Egypt: Minya Criminal Court Condemns 529 Muslim Brotherhood Defendants to Death

Egyptian relatives of supporters of ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi cry after the court ordered the execution of 529 Morsi supporters

Egyptian relatives of supporters of ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi cry after the court ordered the execution of 529 Morsi supporters after only two hearings. Photo: AFP/GETTY
March 24th, 2014
We’ve got the highest number of HCV patients in the world,
We’ve got the highest rate of sexual harassment in the world. and
Today we broke a record in a mass-death sentence by a court in one single case !!
By Ternz
I am speaking about the historical court rule of Minya criminal court against 529 defendants , yup the one which the whole world is speaking about right now.
I will speak about facts here :
  • 529 defendants were sentenced to death and 15 were acquitted in the Rabaa dispersal aftermath in Minya trial.
  • 139 were detained in the case while the rest were either released on bail or on the run.
  • Only 51 defendants attended the trial because the space could not hold more defendants.
  • The trial started on Saturday and ended on Monday.
  • The 529 defendants are accused of killing deputy Sheriff Mostafa El Attar of Matay Police Station !!
  • The lawyers of the defendants demanded to replace the Judges panel but their request was rejected.
  • Update: Now the head of Minya investigation is saying that all the defenders are in jail and not on the run. He also stated that the judge refused their attendance !!
  • The lawyers of the defendants “not in absentia” were not allowed to defend their defendants !!They were not allow to see or discuss the evidence in fact the judge did not discuss any evidence or anything !!
  • According to the Egyptian laws such big number of suspects you cannot prove that all of them are implicated in first degree murder and so it is impossible to sentence all that number legally to death.
  • One of the lawyers in the case revealed only 22 out of the 529 defendants are Muslim Brotherhood members. Of course there are no official ID membership for the brotherhood yet concerning this point , I believe he meant the famous leading members in the area as well the members of Freedom and Justice Party.
  • A father and a son “from Pro-MB supporters” are convicted in the case !! A person in a wheel chair was sentenced in the case to death while other two were proven to be outside Minya in the first place !!
  • Some say that there are four people killed in Rabaa Sit in are included too !!
  • This is the biggest mass death sentence in the history of Egyptian judiciary.
  • According to Amnesty International this is the biggest mass death sentence not only in the history of Egypt but in the world !!
  • The Egyptian embassy in London sent an email to journalists , the foreign journalists of course explaining the independence of judiciary as well emphasizing the fact that there will be appeal naturally in death sentences.
  • Back to Cairo the official spokesperson of ministry of foreign affairs Ambassador Badr Abdel Atti said the judiciary in Egypt was independent and that they could not comment on the court rulings…etc.
  • You must know also after the court ruling at least two Coptic schools in Minya were torched in retaliation.

I know very well the hell erupted in Minya following the the dispersal of Rabaa sit in , I know it very well . I know what happened to the Churches there. I know also there is something called justice I care for more than anything. What happened earlier today is not Justice.

I know very well that this sentence will be overturned but till it does , it will unleash real hell in Minya. We are speaking about tribal armed society in Upper Egypt.

The story is developing as usual.


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The trial began on Saturday and sentenced on Monday??? The result of this court will certainly create even more destabilization in Egypt. One has to wonder if that wasn’t the intent especially since everyone and their mother know it will be overturned.

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