Swedish Nurse Fired for Refusing to Participate in Abortions


by Steven Ertelt | Stockholm, Sweden | LifeNews.com | 1/28/14

A nurse in southern Sweden has been fired for refusing to participate in an abortion and she is now claiming religious discrimination as a result.

Ellinor Grimmark says she refused to help out with abortions at the local hospital where she worked and, as a result, they failed to extend her contract. The nurse did a student internship at a hospital in Eksjö and was promised extra work until she informed hospital officials her faith would not allow her to participate in abortions.

The hospital then withdrew its offer for summer employment and Grimmark has filed a complaint with the Swedish discrimination watchdog Diskrimineringsombudsmannen (DO).

The Swedish newspaper The Local has the rest of the story:

“I feel like their reaction was personal,” she told the TT news agency on Friday. The midwife has now finished her studies and found work at another hospital, where staff had told her that her refusal to assist with abortions was not straightforward.

“I declared my attitude to the hospital management and while they think it is problematic they said it was OK and that were prepared to give it a try,” Grimmark said.

She has found no support, however, from the union.

“As a patient in Sweden it must be very clear what (healthcare) you can expect according to Swedish law,” the Swedish Association of Health Professionals (Vårdförbundet) vice chairwoman Pia Arndorff told TT. “It should not depend on whom you happen to encounter.”

In contrast, Grimmark though it was reasonable to be able to opt out of certain work also in the public sector due to private conviction. “I think it’s part and parcel of human rights, and that one should have freedom of conscience also in Sweden,” Grimmark told TT.

The Discrimination Ombudsman is expected to issue a ruling within the next week or two.


Swede Anton Nyström (1842-1931 – a contemporary of Jean-Jacques Rosseau and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe) thought that the rural poor were closer to “negroes and barbarians” his colleague Anders Retzius (wanted to divide humanity into “types””) – son Gustaf Retzius followed in his fathers footsteps – known as the founder of Eugenics – he tried to glorify the Nordic race inasmuch as Hitler the Aryan race, using science as a cover. Galton et al are no better. The “Swedish Society for Racial Hygiene” aka Eugenic Society was established in 1909. It was opened over “concern” that people with “inferior” properties generated more children than people with the “right” economic, social and cultural background, and that the Swedish people eventually would get what was considered to be inferior characteristics. The Racial Hygiene Institute closed in 1975.  These vermin want a disability free society made in their image – not Gods.  

Eugenics by Abortion – http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A51671-2005Apr13.html

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