Imam Confesses to Tagging His Own Mosque With Hateful Graffiti

A French imam confessed to tagging his own mosque in a fake hate crime.

Tags had caused a stir in late October. (Mark Zirnheld Archives PP)

Le Republique – The police opened an investigation after the discovery of offensive tags made ​​of green paint on the end of October mosque Pau Avenue Buros. Written in Arabic, the graffiti appeared to the faithful to be about dealing with “infidels, hypocrites, unjust …”. The ‘crying wolf’ imam of the mosque went to the police station a few times to denounce the hateful messages.

Police indulged the mosque leader’s demand for an investigation, which led them…. nowhere. No lead had been successful until Wednesday, when the imam came to the police station to confess that, in fact, it was he who was the author of that little display of self-hatred and blamed it on the nasty infidels – in retaliation for an ongoing internal feud.

One can’t help but wonder how often this self-victimization happens – at least he confessed which is to his benefit.

According to FBI hate-crime statistics, hate crimes directed against Muslims “remain relatively rare” in the United states,[14] with gays, lesbians and caucasians more frequently a target than the followers of Islam.

Jewish victims of hate crimes also outnumber Muslim victims by a ratio of almost 9 to 1, and anti-Muslim incidents only account for a tiny 1.3% of all hate crimes. Even anti-Christian (Catholic/Protestant) incidents outnumber those perpetrated against Muslims in America. Some of the cases above also put into doubt the truth behind all 105 reported incidents.

Regardless of these facts, many have begun to refer to Muslims as the “new Jews”. Such statements can be offensive when you consider that the dwindling number of “old Jews” are still the most persecuted religious minority in the Western world. In fact anti-Semitic incidents around the world have more than doubled in 2009 over the previous year[15] and in Oslo Jews are more than 6 times more likely than Muslims to experience harassment.[16] The growing anti-Semitism around the world, particularly in the West, is coming from the growing number of Muslims.[17]

Additionally, a July 2011 Pew Global Attitudes survey found that a “greater percentage of Western publics now see relations between themselves and Muslims as generally good” whilst, “as in the past, Muslims express more unfavorable opinions about Christians than Americans or Europeans express about Muslims.”[18] Such findings lead many to ask, who are the ones suffering from a “phobia”?

This is a very important question. On an international scale, it is the Christians who are the world’s most persecuted religious group, and this persecution is mainly from Muslims.[19] Likewise, there are 7 countries in the world where the state can execute you for being atheist. Every single one is officially Islamic.[20][21]

What is Taqiyya?
“I am embarrassed to be an American today.”[13]
(Pictured above) A peace rally at the Elmhurst College campus, protesting against an imaginary anti-Muslim hate crime

A Muslim student at Elmhurst College who claimed a masked gunman had pistol-whipped her after writing “Kill the Muslims” in a women’s restroom, was arrested after a week-long investigation determined the incident never occurred. She was charged by Elmhurst police with making up the story. According to the Chicago Tribune, initially the United Church of Christ “called the incident a hate crime, hundreds of students rallied to show solidarity with their Muslim peers, who constitute about 25 of the school’s 3,300 students. The college beefed up security, including foot and car patrols by Elmhurst police, and campus security offered to escort Muslim students around the campus.” Only a week earlier there were anti-Islamic slurs and a swastika scrawled on her locker.[11] In hindsight, the probability of this locker vandalism being the work of an “Islamophobe” is very doubtful.


In what looks like a planned incident to gain publicity for congressional legislation against profiling,[9] 6 imams were removed from a US Airways flight about to take off from the Minneapolis airport. Led by Omar Shahin, they claimed that they were “victims of profiling and discrimination and hate merely because they were Muslims who prayed quietly in the airport terminal”. In reality, they were anything but quiet. Their odd behaviour included praying loudly twice when only one prayer was needed according to Islamic law, and not sitting in their assigned seats, instead they spread out in pairs covering each exit of the plane. It was in fact a Muslim Arabic-speaking passenger who alerted the flight attendant to their strange behavior and of what they were saying to each other in Arabic. According to the Arabic speaker, they were “invoking bin Laden and condemning America for killing Saddam.”[10] The Muslim passengers even stood up and applauded once the imams were removed from the plane.

There are over a hundred fake anti-Muslim taqiyya at the above site.

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