Irish Farmers Selfie Competition



Sent to us by Aisling Ryan from  Newport, Co. Tipperary of her Dad, P.J. Ryan: “Dad was helping my younger sister with her Agricultural science project when he took the picture with his salers in the background.”


 Tom Lally from Galway…”WHAT DOES THE COW SAY? YUM YUM YUM YUM.”
Sent to us by Peter Desmond from Ballinhassig with the caption “Two fine beards”.
Patrick Fleming and Helen Fleming from Bweeng Mallow Co Cork.
[mediachecker ->I love her little face so full of wonderment and innocence.]
Sent to us by Patricia Farrelly from Ballyjamesduff with the caption:

Sent to us by Stephen George from Ballylinan, Co Laois with the caption ”Just chillin”.

Sent to us by Christine Warburton from Westmeath with the caption: “If In Doubt, Pout It Out”.

Sent to us by Philip Noone with the caption: “Fork off”.

Sent to us by Aisling Molloy from Tullamore, Offaly with “Baby Jimmy”. Her caption is: “Say cheese!”


Till the cows come home: Irish farmers milk the selfie trend

James EngNBC News

Life on the farm isn’t immune from the year of the selfie. Irish farmer P.J. Ryan is proof of that.

The Newport, County Tipperary resident was the runaway winner of this month’s “Selfie on the Farm” competition hosted on Facebook by the Irish Farmers Journal. His self-taken portrait of himself giving a thumbs-up in front of a herd of Saler cattle garnered more than 1,600 “likes” — far more than any of the other nine finalists.

The winning photo was submitted by one of his daughters, Aisling Ryan, who wrote, “Dad was helping my younger sister with her agricultural science project when he took the picture with his Salers in the background.”

P.J. Ryan snapped the photo earlier this month, not knowing it would eventually earn him viral fame. His daughter had other ambitions.

In submitting the photo for the selfie contest, Aisling wrote: “Dad buys and reads the Irish Farmers Journal religiously every week and it would be amazing if you could publish dad’s picture. I know he would be over the moon to see himself in the Journal.”

Ryan’s grand prize: a Christmas hamper, contents inside not revealed.

Paul Harvey – So God made a Farmer

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