Bungling French bureaucrats send census letter to Napoleon Bonaparte -who died in 1821

By Sara Malm

PUBLISHED:14:36 EST, 11  December 2013

French bureaucrats gathering information for  the national census may need to go back to history class after they sent a  letter to Napoleon.

Official census body Insee  addressed a letter to the late French emperor – and were told to forward their  request to Saint Peter.

Insee is now facing questions about the  accuracy of their work as Napoleon has been dead for nearly 200  years.

Dear Emperor: The official statistics body in France sent a letter to the late Napoleon Bonaparte who died in 1821 for the annual censusDear Emperor: The official statistics body in France  sent a letter to Napoleon Bonaparte, who died nearly 200 years ago in 1821, for  the annual census

The letter caught the attention of a post  office worker in Napoleon’s old hometown of Ajaccio on Corsica,’ Connexion reports.

The envelope was addressed to ‘Napoleon  Bonaparte, 3 rue Saint-Charles, Ajaccio,’ and had been returned with a note  reading ‘Died in 1821 – please forward to Saint Peter’.

The Corsican post office returned the letter  to Insee, France’s national statistics body, with a sticker saying ‘Not known at  this address’.

Napoleon Bonaparte, who was recently named  the second most significant person in human history by American scientists, was  born on the French Mediterranean island in 1769.

'No longer at this address': The letter was sent to Napoleon's home town Ajaccio on Corsica, and returned with a note to forward the request to Saint Peter‘No longer at this address’: The letter was sent to  Napoleon’s home town Ajaccio on Corsica, and returned with a note to forward the  request to Saint Peter

After rising in the ranks of the French Army,  he became the Emperor Napoleon I in 1804.

He is most famous for his success as a  military leader during the Napoleonic wars.

After his luck turned during a disastrous  attempt to invade Russia in 1812 he was first to the island of Elba, before he  returned to power only to be defeated at Waterloo in 1815.

He spent the last six years of his life  imprisoned on the British island of Saint Helena where he died in  1821.

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