South Sudan: Protest denounces UN as weapons, including land mines, found in UN transport truck

The Associated Press

UN-Rothchild agent – Hilde Johnson

A protester holds a placard showing an altered photo of the head of the United Nations in South Sudan, Hilde Johnson, as a group of South Sudanese demonstrate in support of President Salva Kiir and against “foreign encroachment” in Juba, South Sudan Monday, March 10, 2014. The rally participants marched through the city on Monday and shouted slogans of support for President Salva Kiir while also denouncing Hilde Johnson, the top U.N. official in the country, accusing Johnson of supplying arms to rebels fighting South Sudan’s government. (AP Photo/Mackenzie Knowles-Coursin)

MC->The AP are well-known for their false photographs so why they’re pointing out that this one is false is interesting to say the least – here’s only one of the AP’s false impression pictures from just a few days ago:

Associated Press           March 10, 2014       

By ILYA GRIDNEFF, Associated PressJUBA, South Sudan (AP) — Hundreds of young South Sudanese men marched in protest of the United Nations on Monday following the discovery of land mines inside a U.N. truck that was marked as carrying food.The rally participants marched through the city and shouted slogans of support for President Salva Kiir while also denouncing Hilde Johnson, the top U.N. official in the country. Protesters accused Johnson of supplying arms to rebels fighting South Sudan’s government.An internal U.N. security situation report over the weekend said the government impounded 12 U.N. trucks and the deputy governor of Lakes state requested the official cargo list. Last Thursday three South Sudan soldiers stopped and searched U.N. military vehicles on orders from superior officers following the impounding of the 12 trucks, the report said.

On Friday U.N. spokeswoman Ariane Quentier said it was “regrettable” a 12-truck U.N. convoy marked as food was discovered carrying weapons.

“The transport of cargo of general goods belonging to the Ghanaian battalion on its way to Bentiu. Several containers were wrongly labeled and inadvertently contained weapons and ammunition,” she said.

The discovery — as well as a video showing guns and land mines taken from the U.N. trucks that has been making the rounds on social media — has fueled even more skepticism of the U.N. here. Anti-U.N. sentiment began growing in January when President Kiir described the organization as a “parallel government” and ardent supporter of rebels.

Quentier declined to comment further on Monday and the U.N. has not explained why its soldiers would need land mines.

“If the guns found are going to U.N. troops, why do they have land mines too? Does the U.N. use land mines?” said Deng Gerang, one of Monday’s rally participants, voicing a common concern among the protesters.

Another protester, Deng Djames, 24, said South Sudan residents appreciate the U.N.’s assistance, but he said there needs to be a regime change at the top of the U.N. structure. “We want her to go. She assists the rebel leader Riek Machar,” he said.

South Sudan Vice President James Wani Igga told the protesters that the U.N. is was a colonial system trying to run the government’s administration. He was also critical of international aid groups for driving their agenda in South Sudan.

“If it’s a colonial system we need to fight, then that is good because now I am old. It makes me young again and I will go into the bush to fight,” he said to cheers and laughter.

The government’s major criticism of the U.N. is the protection its bases around the country provide for close to 70,000 citizens mostly from the Nuer tribe who say they fear reprisal attacks from the dominant Dinka tribe who support the government and Kiir.

Widespread violence broke out in South Sudan in mid-December, splitting the country’s military in two, with some supporting the government and others defecting to support the former vice president, Machar, an ethnic Nuer. [MC->Syria-Ukraine redux]

Aid groups estimate that thousands of people have died in the violence. Hundreds of thousands have been displaced. The top U.N. aid official has said that if residents don’t go home to plant crops before the coming seasonal rains the country will face severe hunger.

The latest mass violence occurred last week, when fighting broke out at a military barracks outside Juba. Government and military officials blamed the outbreak over a disagreement over pay, and officials said that five people were killed.

However, the death toll was later revised upward to 65 by a military spokesman. Several soldiers who refused to give their names, however, told The Associated Press the actual death toll was more than 100.

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UN-MISS Denies Weapons Seized by South Sudan Included Landmines    

An anti-U.N. sign at a youth rally in Juba on March 10, 2014.

An anti-U.N. sign at a youth rally in Juba on March 10, 2014.

JUBA — United Nations officials have dismissed reports that landmines were found among weapons and ammunition seized last week on its way to Bentiu in South Sudan’s Unity state, and insisted that the shipment was not bound for rebels.

“The pictures that have been circulating on the Internet, claiming that landmines are among the cargo, are not correct. The pictures show, in fact, crowd control equipment,” U.N. Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) Force Commander, Major General Delai Johnson Sakyi of GHANA (my emphasis) said.

South Sudanese officials said Friday they intercepted 11 United Nations trucks carrying weapons, in violation of a U.N. rule that arms should be transported by air only in the country for security reasons.

The arms were in a shipment of “general goods” in which “several containers were wrongly labeled and inadvertently contained weapons and ammunition. This is regrettable,” UNMISS said in a statement.

Ayuen Guet Roor, one of the organizers of a youth rally this week at which  protesters chanted anti-U.N. slogans and carried banners that were hostile to the global body, said he believes the weapons were destined for anti-government troops. But Sakyi insisted the seized weapons “were never intended to serve any other purpose than that of peace and protection of South Sudanese civilians.”

“They were not intended for the use of any other entity than for the new Ghanaian contingent, and they were not being transported clandestinely. This is also why we readily agreed to the inspection of the cargo at the checkpoint in Rumbek,” he said.

A joint U.N.-South Sudan investigation into the shipment was due to begin Thursday.

 The trusting South Sundanese usually waved the UN trucks on w/o inspections – one can only surmise that a whistleblower let the cat out of the bag…GOLDMINES have killed and maimed tens of thousands of Africans – thereagain banning DDT in Africa has also killed tens of thousands of souls.

There are well over 10 million stockpiled mines awaiting destruction per the UN. Massive tracts of land are still infested and thus too dangerous for productive use which is a unique and dangerous way of keeping the people off the land in order to preserve it for the global-corporist-financiers…kinda like the reason the US government grabs millions of acres in the US for “conservation”…

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