Saudi Cleric: Driving Damages Women’s Ovaries Because of All the ‘Bouncing’

Oct. 18, 2013

Saudi cleric Saleh Bin Saad Al-Lohaidan recently explained on Rotana Khalijiya TV that women in the west don’t have fewer children because of family planning, but because all the driving that they do damages their ovaries.

“Women are physiologically weaker than men. It is well known that their pelvis is wider than the pelvis of men, in order to provide space for the fetus,” he began, according to a translation by the Middle East Media Research Institute.  “When a woman drives a car, her mind is preoccupied, and when she sits for a long time, her pelvis bounces, and this bouncing places pressure on the ovaries.”

He proceeded to (erroneously) cite this as the reason there are laws restricting women over the age of 35 from driving in Europe and South America.

“Therefore, in America, France, and Europe, women have only two or three children not because of family planning, but because of functional disorder of their ovaries,” he said solemnly. “That is the conclusion I have reached.”

Watch the entire clip courtesy of MEMRI-TV:

Saudi women had a driving campaign and this most likely his response. Dunno where they come up with their crazy notions but many of them are really funny. The whole world is laughing at him as we speak. These Wahabbi and Safafi are actually an embarrassment to their professed religion in todays scientific world.

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