Flashback: George Soros Promoting “Democracy” In Asia (Berish-Anwar Ibrahim)

MC-> Bersih leader with Anwar Ibrahim – Muslim Brotherhood’…People’s Justice Party –  (Parti Keadilan Rakyat.)

trendy malaysians?
George Soros’ little paid  helpers – It worked in the “Colored Revolutions” The CANVAS Fist!
Muslim Brotherhood helpers?
Opposition makes gains in Malaysian election

People’s Justice Party candidate Nurul Izzah (r) and her husband celebrate after she won a parliamentary seat in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysian election, March 8, 2008. (They’re currently in the process of divorcing.)

Nurul Izzah with her father Anwar Ibrahim – 2012


Hidden in plain sight, army of dupes prepare for “Asian Summer.”

– by Tony Cartalucci


Bangkok, Thailand July 2, 2011 – A tiny handful of Marxists, dupes, and shills converged in Bangkok today in what would seem like nothing more than a footnote in the day’s news. In reality, it was actually the surfacing fin of a shark prowling the political waters of Southeast Asia. While Bangkok certainly has enough foreign-funded troubles of its own, the protest was actually held at the Malaysian Embassy regarding “political prisoners” (MC->here we go again) the Malaysian government is allegedly holding. What was particularly telling was the tiny, very familiar, clenched fist logo adorning the protesters’ clothing and banners.

The US National Endowment for Democracy (NED)-funded Prachatai propaganda outfit dutifully reported in their article, “Solidarity protest for clean and fair elections and immediate release of Bersih activists,” that on July 1, “students, activists and press gathered outside the Malaysian Embassy, Bangkok, in response to the Malaysian Government’s arrest of more than a hundred members of the coalition network Bersih 2.0 consisting of various Malaysian human rights organizations campaigning for reforms in the electoral system.” Joining the protest, according to the Bangkok Post, was the People’s Empowerment Foundation, another National Endowment for Democracy-funded front group.

Malaysia Too

MC->”free and fair elections” – trendy…

Photos: Adorning the back of one Thai protester’s brown t-shirt and the red banner of Malaysia’s PSM, is the now ubiquitous Otpor clenched fist. The US-funded Serbian organization Otpor, would later become CANVAS and train US-backed revolutionaries all over the world. Now apparently movements are combining their efforts regardless of nationality in an attempt to replace national governments with a homogenous, centrally funded and controlled civil society network. For more on CANVAS see “Fake Revolutions.”


The so-called “political prisoners” these protesters were supporting, come from the US National Democratic Institute supported Malaysian “Bersih 2.0” group and the openly Marxist “Malaysian Socialist Party (PSM)” who began sporting the Otpor fist on their flags and shirts in 2009, long after Otpor became CANVAS, and long after CANVAS began training armies of dupes internationally. While a fair argument can be made for PSM that the clenched fist has more to do with Marxism than possible ties to CANVAS, no argument can be made that PSM isn’t working on behalf of long time globalist-stooge Ibrahim Anwar and his “People’s Justice Party” (Parti Keadilan Rakyat.)


Ibrahim Anwar, like Thaksin Shinawatra of Thailand, or Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mohammed ElBaradei of Egypt, has deep connections with the degenerate Wall Street-London corporatocracy that go back several years. Anwar was Chairman of the Development Committee of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund in 1998, held lecturing positions at the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University (a rock where the worst examples of humanity constantly crawl out from beneath), and a consultant to the World Bank. In 2007, Anwar was a panelist at the Neo-Con lined National Endowment for Democracy’s “Democracy Award” and a panelist at a NED donation ceremony.


Photo: NED-funded National Democratic Institute openly admits to funding, supporting, and training Malaysia’s Ibrahim Anwar’s street mobs, but then alters their website to obfuscate these admissions. Pictured above is the website before its alteration. (click to enlarge)


It would be safe to say that Anwar’s current political opposition movement in Malaysia most likely has support from these degenerates he has long consorted with. And indeed it is true, Anwar’s proxy street movement, Bersih and now “Bersih 2.0” has received training, support, and funds from the NED-funded National Democratic Institute. In an attempt to cover up NDI’s overt ties to this now exposed organization, the NDI website openly admitting to funding Bersih has been altered where no mention of it’s name can be found. However, Google’s cached version of the page can still be seen (as of July 2, 2011).

Bersih 2.0 claims it is endorsed by Soros-funded Amnesty International and has admitted on at least one occasion to receiving funds from the National Democratic Institute and George Soros’ Open Society. Anwar, Bersih 2.0, and the PSM are planning a rally on July 9th to call for “clean elections,” ahead of the 13th general elections to be held in mid-2012. With Thai elections on July 3, and the nation most likely soon to be in the throes of another color revolution, Malaysian opposition’s July 9th rally, should it get out of hand, would constitute two simultaneous major political conflagrations in Southeast Asia.
That Thai dupes, Marxists, and NED-funded organizations are working in a coordinated fashion with their fellow NED/NDI-funded mobs in Malaysia signifies not a nation-wide foreign-funded destabilization, but an attempted regional-wide destabilization.

Here she’s with the warmonger McCain. Note the background – NDI – IRI

Added to the mix is former UN employee and Noble Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, who has been leading the opposition in Southeast Asia’s Myanmar and garnering support from every corporate cadre, think-tank, and organization imaginable.

. She was a finalist in the Chatham House Prize 2011, and not surprisingly a benefactor of Freedom Now’s services as well. Freedom Now receives funding from the Moriah Fund, the Lantos Foundation which includes Israeli President Shimon Peres as an “adviser,” Real Networks Foundation (which also funds Democracy Now) and the Charles Bronfman Prize which proclaims on its website “Jewish Values. Global Impact.” Freedom Now also receives “pro-bono” legal support from the Pillsbury law firm, a CFR corporate member.

Aung San Suu Kyi herself, was born into an immensely wealthy and politically well connected family. She studied abroad, worked for the UN in New York City, and received a Ph.D from the University of London before returning to Myanmar to lead a “pro-democracy” movement. Whatever her convictions may really be, the West has fully hijacked her movement as a means of removing the current military junta and replacing it with one more conducive to their corporate agenda, which most assuredly has nothing to do with “democracy for the people.”

Photo: Aung San Suu Kyi ID card from when she worked at the United Nations in New York City.


In 2007 there was the so-called “Saffron Revolution,” which was made a spectacle of by the corporate-owned media but gained little ground. Despite the rhetoric, the artificial aura of credibility and heroism built-up around yet another Nobel Peace Prize wearing crowbar trying to pry out another obstacle in the path of globalization, Myanmar’s color revolutions have proven ineffective.

However, just in time for Thailand’s July 3rd elections, and Bersih’s July 9th demonstrations in Malaysia’s capital of Kuala Lumpur, Aung San Suu Kyi is planning her own attempt at stirring up political unrest by going on a “national tour.” While both Thailand and Malaysia’s opposition parties are fully funded and backed by the global corporatocracy, Myanmar’s opposition is also officially a recipient of US-funded CANVAS training – the organization responsible for training the Egyptian, Iranian, and Lebanese activists currently trying to destroy their own national sovereignty.

Video/Image: NED and Soros organized mobs clamor around Malaysia’s embassy in Bangkok, Thailand – with SEAPA executive director Gayathry Venkiteswaran explaining to a crowd why Western proxy Anwar Ibrahim and his opposition’s involvement in Bersih should not be condemned and for Bersih supporters to vigorously deny that the movement is “opposition run.” SEAPA is funded by convicted criminal George Soros, and the US State Department’s warmongering, corporate financier-lined National Endowment for Democracy and Freedom House. Both within Malaysia and beyond, the Bersih mobs are demonstratively led by Western proxies insidiously manipulating impressionable, youthful crowds.


Unlike during their 2011 protests, Bersih is now taking to the streets with the full knowledge of what “pro-democracy” protests have yielded in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and Syria – chaos, destabilization, violence, and the inevitable installation of overt client regimes bent in service to Wall Street and London. They are now openly the recipients of convicted criminal George Soros’ Open Society Institute, which is quickly losing its luster as its vast global ties are exposed by an ever-expanding alternative media.


In Tunsia we see the rise of one of Anwar Ibrahim’s National Endowment for Democracy contemporaries, Moncef Marzouki who was declared “president” after US-backed mobs took to Tunisia’s streets in early 2011 and overthrew the government there. Since Marzouki’s installation into power, he has promptly backed Western policy in regards to Libya and now Syria, most recently severing ties with Damascus to help bolster the West’s campaign of isolating and eventually topping Syria’s government.

Moncef Marzouki

Photo: Tunisia’s new “president,” Moncef Marzouki, a veteran Western collaborator whose last two decades of political activity, much like Anwar Ibrahim of Malaysia, have been supported and subsidized by the US government and US corporate-financier funded foundations.

The pieces are not just in place for an inevitable attempted color revolution in Thailand, but a coordinated region wide conflagration of political unrest and most certainly violence. Opposition movements all falling under the same funding and same dubious associations with Western corporate-financier backers are moving in tandem to make the next few following months a summer of upheaval, chaos, and bloodshed. The only positive aspect of the “Asian Summer” will be the fact that nations, the alternative media, and the people have the deceptive nature of the engineered “Arab Spring” in thoughtful hindsight.




Flashback: Anwar Ibrahim Found Not-Guilty In Sodomy Trial

[…]Previous posts have discussed Ibrahim’s 2008 arrest on the sodomy charges in a seeming repeat of the events of 1998.

Anwar Ibrahim has many known ties to the global U.S Muslim Brotherhood including helping to found the International Institute of Islamic Thought IIIT) where he currently serves as a director,  serving as a trustee for the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) during the 1970′s and early 1980′s, and appearances at numerous Brotherhood-linked conferences. As noted in a previous post, Ibrahim was scheduled to speak at a conference in Istanbul that featured a large number of prominent speakers with ties to the global Brotherhood. Another recent post also discussed Ibrahim’s appearance at a Saudi economic forum. Media coverage on Ibrahim generally ignores this history which may be explained by a recent article from the Malaysian media on how Ibrahim has reinvented himself. http://globalmbreport.org/?p=5595


 Wan Azizah replaces her husband Anwar [Ibrahim] in by-election           

by mazwin nik anis AND rahimy rahim

March 10, 2014


Substitute candidate: Dr Wan Azizah announcing her candidacy at a press conference in Kajang. With her is Anwar. - Bernama

Substitute candidate: Dr Wan Azizah announcing her candidacy at a press conference in Kajang – shown with her husband Anwar Ibrahim – Bernama

Dr Wan Azizah has announced her candidacy for the Kajang by-election that will be held March 23 and she is out to prove that she is not a “seat warmer” for her husband.

People can call me a seat warmer or whatever they like. But I know and the party knows that I’m more than that. I’m here with a purpose, which is to fight for the people,” she said.

Dr Wan Azizah replaced her husband Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as the Pakatan Rakyat candidate in the by-election.

This is not the first time that Dr Wan Azizah is contesting “on behalf” of Anwar. She stood in the Permatang Pauh parliamentary constituency in the 1999, 2004 and 2008 general elections, a seat held by her husband before he was jailed for corruption.

However, a few months after the 2008 polls, she relinquished her post to make way for a by-election which Anwar won.

Anwar could not contest in the Kajang by-election after the Court of Appeal on Friday overturned his acquittal on sodomy charges and sentenced him to five years in prison. (MC->he was found guilty of sodomising his former aide.)  Sources – the star – mole.



SHOCK POLITICAL TWIST: MH370 pilot was ‘obsessed’ with Anwar Ibrahim

Malaysia’s Bersih & the Facade of “Clean Elections” (IMF frontman Anwar Ibrahim)

Missing plane similar to Lockerbie bomb tragedy: official

Malaysian Islamic Authorities Seize Bibles as ‘Allah’ Controversy Worsens

It’s quite uncanny how Muslim Brotherhood “helper” Anwar Ibrahim (and his political family) affiliations are a near carbon copy of all the other pre-selected sock-puppets in the so-called recent “democracy promoting”; April Spring, Colored Revolutions, today Ukraine, and yesterday; Karzi-Afghanistan, Allawi-Iraq…the Balkans etc…(a revisit to Kemal and CUPs and one might discover a similar theme)

George Soros, US/UK/Continental EU/UN/NATO …they fund it their name is on it.

A thought…could the pilot of the missing plane be a member of the Muslim Brotherhood…

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