The Bretton Woods Committee

About Bretton Woods

The Bretton Woods Committee is the nonpartisan network of prominent global citizens, which works to demonstrate the value of international economic cooperation and to foster strong, effective Bretton Woods institutions as forces for global well-being.

The Committee was created in 1983 at the suggestion of two former Treasury officials – Secretary Henry Fowler and Deputy Secretary Charls Walker, a Democrat and a Republican – who saw the need for an organized effort to ensure that leading citizens spoke about the importance of the international financial institutions (IFIs).

Committee members are leaders at the top of the business, finance, academic, and non-profit sectors, including many industry CEOs, as well as former presidents, cabinet-level officials, and lawmakers who share the belief that international economic cooperation is essential and best served through strong and effective IFIs. Through the Committee, they champion global efforts to spur economic growth, alleviate poverty, and improve financial stability.

The Committee organizes frequent conferences, seminars, and educational activities. Many of these events are designed to reach a broad public audience, while others offer members the opportunity to provide important advice, support, and constructive criticism to the management of the IFIs. Working closely with successive U.S. administrations, the Committee also reminds elected leaders that global economic prosperity and lasting national security are closely tied to continued progress on multilateral issues.

The Committee relies solely on the funding of its members and does not accept funds from governments or the multilateral institutions.

The Bretton Woods institutions were created in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire in 1944 during the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference at the Mount Washington Hotel. At the conference, member nations agreed to create a family of institutions to address critical issues in the international financial system.

About the Institution


International Monetary Fund – An international organization working to maintain global financial stability through technical assistance, training, and loans to member states.


World Bank Group – An international organization consisting of five agencies which provides vital financial and technical assistance to developing countries around the world to reduce global poverty.


International Finance Corporation – An agency within the World Bank Group providing financing and technical assistance to the private sector in developing nations.


Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency – An agency within the World Bank Group which promotes foreign direct investment in developing countries by providing non-commercial risk insurance to private sector cross-border investors.


International Center for the Settlement of Investment Disputes – An autonomous international institution within the World Bank Group which seeks to remove major impediments to the free international flow of private investment posed by non-commercial risks and the absence of specialized international methods for investment dispute settlement.


World Trade Organization – An independent international organization providing a forum to negotiate and adjudicate the rules of trade between its member states.


African Development Bank – An institution that works to promote both public and private investment and economic development in Africa, as well as provide financial and technical assistance to its member states.


Asian Development Bank – An institution providing financial and technical assistance to public and private development projects in Asia and the Pacific.


European Bank for Reconstruction and Development – An institution that provides financial and technical assistance primarily to private-sector businesses in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia in order to promote transition to open and democratic market economies.


Inter-American Development Bank – An institution that provides financial and technical assistance to public and private development projects in Latin America.

Read the Original Articles of Agreement for the Bretton Woods institutions

About the Issues:

The Bretton Woods Committee advances members’ shared belief that international economic cooperation is essential and best served through strong and effective international financial institutions (IFIs).

The constructive dialogue which the Committee helps to facilitate shapes IFI efforts to promote economic growth, alleviate poverty, and improve global financial stability – interconnected challenges at the heart of the work of the IFIs.

Promote Economic Growth

The IFIs work to facilitate international trade and to promote higher employment and broadly sustainable economic growth. The World Trade Organization (WTO) facilitates global trade agreements on goods, services and intellectual property in order to create a clearer and more level playing field among members. The WTO then monitors these agreements and adjudicates disputes between members to help ensure that international rules are consistently applied. By offering advice and monitoring economic trends, the IFIs also help member countries build the capacities to expand trade.

Alleviate Poverty

The IFIs work with and lend to national governments, the private sector and other organizations in order to finance the building blocks of sustainable development; education, health, public administration, infrastructure, financial and private sector development, agriculture, and environmental and natural resource management. The IFIs also provide a range of analytical and advisory services to share knowledge and develop best practices in support of country-led poverty reduction and economic development strategies, as well as broader social and environmental challenges.

Improve Global Financial Stability

In an increasing interconnected world, financial instability in one market or sector can have global repercussions. The IFIs work to foster international cooperation on monetary issues and lend financial support to countries experiencing balance of payments difficulties. They provide advice on how to fight corruption, restore fiscal balance, and combat inflation. The IFIs also keep monitor global systemic risks and the economies of member countries in order to anticipate sources of instability and offer advice on how to address these challenges.

Organizational partners of the Bretton Woods Committee include:

Abacus & Associates
AECOM International Development
Aecon Group, Inc.
American Bankers Association
American Council of Life Insurers
American Express Company
American International Group
American-Turkish Council
Archer Daniels Midland Company
Association for Financial Professionals, Inc.
Association of Producers of Ecological Energy
Avelar Energy Group
Baker & McKenzie
Banco Espírito Santo
Bank of America
Barclays Capital Services Limited
Barth & Associates LLC
Beneficial Capital Corporation
Biotechnology Industry Organization
Bipartisan Policy Center
Black & Veatch
BLS Investments LLC
Boston Properties
Business Software Alliance
C&O Resources, Inc
Cargill, Inc.
Cassidy & Associates
Center for International Private Enterprise
Center for Voting and Democracy
Center for Financial Stability
Centurion Holdings LLC
CF Industries Holdings, Inc.
Clayton, Dublier & Rice
CLS Bank International
Commerical Bank of Ceylon PLC
Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget
Committee for Economic Development
Consultants International Group, Inc.
Council on Foreign Relations
Covington & Burling LLP
Creative Associates International, Inc.
Decision Economics, Inc.
Deutsche Bank
Development Finance International, Inc.
DowneyMcGrath Group
Economic Strategy Institute
Educational Testing Services
Emerging Markets Private Equity Association
Equity Bank Ltd
Eton Park Capital Management
EXCEL Services Corporation
Fagenson & Co, Inc.
Fahmy Hudome International, LLC
FHI 360
Financial Services Forum
Financial Services Roundtable
First Bank of Nigeria
FMC Corporation
Franklin Templeton Investments
GE Capital Markets Corporate
Goldman Sachs
Grant Thornton
Gravitas Capital Advisors
Grupo Financiero Banorte
Gulf Investment Corporation
Harsco Corporation
Henry Kaufman & Company
Hill & Knowlton
Hills & Company International Consultants
Innovative Federal Strategies LLC
Institute of International Finance, Inc.
International Business – Government Counsellors, Inc.
International Trade Association of Greater Chicago
Intesa Sanpaolo S.P.A.
Investcorp International, Inc.
J.D. Robinson, Inc.
Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd.
Japan International Cooperation Agency
JBC International
JP Morgan Chase
K&M Engineering and Consulting, LLC
Kellner Capital
Kleiman International Consultants
Knoll, Inc.
Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.
Landon Butler & Co.
Law Office of LL Megyeri
Lawson International, Inc.
Lightyear Capital, LLC
Management Systems International
Mariner Investment Group
MassMutual Financial Group
McCullagh International
McFarlane Associates
Mercantil Servicios Financieros
Midland Metals International Inc.
Miliki Ventures
Mizuho Financial Group
Morgan Stanley
MP Biomedicals, LLC
National Albanian American Council
National Association of Manufacturers
National Bank of Kuwait, S.A.K.
National Center on Education and the Economy
New York Bankers Association
Nomura Holdings, Inc.
Pan African Capital Group, LLC
Park Avenue Equity Partners
Polsinelli, Shalton, Flanigan, Suelthaus
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Richard A. Eisner & Company
Rock Creek Global Advisors LLC
Rockport Capital Group
Saigon Invest Group
Sallie Mae
Samuels Associates
SAS Institute, Inc.
Seattle International Foundation
Semiconductor Industry Association
Semper Augustus Investments Group LLC
Shababco Enterprises
Sotheby’s Holdings, Inc.
Standard and Poor’s Corporation
Structured Credit International Corporation
Sullivan & Cromwell LLP
Sun Products Corporation
Sustainable Harvest International
Symbion Power
The Abraham Group
The Aspen Institute
The Brink’s Company
The Carlyle Group
The Century Foundation
The Cohen Group
The Dilenschneider Group
The Dillon Fund
Transtek Information Systems
U.S. Council for International Business
Venable LLP
Warburg Pincus LLC
Weyerhaeuser Company
WR Hambrecht & Co.
Youngstars Foundation

Committee Members

Member Affiliation
Marwan Abedin    Dubai Financial Support Fund
The Honorable Spencer Abraham        The Abraham Group
Mr. Morton Abramowitz The Century Foundation
Mr. Nishith Acharya U.S. Department of Commerce
            Ms. Renee Acosta             Global Impact
            The Honorable Tim Adams             Institute of International Finance
            Ms. Mahnaz Afkhami             Women’s Learning Partnership
            Dr. Reena Aggarwal             Georgetown University
            Dr. Vinod K. Aggarwal             University of California, Berkeley
            H.E. Abdulatif Y. Al Hamad             Arab Fund for Economic & Social Development
            Mr. Mohammed Bin Essa Al-Khalifa             Bahrain Economic Development Board
            Mr. Robert Albertson             Sandler O’Neill & Partners, L.P.
            Dr. Madeleine Albright             Albright Stonebridge Group LLC
            Ms. Donna Alexander             Advoxum Global Strategies
            Ms. Sarah E. Alexander             The Abraaj Group
            Mr. Daniel Alpert             Westwood Capital, LLC
            Mr. Ibrahiim AlQadhi             Gulf Investment Corporation
            Ms. Cate Ambrose             Latin America Private Equity and Venture Capital Association
            Mr. Tarek Amer             National Bank of Egypt
            Mr. Eduardo Aninat             Fonds de Dotation UNIAPAC
            Dr. Martin Apple             Council of Scientific Society Presidents
            The Honorable Paul V. Applegarth             Value Enhancement International
            Mr. Hiroto Arakawa             JICA Research Institute
            The Honorable Bill Archer             PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
            The Honorable Nicolas Ardito-Barletta             International Center for Economic Growth
            Mr. Robert R. Aronsson             Apollo Energy Systems, Inc
            Mr. Norman R. Augustine             Review of the United States Human Space Flight Plans Committee
            Mr. Saad Azhari             BLOM Bank S.A.L.
            The Honorable James Bacchus             Greenberg Traurig LLP
            Mr. Byongwon Bahk             Korea Federation of Banks
            Mr. Jason Bak             Finavera Wind Energy
            Mr. James A. Baker, III             Baker Botts LLP
            Mr. Raymond Baker             Center for International Policy
            Mr. Richard H. Baker             Managed Funds Association
            Mr. Paul Cambo Baloyi             Development Bank of Southern Africa
            The Honorable Peter Barca             The Wisconsin State Assembly
            Mr. Levon Barkhudaryan             AVAG Solutions Ltd
            Mr. Kevin F. Barnard             Arnold & Porter LLP
            Mr. R. Michael Barth             Barth & Associates LLC
            Mr. David Beckmann             Bread for the World
            The Honorable Berkley Bedell
            The Honorable Anthony Beilenson
            Mr. Geoffrey Bell             Geoffrey Bell & Company, Inc.
            Mr. Bradley D. Belt             Palisades Capital Management LLC
            Mr. Robert R. Bench             Boston University
            Mr. Mariano Bengoechea             Citigroup
            Ms. Lucy Wilson Benson
            Mr. Adrian Bentley             Wotsat
            The Honorable Kenneth E. Bentsen, Jr.             Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
            Mr. Robert J. Berg             World Academy of Art & Science
            Dr. C. Fred Bergsten             Peterson Institute for International Economics
            Mr. Thomas A. Bernes             CIGI
            Mr. Orhan Beskok             Industrial Development Bank of Turkey
            Dr. Jörg Bibow             Skidmore College
            Ms. Nancy M. Birdsall             Center for Global Development
            The Honorable James J. Blanchard             DLA Piper
            Dr. Alan S. Blinder             Princeton University
            The Honorable W. Michael Blumenthal             Jewish Museum of Berlin
            Ms. Christine Bogdanowicz-Bindert             Ford Credit Europe Plc
            The Honorable Don Bonker             APCO Worldwide
            Mr. James Boomgard             DAI
            Mr. Roger Bootle             Capital Economics Ltd.
            The Honorable David L. Boren             Oklahoma University
            Mr. Andrei Bougrov             Interros Holding Company
            Mr. Robert Bowie             Harvard University
            The Honorable John Brademas             New York University
            The Honorable Nicholas F. Brady             Darby Overseas Investments
            Mr. Joseph C. Brandt             ContourGlobal
            Mr. Harry G. Broadman             PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
            Ms. Carole L. Brookins             Public Capital Advisors, LLC
            The Rev. Canon Robert J. Brooks             The Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut
            Dr. Harold Brown             Center for Strategic and International Studies
            Mr. John E. Bryson             Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.
            The Honorable Zbigniew Brzezinski             Center for Strategic and International Studies
            Ms. Iris Jacobson Burnett             Kai Productions
            Dr. James B. Burnham             Duquesne University
            Mr. Martin Burt             Fundacion Paraguaya
            The Honorable Landon Butler             Landon Butler & Co.
            Prof. Susanna Cafaro             Group of Lecce
            Mr. Cesare Calari             Wolfensohn & Company LLC
            Prof. Kent Calder             Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies
            Dr. Charles W. Calomiris             Columbia University
            Mr. William R. Caltrider, Jr.             Center for Alcohol and Drug Research and Education
            Mr. Frank C. Carlucci             Carlyle Group
            Mr. Mark Carney             Bank of Englad
            The Honorable Bob Carr             Dow Lohnes PLLC
            Dr. Ashton Carter             Harvard University
            Mr. Guillaume Castel             Cisco Systems
            Mr. William M. Chace             Emory College
            Mr. Kenneth I. Chenault             American Express Bank
            Mr. Jonathan Chenevix-Trench             African Century Ltd
            Mr. Edward J. Chesky
            Mr. Samuel F. Chevalier
            Mr. Chong-Suk Choi             Korea Investment Corporation
            Mr. Bill Clapp             Seattle International Foundation
            Mr. James Clawson             JBC International
            Mr. E. Patrick Coady             Coady Diemar Partners
            Mr. Kenneth S. Cohen             MassMutual Financial Group
            The Honorable William Cohen             The Cohen Group
            Mr. William T. Coleman, Jr.             O’Melveny & Myers LLP
            Mr. Julius E. Coles
            Mr. Jay Collins             Citigroup
            Mr. Mark M. Collins, Jr.             Brown Advisory and Trust Company
            Mr. John Conroy             Baker & McKenzie
            Mr. Lawrence S. Cooley             Management Systems International
            Dr. Richard N. Cooper             Harvard University
            Ms. Jennifer Corriero             TakingITGlobal
            Mr. E. Gerald Corrigan             The Challenger Foundation
            Mr. Sam Y. Cross             Federal Reserve Bank of New York
            Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, Jr.             The Coca-Cola Company
            Mr. Nelson Cunningham             McLarty Associates
            Mr. W. Bowman Cutter             Roosevelt Institute
            Mr. David D. Cutting
            Dr. J. Dewey Daane             Weaver C. Barksdale & Associates, Inc.
            Mr. Ibrahim S. Dabdoub             National Bank of Kuwait, S.A.K.
            Mr. Ray Dalio             Bridgewater Associates Inc.
            Mr. Achmat Dangor             Nelson Mandela Foundation
            Mr. Stephen J. Dannhauser             Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP
            Mr. Thomas C. Dawson, II
            Ms. Joanne de Asis             Globe Capital Partners
            Dr. David de Ferranti             Results for Development Institute
            Mr. Jacques de Larosiere             BNP Paribas
            Mr. Thibaut de Saint Phalle             Saint Phalle International Group
            Mr. Tom De Swaan             Zurich Insurance Group Ltd
            Mr. Whitney Debevoise             Arnold & Porter
            Mr. Richard A. Debs             Morgan Stanley
            Dr. David A. Deese             Boston College
            Dr. Guilain P. Denoeux             Colby College
            The Honorable Vivian L. Derryck             The Bridges Institute
            Mr. Rimmer deVries
            Ms. Thelma Diaz
            Dr. Patricia Mary Dinneen             Sigular Guff & Company
            Mr. David Dodge             Queen’s University
            Mr. Patrick F. Dolan             Acadia Fund, LP
            Mr. John Donaldson             World Bank
            Dr. Peter Donaldson             Population Council
            Mr. Craig S. Donohue
            The Honorable Cal Dooley             American Chemistry Council
            Dr. Michael P. Dooley             University of California, Santa Cruz
            Mr. Arthur T. Downey
            Mr. Hugo Patrick Doyle             Intesa Sanpaolo S.P.A.
            Dr. Mickey Edwards             Aspen Institute
            Mr. Robert H. Edwards, Jr.             JPMorgan Chase
            Mr. Richard A. Eisner             Richard A. Eisner & Company
            Mr. Khaled El Ghorab             National Bank of Egypt – New York Branch
            Mr. Joseph Engelhard             Capital Alpha Partners
            The Honorable John Engler             Business Roundtable
            Dr. I Made Gde Erata             Indonesia Eximbank
            Mr. Richard Erb             University of Montana
            Ms. Michelle Kathryn Essome             African Venture Capital Association
            Mr. Yoon-Dae Euh             KB Financial Group Inc.
            Export Development Canada
            Mr. Richard M. Fairbanks, III             Layalina Productions, Inc.
            Mr. Thomas L. Farmer, Esq.             International Consultants Group, Inc.
            Ms. Diana Farrell             McKinsey & Company
            Mr. Patrick Fay             Mizuho Securities USA
            Dr. Martin Feldstein             National Bureau of Economic Research
            Dr. Niall Ferguson             Harvard University
            Mr. Dennis Flannery             Stonehill Associates, LLC
            Mr. Douglas J. Flint             HSBC Holdings plc
            Dr. Ann M. Florini             The Brookings Institution
            Mr. Mark Florman             The British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association
            Dr. Paul Kammogne Fokam             First Bank Group
            Ms. Gail Fosler             The GailFosler Group LLC
            Mr. Richard H. Frank             Darby Overseas Investments
            Mr. Tony Fratto             Hamilton Place Strategies
            Dr. Jendayi E. Frazer             Carnegie Mellon University
            Mr. James H. Freis, Jr.             Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP
            Mr. Robert A. Freling             Solar Electric Light Fund
            The Honorable Bill Frenzel             The Bretton Woods Committee
            Mr. Bart Friedman             Cahill Gordon & Reindel LLP
            Mr. Zack Friedman             Henley Partners
            The Honorable Martin Frost             Polsinelli, Shalton, Flanigan, Suelthaus
            Mr. Bill Frymoyer             Stewart and Stewart
            Mr. Christopher B. Galvin             Harrison Street Real Estate Capital LLC
            Ms. Stewart H. Gamage             University of Virginia Foundation
            Mr. Vikram Gandhi             VSG Capital Advisors Ltd.
            Ambassador Richard N. Gardner
            Mr. Paolo Garonna             Italian Banking, Insurance and Finance Fedration
            Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. W.E.B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research
            Mr. Leslie H. Gelb             Council on Foreign Relations
            Mr. David B. Gill
            The Honorable Benjamin A. Gilman             The Gilman Group
            The Honorable Dan Glickman             Bipartisan Policy Center
            Mr. Aaron Goach Esq.             Global Criterion Solutions
            Mr. Daniel Goldman
            Mr. Peter F. Goldmark             Rockport Capital Group
            The Honorable William F. Goodling             Baker & Daniels
            Ms. Mary B. Goodman             James Caird Asset Management
            Mr. Amitha Lal Gooneratne             Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC
            Ms. Elizabeth Goryunova             World Trade Center Utah
            Mr. Joseph J. Grano, Jr.             Centurion Holdings LLC
            Ms. Jacqueline Grapin             The European Institute
            Mr. Micah S. Green             Patton Boggs LLP
            Mr. Maurice Greenberg             The Starr Foundation
            The Honorable James C. Greenwood             Biotechnology Industry Organization
            Mr. Vartan Gregorian             Carnegie Corporation
            Mr. Lawrence K. Grossman             Digital Promise Project
            Mr. Kenneth A. Guenther             Certegy Inc
            Mr. Eric Guichard             Gravitas Capital Advisors
            The Honorable Jose Angel Gurria             Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
            Mr. Toyoo Gyohten             Institute for International Monetary Affairs
            Mr. Odo G. Habeck             Michael Kenwood Consulting LLC
            Mr. John Halder             Community Colleges for International Development
            Mr. David Hale             David Hale Global Economics
            Mr. Hideichiro Hamanaka             Sumitomo Corporation
            Mr. William R. Hambrecht             WR Hambrecht & Co.
            Dr. Mona Hamdy             Mosaic Foundation
            The Honorable Lee H. Hamilton             The Center on Congress at Indiana University
            Dr. Jeffrey S. Hammer             Princeton University
            Mr. Tim Hanstad             Landesa
            Mr. Derek C. Hathaway             Harsco Corporation
            Mr. Larry D. Hays
            Mr. Roger L. Headrick             Protatek International, Inc.
            Mr. John G. Heimann             Financial Stability Institute
            Mr. Michael S. Helfer             Citigroup, Inc.
            Ms. Shannon Herzfeld             Archer Daniels Midland Company
            Dr. Thomas D. Higgins PhD             BNY Mellon Standish Asset Management
            Ms. Carla A. Hills             Hills & Company International Consultants
            Mr. Roderick M. Hills             Hills & Company International Consultants
            Mr. Luther H. Hodges             Phoenix Associates
            Mr. John Hoey             Beneficial Capital Corporation
            Mr. George Hoguet             State Street Global Advisors
            Mr. Robert Holleyman             Business Software Alliance
            Ms. Dörte Höppner             European Private Equity and Venture Capital Association
            Mr. Akinari Horii             The Canon Institute for Global Studies
            Dr. Matina S. Horner             Radcliffe College
            Mr. I-Sah Hsieh             SAS Institute, Inc.
            Dr. Gene Huang             FedEx Corporation
            Mr. Kent Hughes             Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
            Mr. Thomas L. Hughes             Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
            Mr. Cornelius K. Hurley             Boston University
            Mr. Lee A. Iacocca             Lee Iacocca & Associates, Inc.
            Mr. Enrique V. Iglesias             Secretaría General Iberoamericana
            Admiral Bobby R. Inman
            Mr. William H. Inman             The Street
            Mr. William M. Isaac             FTI Consulting
            Mr. Yves-Andre Istel             Rothschild Inc.
            Ms. Nancy Jacklin             Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies
            Mr. Pierre Jaillet             Banque De France
            Mr. Greg Johnson             Franklin Templeton Investments
            Mr. L. Oakley Johnson             Albright Stonebridge Group
            Mr. Charles R. Johnston             Citi
            Mr. Vernon E. Jordan, Jr.             Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP
            Dr. Miles Kahler             University of California, San Diego
            Mr. Gautam S. Kaji             Centennial Group
            Mr. James Kamihachi             KCW Partners, LLC
            Mr. Shigeo Kashiwagi             Keio University
            Mr. Nadim Kassar             Fransabank, S.A.L.
            Ms. Allison Katen             HSBC Securities
            Professor Joan Alice Katen             Pace University
            Mr. Abraham Katz             International Organization of Employers
            The Honorable Thomas H. Kean             THK Consulting, LLC
            Mr. Colm Kelleher             Morgan Stanley
            Dr. Markus Kerber             Federation of German Industries BDI
            Mr. Eric Kessler             Arabella Advisors
            Mr. Mumtaz Khan             Middle East and Asia Capital Partners Pte Ltd
            Mr. Mwangi Kimenyi             The Brookings Institution
            Mr. Duane Kissick             AECOM International Development
            Dr. Henry A. Kissinger             Center for Strategic and International Studies
            Mr. Larry A. Klane             Korea Exchange Bank
            Mr. Malcolm D. Knight             Deutsche Bank
            Mr. Karsten Knudsen             Nykredit
            The Honorable Caio K. Koch-Weser             Deutsche Bank
            The Honorable Donald L. Kohn             The Brookings Institution
            The Honorable Jim Kolbe             The German Marshall Fund of the United States
            Mr. Murat Koprulu             Mariner Investment Group
            Ms. Alicja Kornasiewicz             Morgan Stanley & Co International Plc
            Mr. Andrei Kostin             VTB Bank
            Mr. Mahesh Kotecha             Structured Credit International Corporation
            Mr. Henry R. Kravis             Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.
            Ms. Sallie L. Krawcheck             Motif Investing
            Mrs. Charito Kruvant             Creative Associates International, Inc.
            Dr. Charles A.  Kupchan             Council on Foreign Relations
            Dr. Vladimir Kvint             RMJM
            The Honorable John J. LaFalce
            Mr. Olivier Lafourcade             OML International
            Mr. James E. Lalumiere             Project Development International
            Sir Andrew Large             Bank of England
            Mr. Henry W. Lavine             Sawyer & Co. LLC
            Dr. Eugene K. Lawson             Lawson International, Inc.
            The Honorable Rick Lazio             Jones Walker LLP
            Mr. Michael Levett             CDC Development Solutions
            Mr. Leonard Maleson Levie             American Industrial Acquisition Corporation
            Mr. Howard Lewis III             Institute for International Economics
            Dr. Johannes F. Linn             The Brookings Institution
            Mr. John Lipsky             Johns Hopkins University SAIS
            Mr. Yaroslav Lissovolik             Deutsche Bank Russia
            Mr. James M. Lister             Korea Economic Institute of America
            Dr. Domenico Lombardi             The Oxford Institute for Economic Policy
            Mr. Albert L. Lord             Sallie Mae
            The Honorable Bill Lowery             Innovative Federal Strategies LLC
            Ms. Olive Damian Luena             Tanzania Gatsby Trust
            Ms. Maya MacGuineas             Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget
            Mr. Peter Mack             Fifth Third Bank
            Mr. George Magnus             UBS AG
            Mr. John R. Magnus             Tradewins LLC
            Mr. Zakir R. Mahmood             Habib Bank Ltd.
            Mr. Iqbal G. Mamdani             First Asian Investments, Inc.
            Mr. Frank Mankiewicz             Hill & Knowlton
            Mr. J. Eugene Marans             International Institute of Rural Reconstruction
            Mr. Jacko H. Maree             Standard Bank Group Ltd.
            Mr. Pedro Henrique Mariani Bittencourt             Banco BBM SA
            The Right Honorable Paul Martin
            Mr. Gustavo A. Marturet Machado             Mercantil Servicios Financieros
            Mr. Carl Masters             GoodWorks International
            Dr. Jessica Tuchman Mathews             Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
            Mr. Ivan Mattei             Debevoise & Plimpton LLP
            Mr. David Maxwell             Grant Thornton
            Mr. Hugh L. McColl, Jr.             McColl Brothers Lockwood
            Ambassador Richard McCormack             Merrill Lynch
            Dr. Barrett L. McCormick             Marquette University
            Mr. David H. McCormick             Bridgewater Associates
            Mr. Robert H. McCormick             New York State Banking Department
            The Honorable Robert C. McFarlane             McFarlane Associates
            Mr. Matthew F. McHugh             FTI Consulting
            Mr. Regis McKenna             Regis McKenna, Inc.
            The Honorable Thomas F. McLarty, III             McLarty Associates
            Mr. R.T. McNamar             E-Certus Software Solutions
            Mr. Bruce McNamer             TechnoServe
            Ms. Madeline McWhinney Dale
            Mr. Mickey V. Mehta             Chemical Finance Limited
            The Honorable Larry K. Mellinger             Roosevelt China Investments Corp
            Ms. Ronay Menschel             Phipps Houses
            General Edward C. Meyer             Noblis
            The Honorable Daniel A. Mica             The DMA Group
            Mr. Ashish Midha             Deloitte Consulting LP
            The Honorable William Milliken
            Dr. Helen V. Milner             Princeton University
            Mr. Jean-Francois Minier
            Prof. Rudolf Minsch             economiesuisse
            Mr. Cobb Mixter
            Dr. Pascoal Manuel Mocumbi             African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF)
            Mrs. Linah K. Mohohlo             Bank of Botswana
            Dr. Bessma Momani             University of Waterloo
            The Honorable Walter Mondale             Dorsey & Whitney  LLP
            Mr. Henry Mooney             Bank of Canada
            Mr. Allen Moore             Stimson Center
            Ambassador John Norton Moore, Esq.             University of Virginia School of Law
            Dr. Theodore H. Moran             Georgetown University
            Dr. Peter Morici             University of Maryland
            Mr. R. K. Morris             The Global Business Dialogue, Inc.
            Mr. James Morrison             Overseas Private Investment Corporation
            Mr. John Morton             Overseas Private Investment Corporation
            The Honorable Carol Moseley Braun             Good Food Organics
            Prof. Ambler H. Moss, Jr.             University of Miami
            Dr. Dambisa Moyo             Dambisa Moyo
            Dr. David C. Mulford             Credit Suisse
            Mr. David Munro             Standard Bank Group
            Dr. Moises Naim             Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
            Mr. Nicholas Nanopoulos             Eurobank EFG Group
            Mr. Duncan N. Ndegwa             Keremara Holdings Ltd.
            Mr. Thomas J. Neff             Spencer Stuart U.S.
            Mr. Richard H. Neiman             PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
            Mr. Alexander D. Nekipelov             Russian Academy of Sciences
            Dr. Ewald Nowotny             Oesterreichische National Bank
            Mr. Christian Noyer             Banque de France
            Ms. Barbara A. O’Boyle             Bechtel Enterprises
            Mr. John Oberdorfer             Patton Boggs LLP
            Dr. José Antonio Ocampo             Columbia University
            Mr. Philip Odera             Stanbic Bank Uganda
            Mr. Shijuro Ogata             Bank of Japan
            H.E. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala             Federal Ministry of Finance, Nigeria
            Ms. Lubna Olayan             Olayan Financing Company
            Mr. James Orr             The Bretton Woods Committee
            Mr. Frédéric Oudéa             Societe Generale
            Ms. Bernadette B. Paolo, Esq.             Africa Society of the National Summit on Africa
            Dr. Dimitri B. Papadimitriou             The Levy Economics Institute
            Professor Sandeep Parekh             Finsec Law Advisors
            Mr. Franco Passacantando             Banca D’Italia
            The Honorable George E. Pataki             Chadbourne & Parke LLP
            Mr. William Pearce             American Express Company
            The Honorable Ed Pease             Rolls-Royce North America
            Ms. Silvia Pepino             COMAC Capital LLP
            Mr. Joseph Perella             Perella Weinberg Partners
            Mr. Gary Perlin             Capital One
            Mr. Ross Perot Jr.             Perot Systems Corporation
            The Honorable Douglas Peterson             Peterson International
            The Honorable Peter Peterson             Peter G. Peterson Foundation
            Mr. Robert G. Pickel             International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc.
            The Honorable Jan Piercy             ShoreBank International
            Mr. Rutherford Poats             International Investment Services
            Mr. Steve Poloz
            Ms. Ruth Porat             Morgan Stanley
            The Honorable John Edward Porter             Hogan Lovells US LLP
            Professor Luis San Vicente Portes             Montclair State University
            Professor Arturo C. Porzecanski PhD             American University
            The Honorable Colin Powell
            Mr. Richard E. Powers Jr.             Venable LLP
            Mr. Clyde V. Prestowitz, Jr.             Economic Strategy Institute
            Mr. Gerald R. Prout             FMC Corporation
            Mr. Jonathan Pruzan             Morgan Stanley
            Dr. Donald J. Puchala             University of South Carolina
            Mr. Randal Quarles             The Carlyle Group
            Mr. Moeen Qureshi             EMP Global LLC
            Mr. Eitan Raff             Bank Leumi Le Israel B.M.
            Mr. S.M. Aminur Rahman             Janata Bank Limited
            Dr. Richard Rahn             Institute for Global Economic Growth
            Mr. Kenneth A. Randall
            Mr. Francis C. Record             MK Technology
            Mr. Douglas A. Rediker             Peterson Institute for International Economics
            The Honorable William K. Reilly             Aqua International Partners
            Mr. William Reinsch             National Foreign Trade Council, Inc.
            Mr. William R. Rhodes             Citigroup
            Dr. Auguste E. Rimpel, Jr.             Boston Global Partners
            Mr. S. Melvin Rines             Rines Associates
            Ms. Mary Ann Ring             GE Capital Markets Corporate
            Mr. Robert S. Risoleo             Sullivan & Cromwell LLP
            Mr. Kirk Robertson             Terra Vista Capital Inc
            Mr. Davis R. Robinson             Council on Foreign Relations
            Ambassador Gilbert Robinson             GAR Inc.
            Mr. David Rockefeller
            Mr. Randy Rodgers             The Bretton Woods Committee
            Dr. Riordan Roett             Johns Hopkins University
            Dr. Kenneth Rogoff             Harvard University
            Ambassador Felix G. Rohatyn             Lazard Ltd
            Professor Hilton L. Root             George Mason University
            Mr. Eugene H. Rotberg
            Dr. Nouriel Roubini             Roubini Global Economics
            Mr. Derek Rozycki             Mubadala Development Company
            Mr. William D. Ruckelshaus             Madrona Venture Group
            Mr. H. Onno Ruding             Citibank
            Mr. Hans-Joerg Rudloff             Barclays Capital
            Mr. Daniel Runde             Center for Strategic and International Studies
            Mr. William F. Ruprecht             Sotheby’s Holdings, Inc.
            Mr. T. Timothy Ryan, Jr.             JP Morgan Chase
            Mr. Paul Ryberg             Ryberg and Smith LLC
            Mr. Matthew Saal             WPA Inc.
            Mr. Motoatsu Sakurai             Japan Society
            Dr. Haroutioun Y. Samuelian             Central Bank of Lebanon
            Dr. Barbara C. Samuels             Samuels Associates
            Mr. Jean-Louis Sarbib             Development Gateway
            Mr. Rolf Sartorius             Social Impact
            Mr. Trilochan Sastry             Indian Institute of Management
            Mr. Yasuhiro Sato             Mizuho Bank
            Mr. Ralph S. Saul             Knox & Co.
            Mr. Andrew G. Scace             Royal Bank of Canada
            Ms. Regina Schleiger             Medley Global Advisors
            Mr. Kai Schmitz             World Bank
            Ms. Jill Schuker             OECD Washington Center
            Dr. Moritz Schularick             Free Institute of Berlin
            Mr. Klaus Schwab             World Economic Forum
            Dr. M. Roy Schwarz             China Medical Board
            Professor Hal S. Scott             Harvard University School of Law
            General Brent Scowcroft             The Scowcroft Group
            Mr. Thomas Selman             FINRA
            Mr. Charles O. Sethness
            Mr. Asif M. Shaikh             International Resources Group
            Dr. Harold T. Shapiro             Princeton University
            Mr. Vasuki Shastry             Standard Chartered Bank
            Mr. Masaaki Shirakawa
            Mr. John Shlaes             JBS Associates
            The Honorable George P. Shultz             Stanford University
            Ms. Andree Simon             Women for Women International
            Mr. András Simor             Magyar Nemzeti Bank (The Central Bank of Hungary)
            Mr. Frank R. Smets             European Central Bank
            Ms. Mary Oakes Smith             Iraqi Women’s Fellowship Foundation
            Dr. Dorothy Meadow Sobol             Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies
            Dr. Robert Solomon             The Brookings Institution
            Mr. George Soros             Soros Fund Management
            Ambassador Paul Speltz             Global Strategic Associates
            Mr. J. Andrew Spindler             Financial Services Volunteer Corps
            Dr. T.N. Srinivasan             Yale University
            Ms. Ruth Stanat             SIS International Research
            Ms. Louellen Stedman             Korean Economic Institute
            Mr. Ernest Stern             The Rohatyn Group
            Dr. Paul G. Stern             Claris Capital, LLC
            Dr. Paula Stern             Stern Group Inc.
            The Honorable Robert Strauss             Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP
            Mr. William Strong             Morgan Stanley
            Mr. Mark H. Stumpf             Arnold & Porter
            Ms. Wendy P. Suehrstedt
            Mr. Shigemitsu Sugisaki             Goldman Sachs Japan Co., Ltd
            Mr. Gerald A. Sumida             Carlsmith Ball LLP
            Dr. Lawrence H. Summers             Harvard University
            Mr. S. Blake Swensrud             Device Cloud Networks
            The Honorable Strobe Talbott             The Brookings Institution
            Dr. Morris Tanenbaum             AT&T
            Mr. Heath P. Tarbert             Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP
            The Honorable Gligor Tashkovich             Government of the Republic of Macedonia
            Mr. Selig A. Taubenblatt             American-Turkish Council
            Mr. Hamid Tawfiki             CDG Capital
            The Honorable John B. Taylor             Stanford University
            Dr. Mohamed E. Taymour             Pharos Holding for Financial Investments
            Dr. Robert L. Thompson             University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
            Dr. Marta Tienda             Princeton University
            The Honorable Esteban Edward Torres             California Transportation Commission
            Mr. Josef Tosovsky             Financial Stability Institute
            Dr. Umayya Toukan             The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
            Mr. James Tozzi             Center for Regulatory Effectiveness
            Mr. Stephen J. Trachtenberg             George Washington University
            Mr. Jean-Claude Trichet             Banque de France
            Mr. Solomon D. Trujillo             Trujillo Group LLC
            Mr. Edwin M. Truman             Peterson Institute for International Economics
            Mr. Marc Tucker             National Center on Education and the Economy
            Lord Adair Turner             Institute for New Economic Thinking
            Mr. Makoto Utsumi             Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd.
            Ms. Marsha Vande-Berg             Pacific Pension Institute
            Ms. Ana Vasilache             Partners Foundation for Local Development
            Mr. Cesar Virata             Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation
            Mr. Frank Vogl             Transparency International
            The Honorable Paul A. Volcker
            Mr. Charles V. Wait             The Adirondack Trust Company
            Ms. Jane Wales             Global Philanthropy Forum
            Dr. Charls E. Walker             American Council For Capital Formation
            Sir David Walker             Barclays
            Mr. John L. Walker             Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP
            Mr. Marcus Wallenberg             Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken
            Mr. Paul Walsh             Diageo Plc
            Mr. Joseph Wambia             Wambia Capital Management LLC
            Mr. Joshua B. Warren             Foros
            Dr. Axel A. Weber             UBS AG
            Dr. Beatrice Weder di Mauro             University of Mainz
            Ms. Ruth Wedgwood             Johns Hopkins University
            Mr. Dinesh S. Weerakkody             Commercial Bank of Ceylon, Plc.
            Mr. Frank Weil             Abacus & Associates, Inc.
            Mr. Daniel L. Weiss             PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
            Mr. George H. Weyerhaeuser             Weyerhaeuser Company
            Ms. Deirdre White             PYXERA Global
            Mr. John C. Whitehead             World Trade Center Memorial Foundation
            Mr. Richard Whiting             Financial Services Roundtable
            Dr. Marina Whitman             University of Michigan
            Mr. Dennis Whittle             The Whittle Group
            Mr. Onno de Beaufort Wijnholds             International Monetary Fund
            Ms. Amy M. Wilkinson             Harvard University
            Ms. Diane Willkens             Development Finance International, Inc.
            Mr. Robert G. Wilmers             M&T Bank
            Mrs. Margaret S. Wilson             Scarbroughs
            Mr. Stephen R. Wilson             CF Industries Holdings Inc.
            Mr. Peter L. Woicke             Ashesi University Foundation
            Mr. James D. Wolfensohn             Wolfensohn & Company LLC
            Mr. Alan W. Wolff             McKenna, Long & Aldridge LLP
            Ambassador Linda Tsao Yang             Asian Corporate Governance Association
            Mr. Marvin Yeo             Frontier Investment & Development Partners
            Dr. Daniel H. Yergin             IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates
            Mr. Van Yeutter             Cargill, Inc
            Mr. Keisuke Yokoo             Mizuho Securities Co. Ltd
            The Honorable Andrew Young             GoodWorks International
            Dr. Yu Yongding             Institute of World Economics and Politics, CASS
            Mr. Mortimer B. Zuckerman             Boston Propertiespage/committee_members

Leadership and Staff

Honorary Co-Chairs

            President George H.W. Bush George H.W. Bush served as the 41st President of the United States (1989–93). He had previously served as the 43rd Vice President of the United States (1981–89), a congressman (R-TX), Ambassador to the United Nations, and Director of Central Intelligence.
            President Jimmy  Carter Jimmy Carter served as the 39th President of the United States (1977–1981) and was awarded the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize, the only U.S. President to have received the Prize after leaving office. President Carter was also as a U.S. Naval officer and served two terms as a Georgia State Senator and one as Governor of Georgia (1971–1975).

Past Honorary Co-Chair

            President Gerald R. Ford Gerald Ford, Jr. was the 38th President of the United States (1974-1977). He had previously served as the 40th Vice President of the United States (1973-1974) and nearly 25 years as the Representative from Michigan’s 5th congressional district, including eight as the Republican Minority Leader.


James D. Wolfensohn             Co-Chair James D. Wolfensohn is currently Chairman of Wolfensohn & Company, LLC, a private investment and advisory firm; Chairman of Citi International Advisory Board; and advisor to Citi on global strategy and international matters.
William E. Frenzel             Co-Chair William E. Frenzel has been a Guest Scholar at the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC since January 1991 when he retired from the US House of Representatives after serving his Minnesota constituency for 20 years.
Richard A. Debs             Chair, Executive Committee Richard A. Debs, an Advisory Director of Morgan Stanley, joined the firm in 1976 as the Founding President of Morgan Stanley International to develop the investment bank’s international business, now a major part of its global activities.
James C. Orr             Secretary James C. Orr is co-founder and Secretary of the Bretton Woods Committee. In addition, he is managing partner of James Orr Associates, a government policy consulting firm whose clients are international financial services firms, central banks, and government ministries.

Past Co-Chairs

            Henry H. Fowler Henry H. Fowler was Secretary of the Treasury under President Lyndon Johnson (1965-1968). He also served as Under Secretary of the Treasury (1961 -1964), an assistant general counsel of the Office of Production Management and War Production Board (1941-1944), and Director of the Office of Defense Mobilization and member of the National Security Council during the Korean War.
            Paul A. Volcker Paul A. Volcker was the Chairman of the Federal Reserve under Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan (1979-987). Previously, he served in a variety of positions with the Treasury, Chase Manhattan Bank, and the New York Federal Reserve, as well as the Chairman of the Economic Recovery Advisory Board under President Barack Obama (2009-2011).
            Charls E. Walker Charls E. Walker was Deputy Secretary of the Treasury under President Richard Nixon (1969-1974). Previously, he served as Vice President and Economic Advisor to the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, founder and chairman of the American Council for Capital Investment, and Executive Vice President of the American Bankers Association.
            Henry  Owen Henry Owen was Chairman of the State Department Policy Planning Council under President Lyndon John (1966-1969) and helped to create the Trilateral Commission in 1973. He also served as President Carter’s Ambassador-at-Large and Special Representative of the President for Economic Summits and coordinator of foreign economic policy for the White House.
            E. Gerald Corrigan E. Gerald Corrigan was the 10th President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and 7th President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. He is currently managing director in the Office of the Chairman at Goldman Sachs and co-chair of the Firmwide Risk Management Committee. He was appointed chairman of GS Bank USA in September 2008.


Randy S. Rodgers             Executive Director Randy Rodgers is the Executive Director of the Bretton Woods Committee.  He is also Founder and Managing Partner of Change Foundations, LLC, a global management consulting firm that assists public and private sector organizations in planning and successfully carrying out their most critical business and organizational change initiatives.
Carmen Iezzi Mezzera             Director Carmen Mezzera has served at the Bretton Woods Committee since August 2011. Previously, she was Executive Director of the Fair Trade Federation, the trade association that strengthens and promotes North American organizations fully committed to fair trade. Ms. Mezzera has also served as Assistant Director for Education and Outreach at the Atlantic Council of the United States and as Director of Alumni Relations for the School of International Service (SIS) at American University.
Susan Nich             Office Manager Susan Nich joined the Bretton Woods Committee as Office Manager in October 2012. Most recently she worked in administration for the development department of Vetstreet in Silver Spring, MD and at Nusgart Consulting in Bethesda, MD, where she managed client and consultant relationships for the company’s founder and CEO. … 

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