Obama nominee for ambassador to Argentina says he’s NEVER been to the country

  • Noah Mamet bundled at least $1 million in  campaign donations to President Obama’s two presidential election campaigns, and  now he’s in line to be the U.S. ambassador to Argentina
  • When Sen. Marco Rubio asked him during  his confirmation hearing if he had ever visited the South American country, he  admitted that he hadn’t
  • Last month the Obama nominee for a  similar post in Norway demonstrated a lack of knowledge about that nation’s  political structure and said he had never been there
  • Newly minted ambassador Max Baucus, now  headed to Beijing, freely admitted in his own hearing that he’s ‘no real expert  on China’
  • The new ambassador to Hungary is a soap  opera producer and prolific Democratic fundraiser who couldn’t tell senators  what America’s strategic interests are in that country

ByDavid Martosko, U.s. Political Editor

PUBLISHED:          01:56  EST, 7 February 2014

In the latest blunder for an Obama  administration ambassadorial nominee, prolific Democratic campaign fundraiser  Noah Mamet admitted Thursday that he has never been to Argentina – the nation  where he wants to represent U.S. interests as America’s top  diplomat.

The White House has tapped him to be the U.S.  ambassador to the South American country.

‘Mr. Mamet have you been to Argentina,’ asked  Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio during the Californian’s confirmation  hearing.


Ambassador: Noah Mamet has never been to Argentina, but he's President Obama's pick to be the U.S.' next ambassador to the South American nation

Ambassador: Noah Mamet has never been to Argentina, but  he’s President Obama’s pick to be the U.S.’ next ambassador to the South  American nation

‘I haven’t had the opportunity yet to be  there,’ he admitted, ashen-faced.

‘I’ve traveled pretty extensively around the  world, but I haven’t yet had the chance.’

Mamet, like other ambassadorial nominees,  raised copious amounts of campaign cash for President Obama – at least $500,000  during the 2012 campaign cycle, and another $500,000 or more in 2008 according  to data from the Center for Responsive Politics.

There’s nothing new about fundraisers being  rewarded with cushy posts overseas, but they usually have some genuine  qualifications for directing U.S. foreign policy in the country where they end  up.

Mamet’s embarrassing showing comes after a  similar face-palm moment from George Tsunis in January who told Arizona Sen.  John McCain that he, too, had never visited the country where he asked to be  posted.

‘Mr. Tsunis, have you been to Norway?’ McCain  asked.

‘I have not,’ Tsunis admitted.

Norway: George Tsunis has never been to Norway, and doesn't know much about it - but he's our new Ambassador

Norway: George Tsunis has never been to Norway, and  doesn’t know much about it – but he’s our new Ambassador

The Long Island hotel magnate who has bundled  and contributed at least $1.3 million to Obama and other Democrats, proceeded to  deliver what one Scandinavian newspaper called a ‘faltering, incoherent  performance,’ saying among other things that Norway has a  ‘president.’

The nation is actually a constitutional  monarchy, much like the United Kingdom, with both a King and a  parliament.

Tsunis also gaffed when he described the  Progress Party, an anti-immigration political group with seven cabinet ministers  among its members, as a part of ‘fringe elements’ that ‘spew their  hatred.’

‘Norway has been very quick to denounce  them,’ he said, before McCain corrected him and pointed out that they are an  integral part of Norway’s coalition government.

Tsunis once contributed $50,000 to McCain’s  Senate campaign before defecting to the Democratic side and collecting more than  $1 million to send Barack Obama to the White House.

Hungary: Soap opera producer Colleen Bell doesn't know what the U.S. interests are in Hungary - yet, she's the new ambassador

Hungary: Soap opera producer Colleen Bell doesn’t know  what the U.S. interests are in Hungary – yet, she’s the new ambassador

He won Senate confirmation this week, as did  Max Baucus, a former U.S. senator who is to be the U.S. ambassador to  China.

Faced with a tough question last week during  his confirmation hearing about Chinese military provocation against Japan in the  East China Sea, Baucus said plainly, ‘I’m no expert on China.’

The prize for ambassadorial cluelessness,  though, may go to Colleen Bell, an Obama bundler who put $800,000 in play for  Democrats. She’s trading in her work as producer of the soap opera ‘The Bold and  the Beautiful’ to become ambassador to Hungary.

Asked by McCain to describe America’s  strategic interests in that nation, she launched into a rambling response worthy  of a teen beauty pageant contestant.

China: Newly crowned Ambassador to China Max Baucus freely admits that he's 'no real expert' on the Asian nation

China: Newly crowned Ambassador to China Max Baucus  freely admits that he’s ‘no real expert’ on the Asian nation

‘Well, we have – our strategic interests, in  terms of what are our key priorities in Hungary,’ Bell began, ‘I think our key  priorities are to improve upon, as I mentioned, the security relationship and  also the law enforcement and to promote business opportunities, increase trade  … Our strategic interests are to work collaboratively as NATO  allies.’

‘To work to promote and protect the security,  both – for both countries and for – and for the world,’ she rambled on, ‘to  continue working together on the cause of human rights around the world, to  build that side of our relationship while also maintaining and pursuing some  difficult conversations that might be necessary in the coming years.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2553682/Obama-nominee-ambassador-Argentina-1-million-campaign-cash-bundler-says-hes-NEVER-Argentina.html#ixzz2sf6TZ86s Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

See posted blog on the US Ambassador to the Ukraine – F-bomber Victoria Nuland.

Or Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson…

“The call ended in agreement that al-Qaeda would support the Brotherhood, including its international branches, under the understanding that Morsi would soon implement full Sharia in Egypt.  After this, Muhammad Zawahiri and Khairat al-Shater, the number-two man of the Muslim Brotherhood organization, reportedly met regularly.

It is interesting to note here that, prior to these revelations, U.S. ambassador Anne Patterson was seen visiting with Khairat al-Shater—even though he held no position in the Morsi government—and after the ousting and imprisonment of Morsi and leading Brotherhood members, Sens. John McCain and Lindsay Graham made it a point to visit the civilian Shater in his prison cell and urged the Egyptian government to release him.”


They’re basically obedient sock-puppets following the orders of their puppet-masters – what else do they need to know other than following orders? That they’re not brainiacs goes with the territory – their most important function was the donation of money to Obama’s reelection campaign knowing they’d get a lucrative job if he was elected. He got elected – they get the lucrative job. And their orders are exactly what the UK and US have designed – along with others in Continental Europe.

I didn’t look up any of these specific ambassadors but this is the way it’s been, not just under Obama (though the people he picks are more rauncy that prior), but also under Bush, Clinton et al. Max Baucus probably got his appointment as a “reward” for voting for the monsterous Obamacare…Obama got his Nobel for what he was about to do for the mafia. Note how the people who cowtow to the Mafiosa are  always rewarded, whether it’s to do with books, papers, articles, plays, songs, movies, news programs, documentaries, revisionist history…wars, environment, eugenics, abortions, euthanasia – they all win prizes of some sort or other… For example, when The House of Orange – Princess Mabel started the European Council on Foreign Relations (funded by Soros… as was the International Crisis Group…) the council got the think tank of the year award a few times… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Council_on_Foreign_Relations

I didn’t look into it but it wouldn’t surprise me if Europe didn’t do the same thing…we’re really not so different from what are called third world countries. It’s not what you know, it’s whose hand to grease, and in this case, the luck of the draw as to who wins the election. Mafioso tactics and strategies.

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