Uganda Conference Draws 5,000 to Expose Marie Stopes Abortion Business

by Father Jonathan Opio | Kampala, Uganda | | 9/12/13

In an area of Uganda (Teso sub-region) that has been greatly harmed by the anti-life activities of Marie Stopes International (MSI), the people are thankfully beginning to see the real danger  to women’s health and the family stemming from MSI “clinics.”

Last week, over 5,000 people, mostly women, participated in an event lasting several days in Uganda exposing the harmful contraceptive methods and abortion practices Marie Stopes is known for. We were expecting 3,000, but through God’s grace, we were able to reach even more with our pro-life message! Many questioned why our government was supportive of MSI considering their history of causing harm to women and the family.

HLI Uganda is planning to strengthen our activities in Teso sub-region and the Soroti Catholic Diocese, including Karamoja region, to further expose Marie Stopes and the harm they do to women and the family. Please continue to pray for our efforts here to build a Culture of Life.


Father Jonathan Opio is Human Life International’s country director in Uganda.


Young Americans are Taking an Active Pro-Life Stance Against Abortion

by Shawn Carney | Washington, DC | | 11/1/13

“They’re so young!” That was the reaction of abortion advocate and former NARAL president Nancy Keenan when she walked out of Union Station in Washington, DC and saw the massive crowd at the March for Life.

She’s right – the pro-life movement is young and that is encouraging news. It’s not hard to find the next generation of pro-lifers — at 40 Days for Life vigils!

Enjoy this inspiring video from a 40 Days for Life event in Virginia attended by an entire school … as well as quick looks at other locations where youth are courageously stepping up to change the culture.

—————————————————– MANASSAS, VIRGINIA —————————————————–

40 Days for Life national director David Bereit went with the entire student body of St. Michael the Archangel High School in Fredericksburg to go pray at the 40 Days for Life vigil in Manassas.

Watch this hope-filled short video that captures the excitement — and includes numerous students’ own words about the vital importance of youth involvement:

Share this video with any young people you know … and watch closely for a few national leaders who came out, and stay tuned to the end to see surprise appearances by second- and third-generation pro-life family members.

—————————————————– FORT WAYNE, INDIANA —————————————————–

“We were very proud to be represented by the youth of three of our local schools on an abortion day when they marched and stood in the rain at the vigil site,” said Evelyn in Fort Wayne.

There was also an abortion center client who had an appointment for her abortion – but walked out soon after she arrived. “The abortionist had actually come out to the parking lot looking for her, but she took off right before that,” Evelyn said “She had not returned at all that day, so we are very hopeful that she will not be back!”

—————————————————– BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS —————————————————–

“We had members of the Confirmation class and youth group at St. Stephen Parish in Framingham pray outside a Planned Parenthood facility in Boston on Sunday afternoon,” said Rita in Boston.

“There were prayers in English and Spanish and some had made their own signs. It was wonderful to have the younger generation with us giving witness to life!”


—————————————————– MARYSVILLE, WASHINGTON ———————

“We had two local church youth groups join us on the streets,” said David in Marysville. “They were really moved by the experience and are both coming back out.”.

He also spoke with the music director at his church, who wants to have their girls’ choir sing at the vigil site. “There have been so many amazing things that have happened that I can hardly remember them all,” he said. Note: Shawn Carney is the campaign director for the 40 Days for Life pro-life prayer campaign against abortion.


Pro-Life Prayer Campaign Saves Babies From Abortion in England

by Shawn Carney | London, England | | 10/29/13

When 40 Days for Life first arrived in the UK, pro-abortion forces were convinced it was “too American” and this “Texas-based” concept would never take root in England.

Well, the evidence seems to suggest that the critics miscalculated both the faith in England … and the courage of the man who now serves as our international outreach director, Robert Colquhoun.

When Robert visited Canada a few years ago, he was introduced to 40 Days for Life — and brought the campaign back to his home in England.

Since leading the first campaign in London, Robert has been instrumental in 40 Days for Life’s expansion across Great Britain. He’s also been featured in major media such as the Guardian and the BBC.

Here is a fresh report from Robert:

————————————– LONDON, ENGLAND —————————————————–

Every time a 40 Days for Life campaign has been run in London, we see the same results: lives saved that would have otherwise been aborted, tangible help offered to women and prayer making a huge difference in communities, helping to build a growing consciousness of the humanity of the unborn child.

We have heard a beautiful story of one of the saves from the Ealing campaign … a mother who gave birth to twins last week. Amazing!

We are also delighted that pro-abortion advocates in London have been referencing 40 Days for Life in their fundraising this autumn. This is the number one indicator that we are having a huge impact and is a clear sign of desperation!

—————————————– LEEDS, ENGLAND —————————————————–

I had the privilege of seeing a fantastic new campaign in Leeds – where the faithful witness of volunteers had a powerful influence on inaugurating new change in the community. Pat Sammon, the local leader, has done tremendous work in starting a new campaign there.

A post-abortive man recently shared his testimony after 25 years of hurt and joined the prayer volunteers. Hearts and minds are changing one person at a time!


—————————————————– MANCHESTER, ENGLAND —————————————————–

I also met the leaders of the 40 Days for Life Manchester effort, outside Marie Stopes – where there are 5,000 abortions a year. The campaign had seen nine women choose life for their babies during this, their fourth campaign. Their witness has been a tremendous hope for the city and clearly amazing things have happened.

We have heard stories of lives saved from around the country. God is working powerfully through the campaign!




The billboard Life Always is sponsoring in SoHo

The billboard Life Always is sponsoring in SoHo

A pro-life supporter prays during a vigil opposite a Marie Stopes family planning clinic in London Sept. 26. The prayer vigil was part of the global pro-life campaign 40 Days for Life. (CNS photo/Olivia Harris, Reuters)

When Irish eyes are smiling….

Pro-life Flash Mob Surprise the Anti-Lifers in Chicago.

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