The “Sugar Daddies” Behind Feminism

April  4, 2009


(Left, John D. Rockefeller and his son, John Jr.)

by Richard Evans

The “Patriarchy” is the Plutocracy and it’s Funding Feminism!

When big changes happen,  follow the money.  Feminist  funding comes from big foundations. Google “Women’s Studies” and Rockefeller Foundation and you’ll get 132,000 links. Google “Women’s Studies” and Ford Foundation and you’ll get 217,000 links. Carnegie Foundation yields 197,000 links. They frequently acknowledge foundation funding and expose a massive social engineering program designed to reduce population, emasculate men and undermine the institutions of marriage & family.

Yet, horror to tell, these foundations are dominated by men, not women. Feminism, ostensibly dedicated to “smashing the Patriarchy,” is bankrolled by the Patriarchy.

* A 1990 report by Women and Foundations/Corporate Philanthropy found that 23% of foundations surveyed had no women or people of color as trustees. Furthermore, women of color made up only 5% of all foundation trustees.   * 71% of foundation members are male. A similar bias exists among foundation directors. At 14%, women are better represented among chief executive officers of foundations, but they tend to head the smaller foundations. The largest independent foundations are headed by men.
If you take the time to really trace NGO funding, the faces change from radical chic hell raiser women gradually into very old white men.

Feminists drawing large salaries in universities and NGO’s, all have these unseen sugar daddies.  The rank and file don’t know this. They’re too busy picking on men who don’t pull any more strings in this culture than they do.

I’ll show you how to check it out yourself.  First, you’ll need the Grants Foundation Index. Using this you can look up foundations and see where their money goes.

Start with an organization’s website and where possible, find who funds them, and the list of their board.  Save to a notepad or word.doc.   When you’ve collected a lot of donors names, most you won’t recognize, some you will, but you’ll see names crop up over and over again.  They’re not all American names either listed on these US foundations.  You’ll find many names listed in Who’s Who in America consisting of mostly Anglo-Americans, Jews, and a smattering of Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, and some Russian.  But nationalities don’t matter.  What binds them more powerfully is that they’re all Plutocrats. smash_patriarchy.gif

When you have the names of the foundations that fund them upfront, check those foundations websites to find who their donors are. As you go, check each foundation with the Grants Foundation Index.  This will tell you what other organizations they fund.

During the 20th century funding up through the 1970’s feminist/population control organizations used to be relatively easy to trace to two ‘prime mover’ sources.  These could be found either funding directly or through one or two ‘conduit’ foundations.

The big two were (are)
* Rockefeller Foundation (primarily funding US based feminism/population controller NGO’s in the Western hemisphere.)
* Carnegie Foundation (US based international NGO’s)

Today it takes more time to trace the money trail back to where the buck stops. The up front organizations who commonly fund NGO’s involved in the catch-all ‘women’s rights’ include:

International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF),

the International Women’s Health Coalition,

the Population Council,

International Projects Assistance Services (Ipas),

the Center for Reproductive Rights,

Family Care International,

William and Flora Hewlett Foundation,

David and Lucile Packard Foundation,

The MacArthur Foundation

(Curiously, all these foundations have a common social agenda suggesting the rich belong to one club, the Illuminati, and were allowed to prosper because of this membership.)

Prior to US invasion/occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, the primary target of US population control and ‘women’s rights’ foundations was Latin America, and Mexico. Until the Robles Reform was approved, abortion was illegal in every Mexican state. All that changed, however, in January 2002–thanks, in large part, to funding provided by U.S. pro-abortion foundations.

When the 911 episode gave the US government the excuse it needed to seize Afghanistan and Iraq. destabilizing the region from Iraq to Pakistan, the way was open for the Foundations to deploy the NGO’s of ‘culture change’.

Islamic culture has a history of resisting Western culture and more importantly, our credit based central banking system.  Men and women didn’t want any of that in the Western hemisphere either a hundred years ago.  But foundation funding of the education system, entertainment and media industry, and ultimately, manufactured adversarial division of gender consensus, changed all that.

An additional NGO tool

The money trail leads back to expose once and for all the REAL Patriarchy making life hell for women, men, children, the elderly, and the starving: The Patriarchy of the International Central Banking Cartel.  Would it feel any better if they were evil old crones instead of old evil men?

The real “Patriarchy” is the PLUTOCRACY.  Not fathers, husbands, brothers and co-workers.

Comedic if it wasn’t so horrendously pitiful.


Comment at the site indicating the globalization of this divisive hatred:

K in Poland said (April  5, 2009): Your latest article prompted me to inform you of a case that was discussed in our college circles recently. Two female friends of mine presented an idea of forming academic group concerning women (at first without defined agenda – just everything and nothing). When I asked them about their relation to already existing organisation named Gender Studies they replied with disgust that it was impossible to work together with man-hating feminists and insisted on going independently. Those two decent young women with presumably honest intentions rejected cooperation with other women they described as ‘being constantly at war with everyone and sounding overtly lesbian’.

I decided to find out then who is or what is exactly ‘man-hating’ Gender Studies. The group seems to be very well organised, with promotion campaigns, full timetable of conferences all over the university units and elsewhere. Looks strange for a college where permanent lack of funds for academic activity is a daily complaint. In fact Gender Studies appears to be part of larger project which is clearly indicated at their website.

The proudly presented contributors include: The Ford Foundation and Network of East-West Women (NEWW). Amnesty International is listed among other sources. Even official aims of the group reveal sinister purpose: ‘spreading the feminist thought and gender identity theory’ and ‘supporting the gay and lesbian rights’. There is nothing about women’s rights there but a lot of hate and prejudice. However what is the reason behind funding for such radical enterprises which usurp the position of women’s only legal representative? I started to dig deeper – 

The Network of East-West Women was launched in 1999 as part of international network covering whole post-Soviet bloc area: Poland, Balkan states, Ukraine, Russia, Czech. Republic, Hungary, Kazakhstan, even Kyrgystan in Central Asia. The first unit was created in 1991 in Dubrovnik, Croatia (just as the Yugoslav Federation started to decompose in bloody conflict).

Apart from Ford Foundation and US Embassies the money for Polish section of NEWW comes from Open Society Institute , Stefan Batory Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, European Union and Polish Ministry of Economy. It is no coincidence that Batory and Open Society are both creatures of Hungarian ‘philantropist’ George Soros. The same Soros who brought Jeffrey Sachs as an adviser for Polish ‘shock therapy’ reforms of early 90s launched Batory Foundation in 1988.

Looks that destabilised society remains one of the means to create it ‘open’ to economic looting and accept enduring slavery. I very much hope for time the people become finally awakened and define what are their true rights, not privileges for radicals, minorities or endangered species. A As I mentioned the story of my female friends, there is still enough sane rationality among people to maintain that hope and act.

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