Syria: Christian Mother Describes Slaughter and ‘Cross Stabbing’ of Son

By on March 5, 2014in

Back on January 17 and based on Arabic media,  I exposed the graphic attack on Fadi, a Christian man in Syria, who, after he was spotted wearing a cross around his neck — and thus exposed as a Christian — was beheaded by U.S.-supported “freedom fighters” and stabbed with said crucifix.

Image of her son

According to the original report, “And when the mujahidin [jihadis] approached the car, they noticed that Fadi was wearing a cross around his neck, so they decided to decapitate him and plant the cross in his chest.”

Now, a brief video of his mother describing her son’s ordeal gives a glimpse of the suffering of Christians and many others in Syria at the hands of the Islamic terrorists being supported by the U.S. Obama administration.

She really touched my heart with her pain. I think she’s speaking Chaldean – Aramaic.

The Our Father in the ancient Aramaic language (pic source)

Race to save the language of Jesus: Aramaic in danger of becoming extinct  as  number of speakers of ancient tongue plummets – Source

And we know at least one of the reasons it’s becoming extinct ergo the murder of this young man and tens of thousands of others, who have gone and are going through ethnic cleansing, leading to massive immigration or death at the hands of massive Western Funding to the Muslim Brotherhood and their Salifist Jihadi Groups.

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