Open Season on Coptic Christians in Libya

It’s open season on Coptic Christians in Libya.

March 4, 2014

Libya: Ansar al-Sharia (“Supporters of Sharia”)

A few days after seven Copts were identified as Christians, pulled out of their homes by “unknown gunmen” and taken out and executed in Jarutha, some 20 miles west of Benghazi (see here for graphic pictures), Egyptian Copts are still being singled out and killed.

This comes after the Islamic jihadi group, Ansar al-Shariawhich appears connected to Egypt’s now ousted Muslim Brotherhood—offered a reward to any Benghazi resident who helps them round up and execute the nation’s few Christians, according to Egyptian human rights groups.

Yesterday another body was found, believed to be that of a Copt—due to the small cross tattooed on his wrist traditionally worn by Egyptian Christians, not least to identify themselves.

And the day before that, another Coptic Christian, Salama Fawzi, 24, was shot at, including in the head, while he was unloading food in front of his grocery stand in Benghazi by several “unknown gunmen”; he is currently in critical condition.

Under Col. Gaddafi, many Copts migrated to Libya looking for work opportunities.  However, since the dictator was ousted—and sodomized and murdered, to gleeful laughter by Hillary Clinton—Christians have been under attack there, from the arrest, torture, and killing of Christians accused of “proselytizing,” to the bombing and burning of churches in the north African nation, evincing the true nature of the U.S-supported “Arab Spring” takeover of Libya.


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This is one of the reasons the Egyptian Army is cracking down on the imam’s nasty mouths which mostly happens on the well-known – Friday Mosque Night – after which bedlam occurs especially on the Christians – when they’re hunted like  birds of prey!

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