VIDEO: Missing Plane And Missing Nukes

Well worth watching or read at the text link below.

Mar 15, 2014 – text here

It had also crossed my mind….

Fired Generals and Missing Nuke Update posted on 10/29/2014

Missing Nuke Investigation: Special Report posted on 10/12/2013


Comment from a reader here:

If Putin was against the Rothschilds…

1. Why does he allow the Rothschild central bank to control Russia’s money?

2. Why does he allow the Rothschild owned Royal Dutch Shell to drill for oil in Russia?

3. Why did he allow the Rothschild Federal Reserve to steal Ukraine’s gold?

4. Why is he allowing the Rothschild IMF to scam the Ukraine people via their loan program?

5. Why has Medvedev, Putin’s number 1 man, already declared his support for the NOW when introducing the one world currency?

6. Why did Medvedev meet with banker Blankfein to organize a sovereign investment fund for Russia?

7. Why did the Rothschild bankers allow him to get control of the energy supply to Europe without a fight?

8. Why didn’t he reveal to the world who was responsible for 9/11? (MC-hmmm – I can think of crazy scenarios but this one I still can’t get my mind to accept.)

9. Why does he get so much positive press by the western media?

10. Historically the bankers always control both sides. Why would they stop now  considering many people in the east and west believe he’s a hero?

Crazy talk – I’m thinking Russia came to the round table – shortly before Gorbachev entered the UN. I’m also thinking Iran came to the round table when they brought back the so-called religious zealot Shah in 1979. I’m also thinking we’re in the greatest heist the world has ever known. Now they can come and take me away…ha ha—ha ha…:)

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