Contest Video: “We Will Resist TSA & NSA Tyranny” 10K Film Contest February 5, 2014

Do you enjoy making children cry?  Do you like taking naps on the job or half-hour bathroom breaks?  Or are you simply tired of jobs that require you to be respectful to the public?


Well, the TSA has an exciting, new career opportunity for you!

All the entries for the “We Will Resist TSA & NSA Tyranny” 10K Film Contest contest are in. Showcased videos are selected for general interest and their selection does not imply that they are finalists or have met all the contest requirements.

Keep checking out for more contest videos! All of the views expressed in the films are not necessarily endorsed by Infowars.

TSA was established as an anti-terrorist organization for the safety of Americans – what they never revealed was that we were the terrorists.

Sarcastic, funny, honest, and effective anti-TSA advertisment – guessing that it’s a lot cheaper than the Obamacare debacles.

Bottomline: “In 10+ years we haven’t caught a single terrorist.”

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