BOKO HARAM ISLAMISTS Attack Wedding Party – 30 Dead

Posted by Rachel Pulaski on Sunday, November 3, 2013

boko haram killers

Islamist militants in northern Nigeria ambushed a wedding convoy in Borno killing more than 30 people including the groom.

The wedding convoy was returning from the capital Maiduguri along the Bama-Banki highway, the highway is notorious for frequent attacks by the Boko Haram.  The attack comes one week after the Boko Haram attacked the city of Damaturu where they destroyed four police buildings during the five-hour gun battle, more than 120 died in the attack.

Sky News reported:

Gunmen have attacked a wedding convoy in Nigeria’s northeastern state of Borno, killing more than 30 people including the groom in a suspected ambush, witnesses and survivors said Sunday.

The attack happened on Saturday on the notorious Bama-Banki road when the wedding party, including friends and relatives of the groom, was making its way back to the state capital Maiduguri after the ceremony in Michika, in nearby in Adamawa State, they said.

“It was a gory scene,” said a driver, who said he had seen the dead bodies on the highway.

The driver, who did not wish to be named, told AFP that many of the victims appeared to have suffered gunshot wounds.

“All the victims were brutally murdered by the attackers. My passengers and I were visibly shocked when we met the dead bodies lying by the highway,” he said.

Army and police officials in the area were not immediately available for comment. But a security source who described the incident as “brutal and callous” said the bodies had been transferred to a hospital in Maiduguri.

Violent attacks are not uncommon in northeastern Nigeria, where the army has launched an offensive to end an insurgency by Boko Haram Islamists.

Maiduguri, Nigeria

“They targeted everybody in the convoy — Muslims, Christians and children,” said. Haruna, adding that the escape “was miraculous”.

Boko Haram has repeatedly worn military uniforms as a disguise during attacks and it was not yet clear whether the corpses were those of insurgents or troops.

Figures released earlier this year said the Boko Haram conflict had cost more than 3,600 lives, including killings by the security forces. The current toll is certainly much higher.

Boko Haram has attacked Christians, Muslims, students, politicians and a range of other groups seen as opposed to the creation of a state governed by strict Islamic law.

Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country and top oil producer, where the northern half is mostly Muslim and the more prosperous south is predominately Christian.

Nigeria is officially a secular state.”

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