Ukraine is among top 50 world gold holders

Published time: May 29, 2013

RIA Novosti / Pavel Lisitsyn

RIA Novosti

Ukraine’s gold reserves are estimated at more than 36.1 tonnes, according to the national bank, and is ranked 47 in world standings.

In March Ukraine was 51 according to the World Gold Council.

For the second consecutive year Ukraine is trying to diversify  its international reserves and is actively buying gold on both  foreign and domestic markets. However the price is turbulent and  experts argue, whether the Central Bank should join in the rush  or wait until the price settles.

There have been reports Ukraine is going to start gold mining.  Experts estimate Ukraine’s gold resources at 400 tons in the  Carpathian Mountains and 500 tons in the Donbass region. Some  gold is also believed to be in the Crimea and Dnepropetrovsk  regions.

Right now Ukraine has no gold production of its own and buys  around 5 tonnes of gold a year. Domestic production of gold could  start this year, the deputy head of National Bank, Vera Rychakovskya said. In three to five years Ukraine is expected to  produce at least one ton of gold domestically and gradually  increase capacity which will allow to cut imports by a third.


“The Ukrainian State Geology Committee estimated that Ukraine has reserves of 3 200 t of gold which have been identified in over 200 locations, of which several have reserves of over 100t of gold.

Currently the only commercial gold mining ventures are located at the Muzhiyev and Saulyak deposits, situated in the Trans-Carpathian region. Local company Ukraisnkiye polimetaly has a licence to mine the Muzhiyev deposit and intends producing 1 t of gold per year. It also has licenses to develop several other highly prospective deposits in the region.”

Barakova, Bol’shoy Tokmak, Inguletskiy, Malyshevskiy, Poltaviskiy, Silvern, Yuzhny


Gold Mining in Ukraine

Viktor Yanukovych is currently being accused of mass murder and many sources claim he stole the gold reserve, especially (Globalists – Soros – Pinchuk’ boy – Arseniy Yatsenyuk – the new interim banker PM). The  accusations against Yanukovych may be true but one has to wonder when one thinks of Milosovec, Murbarak, Ghadafi et al…not saying they were great leaders, far from it, but….

Serbia – Milosovec was accused of mass murder and gold theft. The real reason for the “war” was to steal Kosovo and the Trepca mines from the Serbs.

Egypt: “Officially in December 2010 we had about 75.6 tons of gold according to the world gold council.” – “A little historical fact Egypt used to have one of the biggest gold reserve before the coup of 1952.” –

“Former Tunisian first lady Laila Ben Ali is said to leave or rather escape the country taking with her about 1.5 tons of gold from the Tunisian central bank.” –

Yemen: “Dubai family strikes $3bn gold deposit in Yemen – October 26, 2010 – One of Dubai’s most prominent families has made a major gold discovery in Yemen  worth as much as US$3 billion (Dh11.01bn) at today’s high prices, The  National can reveal. The gold is in a concession held by Thani Dubai Mining,  a unit of the family-owned Thani Investments, which is understood to be awaiting  Yemeni government clearance to announce proved reserves of about 2.2 million  ounces near the coastal town of Al Mukalla, south-east of Yemen’s Wadi  Hadramaut. Gold has soared to record prices this year and was worth as much as  $1,330 per troy ounce on world markets last night, making it more feasible to  prospect in remote and dangerous regions….” Continued at Source

About the Thani Dubai Mining Company –

Libya’s loot: South African banks may hold $1B in gold, diamonds stolen by Qaddafi – 2013″Libyan investigators, who believe Qaddafi may have taken as much as $100 billion of his North African nation’s wealth, have zeroed in on $1 billion or more being held by four banks and two security companies in South Africa, according to The Sunday Times of South Africa” –

Treasure of Benghazi Stolen:

The Rothchilds (Soros is only one of their legion of agents) –  Until recently, they owned and operated England’s Royal Mint and continue to be the gold agent for the Bank of England, which they also direct. They control the LBMA, London Bullion Market Association, where 30 to 40 million ounces of gold, worth over 11 billion dollars are traded daily. The Rothschild’s earn millions weekly, just on transaction fees alone. They also fix the world price on gold on a daily basis and profit from its ups and downs. Over the centuries, the Rothschild’s have amassed trillions of dollars worth of gold bullion in their subterranean vaults and have cornered the world’s gold supply.

Is The Perfect Storm Coming For Gold?

Gold in the Egyptian South (Arab Spring – watch your country’s resources)

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