Nigeria: Army kills 40 Boko Haram rebels and seized weapons from Ombatse militia


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Nigerians were spared a horrendous slaughter of residents of Bama and Konduga local councils of Borno State when the Nigerian Army 7 Division troops foiled a planned Boko Haram attack on the area, killing no fewer than 40 of the insurgents and injuring many others in a surprise assault on Sunday.

The troops, acting on information that the gunmen were planning an attack on Konduga and Bama local councils’ headquarters on the eve of Eid-el-Kabir celebration, engaged the sect at the fringes of Sambisa Forests and repelled the armed militants.

Also, soldiers drafted to maintain peace in the volatile Nasarawa State have reportedly seized 60 AK47 rifles and 100 machetes from the Ombatse militia group, which allegedly killed scores of police and SSS personnel in Alakyo in May this year.

Was the November 3rd attack a Mafia payback – it’s certainly been the Syndicates history so as to keep their reputation of looting and murdering reputation intact. They’re certainly not religious, since they weren’t home celebrating Eid with their family, then again the “Muslim” Brotherhood isn’t religious either.

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