The Global – No Pants Subway Ride

“”It is just about fun, and providing a laugh and a smile,” said Charlie Todd, who created the event 12 years ago when just seven people took part.”

Mothers are on the subway with their kids, if one watches the video one can see the embarrassment, and imagine having to sit in a seat which was occupied by one of them – disgusting – period! I pay for a seat on the subway just like them so when their rights infringe on mine we have a problem! This bright idea apparently started in NYC in 2002 and is now spread globally. And family values, thanks to hollywood et al, are in the toilet! I used to watch Bollywood but they’ve also recently regressed into the sewer. Now it’s Telugu, Tamil…

New York


No Pants Day Paris 2012


Pics here:

Where is the dignity let alone the hygiene? They think it’s funny – so I’m a “killjoy” – kill me!

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