The sad story of Haya , Julia and Sama

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Haya , Julia and Sama

Those beautiful girls are called : Haya , Julia and Sama. They are sisters. Palestinian refugees who were born in Syria. Their family fled Syria after the revolution turned in to a war seeking better life in Egypt. Facing with double bitter reality mixed with racism, their parents decided to emigrate illegally escaping from Egypt seeking safe place in Europe unfortunately. Haya , Julia and Sama drowned on Friday in the Mediterranean near the shores of Alexandria among the 12 Syrian and Palestinian that were drowned in the illegal immigration boat incident. I do not know what to say except that I am sorry, I am sorry that the Syrians and Palestinians have to suffer in Egypt. I am sorry that we are not helping them to live in dignity in our country. I am sorry that they had to die like this. The agony of the refugees from Syria is doubled for the Palestinian refugees as unlike other refugees they do not have UNRWA in Egypt to help them. This is of course besides racism against Palestinians in Egypt nowadays.

These refugees are ready to die in the sea just to get hell out of Egypt , can you just imagine how it feels ? Already we got our own youth who are ready to do the same and they are doing it !! If Europe does not want these refugees and the Egyptian regime does not want them too then I think the EU , Egypt , UN , UNRWA and UNHCR should work out a solution for those refugees whether Syrian or Palestinian to have a proper way of living in dignity instead of throwing themselves to hell like that. Now I want to say something about that disgusting racism and ultra-nationalism in Egypt towards Syrians and Palestinians.
With my all due respect Modern Egypt was not built by Egyptians only but it was also built by foreigners including amazing and wonderful Syrians, Palestinians and Lebanese that did not only a safe haven in Egypt but a place where they could not live only  but they also contributed to a great nation we brag about till this moment. Go back and see who were the founders of the Egyptian major newspapers and printing houses , you would find them from Levant. Go back in history and see who were the artists and actors back then and you would find them from Levant. I do not need to say names because they are so many.  All what I can say now is that the Egyptian people were more welcoming and more tolerant then despite they were poor and were not educated like now. That stupid Ultra-Nationalism is killing Egypt’s true soul.
It’s heart wrenching. May these beautiful little children R.I.P.
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