Was The Price Of Ukraine’s “Liberation” The Handover Of Its Gold To The Fed?

March 11, 2014

A curious story, and one which should be taken with a mine of salt, has surfaced out of the pro-Russian newspaper Iskra, which reports – so far on an entirely unsubstantiated basis – that last Friday, in a mysterious operation under the cover of night, Ukraine’s gold reserves were promptly loaded onboard an unmarked plane, which subsequently took the gold to the US.

Image: Gold Bullion (Wiki Commons).

From the source:

Tonight, around at 2:00 am, an unregistered transport plane took off took off from Boryspil airport.

According to Boryspil staff, prior to the plane’s appearance, four trucks and two cargo minibuses arrived at the airport all with their license plates missing. Fifteen people in black uniforms, masks and body armor stepped out, some armed with machine guns. These people loaded the plane with more than forty heavy boxes.

After this, several mysterious men arrived and also entered the plane. The loading was carried out in a hurry. After unloading, the plateless cars immediately left the runway, and the plane took off on an emergency basis.

Airport officials who saw this mysterious “special operation” immediately notified the administration of the airport, which however strongly advised them “not to meddle in other people’s business.”

Later, the editors were called by one of the senior officials of the former Ministry of Income and Fees, who reported that, according to him, tonight on the orders of one of the “new leaders” of Ukraine, all the gold reserves of the Ukraine were taken to the United States.

Indicatively, according to the latest IMF figures, Ukraine’s official gold holdings are just over 40 tons, having doubled in the past decade:

So just more disinformation and propaganda surrounding the Ukraine, or something more?GATA has submitted an inquiry into the New York Fed to get official denial (because it certainly won’t get a confirmation) from the Liberty 33 folks.

Of course, the best source of validation, and refutation, of this story would be the people of Ukraine, alas since not even Americans are entitled to observe how much gold is in Fort Knox, somehow we doubt that the Central Bank of Ukraine will be any more lenient in providing visiting and viewing hours for its much more compact gold inventory. Especially since the local population is far more busy celebrating its “liberation” by western powers.

We hope, for their sake, they weren’t also just “liberated” of all their gold, which after a brief stay 80 feet below the surface at 33 Liberty, will promptly find its way either to the Bundesbank, or to the billionaire oligarchs, based either in London or elsewhere, and currently in charge of “post-liberation” Ukraine.

Finally, putting this into perspective, 40 tons of gold is roughly what China imports every ten days.



The mining for minerals in Hala’ib triangle especially gold is part of the dispute between Egypt and Sudan. Actually in late 1970s or early 1980s the dispute surfaced when Sudan signed an agreement with some American or Canadian mining company to mine gold there “despite it is disputed territory and Egypt officially believes that the triangle is considered an Egyptian territory ” It is just an irony that despite the people there live in extreme poverty , they are surrounded by rich area of minerals above them gold mine Financial Al Mal Daily newspaper reporter Mohamed Ragab travelled to Hala’ib and filmed there the unofficial/illegal gold mining there. He did not say the exact location but it is between the cities of Hala’ib and Shalateen. The speaker in the video who is wearing the galabiya is not a native if I may say, he seems to be of Upper Egyptian origin.


Gold mining in Hala’ib triangle

The people there extract gold from the gold veins found in that mount in the triangle for four years now. Amazingly the deal is as follows a guy comes with gold detector along with workers and a transportation vehicle and in the end the profit is divided by three. “The government does not interfere” says the Upper Egyptian guy who owns three gold detectors. For 6 months the government aka the army , the intelligence and state security in this area used to stalk those gold diggers but they stopped now. “The best government is in Hala’ib !!”  The man said with no regards to the people suffering there. Surprisingly in the end of that short yet extremely important clip we find out that there is some Gulf mining company digging for gold there. When it comes to the unofficial gold mining in Egypt , you will be surprised to know that no only some people in Hala’ib mine it unofficially but in other areas as well. Last month Al Shorouk newspaper reported exclusively that there is illegal gold mining taking place in Qena. Strangely I cannot find the report anymore in Shorouk official newspaper but I found a cached version from the report “Thank God for Google Cache service”

contin: http://egyptianchronicles.blogspot.com/2013/05/gold-rush-in-south.html#more



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Gold in Serbia – http://www.mining.com/serbia-could-be-sitting-in-several-millions-worth-of-gold-reserves-authorities-79151/

“Kosovo was historically a mining district for the former Yugoslavia. The industrial complex Trepča in Kosovska Mitrovica “was the largest mining operation in the former Yugoslavia”.[1][4] During the time of Yugoslavia, Kosovo possessed 50% of all of Yugoslavia’s nickel reserves, 36% of lignite, 48% of lead and zinc reserves, 47% of the magnesium reserves, and 32.4% of kaolinite reserves.”

Kosovo Natural Resources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natural_resources_of_Kosovo

Alexander Nubia – (Rothchild agents) – http://www.alexandernubia.com/cms/pages/3


Sudanese Gold: http://minerals.usgs.gov/minerals/pubs/country/2011/myb3-2011-su.pdf

Rothschild Stooge Wilson. In office from 1913 to 1921. Rothschild Federal Reserve started 1913.

Rothschild stooge Wilson. Wilson in office from 1913 to 1921. Rothschild Federal Reserve started 1913.

The Federal Reserve is a private bank owned by about 6 families. Raping a nation’s wealth makes it easier by having a New World Government w/ no borders where bureauocrats make the laws aka no sovereignity. Gold and Silver have always been the Rothchilds preferred monetary system. Land – oil, pipelines, food and water their control.

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