Obama’s Islamic “Rebels” Slaughter and Behead Christians. Steal Ancient Christ Icon

By on November 3, 2013

The aftermath of the rebel invasion and occupation of the city of Qamishli in the northeast of Syria along the Turkish border are only now becoming fully known and follow a similar pattern of Christian persecution.

Among other atrocities, the Islamic-led rebels reportedly killed 70 Christians, beheaded three priests (to be added to all the others beheaded at their hands), and forced the rest of the ancient Syriac community to flee what has been their home since the dawn of Christianity two thousand years ago.

They also destroyed all the Christian icons in the Syriac Church, again following a similar pattern, and robbed the church of its ancient heritage, a reportedly 1,925 year old icon of the face of Christ.

Sixth-century Christ icon from St. Catherine Monastery, Sinai


Churches were vandalised, looted and graffitied with insults against Christianity
Churches were vandalised, looted and graffitied with insults against Christianity

This is not unlike the looting then the burning and the total destruction of the Church of the monastery of the virgin in Delga, Minyya Egypt this past August by members of the terrorist group the Muslim Brotherhood and the church was built in the 3rd or 4th century AD and is part of our human heritage.

Members of the MB are also guilty of the looting and destruction of the Mallawi Museum located not very far from the above church which housed a great collection of art from late antique Egypt that is priceless.


From Barnabas Aid:

Dozens of people were killed when Islamist rebels besieged the Christian towns of Saddad and Haffar in Syria. As churches, homes and schools were looted and destroyed, 2,500 families fled, while 3,000 people, including children, were held as a human shield for a week.

Homes, businesses, schools and other public buildings, including the hospital, were looted and destroyed; 14 church buildings were attacked and graffitied with insults against Christianity.

The criminal and terrorist Morsi on July 3 2013 when he was told in no uncertain terms that he has to go he stated that his followers will set Egypt on fire! And now we know…

The murderers are coming through Turkey. Once again Turkey government facilitates and coordinates the murdering of Christians.
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