Feminism: It’s a Man’s World, and It Always Will Be (feminism bankrolled by the patriarchs)

The modern economy is a male epic, in which women have  found a productive role — but women were not its author

By Dec. 16, 2013

If men are obsolete, then women will soon be extinct — unless we rush down  that ominous Brave New World path where women clone themselves by  parthenogenesis, as famously do Komodo dragons, hammerhead sharks and  pit vipers.

A peevish, grudging rancor against men has been one of the most unpalatable  and unjust features of second- and third-wave feminism. Men’s faults, failings  and foibles have been seized on and magnified into gruesome bills of indictment.  Ideologue professors at our leading universities indoctrinate impressionable  undergraduates with carelessly fact-free theories alleging that gender is an  arbitrary, oppressive fiction with no basis in biology.

Is it any wonder that so many high-achieving young women, despite all the  happy talk about their academic success, find themselves in the early stages of  their careers in chronic uncertainty or anxiety about their prospects for  an emotionally fulfilled private life? When an educated culture routinely  denigrates masculinity and manhood, then women will be perpetually stuck  with boys, who have no incentive to mature or to honor their  commitments. And without strong men as models to either embrace or (for  dissident lesbians) to resist, women will never attain a centered and profound  sense of themselves as women.

From my long observation, which predates the sexual revolution, this remains  a serious problem afflicting Anglo-American society, with its Puritan residue.  In France, Italy, Spain, Latin America and Brazil, in contrast, many ambitious professional women seem to  have found a formula for asserting power and authority in the workplace while still projecting sexual allure and even glamour. This is the true feminine  mystique, which cannot be taught but flows from an instinctive recognition of  sexual differences. In today’s punitive atmosphere of sentimental propaganda  about gender, the sexual imagination has understandably fled into the alternate  world of online pornography, where the rude but exhilarating forces of primitive  nature rollick unconstrained by religious or feminist moralism.

It was always the proper mission of feminism to attack and reconstruct the  ossified social practices that had led to wide-ranging discrimination against  women. But surely it was and is possible for a progressive reform movement to  achieve that without stereotyping, belittling or demonizing men. History must be  seen clearly and fairly: obstructive traditions arose not from men’s hatred or  enslavement of women but from the natural division of labor that had developed  over thousands of years during the agrarian period and that once immensely  benefited and protected women, permitting them to remain at the hearth to care  for helpless infants and children. Over the past century, it was labor-saving  appliances, invented by men and spread by capitalism, that liberated women from  daily drudgery.

What is troubling in too many books and articles by feminist journalists in  the U.S. is, despite their putative leftism, an implicit privileging of  bourgeois values and culture. The particular focused, clerical and managerial  skills of the upper-middle-class elite are presented as the highest desideratum,  the ultimate evolutionary point of humanity. Yes, there has been a gradual  transition from an industrial to a service-sector economy in which women, who  generally prefer a safe, clean, quiet work environment thrive.

But the triumphalism among some — like Hanna Rosin in her book, The End  of Men, about women’s gains — seems startlingly premature. For instance,  Rosin says of the sagging fortunes of today’s working-class couples that they  and we had “reached the end of a hundred thousand years of human history and the  beginning of a new era, and there was no going back.” This sweeping appeal to  history somehow overlooks history’s far darker lessons about the cyclic rise and  fall of civilizations, which as they become more complex and interconnected also  become more vulnerable to collapse. The earth is littered with the ruins of  empires that believed they were eternal.

After the next inevitable apocalypse, men will be desperately needed again!  Oh, sure, there will be the odd gun-toting Amazonian survivalist gal, who can  rustle game out of the bush and feed her flock, but most women and children will  be expecting men to scrounge for food and water and to defend the home turf.  Indeed, men are absolutely indispensable right now, invisible as it is to most  feminists, who seem blind to the infrastructure that makes their own work lives  possible. It is overwhelmingly men who do the dirty, dangerous work of building  roads, pouring concrete, laying bricks, tarring roofs, hanging electric wires,  excavating natural gas and sewage lines, cutting and clearing trees, and  bulldozing the landscape for housing developments. It is men who heft and weld  the giant steel beams that frame our office buildings, and it is men who do the  hair-raising work of insetting and sealing the finely tempered plate-glass  windows of skyscrapers 50 stories tall.

Every day along the Delaware River in Philadelphia, one can watch the passage  of vast oil tankers and towering cargo ships arriving from all over the world.  These stately colossi are loaded, steered and off-loaded  by men. The modern economy, with its vast production and  distribution network, is a male epic, in which women have found a productive  role — but women were not its author. Surely, modern women are strong enough now  to give credit where credit is due!

Read more: It’s a Man’s World, and It Always Will Be | TIME.com http://ideas.time.com/2013/12/16/its-a-mans-world-and-it-always-will-be/#ixzz2ohmHCSC8

This is yet another “Grievance Industry”…you break down a group of people and convince them that they need you – so you give them money and march in the streets with them. It then self-perpetuates (deliberately engineered by the big boys) into a national enterprise, as the media helps it along. You extort funding from politicians and corporations, buy mansions, get driven around in limos – all for just making a few speeches every year. It’s a pretty good gig and those who benefit have every intention in keeping it alive. The battle for fairness and equality is eternal job security which will live with us eternally.

I know more than a few successful professional women who are now financially well-endowed yet quietly grieving the loss of home and family in their upscale, cold and empty, Manhattan skyline apartments. Once upon a time they were feminists who wanted to be a hand rather than a nose, today they’re lonely bitter old women who’ve never dropped the mantra of grievance victimology – which is usually against God – the Author of Nature.

The “Sugar Daddies” Behind Feminism:

“Feminists drawing large salaries in universities and NGO’s, all have these unseen sugar daddies.  The rank and file don’t know this. They’re too busy picking on men who don’t pull any more strings in this culture than they do. ”


Gloria Steinem – the “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle” ultra-feminist married a patriarch about ten years ago. Never say never…

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