France: Critics of Hollande Dump Horse Manure At The Entrance of the National Assembly

Completed in 1728, the Palais Bourbon is the seat of the French National Assembly, which is the lower legislative chamber of the French government. Credit: Webster via Wiki

by Breitbart News 16 Jan 2014

(AFP) — A truck dumped a huge pile of manure outside France’s National Assembly on Thursday in a protest against the French political elite.

The driver of the truck — which was marked with the slogan “Out with Hollande and the whole political class!” — was apprehended by police shortly after releasing his smelly load outside the front gates of the grand Palais Bourbon that hosts the lower house Assembly.

He was taken to a nearby police station and expected to face charges.

It was unclear what was behind the protest, but it comes as President Francois Hollande faces a scandal over revelations he had affair with an actress 18 years his junior.

Vive La France!

Hollande, a socialist, pushed for a 75% tax on “high earners” and got it approved by a top court last month. It would appear that Hollande doesn’t want the rich to live in France, well, with the exception of himself and his party of scroungers. Good luck with that horse manure…taureaumerde!

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