaths of two more Copts, including one shot through the heart.   Hundreds of Christians retreated back into the cathedral — both to get out of harm’s way, and to protect their holiest site.  They were trapped there all night, enduring projectile and firebomb attacks.   State Security also opened fire on the cathedral, including through tear-gas.

Several Egyptian media outlets and newspapers, especially the popular Youm7,  have published a variety of pictures showing mobs, if not terrorists, attacking the cathedral in front of absolutely indifferent, possibly approving, security forces.  Some of these pictures, with my captions, follow:

Muslim”youth” climb to the roof of a building adjacent to St. Mark Cathedral to attack it. To the left, a man winds to hurl a projectile at it. And in the white circle to the right, high-ranking Egyptian officials and security stand by watching (easily recognizable by their hats and helmets).

A better close up. This image shows a masked sniper with rifle in hand preparing to open fire at the cathedral — confident that security forces will not intervene.

Same man opens fire.

Another man prepares to hurl stones at the cathedral, even as security forces stand by watching.

A masked man, with a rifle, sits inside an Egyptian armored vehicle — bought with U.S. taxpayer money — and fires at the cathedral.

More snipers attacking Copts and their cathedral.

Yet another picture showing rioting Muslims throwing projectiles (upper left-hand corner) at the cathedral.  A man with a pole (in yellow circle) dismantles or destroys something — a cross, or something else of Christian significance? — and Egyptian “security” (lower left-hand corner, in red circle), idly stand by.

St. Mark Cathedral, holiest site for Egypt’s indigenous Christians — and home of the Coptic pope — now turned into a war zone,  under Muslim Brotherhood leadership. 

A Muslim burns a Bible in front of the cathedral, right under  security’s nose. In Egypt, if a Christian is merely accused of “desecrating” a Koran, he/she gets several years in prison. Yet here is a Muslim burning a Holy Bible, with photo evidence, but he has nothing to fear.

A collage of some of those on rooftops firing at the cathedral. Most of them are known by name — including the second one in the Palestinian scarf — and Copts regularly report them to police and security, to no avail.

The second person on the left was identified as Hasan el-Masri – no arrests were made – the whole murdering rampage was probably ordered by by Morsi.

More rooftop terrorism against the cathedral.

The aftermath: the entrance of Coptic Christianity’s holiest site, the St. Mark Cathedral, after Egypt’s Muslim mob and State Security were through with it.

Finally, lest there be any doubts as to the Islamic nature of this attack, here is a video of Muslims chanting “Allahu Akbar!” in front of the cathedral as smoke rises from it:


Extremely graphic pictures of Christians after their jihadi murderers were done with them – murdered in a Church:


Obama Funds the Egyptian Government $1.5 billion. (2012)

Who’s Who in Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood

Exposed: The Muslim Brotherhood/Al-Qaeda Connection

Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman and Former Clinton Foundation Employee Arrested in Cairo


“A new terrorist and criminal salafist movment called harakat hazimuun or حركة حازمون and it came to my attention when I was reading about the recent attack on the Coptic Cathedral in Cairo – facebook page –

“And even for those readers that cannot read Arabic they will get the idea what this terrorist group is all about and yes it was formed in December of 2012 and here is what they are all about”

“And i urge the readers to use google translate to get to know this group”

“Oh the word hazimuun? It really means the followers of another terrorist/salafist by the name of حازم ابو اسماعيل or Hazim Abu Ismail who almost became the president of Egypt except he was disqualifed because his late mother was a naturalized US citizen and lived in California and here is his wikipedia page”

“Again I urge readers to use google translate and you will get the picture, but this did not stop him from claiming that his mother only had a green card and she did not become a US citizen before she died but this blatant lie was exposed by an article in the NYT dated April 4/2012”

Sources: –

Facebook page no longer available…not surprised.

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