The Committee of 300

Robert Rothschild 1911-1978

Co-author of the Treaty of Rome. On its signing he was quoted saying

I think that we have re-established the Roman Empire without a single shot being fired.

Fellow Treaty of Rome author and Rothschild family friend Paul-Henri Spaak also gave Bilderburg Group chairman Étienne Davignon his start as a member of staff in the Belgian government

The committee is believed to be an international council which organizes politics, commerce, banking, media, and the military for centralized global efforts.

The Committee of 300 is modeled after the British East India Company’s Council of 300, founded by the British aristocracy in 1727. Most of its immense wealth arose out of the opium trade with China. This group is responsible for the phony drug wars in the U.S. These phony drug wars were to get the population to give away their constitutional rights. Asset forfeiture is a prime example, where huge assets can be seized without trail and no proof of guilt needed. Also the Committee of 300 long ago decreed that there shall be a smaller-much smaller-and better world, that is, their idea of what constitutes a better world.

The Committee of 300 is the ultimate secret society made up of an untouchable ruling class, which includes

    • the Queen of the United Kingdom (Elizabeth II),
    • the Queen of the Netherlands,
    • the Queen of Denmark and
    • the royal families of Europe
      These aristocrats decided at the death of Queen Victoria, the matriarch of the Venetian Black Guelphs that, in order to gain world-wide control, it would be necessary for its aristocratic members to “go into business” with the non-aristocratic but extremely powerful leaders of corporate business on a global scale, and so the doors to ultimate power were opened to what the Queen of England likes to refer to as “the commoners”.

Through their illicit banking cartel, they own the stock of the Federal Reserve, which is a private for profit corporation that violates U.S. Constitution and is a root of the problem.

Felix Dzerzhinsky
Фе́ликс Эдму́ндович Дзержи́нский
RIAN archive 6464 Dzerzhinsky.jpg
Felix Dzerzhinsky in 1918
Director of the Cheka

The Committee of 300 looks to social convulsions on a global scale, followed by depressions, as a softening-up technique for bigger things to come, as its principal method of creating masses of people all over the world who will become its “welfare” recipients of the future.

The committee appears to base much of its important decisions affecting mankind on the philosophy of Polish aristocrat, Felix Dzerzinski, who regarded mankind as being slightly above the level of cattle. He once said that

Man is of no importance. Look at what happens when you starve him. He begins to eat his dead companions to stay alive. Man is only interested in his own survival. That is all that counts. All the Spinoza stuff is a lot of rubbish.”

In the Committee of 300, which has a 150+ year history, we have some of the most brilliant intellects assembled to form a completely totalitarian, absolutely controlled “new” society only it isn’t new, having drawn most of its ideas from the Clubs of Cultus Diabolicus. It strives toward a One World Government rather well described by one of its late members, H. G. Wells, in his work commissioned by the Committee which Wells boldly called:

“The Open Conspiracy: Blue Prints for a World Revolution”.

The current criminal agenda of the Committee of 300 is further evidenced by recently leaked Club of Rome documents, as they describe how they will use drugs to help stifle resistance to their New World Order scheme: “…having been failed by Christianity, and with unemployment rife on every hand, those who have been without jobs for five years or more, will turn away from the church and seek solace in drugs. By then, full control of the drug trade must be completed in order that the government of all countries who are under our jurisdiction have a monopoly in place which we will control by controlling supplies reaching the market… Drug bars will take care of the unruly and the discontented. Would-be revolutionaries will be turned into harmless addicts with no will of their own… The crowned cobras of Europe and their Eastern Liberal Establishment families will not tolerate any true war against drugs.

The roots of the [Royal] East India Company (chartered by Queen Elizabeth I on December 31, 1600 and dissolved in 1873) sprout from the European Black Nobility. The Black Nobility are the oligarchic families of Venice and Genoa, who in the 12th century held the privileged trading rights (monopolies). The first of three crusades, from 1063 to 1123, established the power of the Venetian Black Nobility and solidified the power of the wealthy ruling class. The Black Nobility aristocracy achieved complete control over Venice in 1171, when the appointment of the doge was transferred to what was known as the Great Council, which consisted of members of the commercial aristocracy, a complete triumph for them. Venice has remained in their hands ever since, but the power and influence of the Venetian Black Nobility extends far beyond its borders, and today, is felt in every corner of the globe. In 1204 the oligarchic family parceled out feudal enclaves to their members, and from this epoch dates the great building-up of power and pressure until the government became a closed corporation of the leading Black Nobility families.

Full list of the Committee of 300 with wiki links:

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Fred Bergsten – [link to] Silvio Berlusconi – [link to] Ben Bernanke – [link to] Nils Bernstein – [link to] Donald Berwick – [link to] Carl Bildt – [link to] Sir Winfried Bischoff – [link to] Tony Blair – [link to] Lloyd Blankfein – [link to] Leonard Blavatnik – [link to] Michael Bloomberg – [link to] Frits Bolkestein – [link to] Hassanal Bolkiah – [link to] Michael C Bonello – [link to] Emma Bonino – [link to] David L. Boren – [link to] Borwin Duke of Mecklenburg – [link to] Charles Bronfman – [link to] Edgar Bronfman Jr. – [link to] John Bruton – [link to] Zbigniew Brzezinski – [link to] Robin Budenberg – [link to] Warren Buffett – [link to] George HW Bush – [link to] David Cameron – [link to] Camilla Duchess of Cornwall – [link to] Fernando Henrique Cardoso – [link to] Peter Carington – [link to] Carl XVI Gustaf King of Sweden – [link to] Carlos Duke of Parma – [link to] Mark Carney – [link to] Cynthia Carroll – [link to] Jaime Caruana – [link to] Sir William Castell – [link to] Anson Chan – [link to] Margaret Chan – [link to] Norman Chan – [link to] Charles Prince of Wales – [link to] Richard Chartres – [link to] Stefano Delle Chiaie – [link to] Dr John Chipman – [link to] Patokh Chodiev – [link to] Christoph Prince of Schleswig-Holstein – [link to] Fabrizio Cicchitto – [link to] Wesley Clark – [link to] Kenneth Clarke – [link to] Nick Clegg – [link to] Bill Clinton – [link to] Abby Joseph Cohen – [link to] Ronald Cohen – [link to] Gary Cohn – [link to] Marcantonio Colonna di Paliano Duke of Paliano – [link to] Constantijn Prince of the Netherlands – [link to] Constantine II King of Greece – [link to] David Cooksey – [link to] Brian Cowen – [link to] Sir John Craven – [link to] Andrew Crockett – [link to] Uri Dadush – [link to] Tony D’Aloisio – [link to] Alistair Darling – [link to] Sir Howard Davies – [link to] Etienne Davignon – [link to] David Davis – [link to] Benjamin de Rothschild – [link to] David Rene de Rothschild – [link to] Evelyn de Rothschild – [link to] Leopold de Rothschild – [link to] Joseph Deiss – [link to] Oleg Deripaska – [link to] Michael Dobson – [link to] Mario Draghi – [link to] Jan Du Plessis – [link to] William C. Dudley – [link to] Wim Duisenberg – [link to] Edward Duke of Kent – [link to] Edward Earl of Wessex – [link to] Elizabeth II Queen of the United Kingdom – [link to] John Elkann – [link to] Vittorio Emanuele Prince of Naples – [link to] Ernst August Prince of Hanover – [link to] Martin Feldstein – [link to] Matthew Festing – [link to] François Fillon – [link to] Heinz Fischer – [link to] Joschka Fischer – [link to] Stanley Fischer – [link to] Niall FitzGerald – [link to] Franz Duke of Bavaria – [link to] Mikhail Fridman – [link to] Friso Prince of Orange-Nassau – [link to] Bill Gates – [link to] Christopher Geidt – [link to] Timothy Geithner – [link to] Georg Friedrich Prince of Prussia – [link to] Dr Chris Gibson-Smith – [link to] Mikhail Gorbachev – [link to] Al Gore – [link to] Allan Gotlieb – [link to] Stephen Green – [link to] Alan Greenspan – [link to] Gerald Grosvenor 6th Duke of Westminster – [link to] Jose Angel Gurria – [link to] William Hague – [link to] Sir Philip Hampton – [link to] Hans-Adam II Prince of Liechtenstein – [link to] Harald V King of Norway – [link to] Stephen Harper – [link to] François Heisbourg – [link to] Henri Grand Duke of Luxembourg – [link to] Philipp Hildebrand – [link to] Carla Anderson Hills – [link to] Richard Holbrooke – [link to] Patrick Honohan – [link to] Alan Howard – [link to] Alijan Ibragimov – [link to] Stefan Ingves – [link to] Walter Isaacson – [link to] Juan Carlos King of Spain – [link to] Kenneth M. Jacobs – [link to] DeAnne Julius – [link to] Jean-Claude Juncker – [link to] Peter Kenen – [link to] John Kerry – [link to] Mervyn King – [link to] Glenys Kinnock – [link to] Henry Kissinger – [link to] Malcolm Knight – [link to] William H. Koon II – [link to] Paul Krugman – [link to] John Kufuor – [link to] Giovanni Lajolo – [link to] Anthony Lake – [link to] Richard Lambert – [link to] Pascal Lamy – [link to] Jean-Pierre Landau – [link to] Timothy Laurence – [link to] James Leigh-Pemberton – [link to] Leka Crown Prince of Albania – [link to] Mark Leonard – [link to] Peter Levene – [link to] Lev Leviev – [link to] Arthur Levitt – [link to] Michael Levy – [link to] Joe Lieberman – [link to] Ian Livingston – [link to] Lee Hsien Loong – [link to] Lorenz of Belgium Archduke of Austria-Este – [link to] Louis Alphonse Duke of Anjou – [link to] Gerard Louis-Dreyfus – [link to] Mabel Princess of Orange-Nassau – [link to] Peter Mandelson – [link to] Sir David Manning – [link to] Margherita Archduchess of Austria-Este – [link to] Margrethe II Queen of Denmark – [link to] Guillermo Ortiz Martinez – [link to] Alexander Mashkevitch – [link to] Stefano Massimo Prince of Roccasecca dei Volsci – [link to] Fabrizio Massimo-Brancaccio Prince of Arsoli and Triggiano – [link to] William Joseph McDonough – [link to] Mack McLarty – [link to] Yves Mersch – [link to] Michael Prince of Kent – [link to] Michael King of Romania – [link to] David Miliband – [link to] Ed Miliband – [link to] Lakshmi Mittal – [link to] Glen Moreno – [link to] Moritz Prince and Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel – [link to] Rupert Murdoch – [link to] Charles Napoleon – [link to] Jacques Nasser – [link to] Robin Niblett – [link to] Vincent Nichols – [link to] Adolfo Nicolas – [link to] Christian Noyer – [link to] Sammy Ofer – [link to] Alexandra Ogilvy Lady Ogilvy – [link to] David Ogilvy 13th Earl of Airlie – [link to] Jorma Ollila – [link to] Nicky Oppenheimer – [link to] George Osborne – [link to] Frederic Oudea – [link to] Sir John Parker – [link to] Chris Patten – [link to] Michel Pebereau – [link to] Gareth Penny – [link to] Shimon Peres – [link to] Philip Duke of Edinburgh – [link to] Dom Duarte Pio Duke of Braganza – [link to] Karl Otto Pohl – [link to] Colin Powell – [link to] Mikhail Prokhorov – [link to] Guy Quaden – [link to] Anders Fogh Rasmussen – [link to] Joseph Alois Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) – [link to] David Reuben – [link to] Simon Reuben – [link to] William R. Rhodes – [link to] Susan Rice – [link to] Richard Duke of Gloucester – [link to] Sir Malcolm Rifkind – [link to] Sir John Ritblat – [link to] Stephen S. Roach – [link to] Mary Robinson – [link to] David Rockefeller Jr. – [link to] David Rockefeller Sr. – [link to] Nicholas Rockefeller – [link to] Javier Echevarria Rodriguez – [link to] Kenneth Rogoff – [link to] Jean-Pierre Roth – [link to] Jacob Rothschild – [link to] David Rubenstein – [link to] Robert Rubin – [link to] Francesco Ruspoli 10th Prince of Cerveteri – [link to] Joseph Safra – [link to] Moises Safra – [link to] Peter Sands – [link to] Nicolas Sarkozy – [link to] Isaac Sassoon – [link to] James Sassoon – [link to] Sir Robert John Sawers – [link to] Marjorie Scardino – [link to] Klaus Schwab – [link to] Karel Schwarzenberg – [link to] Stephen A. Schwarzman – [link to] Sidney Shapiro – [link to] Nigel Sheinwald – [link to] Sigismund Grand Duke of Tuscany Archduke of Austria – [link to] Simeon of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha – [link to] Olympia Snowe – [link to] Sofia Queen of Spain – [link to] George Soros – [link to] Arlen Specter – [link to] Ernest Stern – [link to] Dennis Stevenson – [link to] Tom Steyer – [link to] Joseph Stiglitz – [link to] Dominique Strauss-Kahn – [link to] Jack Straw – [link to] Peter Sutherland – [link to] Mary Tanner – [link to] Ettore Gotti Tedeschi – [link to] Mark Thompson – [link to] Dr. James Thomson – [link to] Hans Tietmeyer – [link to] Jean-Claude Trichet – [link to] Paul Tucker – [link to] Herman Van Rompuy – [link to] Alvaro Uribe Velez – [link to] Alfons Verplaetse – [link to] Kaspar Villiger – [link to] Maria Vladimirovna Grand Duchess of Russia – [link to] Paul Volcker – [link to] Otto von Habsburg – [link to] Hassanal Bolkiah Mu’izzaddin Waddaulah Sultan of Brunei – [link to] Sir David Walker – [link to] Jacob Wallenberg – [link to] John Walsh – [link to] Max Warburg – [link to] Axel Alfred Weber – [link to] Michael David Weill – [link to] Nout Wellink – [link to] Marina von Neumann Whitman – [link to] Willem-Alexander Prince of Orange – [link to] William Prince of Wales – [link to] Dr Rowan Williams – [link to] Shirley Williams – [link to] David Wilson – [link to] James Wolfensohn – [link to] Neal S. Wolin – [link to] Harry Woolf – [link to] R. James Jr. Woolsey – [link to] Sir Robert Worcester – [link to] Sarah Wu Robert Zoellick – [link to]


21 Goals of the Illuminati and The Committee of 300


1. A One World Government-New World Order with a unified church and monetary system under their direction. Not many people are aware that the One World Government began setting up its “church” in the 1920’s/ 1930’s, for they realized the need for a religious belief inherent in mankind to have an outlet and, therefore, set up a “church” body to channel that belief in the direction they desired.

2. The utter destruction of all national identity and national pride.

3. The destruction of religion and more especially the Christian religion, with the one exception, their own creation mentioned above.

4. Control of each and every person through means of mind control and what Brzezinski call “technotronics” which would create human-like robots and a system of terror beside which Felix Dzerzinski’s Red Terror will look like children at play.

5. An end to all industrialization and the production of nuclear generated electric power in what they call “the post-industrial zero-growth society.” Exempted are the computer and service industries. United States industries that remain will be exported to countries such as Mexico where abundant slave labour is available. Unemployables in the wake of industrial destruction will either become opium-heroin and or cocaine addicts, or become statistics in the elimination process we know today as Global 2000.

6. Legalization of drugs and pornography.

7. Depopulation of large cities according to the trial run carried out by the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia. It is interesting to note that Pol Pot’s genocidal plans were drawn up here in the United States by one of the Club of Rome’s research foundations. It is also interesting that the Committee is presently seeking to reinstate the Pol Pot butchers in Cambodia.

8. Suppression of all scientific development except for those deemed beneficial by the Committee. Especially targeted is nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. Particularly hated are the fusion experiments presently being scorned and ridiculed by the Committee and its jackals of the press. Development of the fusion torch would blow the Committee’s conception of “limited natural resources” right out of the window. A fusion torch properly used could create unlimited untapped natural resources from the most ordinary substances. Fusion torch uses are legion and would benefit mankind in a manner which is as yet not even remotely comprehended by the public.

9. Cause by means of limited wars in the advanced countries, and by means of starvation and diseases in Third World countries, the death of 3 billion people by the year 2000, people they call “useless eaters.” The Committee of 300 commissioned Cyrus Vance to write a paper on this subject of how best to bring about such genocide. The paper was produced under the title the “Global 2000 Report” and was accepted and approved for action by President Carter, for and on behalf of the U.S. Government, and accepted by Edwin Muskie, then Secretary of State. Under the terms of the Global 2000 Report, the population of the United States is to be reduced by 100 million by the year 2050.

10. To weaken the moral fibre of the nation and to demoralize workers in the labour class by creating mass unemployment. As jobs dwindle due to the post industrial zero growth policies introduced by the Club of Rome, demoralized and discouraged workers will resort to alcohol and drugs. The youth of the land will be encouraged by means of rock music and drugs to rebel against the status quo, thus undermining and eventually destroying the family unit. In this regard The Committee of 300 commissioned Tavistock Institute to prepare a blueprint as to how this could be achieved. Tavistock directed Stanford Research to undertake the work under the direction of Professor Willis Harmon. This work later became known as “The Aquarian Conspiracy.”

11. To keep people everywhere from deciding their own destinies by means of one created crisis after another and then “managing” such crises. This will confuse and demoralize the population to the extent where faced with too many choices, apathy on a massive scale will result. In the case of the United States, an agency for crisis management is already in place. It is called the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), whose existence I first disclosed in 1980.

12. To introduce new cults and continue to boost those already functioning which includes rock “music” gangsters such as the filthy, degenerate Mick Jagger’s “Rolling Stones” (a gangster group much favoured by European Black Nobility) and all of the Tavistock created “rock” groups which began with “The Beatles.”

13. To continue to build up the cult of Christian fundamentalism begun by the British East India Company’s servant, Darby, which will be misused to strengthen the Zionist state of Israel through identifying with the Jews through the myth of “God’s Chosen People” and by donating very substantial amounts of money to what they mistakenly believe is a religious cause in the furtherance of Christianity.

14. To press for the spread of religious cults such as the Moslem Brotherhood, Moslem fundamentalism, the Sikhs, and to carry out experiments of the Jim Jones and “Son of Sam” type of murders. It is worth noting that the late Ayatollah Khomeini was a creation of British Intelligence Military Intelligence Division 6, commonly known as M16, as I reported in my 1985 work, “What Really Happened in Iran.”

15. To export “religious liberation” ideas around the world so as to undermine all existing religions but more especially the Christian religion. This began with “Jesuit Liberation Theology” which brought about the downfall of the Somoza family rule in Nicaragua and which is today destroying EI Salvador, now 25 years into a “civil war,” Costa Rica and Honduras. One very active entity engaged in so-called liberation theology is the Communist oriented Mary Knoll Mission. This accounts for the extensive media attention to the murder of four of Mary Knoll’s so-called nuns in EI Salvador a few years ago.

The four nuns were Communist subversive agents and their activities were widely documented by the government of EI Salvador. The United States press and news media refused to give any space or coverage to the mass of documentation in possession of the Salvadorian government, documentation which proves what the Mary Knoll Mission nuns were doing in the country. Mary Knoll is in service in many countries, and played a leading role in bringing Communism to Rhodesia, Mozambique, Angola and South Africa.

16. To cause a total collapse of the world’s economies and engender total political chaos.

17. To take control of all Foreign and domestic policies of the United States. [MC-which in my opinion happened in the Clinton adm and thereafter]

18. To give the fullest support to supranational institutions such as the United Nations (UN), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), the World Court and, as far as possible, make local institutions of lesser effect by gradually phasing them out or bringing them under the mantle of the United Nations.

19. Penetrate and subvert all governments, and work from within them to destroy the sovereign integrity of nations represented by them.

20. Organize a world-wide terrorist apparatus and negotiate with terrorists whenever terrorist activities take place. It will be recalled that it was Bettino Craxi who persuaded the Italian and U.S. governments to negotiate with the Red Brigades kidnapers of Prime Minister Moro and General Dozier. As an aside, General Dozier is under orders not to talk about what happened to him. Should he break that silence, he will no doubt be made “a horrible example of” in the manner in which Kissinger dealt with Aldo Moro, Ali Bhutto and General Zia ul Haq.

21. Take control of education in America with the intent and purpose of utterly and completely destroying it. [MC-“Common Core”]

Much of these goals, which I first enumerated in 1969, have since been achieved or are well on their way to being achieved. Of special interest in the Committee of 300 program is the core of their economic policy, which is largely based on the teachings of Malthus, the son of an English country parson who was pushed to prominence by the British East India Company upon which the Committee of 300 is modelled.

Malthus maintained that man’s progress is tied to the earth’s natural ability to support a given number of people, beyond which point earth’s limited resources would rapidly be depleted. Once these natural resources have been consumed, it will be impossible to replace them. Hence, Malthus observed, it is necessary to limit populations within the boundaries of decreasing natural resources. It goes without saying that the elite will not allow themselves to be threatened by a burgeoning population of “useless eaters,” hence culling must be practiced. As I have previously stated, “culling” is going on today, using the methods mandated in the “Global 2000 Report.” —

Dr. John Coleman, former British Intelligence Officer,

The Conspirator’s Hierarchy:

The Committee of 300, – Source Source

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