VIDEO: ‘Over Our Bodies’: Syrians Prefer Death to U.S. Sponsored Al-Qaeda Rule

By on September 3, 2013

While U.S. president Barrack Hussein Obama prepares to wage war on behalf of the al-Qaeda led “rebels” fighting the secular Syrian government, increasing numbers of regular indigenous Syrians — including women and children — are preparing to lay down their lives to create a human shield with their own bodies to defend their nation against U.S.-sponsored terrorism and jihad.  They know that, whatever Assad’s shortcomings are, he is preferable to Islamist rule — a lesson nearby Egyptians learned the hard way.

Watch the video:

Brave souls!

Confronting the Chemical Lies in Syria

Published on Aug 28, 2013

Mother Agnes Mariam is a Carmelite nun who has been living and working in Syria for the past 19 years. Now, she is seeking to set the record straight on the lies and disinformation that is driving the NATO powers toward war against the people of Syria. This is the GRTV Feature Interview with our special guest, Mother Agnes Mariam de la Croix.

Great info! The Truth!

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