Russia sets up free speech zones for Winter Olympics January 4, 2014

The Russian authorities are to set up a special zone for protest rallies at the Sochi Winter Olympics, where security will be tight.

A special security regime will be in place in and around the southern city from 7 January until 21 March.

The authorities announced last year that a ban on rallies would be imposed in the Games area.

But a decree now says protests during the Games in February can be held if agreed with the authorities.

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John Stossel Blogs about (Un)free Speech Zones

December 1, 2011

by Peter Bonilla

Fox Business Network host John Stossel returned to the topic of free speech on college campuses yesterday with a brief blog entry at his website, prompted by a picture sent in by one of his readers of a “Free Speech Area” at California State University-Chico. The reader notes, “I thought it was ironic to have a ‘Free Speech Area’ with this notice about restrictions.” You don’t say:

So here we have a “Free Speech Area,” which is made less free by subjecting pretty much anything you would want to do in it to “regulation.” As Stossel quips, “What can students do at free speech zones? Apparently, not very much.”

Stossel also notes that CSU Chico’s sexual harassment policy received the dishonor of being FIRE’s March 2011 Speech Code of the Month for, among other things, its prohibition of “stereotyped generalizations.” All certainly does not appear well for free speech at CSU Chico.

Thanks to John Stossel for continuing to bring attention to the abuses of free speech on our nation’s campuses. If you missed FIRE’s recent appearance on Stossel, be sure to check it out at his website. –

Free Speech Zones were initially started by Academia: “Many colleges and universities earlier instituted free speech zone rules during the Vietnam-era protests of the 1960s and 1970s.” –

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