The Rothchilds II

Written by: Vlada Sindjelic

Marxism, globalism, the new world order, liberalism…All these are  euphemisms for a phenomenon embodied in the invisible empire of the  Rothschild family.

The Rothschilds do not die, they simply depart into history, and their  place is inconspicuously taken by their sons and grandsons. Word goes  that the old master Jacob has left the scene, and that his place has  been occupied by his son Nathan (Nathaniel Philip Rothschild, who bears  the name of the founder of the English Rothschilds). The heavy burden  has fallen on the frail shoulders of the young heir. But Nathan is not  alone. In the running of the empire he will be aided by his uncles  Evelyn and Edmund and the other members of the English branch of the  family (Catherine, Emma, Leopold), but also his French cousins (David,  Eduard…).

Nathaniel Philip Rothschild

The Rothschild family has produced governors, prime ministers,  ministers, supervisors who are making sure that everything goes  according to the big plan.

The European Union was created by the Rothschilds (Schumann, a Khazar).  The EU is an exploiter of Russia, which should be freed from the  Siberian burden. With the aim of completing this job the Rothschilds  have employed Soros, Berezovski, Hodorkovski, Kasparov, the Mitals…

If we wish to unveil the background and causes of these events, we must  delve into the dark history of the Khazar dynasty Rothschild, identify  the agents, the grey eminences, the greedy politicians, as well as the  mechanisms of their actions.

The heir Nathan Rothschild (left) during his visit to one of the Rothschild colonies

Let us start with the Rothschilds, the main characters. They are the ones sitting at the head of the table.


Although ever since World War II the Rothschild departments for  the creation of public opinion have been assuring people that the power  of the Rothschilds today is insignificant and that they will be  remembered by their vineries in France or gardens and philanthropy in  Great Britain, reality projects a completely different picture. Building  upon the foundations laid by their fathers and grandfathers, the  present-day descendants are completing a mission that has lasted for  several centuries. Today, the Rothschilds are the steam engine of a  Khazar train heading for Russia and the vast expanses of Siberia. This  train, which runs through the Balkans, is to be boarded with armies of  the newly recruited members of NATO, which will then fight for the  Rothschild empire.


In order to be better acquainted with the new sovereign and his dukes,  let us look at the lineage and the chronology of this dynasty. It all  began towards the end of 18th century with Amshel (or Moses Bauer)  Rothschild.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812) Meyer Rothschild

The Rothschilds (Rothschild translates as “the red shield”) are  descended from Frankfurt. It is no coincidence that this is the greatest  financial centre in the EU. It is very indicative that Frankfurt is the  seat of the Central European Bank and all the major European and  American banks, which are mainly controlled by the dynasty. The  Frankfurt Stock Market (one of the most important stock markets in the  world) is aligned to the “Deutsche Borse” owned by the Rothschilds via  their “Children’s Investment Trust” and “Atticus Capital” on the one  hand, and their branches “Merrill Lynch” and “Fidelity Investments” on  the other. Beside that, the coat of arms of the city of Frankfurt is a  red shield! This symbol dates back to the period of the Khazar empire.

The coat of arms of the city of Frankfurt

The writer Dejan Lucic says of Khazars:

90% of  present-day Jews are Khazars by origin. They  are a Turkish-Mongol tribe, which was converted to Judaism in the middle  of 8th century. When their empire fell apart in 10th century they  settled down across Russia and Europe, and later on the American  continent as well. They are converts and have no Semitic origins at all.  The Semite Jews come from Palestine and number between 7 and 10%.

Meyer’s sons

Amshel had five sons, whom he positioned all across Europe. Salomon went  to Vienna, Carl to Naples, Nathan to London, James to Paris and the  fifth son Amshel stayed in Frankfurt. In less than two hundred years the  sons and their descendants completely subjugated the west. Thus the  foundations of a “Pax Judaica” were laid. The head of the family is the  Anglo-French Rothschild team led by Nathan, son of Jacob Rothschild. The  English team is led by the aged Edmund and Evelyn and the young Nathan,  and the French team by David and Eduard.


The English branch of the Rothschilds was founded by Nathan Meyer, the  third Amshel’s son. During 19th and 20th centuries an alliance was  established between the British crown and this family, so that the  modern history of Britain is inseparably tied to the Khazar dynasty.  Today, the Khazar triumvirate is made up of the abovementioned Evelyn,  Edmund and Nathan.

Edmund Rothschild (1916)

He built his career by pushing the British-Khazar interests in the  post-war Japan. In cooperation with Winston Churchill he founded the  BRINCO Corporation (British Newfoundland Development Corporation) in  Canada. Edmund’s daughter Catherine is married to Marcus Egius,  the president of “Barclay’s” global financial group (after the  acquisition of ABN-AMRO, a Dutch banking group, these two Rothschild  groups have become one). Marcus is also at the head of the BBC  corporation.

Evelyn Rothschild (1931)

After the union of the English and French Rothschild financial and  banking groups, and his stepping down from the leading positions in  them, he remained head of the enormous N M Rothschild & Sons, an  investment bank from London.

Evelyn also has control of the press (the Economist, the Daliy Telegraph…).

He set up the Association for Studies of the History of Banking and Finances, which has a seat in Frankfurt. He owns the international corporation De Biers, one of the leaders in  the area of the exploitation, refinement and distribution of diamonds.

Together with his wife Lynn Forester, he controls the “FirstMark  Communications International LLC” and “FieldFresh Foods” with the Indian  family Mital, which, in fact, acts as a representative of Rothschild  interests and capital (the great “Bharti” group).

Norman Lamont (left) with Mesic(president of Croatia) and Tadic(president of Serbia)

Evelyn’s main agents in the area of politics are Soros, Norman  Lamont, Peter Mandelson (a Khazar), Oliver Letwin (a Khazar) and Vernon  Jordan. Lamont has influence over the Conservative Party and the  potential prime minister Michael Howard (a Khazar). Howard was a  minister of the Treasury when Margaret Thatcher was in office. He took  part in regional conferences together with Stjepan Mesic (Croatia) and  Boris Tadic (Serbia). Peter Mandelson is the present commissary of Great  Britain in the EU and is close to Labour Party and Tony Blaire.

On the other hand, Vernon Jordan (Lazard Bank) is very influential in  the Democrat Party in the USA (he was an advisor to Bill Clinton and led  the campaign for John Carrey in 2004). Evelyn’s wife Lynn financed Bill  Clinton’s presidential election campaigns and is also a close friend of  Hillary Clinton.

Evelyn is also very close to Duke of York, Prince Edward (son of Queen  Elizabeth), which reveals only a part of a long-standing connection  between the British royal dynasty and the Rothschild family.

Young Nathan is the son of Jacob Rothschild, from whom he inherited  innumerable managers, agents, and an influence over the vital political,  economic, media and military institutions all over the world, including  even the Butrint archaeological site in Albania…

Nathan Philip Rothschild (1971)

The companies and corporations “RIT Capital”, “Atticus Capital”,  “JNR Limited”, “NM Rothschild”, “Vanco”, “Trigranit”, “British  Petroleum”, Rio Tinto, are only a part of the resources which are at the  disposal of the new king in his crusade for the east. To achieve this  he has at his service not only the western nomenclature in the EU, NATO,  Great Britain, but also numerous financial and political operatives all  over Europe and Asia (Soros, Berezovski, Djukanovic, the Mitals…).

Jacob Rothschild (father)

The French dynasty of Rothschild, which was founded by James Meyer,  is a flank guard of the British triumvirate. The French Rothschilds are  represented by David Rene and Eduard Rothschild, sons of Guy  Rothschild(1909-2007).

David de Rothschild^Chairman, Rothschild & Cie Banque^^^ David Rene Rothschild (1942)

David is head of the NM Rothschild group, which is divided between the English and the French Rothschilds. He is also head of “Rothschild & Cie Banque”, an influential investment bank in West Europe.

Eduard Rothschild (1957)

David’s half-brother Eduard is also a member of the investment bank.  In addition to this, he controls the renowned French newspaper  “Liberation”. He is at the head of the “Imerys” metallurgy company,  which has been owned by the Rothschilds since 1880.

The Rothschilds in Serbia

In  Serbia, the new king progresses in several lanes, thus trying to take  over mining basins, energy production, the food industry, the media…  The first lane has, for some time now, been occupied by George Soros who  represents the crucial lever for the expansion of the Rothschilds  towards the east and the first emissary of Nathan Rothschild in Serbia.

George Soros and his connection to the Rothschilds

George (Schwartz) Soros, the main agent of the Rothschilds

Soros is a Hungarian Jew (a Khazar), born in Budapest in 1930 as György  Schwartz (in 1936 his parents changed their surname to Sorosz).He was  educated in London and in 1950s he went to the USA. An important role in  his development was played by the famous Khazar Carl Popper, who  approved Soros’s projects and was his guru. Throughout the world, this grey eminence is represented as the  “Robin Hood of the computer age”, because he seemingly takes the money  from the rich countries and via his foundations generously gives it to  East Europe and Russia. In this way he installs “democracy” and “civil society” in countries  which suffered and were exhausted during communism, the very communism  that was forced onto these countries by those very Rothschilds.

He built his career upon financial speculations all over the world,  mostly thanks to his family of investment funds “Quantum Fund”, whose  managers, and at the same time his agents, are Italian and Swiss  financiers. The connection between Soros and the Rothschilds is achieved through a  network of confidential people who sit in administrative committees of  funds, trusts, companies, banks… One of those people was a certain  Richard Katz (also a Khazar), a member of the “Quantum Fund” committee.  At the same time he was head of “Rothschild Italia S.p.A.” and a member  of the committee of the commercial bank “N.M. Rothschild & Sons” in  London. Another important player is Nils O. Taube, also a member of  Quantum and a partner of the investment group “St .James Place Capital”,  which now belongs to Nathaniel Rothschild.

The connection is also realized via Societe Generale Bank and its  manager Michael Cicurel, who is chairman of Edmund Rothschild’s  management and a member of the Rothschild & Cie Banque board.  Another frequent partner of Soros’s was James Goldsmith (a Khazar),  related to Rothschild dynasty.

Soros’s Network in Serbia

In  Serbia, this grey eminence is preparing the ground for Nathaniel  Rothschild and is an important creator of the political, legal,  economic, cultural and media image of Serbian society. On his way to the  achievement of his goals he is seeking to drive out the Serbian  Orthodox church, the Serbian language, the Cyrillic alphabet, Serbian  history, nationalism… He spun the network of his influence way back in  1990s through the “Open Society Fund”, :Humanitarian Rights Fund”,  “Helsinki Committee”, “Belgrade Circle”, “European Movement”, “Centre  for Anti-War Action”, “NUNS”, “ANEM”, “OTPOR”…

Today, all the leading NGOs are branch offices of the Rothschilds and  are entrusted with not only attaining the greatest political influence  possible, but also with the psychological shaping of the nation. By  constantly pinning on the Serbian people accusations for genocide,  criminal mentality and collective guilt, these phantom organizations aim  at creating the feelings of fear and guilt in people. These feelings  are supposed to materialize as indifference to a piece of land, to  driving Serbs out of their land or, in other words, to colonization.  This is also done in the form of liberalism which is supposed to  reach metastasis in state institutions, in the family, the nation,  tradition, culture, and thus ensure a clear passage for Rothschild  empire.

In addition to the abovementioned organizations, very active  participants in this offensive are “Yucom”, the Belgrade Centre for  Human Rights, the Civil Initiative, the Centre for Cultural  Decontamination, Women in Black, the Youth Initiative… Advocates of  this anti-Serb hysteria are Sonja Biserko, Natasa Kandic, Vuco, Borka  Pavicevic (the wife of the lawyer Nikola Barovic), Miljenko Dereta,  Vojin Dimitrijevic, Srdja Popovic, Mirko Djordjevic, Biljana  Srbljanovic, Zoran Ostojic, and the journalists Petar Lukovic, Teofil  Pancic, as well as all the other infamous vedettas of Soros’s. Soros  also pushes anti-Semitism, which is then ascribed to the “xenophobic  Serbian society”. Those in charge of this are Filip David, Jovan Byford,  Laszlo Sekel… Various “incidents”, threatening letters, desecrating  of monuments, graffiti are all parts of this plan. We should not  disregard the fact that the Open Society Fund supports (both financially  and ideologically) the organizations advocating gay rights (Labris,  Queeria, Gay Serbia…).

Sonja Bisreko, instigator of hatred against Serbs

Marketing  and the media and logistic support to this subversive project are  ensured through “independent” media, such as B92, Studio B, TV Pink, TV  Panonija, ANEM (the TV stations Devic, RTV Globus, RTV M+, RTV Kraljevo,  RTV Nisava, RTV Pancevo, RTV Spektar, RTV Trstenik, the radio stations  Radio 021, Bum 93, Radio Sombor, Radio Index, Radio Subotica, Radio  Pirot, Radio Ozon…), the “Free Europe” radio… The cable TV network  SBB and the satellite television TOTAL TV which are expanding, are also  owned by Soros. The production companies VIN and PG Network contribute  to the information unity. The Media Centre provides additional publicity  to the so-called NGO sector

In addition to the electronic media, Soros’s list includes the  newspapers and magazines Danas, Vreme, Evropa, Republika, the  association of independent local media “Local Press” (the newspapers  Pancevac, Kikindske, Vranjske novine, Nasa rec…), the publishing  houses Samizdat, Dan graf, Stubovi culture, Fabrika knjiga, Klio,  Aleksandrija pres; the book distributors Bookbridge, Beopolis… He also  controls the information agency Sense and the two leading information  agencies in Serbia – Beta and Fonet. At the same time these agencies are  branch offices of AP (Associated Press) and Reuters, which have been  owned by the Rothshilds ever since 19th century. Sorosz has also  infiltrated cultural and educational institutions, theatres, the  National Library, the Historical Archives, SANU (Serbian Academy of Arts  and Sciences)…He has gathered around himself a large group of actors,  directors, playwrights, musicians, writers, scientists, analysts,  former diplomats, who assist him in animating more and more followers.

Two  Gorans – Markovic (whose mentor is Bernard Levi, a great friend of  Bernard Coushner’s) and Paskaljevic, satanize Serbs at film festivals.

We should also mention the following educational organizations of  Soros’s: the Union University, the Alternative Academic Education  Network (AAOM), the Belgrade Open School, the Centre for Women Studies  (which sprung out of the feminist group “Woman and Society”)… They  recruit future Sorosz’s mercenaries. The centre for the improvement of  legal studies – Human Rights Watch (HRW) is also present. CESID and all  the other polling organizations are in the same camp.

A political acquisition of the Rothschilds’

In  addition to the “non-governmental” sector, Soros has laid his hands on  the finances as well, controlling them via various “experts” (G17+) who  are financed by the “Open Society”. Beside this, we should point out that Soros has stocks at Societe  Generale bank, which takes up an important part of the financial market.  The Hague Tribunal is also financed from Soros’s funds.

Latinka Perovic, Cedomir Jovanovic’s guru

The most active of Soros’s exponents in the political life in Serbia (of  course, apart from the “non-governmental” system and G17+) is the  coalition gathered around LDP and Cedomir Jovanovic, which was the most  expensive of Rothshild’s investments in the latest parliament elections.  Together with the guests of the radio show Pescanik (B92 Radio), this  anti-Serb group articulates the ideas of Nathaniel Rothshild most  brutally and loudly. The Spiritus agens of this virulent group is Latinka Perovic, the founder of modern liberalism in Serbia.  We  should say that Soros spreads his influence through the Democratic  Party as well. The best example of this is the election of Oliver Dulic,  one of Sonja Liht’s personnel, as president of Serbian Parliament.

Oliver Dulic
What are Rothshilds’ interests in Kosmet and Vojvodina?
Marti Ahtisari, one of Rothschils’ representatives

Important  Rothshild companies in this region are Carlyle Group and the  International Crisis Group which, led by Soros, has been campaigning for  independent Kosovo for years. In addition to Sorosz, the group is  finaced by Rupert Murdoch (Sky), Goldman Sacks, JP Morgan… Members of  this group are or were Marti Ahtisari, James Lion, Morton Abramovich,  Louise Arbour, Bzezinski, Wesley Clark, Mihail Hodorkovski, Thorvald  Stoltenberg… The staff have changed, but not the anti-Serb policy. Independent Kosovo is also in the interest of the Rothshilds,  because it is the “Serbian Kuwait” with enormous reserves of lead, zinc,  gold, coal…Since the occupation of Kosovo and Metohija (Kosmet) Soros  has invested a lot of money and effort in getting hold of Trepca for  the Rothshilds. An important link in the chain is Agron Dida, deputy  minister of energy and mining in Kosovo government, who was elected to  this office after being a member of KFOS (one of Soros’s organizations).  Independence is crucial to the interests of Rothshilds’ mining and  metallurgical companies, since it would provide them with a clear  passage for snatching mineral wealth and energy resources which are in  low supply in the world.

In the meantime the Alferon company has bought over the metallurgical  plant Feronikl, which owns several open-pit mines. Alferon is owned by  three businessmen from Kazakhstan (i.e. Rothshilds’ tycoons, one of them  being Alexander Mashkevic, also a Khazar) and is part of the ENRC  (Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation)

Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev (left) with Alexander Mashkevich

Head of ENRC and Alferon is Johannes Sittard, one of Rothschilds’  agents, and until recently the right hand of Lakshmi Mital (also one of  Rothshilds’ investors). Mital invested 100 million dollars in the  company’s development. Apart from Alferon, the Global Steel corporation  (owned by Pramod Mital) is also present in Kosovo, via its Bulgarian  branch Kremikovici, which it acquired in 2005. This company bought the  Lamkos plant (for zinc-coated steel) in Vucitrn. We should mention that  this company also bought over the Lemind foundry in Leskovac and Zastava  Smithy in Kragujevac.

At the same time, Soros has been expanding his influence through the  Kosovo Fund for Open Society (KFOS) and other affiliates, by financing  the media (Koha ditore), politicians (Veton Suroi)… Part of the same  chain is Ekrem Luka, who has taken hold of the brewery in Pec. He  coordinates the work of the other non-governmental branches through  Balkan Human Rights Network.

He has also secured privileges for Alcatel, the mobile phone company in Kosovo, which he indirectly controls via Globalstar L.P.

In addition to his devoted work on the stealing of Kosovo and Metohija,  Soros and the International Crisis Group are beginning to turn their  attention to Vojvodina. In cooperation with the government of this  province, they are trying to make Vojvodina sit at the same table with  Croatia, Hungaria and Romania, all of which are Rothschild proxies. With  this aim they are creating the “Danube project”, backed by Germany and  Austria. According to this idea, Vojvodina should be pushed into a  confederation of countries in the Danube Basin as a “European region”.  Not long ago German ambassador Zobel(a Khazar) drew attention to this,  no doubt deliberately. The project is carried out through the  acquisition of agricultural combines, sugar refineries, dairies, oil  refineries, banks… Agricultural estates are increasingly being  purchased by Croats, who have already bought several important food  companies. Agrokor has taken over Dijamant from Zrenjanin, Frikom…  Nekse Group has bought Polet IGK, Strazilovo, and has stocks in Toza  Markovic company for the production of construction materials (it also  owns the Jelen Do plant for the manufacturing of lime and stone).  Somboled has also been purchased.

On the other hand, both Austria and Germany are positioning their  companies in the province. The German company Nordzucker has bought over  sugar refineries all across Vojvodina. With MG Commerce it has set up  the Sunoko company and in this way it has come into possession of tens  of thousands of acres of land. Stada has bought Hemofarm. VAC has  purchased Dnevnik from Novi Sad. The Austrian Erste Bank chose Novi Sad  as it seat. OTC banking group and Metals bank have done the same. These  things coincide with a more and more intensive penetration of Hungarian  companies into Serbia and the region, as well as an increased influence  of the Hungarian government. Both of these are supported by Nathaniel  Rothschild.

We should mention that Serbs in Austria have also been granted the  status of a national minority. Hence, this would be the status of Serbs  in the future confederation which would represent a realization of the  Alpe-Adria project – an incarnation of the Habsburg state.

Investment Funds
Boris Berezovski, a Rothshild agent, in charge of overthrowing Putin

The second lane of Nathaniel Rothschild’s progress in Serbia is  occupied by investment funds from Virgin and other exotic islands, which  are seemingly owned by “Russian Jews” (in fact, Khazars). The most  important one is Salford, from Virgin Islands, behind which stand Boris  Berezovski (a Khazar) and Rothschild capital. The fund was set up in  London in 2001 and today it owns almost the entire dairy industry in  Serbia (Imlek, Novi Sad Dairy, Subotica Dairy, Impaz, Zemun), the Bambi  concern, Knjaz Milos…

The founder of the fund is Eugene Geffy, a Khazar from Russia, who made  his career in Russian Alfa bank, which is connected to Boris Berezovski  and Friedman

One of the members in Salford committee is Lord Tim Bell, a former  advisor to Margaret Thatcher, who is very close to Berezovski, Rupert  Murdoch, Viktor Yuschenko, and was in good relations with Yeltsin. The  president of this fund is Klaus Mangel, who was Boris Berezovski’s  partner in selling Mercedes cars in Russia.

In addition to Salford, the Ashmore investment fund is also  strengthening its positions. It has recently taken over Carnex from  Midland Resources. Ashmore is controlled by Rothschilds’ Atticus.  Namely, Ashmore is owned by Michael Benson, a former member of Amvescap,  the company where the capital of Atticus is placed.

Midland Resources is a third important investment fund run by Alexander  Schneider and Eduard Sifrin (both of whom are Khazars!). The Midland  group owns the hotels Park and Kasina (the oldest hotel in Belgrade) and  Pancevo Port.

Regal Appearance
Rothschild and Trigranit

The third lane of colonization is occupied by companies from the  fields of construction, mining, metal industry, finances, banking and  publishing, most of which are directly related to the young Rothschild.  One of them and, at the same time, the most active company in the region  is Trigranit, which has a seat in Budapest, and which has over the past  few years grown into a regional giant and a leader in big investment  projects.

It constructed a number of business and financial centres in Poland,  Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria…In Croatia it is about  to build a sports hall with 20,000 seats and office space. In Serbia  Trigranit should construct the railways station “Prokop” (it has not  been started yet).

The Riotinto branch (one of the largest mining companies in the world)  has been granted the concession to exploit the boron ore (which can  still be found only in China and Turkey) in the surroundings of Baljevac  near the river Ibar. Other mining companies are present too – Glenkor,  which Rothschild controls through his agent Mark Rich (a Khazar) and  Phelps Dodge, where Atticus capital is placed (Atticus is Rothschild’s  investment fund). These two companies are placing bids for the remaining  mining basins. The Magnohrom company from Kraljevo was bought through  the Indian company Mital. Incidentally, the Mital family has been a  representative of the Rothshild dynasty for a long time. Wilbur Ross, a  Rothschild banker for many years, occupies a managerial position in  Mital. In addition to Mital company, the Rothschilds and Mitals are in  control of FieldFresh Foods company, which produces and exports food  from India.

The  banking and financial sectors are also dominated by the dynasty. The  leading banks, such as Banca Intesa, Credit  Agricole, Unicredit group,  Societe General are controlled by the Rothshilds.

The  lever which provides control is Antoine Bernheim (a Khazar), head of  the Delta Generali group. The Greek banks Piraeus and Laiki are under  the control of Marfin financial group, in which Rothshild’s capital is  placed. The Khazar Shandor Chanyi, one of the co-owners of Trigranit,  enables Rothshild to expand his operations in the field of banking via  his OTP group. OTP bought over three banks in Serbia: Kula, Nis and  Zepter bank. Metals Bank from Novi Sad was bought by Rothshild’s JNR  Limited (Jacob and Nathaniel Rothschild) investment fund. The young  Rothshild also controls the Hungarian oil company MOL, also through  Chanyi.

Antoine Bernheim
Shandor Chanyi

MOL  has been present in the Serbian market since 2005 and is a serious  candidate for participation in the privatization of the oil industry.

We should also mention that NM Rothschild is the financial advisor to NLB Continental, a banking group from Slovenia.

The Rothschilds participated in the privatization of Mobtel as well.  They have been present in the publishing industry through the Slovene  “Mladinska knjiga”, which is part of “Reader’s digest”, an American  company whose part has recently been bought by the Rothschilds.

The Rothshilds in Montenegro, the Republic of Srpska, Bosnian Federation, Croatia and Macedonia
Montenegro, terra Rothschildiana
Rothshild congratulating on the proclamation of a “colony”

The arrival of Rothschilds’ delegation soon after the referendum  (which was carried out by those very Rothschilds), meant the branding of  one of the oldest Serb countries with “colonized”. Jacob and Nathaniel  Rothshild thus obtained another colony. Today, Montenegro is completely  owned by Khazar companies run by the Rothshilds. The pattern is the  same. As elsewhere in the region, colonization is carried out by the  Rothschilds. Next to them are “Russian” businessmen, Soros…

There are ports to be appropriated, and natural resources, metallurgical plants, tourist capacities… Just like in Serbia and the other coutries in the  region, Soros had previously spun a network of NGOs. CEDEM, the Helsinki  Committee for Human Rights, Human Rights Action and Hominem querum are  only some of them. To this we can add the controlled media (ANEM),  through which he carried out – successfully, it turns out – an anti-Serb  campaign. In cooperation with European organizations and the Venice  commission (one of whose members is Vojin Dimitrijevic as well) he  actively supported the project of independence. 

Peter Munk

Peter Munk (one of Nathaniel’s managers, a Khazar) has taken over  (through OTP) the overhaul company Arsenal in Tivat, where Trigranit is  to construct a large marina. The same company is planning the  construction of a business-financial centres in Podgorica, Ulcinj,  Budva…

The head manager, Chanyi (OTP banking group), occupied the field of  banking by purchasing Montenegrin Commercial Bank, which covers more  than a half of the market in Montenegro. Its ally is Rothshilds’ Societe  Generale, which took over Podgorica Bank. NLV group bought the  Montenegro Bank.

In addition to this, Rothschild and Chanyi’s MOL is soon to become a  strategic partner of the state oil company Montenegro Bonus. Milo  Djukanovic, who gave the Rothshilds a blank check, was rewarded with a  managerial position in Tigranit, which speaks volumes of the part he  played in the process of colonization.

Monet, the mobile phone company which is part of Deutsche Telekom, is indirectly controlled by the Rothschilds!

Oleg Deripaska

An important role in the colonization of Montenegro was played by  Oleg Deripaska, a Khazar multimillionaire from Russia. Nathaniel  Rothschild himself has boasted of having excellent relations with him.  As one of Rothschild branches, Deripaska’s company Rusal bought KAP (The  Alluminium Plant Podgorica). Through its affiliate Salamon, it took  over the bauxite mine in Niksic. It should be mentioned that Rusal and  Glenkor often act together. The Austrian company Strabag, in which  Deripaska has a lare part, has bought over the Crnagoraput company.  Tourist premises are being purchased as well as attractive pieces of  seaside land, building land…

In order to secure his position in this colony, Rothschild has set up  an organization for long-term granting of scholarships to students from  Montenegro.

The Republic of Srpska

The  Republic of Srpska, which is under constant pressure aiming at its  complete annihilation, was penetrated by the Rothschilds via Soros’s  foundations, Mital Steel corporation, Salford. This

In accordance with his long-established custom, Soros founded a number  of NGOs with the same goal as in Serbia (the Helsinki Committee for  Human Rights, Lex International…). Soros’s media are gathered around  the international organization Press Now and the Soros media centre in  Sarajevo. Among those media are Nezavisne novine, the Alternative  Television Banja Luka, Net novinar…

In the area of industry, Salford bought over the Banja Luka dairy, the  largest one in the Republic of Srpska. The company Stabag (Deripaska)  was granted concession to construct a network of motorways.

Lakshmi Mittal, the Indian Deripask?

The company Mittal Steel Zenica bought over the RZR Ljubija, a  complex of mines with great reserves of iron ore. We should mention that  the Russian state companies Juzuralzoloto and Zarubeznjev are also  present. The former has become a strategic partner of the mining plant  Sase in Srebrenica and the latter has bought over the oil refineries  (Modrica, Petrol). Thus, any further penetration of MOL and Mittal has  been prevented.

Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

In  the Muslim-Croatian part of Bosnia, Mittal group is the leader in the  area of mining and metallurgy. This group has taken hold of the steel  plant in Zenica, one of the largest steel plants in the Balkans. The  mining complex Ljubija in the Republic of Srpska has also become a part  of Mittal.

The field of energy is reserved for MOL, which has bought over the state  oil company Energopetrol. The investment fund of Boris Berezovski,  Salford, has taken over the dairy industry (Mlekoprodukt – K.Dubica,  Campomil – Sarajevo). It is expected that Ljubljana dairy plants will  also be taken over. These plants include the dairy plant in Tuzla as  well.

The sector of banking and finances is being dominated by Rothschild banks Unicredit, Intesa…

Ever since 1993 Soros has been present in the Federation through his  network of NGOs. The same as in the other countries, this network is  exceedingly    anti-Serb oriented. Some of the more renowned members of  Soros’s Open Society have been Jacob Finci and Ivan Straus (Khazars). In  addition to the Open Society, we can mention „Obrazovanje gradi”, Media  Centre Sarajevo, the Helsinki Committee, the Women of Bosnia and other  NGO’s. He also controls the following media – the newspaper  Oslobodjenje, the Start magazine, the HTV Hajat television, the news  agency ONASA…


Unlike  the other Balkan states, Croatia was occupied by the Rothschilds mainly  from Hungary, which is a basis for the expansion of the Khazar dynasty.

In Croatia Soros is less present than in the other countries. The trump  card from the non-governmental sector is Zarko Puhovski.

In addition to MOL which took over the oil company INA, another  important Rothschild company in Croatian industry is Trigranit. A  consortium Ingra-Trigranit has been founded (at the head of Ingra is  Igor Openheim, a Khazar). The consortium is to build the sports arena in  Zagreb, with a capacity of 20,000 seats. Trigranit also has ambitions  plans regarding the Croatian seaside.

T-Mobile is present in the area of telecommunications.


After  the break-up of Yugoslavia, this former republic has shared the fate of  the other colonies in the region. In other words, the sovereignty and  independence refer to the territory, whereas the economy and resources  are undergoing quiet occupation and the people are being promised a  “better future” in the EU. At the same time a pro-Albanian element is  being promoted, with the aim of completing the project of the Greater  Albania.

A central part in Macedonia is occupied by Mittal Steel Skopje, a part  of Mittal corporation, which has bought over the metallurgy plant in  Skopje, thus ensuring domination in the region. In the area of banking,  Societe Generale has taken over Ohrid Bank.

On the other hand, Soros openly supports Albanian interests. For this  purpose he uses numerous organizations – the Helsinki Committee, the  Centre for Multicultural Understanding, the Association for Democratic  Initiatives, all dominated by Albanians. The same goes for the media.  Soros controls the “Shutel” television, the Vati and Life radio  stations…

Soros also credited the Macedonian government in 1994 with 25 million  dollars. During this same period he attained great influence on the then  prime minister and the current president of Macedonia, Branko  Crvenkovski. Branko Crvenkovski openly supported Marti Ahtisaari’s plan  for Kosovo.

Branko Crvenkovski, Soros’s puppet

Soros is involved in the Macedonian mobile phone company MT via  “Stonebridge Communications” company, in which he has stocks.  Incidentally, MT is indirectly controlled by the Rothschilds through  “Blackstone Group”, a major financial-investment group which was founded  in 1985 by their agents Peter George Peterson and Stefan Schwartzman (a  Khazar). Both of them had previously made careers in Rothschild branch  offices “Lehman Brothers” and “Kuhn Loeb Inc.”. Blackstone group is the  leading stockholder of “Deutsche Telekom” (T-Mobile), which also  incorporates the Hungarian mobile phone company Matav – the owner of the  Macedonian mobile phone company MT. “T-Mobile” is the second largest  mobile phone company in Macedonia.

On the way to their goal the Rothschilds bring into play reforms,  transitions, shock therapies, elections, referendums, secessions,  revolutions, civil wars, military interventions…

Nations are offered “freedom”, “democracy” and voluntary enslavement in return for their independence and resources!

The alternative is sanctions, isolation and bombing!

Former Yugoslavia was a phase in the crusade of Rothschild empire  towards the east. The geopolitical combinations were not a Serbian ally  yet again.

Unfortunately, Serbia stood in the way of this beast with a kind face.

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