Russia can see beyond the rainbow. Can you?

I am a person who has been permitted same-sex attractions (the world would like to label me as “gay”). It seems that I am expected to support the anti-Russian Olympic campaigns, which are spreading across the western world in a viral fashion. Even Google had gotten into the mix on opening day and the first image millions of youth saw when they fired up their browser was an image aimed at affirming not just ”human rights” but also a particular type of identity. The rainbow symbolism today means far more than simply being honest with ourselves about the existence of our sexual attractions and or inclinations, for those have been packaged as one with the notion of how we should self-identify and define ourselves. That is, the rainbow symbolism in this context reinforces a particular way of anchoring our self-concept – which extends far beyond the matter of simply being honest with ourselves about the existence of any particular type of sexual attraction and or inclination that we might experience.



For this reason, if I want to be honest with myself and how I understand the world, I must oppose the ideology represented by the rainbow symbolism (in this context). I must oppose all who promote this rainbow ideology, albeit I hope to do so in an invitational manner such that people might see beyond the surface of this topic. I realize that I will likely be condemned for sharing my voice, even though I am the one giving the invitation to grow. Many people will not want my voice to be heard, and I will likely be discredited and labelled a hateful bigot.  If that is not upside-down, I don’t know what is.  However, to those who are open to considering what I have to say (even if you disagree), I sincerely thank you for your openness. Also I wish to be very clear that my voice is not directed to condemn any individual person, but rather is directed towards elevating the conversation on this topic by examining the fruits of this particular collective movement.

Nonetheless, I do say without reservation, that if people began to pursue a greater degree of truth about the topic of homosexuality (and sexuality in general), in an uninhibited fashion yet in a way appropriate to their life-circumstances, it would not take long for them to discover that there is far more to the story than what is being presented – especially related to the political and social ramifications of the current “pride” movement.  I unreservedly say this, because at one time I too spoke the same message as the rainbow supporters. However, I was searching for a deeper understanding – and what I found out shook my entire understanding of reality. I am heartbroken today watching people merely accept what the media tells them to think, without giving it a second thought. Our westernized world has been swept away by this emotionally-driven activist way of thinking. I invite you to rise above that, and consider the topic of homosexuality though the lens of someone like me. If equality truly exists, then I imagine that my voice, and the invitation that I give you, will openly be embraced and shared.


Russia wishes to not advance sexual-minority advocacy group “propaganda”. Materials and methods geared to engineer a society to think in a particular way, is propaganda. Russia recognizes that sexual-minority advocacy group material and tactics are designed to transform the way people see the world, and thus Russia properly recognizes their efforts as a form propaganda. This propaganda is especially influential on youth who most often do not have the critical thinking capacity to recognize it for what it is. However, like spoiled children, sexual-minority advocacy groups and their supporters seem to throw tantrums anytime someone opposes them, with Russia being a prime example of this day. Russia is saying “No” to them (albeit in rather inhumane ways at times – which indeed is a resultant tragedy), while the whole of the westernized world seems to have become invested within the sexual-minority advocacy group message being propagated. If this were not true, then in the westernized world, inviting people to further examine the topic of homosexuality would not be met with angry resistance, but rather with open and appropriate dialogue.

Spread the Heat

Be it known, when the Olympics were in China a few years ago, there was no world-wide protest against the many human rights violations occurring in that country. Sexual-minority advocacy groups were silent. Suddenly when the hosting country is a Christian nation, there is all the reason for uproar. Things do not add up.

Role and Significance of Identity Embraced

The reductionist idea that people “are gay” or “are straight” (or somewhere in between) is the foundation of this entire world-wide movement. There would be no “gay activists” if people did not first choose to self-identify and define themselves according to their sexual attractions and or inclinations. There would be no “us and them” mentality if people chose to rise above those types of identity labels. This is why questions pertaining to the role and significance of identity embraced are most often met with utmost rage. They shine a light on the reality that ”being gay” or “being straight” with regards to identity embraced, is a specific choice. That is, questions of this nature shine a light on the reality that “being gay” or “being straight” (with regards to identity embraced) is not “who we are” unless we specifically choose that to be the case.

Those offended by this assertion will reveal their personal investment in the philosophy that we should self-identify and define ourselves according to our sexual attractions and or inclinations.  My intent though is not to offend, but rather to elevate. There are people who simply are immersed in this way of thinking to such a degree that they are not able to conceive of the idea that We Are More than our sexual attractions and or inclinations. Many of these people who are invested in this way of thinking and identifying and defining themselves (and others) are well-intentioned people who are genuinely pursuing fulfillment according to their understanding of themselves and how they fit into this world. The fact that they too are on a journey has to be respected. However, the reality is that we all pursue fulfillment in ways that are influenced by our self-concept – our perspective of what we will perceive to be a “coming to fruition” is dependent on our view of “who we are”. This is why the precise matter of how we specifically choose to identify ourselves (and others) is of utmost importance – because our specific choice to self-identify in a particular way is what precedes our eventual defining ourselves in that way.

The “We Are More” Video – crystalizing the teaching on the matter of how we self-identify and define ourselves…

We must recognize that sexual-minority advocacy groups also promote the ”I define me” mentality – which teaches that we are free to self-identify ourselves in whatever way we choose. However, it is dishonest to insinuate that “being gay or straight is who you are”, while at the same time promoting the “I define me” mentality. Those ideas counter one another, for one says your embraced identity is not subject to specific choice, while the latter says it is precisely a specific choice. Promoting that they are harmonious, with that awareness, is an outright deception.  If we simply began to focus on the role and significance of the identities we specifically choose to embrace, the deceptions embedded into our culture by sexual minority advocacy groups would be soon revealed.

Pitiful Equality

When I talk about how I specifically choose to not self-identify and define myself according to my sexual attractions and or inclinations, people of this world attempt to pity me, and assert that I am running from myself, or am not ready to “come out of the closet”. They forget that I am honest with myself in every way – especially about the reality (which they agree with) that “I define me”.  They seem to do so to discredit my voice, such that others might not be drawn into the same “pit of self-deception” that I apparently am in. Nonetheless, across the board, my voice (and the voices of others like me) are seen as a threat to their movement.  Why the pressure to silence our voices? What is the movement afraid of? We already know the answer, and more and more people are waking up to it each day.

Who Will Flee From Light?

Today I specifically choose to self-identify and define myself first and foremost according to my relationship with Jesus Christ, and to grow in Christian virtue (including the virtue of chastity). I choose to do this because I love Jesus Christ, and the true Apostolic Church He left for us. The Russian Orthodox Church is part of this Church, and as such, also upholds that we are to see ourselves first and foremost in relationship with Christ as His beloved brothers and sisters. Doing so demands of us an openness to Christian virtue, however since the westernized world has long since rejected (and shamed) Christian virtue, those who uphold Christian virtue are hated. Russia, as a largely Christian nation, shines a world-wide light on the darkness of the westernized nations. Those who are in the dark, hate the light. The unification of the westernized world on this front against Russia is a manifestation of that.  The world urgently needs our prayers.

The End Is Near

Simply put, if people of the world began to recognize non-specifically chosen attractions and or inclinations to be distinct from specifically chosen ways of self-identifying and defining ourselves, it would be the beginning of the end of sexual-minority advocacy groups. Maintaining the non-distinction of those two contradictory concepts is the lynchpin of their platform by which uneducated and emotionally-driven minds are brought to believe that “this (being gay) must be who I am”. If this lynchpin were to be pulled out, the entire movement would eventually collapse.

Islam Unscathed

Pro-sexual-minority activism is present in Christian or Post-Christian countries, but not in Islamic countries. This reveals a specific targeting of Christian or Post-Christian nations, and that these people and groups are less concerned about world wide “gay rights” than they are with targeting Christianity (or the remnants of Christianity). We have already seen the evidence in America and other westernized nations that as soon as these groups take root, they tirelessly work towards transforming the social climate such that people (especially the youth) will be begin to feel shameful to be Christian. Oftentimes these groups hijack the hearts of the youth through well-packaged (and often well-intentioned) mainstream educational initiatives which are being introduced in ways that undermine parental authority. For many families, the result is that the youth discard and sometimes turn against the Christian faith of their families.

Under Sharia Law, however, those who choose to self-identify and define themselves according to their sexual attractions or inclinations (as LGBTQ etc…) are at great risk. Despite this being the case, the targeting of Christianity is mirrored by only silence towards Islam. Under Sharia Law, in practice, the accusation of homosexual acts may be “dealt with” – even outside of a justice system, by punishment of death. This way of thinking is not relegated to some extreme Islamic sect – this is mainstream Islamic Law – in every Islamic society.  While both Apostolic Christianity and Islam reject the idea that people should self-identify and define themselves according to their sexual attractions and or inclinations, there is a singling out of Christianity. That singling out indicates a greater motive than the mere advancing of ”rights”.

My heart hurts to have to write this assessment because I see Authentic Christianity being targeted – both Catholic and Orthodox.  The movement has taught me to reject, to hate, and to even destroy the Authentic Christian Church (all present forms of the future orthodox-catholic Orthodox-Catholic Church). However, it is in both these Churches that I have found the greatest degree of love and joy.  Despite the deplorable, hateful actions of some Christians, the Churches themselves do not teach hatred (I invite you to learn more about this). Rather, because of the actions of these misguided people and because what people errantly think the Church does teach, the Church is rejected – and so is the love that the Church offers to all of us. The rejection is to be expected, for the world first rejected Jesus Christ Himself. It breaks my heart that people would attack the Catholic and Orthodox Churches because I (and many others like me) have come to see beyond the misinformation given to us by the world. Likewise, it breaks my heart to know that there are so many others like who we were, who are waiting to hear our message, but likely won’t, because of all the efforts to have us silenced. We are merely persons who experience same-sex attractions and who are striving to live as examples of the Church’s love for us, and all we desire is that others may come to know that love.

The New Religion

Anything that promotes the idea that we should self-identify and define ourselves according to our sexual attractions and or inclinations is a form of soft-coercion into a specific way of thinking. It is a unified objective across all sexual-minority advocacy groups, and thus one could loosely describe the movement to promote this way of thinking as a religion of its own.  This “New Religion” of this era does not permit (and is hostile towards) authentic Christianity – meaning it does not permit the idea that people should seek to find their identity first and foremost in Christ. It is a religion that is therefore counter to all Christianity, and if it takes root, it will destroy all orthodox Christian nations – whether they be Catholic or Orthodox. I hope and pray that the people of Russia and all other Christian nations take notice, as to prevent it from occurring in their own countries.

The Western World, The Brainwashed

Dear westernized world, are you not able to see that your value set has created a climate where people self-identify and define themselves first and foremost in terms of their sexual attractions and inclinations? Can you see how you are so fixated on sexuality even to the point that you are encouraging your own children to self-identify and define themselves in that way as well? My heart pours out for these people (I was one of them) for as our world ascribes reductionist labels and parameters on “who people are”, many of this generation will come to realize that there is no true freedom in anchoring our sense of self-concept on our sexual attractions and or inclinations. 

Many of this generation will come to reject this way of self-identifying and defining themselves – but for many it may only be after being consumed by a search for validation within those identity labels. The danger of this imminent situation is that along their prior trajectories of seeking to come to fruition within these types of identity labels, unchaste activity abounds – and is often perceived to be a necessary for it is in unchaste sexual activity by which one may experience validate of self within those types of identities. This of course is not only spiritually destructive but also physiologically destructive. This, is the story of my life, and it is shared by others like me, and we literally watch in horror how our world feeds our children into the same mouth of hell that we too lived with our own lives. The cycle continues, and all we can do is pray that it be used for a greater victory in God’s time.

Sadly, we have come to know that if the worldly political climate maintains it’s current trajectory, dissenters of the worldly ways will continue to be silenced. However, on a hopeful note, we see more and more people choosing to reject The New Religion. People (like us) are sick of being deceived and are now more and more motivated by our own conviction to truth to reject the rainbow flag ideology – to reject the ideology that promotes the idea that we should self-identify and define ourselves according to our attractions and or inclinations.  This quiet, yet mounting rejection is occurring, yet the mainstream media remains silent as they continue to strive to deceive the world into believing that people like us do not exist.

Under New Law

After Christianity is decimated and then shamed to even a greater degree, Sharia Law will come to prevail. At this point, when the critical mass (population) has reached a point where it is safe to impose this law without significant backlash, things will change. That is to say, this is a multi-generational economic forecast, based on the trends of today. At such a point in time, sexual-minority activism will have successfully done its job (destroying Christianity first and foremost by shaming Christian youth for being Christians), and will no longer serve a purpose to the new Islamic nations (today called “the western nations”).

With the dirty work of destroying Christianity “without lifting a sword” out of the way, the response that would be most advantageous to the Islamic faith and political system in that circumstance would be to impose Sharia Law onto those same groups that worked to destroy Christianity. However, those who refuse to submit to Sharia Law will suffer, as Sharia Law prescribes. Thus, at such a juncture, the sexual-minority advocacy groups will have been successfully utilized as an intergenerational means to destroy Christianity and give rise to Islam, after which point, they will be destroyed in accordance to Sharia Law.

Russia Stands Its Ground

Russia has not bought into The New Religion. However, in all places where this new religion has been embraced, Christianity has declined rapidly. Russia, being a bastion of Apostolic Orthodox Christianity, rejects this new religion and thus works to prevent this new religion from taking root. That is, it works to prevent pro sexual-minority advocacy propaganda from being spread in its country. Russia has it’s thumb on the pulse of this situation – they are not oblivious to the greater situation. They can see the fire burning down the forest… because they are not in the forest. And the people in the forest are chastising Russia for not being like them – for not being “forest people”, when it is the forest people’s homes and ways of living that are being reduced to ashes.  Simply put, Russia knows that if her children are swept away by this new religion, Christianity in Russia will suffer. The rest of the westernized world provides a compelling model that suggests that inevitable occurrence, should those groups take root.

The bottom line is that Russia is set on preserving their country from arguably the greatest deception of our modern era. This deception again is promoted by every sexual-minority advocacy group, and that is this: the movement that we should self-identify and define ourselves first and foremost according to our sexual attractions and or inclinations is a movement borne out of “love” and “self-honesty”, when in reality it is anchored in destroying Christianity and inhibiting the pursuit of greater truth.

Russia can see beyond the rainbow. Can you?

A well-reasoned article.

Why would hetrosexual, contraceptive-abortion-vaccine-assisted suicide-euthanasia promoters and advocates of population control, such as Bill Gates, push for homosexuality?

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