City Cites “International Code” in Effort to Evict Off-Grid Woman

Florida resident who generates her own electricity targeted for not being dependent on the state

Paul Joseph Watson Infowars – December 18, 2013

After a Fox affiliate did a feature story on the off-grid lifestyle of a Cape Coral, FL woman she was almost immediately hit with an eviction order from the city which cited “international code” as a reason for turfing the woman out of her own home because she was not dependent on city water or electricity supplies.

Just one day after the feature story about how Robin Speronis was living off’ grid by generating her own power via solar panels and collecting rainwater, city code enforcement officers visited her home to declare it unfit for human habitation. The code enforcers were able to make this determination despite not even venturing inside Speronis’ house.

“There’s a good chance they just looked at the water bill for that address and realized the city monopoly had been thwarted,” reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Despite the fact that Speronis’ home looks the same as every other on her street from the outside, because she is not dependent on government, the state is presumably worried about the threat of a good example and is attempting to evict her from her own fully owned property.

A city code compliance manager told Fox 4 that the eviction notice was issued because the home did not have running water or electricity.

Furthermore, the notice posted to Speronis’ property by city officials cites “international property maintenance code” as a justification for the eviction.

The ‘international property maintenance code’ is a lengthy set of regulations published by the International Code Council which, although not law, are “available for adoption and use by jurisdictions internationally.”

The regulations are another example of how global directives in the spirit of the United Nation’s Agenda 21 are being imposed on Americans outside of the law which eviscerate traditional property rights as defined by constitutional protections.

Agenda 21 demands that member nations adopt “sustainable development” policies that are little more than a disguise for the reintroduction of neo-feudalism and only serve to reduce living standards and quality of life.

In response to the eviction threat, residents rallied in support of Speronis, filing hundreds of complaints with the city council, while attorney Todd Allen said that the city’s powers of eviction were non-existent.

“Cape Coral needs to be afraid of me. I’m not afraid of them,” said Speronis.

That’s one strong woman and she ain’t going nowhere anytime soon.

We’ve got thousands of laws here as it is, laws that no one even know exist, and now they’re citing INTERNATIONAL CODES whatever they are…the UN’s Agenda 21 signed by an elected treasonous SOB. Anyone around the globe interested in getting Agenda 21 aka the Rothchilds and their agents, the Rockefellers, Soros’ et al off their back, concerned about lack of sovereignity/ciricumventing elected government officals and giving the UN this power, need to watch this video and support this woman in any way they can – at least she’s getting a lawyer willing to take her case for free.

If the mafia-government(s) can’t syphon off of you then they want you gone. And what is a “code enforcer”? The video is only a few minutes long – well worth a watch.

The Netherland hierarchy co-instigated this haven of diabolo’ servants:

Australia to the UN: No more “Socialism Masquerading as Environmentalism”…(Agenda 21)

US and Europe trying to cover-up data showing a lack of global warming:

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