Peacemaker Monks from the Kiev-Caves Lavra Stopped the Conflict in Ukraine

Kiev, January 22, 2014

Yesterday morning, monks from the Kiev-Caves Lavra Fr. Gabriel, Fr. Melchisedek, and Fr. Ephraim stood on Grushevsky Street in Kiev with a cross and icons, between the demonstrators and the Ukrainian special police force “Berkut”, and stopped the conflict. They entered the arena as peace-makers, and not in support of one side or the other.

Although they were invited to join the “people”, the fathers only prayed and sang the Paschal troparion: “Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death, and upon those in the tombs bestowing life,” wrote the Ramensky deanery of Moscow on its facebook page. The conflict ceased.

As the website Pravoslavie v Ukraine (“Orthodoxy in the Ukraine”) learned, at around 9:00 a.m., clergy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church came to Grushevsky Street, placed themselves between the warring sides, and began to pray, calling both sides to stop their fighting and repent.

The monks have no intention of leaving until the situation has completely stabilized.

The clergymen are currently continuing their prayer on Grushevsky Street in shifts. Archimandrite Alipy (Svetlichny) wrote in his facebook page at 19:30 yesterday concerning the events:

“I just came home to change my clothes and warm myself. I am writing quickly. That is because at midnight I must return to the Maidan, which has turned all of its aggression to Grushevsky Street. From 14:00 I stood with the brothers of Desyatina Monastery at their prayer post. After 18:00 Fr. Victor, secretary of the diocese, and Fr. Giorgy, press secretary, arrived. They took my place. I am grateful to them for that, because my neck muscles stiffened.

You can’t even imagine how important it is for the clergy to stand there!

So many people came up to us (even people in masks!—secretly) and thanked us for standing there. They were surprised that we were from the Moscow Patriarchate [as opposed to the schismatic “Ukrainian Patriarchate”—ed.]. I will write quickly: my teeth are still chattering, but I have to go back.” Fr. Alipy planned to be there until 6:00 a.m. today.

The violence between the demonstrators and the special forces began on January 19, after the demonstrators made a failed attempt to break through the police cordon and enter the Supreme Rada building. Radical factions among the demonstrators began throwing Molotov cocktails at the police, who in turn took more violent measures against the demonstrators after hearing rumors that new Molotov cocktails contained liquid sodium.


Great work by the Monks – at least for now – my prayers are with them. The Monks have apparently been getting demonstrators seeking refuge since the start of the current “revolution” instigated and funded by the UN/NATO/USA/EU/UK… on behalf of the Bankster Gangsters. Look behind the curtain and follow the money…

Kiev Protest: Police Lit on Fire

Protesters heave molotov cocktails during anti-government uprising January 22, 2014

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via Twitter

Protesters and police heave molotov cocktails over PM’s decision to refuse a European Union trade deal / Image via Twitter

Five protesters have died during an anti-government uprising in Kyiv, Ukraine which has waged on for over four days now.

As many as 200 officers have been injured over the past four days, reports RT, with roughly 300 protesters injured as well.

The commotion has seemingly intensified upon news of the deaths, with the European Union threatening to punish Ukraine leaders for violently confronting the protesters and the U.S. government “strongly condemning” police violence.

As per the Ukraine Prime Minister’s orders, police were not allowed to possess firearms during the confrontation, however, that did not stop protesters from being gunned down.

Police instead relied on smoke and tear gas, rubber bullets, stun grenades, molotov cocktails and also water cannons. According to CNN, the Ukrainian legislation website states the ban preventing police from using firearms has been lifted.

Earlier, an order banning police use of water cannons in sub-zero temperatures was also lifted, and as reported below, at least three tanks are awaiting departure from Chernihiv just north of Kyiv.

Medics who treated the wounded activists claim at least one protester was injured by a police sniper.

The protests supposedly stem from Ukraine President Vicktor Yanukovych’s decision to refuse a European Union trade deal in favor of stronger economic ties with Russia.

As reported Monday, the protests have largely been organized by USAID, the CIA’s National Endowment for Democracy (NED), Freedom House (which has also been alleged to be a CIA connected organization), and George Soros’ Open Society Institute.

More info/tweets/pics here: Kiev Protest: Police Lit on Fire



“Freedom House currently has ten offices and conducts programs in over two dozen countries in all regions of the world. Primary funding for Freedom House’s programs comes in the form of grants from USAID and U.S. State Department, as well as from other democratic governments—U.K., Ireland, Sweden, and the Netherlands—and from private foundations, including the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Open Society Foundations (GEORGE SOROS), and the National Endowment for Democracy.”


Why are billionaires who support and fund Euthanasia/Eugenics/Abortion-Overpopulation Control Foundations interfering in sovereign nations? And why are they interested in creating “revolutions” aka destabilizing sovereign nations around the Globe? To benefit mankind? Read: – Global Destabilization: Directed Discontent in Egypt and Beyond – link below.


Victor Svyatski outed as founder and mastermind behind feminist group Femen

A Tale of Two Protests: Ukraine and Thailand – Part III

Global Destabilization: Directed Discontent in Egypt and Beyond

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