EPA Administrator to Scientists: ‘Speak the Truth’ on Climate Change to Meet Obama’s ‘Needs’

By Penny Starr – January 30, 2014 – 10:06 PM

CNSNews.com) – Gina McCarthy, administrator of the Environmental  Protection Agency (EPA), asked scientists at a climate change conference  on Thursday in Arlington, Va., to help advance President Barack Obama’s  agenda on climate change. “Scientists, you folks help us  understand our world,” McCarthy said at the 14th National Conference and  Global Forum on Science, Policy and the Environment: Building Climate  Solutions, sponsored by the National Council for Science and the  Environment (NCSE).


“You help EPA to meet our mission of public health  protection and environmental protection. “I need you now more  than ever to speak the truth,” McCarthy said. “I need you to stand up  together with us and explain what the science is telling you.“To  tell people that science and technology improvements will allow us to  take action moving forward that meets the needs of this president as he  has charged EPA, which is to look at climate change as something where  we can innovate and we can move forward to grow the economy, to grow  jobs, to understand how we’re producing sustainable, livable  communities,” McCarthy said. Obama has said he will use executive authority to move forward his agenda, including climate change. Peter Saundry, executive director of NCSE, introduced McCarthy by noting Obama’s pledge to act unilaterally on climate change.


President  Obama has announced that he will work with Congress whenever he can but  will not be held hostage – will move forward and do the utmost, we  hope, through executive authority and through the agencies,” Saundry  said. The Supreme Court has noted that EPA has authority under (the)  Clean Air Act and also other authorities, under (the) Clean Water Act,  and so EPA is marching forward and taking actions right now which is  really, really important. ”The conference described its  mission in the program this way: “The 14th National Conference and  Global Forum on Science, Policy and the Environment: Building Climate  Solutions will engage some 1,000 key individuals from any fields of  sciences and engineering, government and policy, business and civil  society to advance solutions to minimize the causes and consequences of  anthropogenic climate change.”


VIDEO: http://www.mrctv.org/videos/epa-administrators-plea-scientists-tell-truth-climate-change-meet-needs-president

Translation: Lie to make Obama look good and give him cover for his lies. Only then can he shutdown more coal mines to make the Sauds happy.

The EPA was initiated by Nixon, carried further by Carter-later Bush, but it didn’t burst forth into a huge money-power tree until Clinton/Gore.

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