Ukraine May Ban Radical Group after Parliament Siege



A protester kicks an inflatable dummy of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych on July 5, 2012 during an opposition rally in Kyiv. Several hundred opponents of a law elevating the status of Russian in Ukraine camped out in Kyiv on July 5 and several pressed on with hunger strikes as political tensions soared over the contentious issue. The sit-in outside a conference center in Kyiv follows violent clashes on July 4 between some 1,000 protesters and police triggered by the rushed passing by parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, of the law the day earlier. Source

March 28, 2014

The radical group Right Sector could be banned in Ukraine after around 2,000 of its supporters encircled and threatened to storm the country’s parliament late Thursday, a source in Yulia Tymoshenko’s Batkivshchyna party told RIA Novosti.

The Ukrainian parliament building, which is currently under seize by masked "Right Sector" members. Credit: Ivan Bandura / Flickr

Late Thursday night, ultranationalists from Right Sector encircled the parliament building, demanding the country’s interior minister stand trial for the killing of notorious right-wing militant Olexander Muzychko, who died on Monday in a shootout with police.

Muzychko, also known as Sashko Bilyi, was wanted by Russian authorities for war atrocities in Russia’s republic of Chechnya, including the torture of Russian soldiers. He had earlier accused Ukrainian prosecutors and police of a plot to kill him.

The radicals that blockaded parliament Thursday later announced they were postponing the storming of the building until Friday morning.

Following Thursday’s siege, top Ukrainian officials held an emergency meeting, at which Interior Minister Avakov suggested an outright ban on Right Sector.

Andriy Parubiy, the head of the national security and defense council, reportedly supported the motion, adding the move would allow those present to whitewash themselves of ties with the radicals.

Russia has consistently warned that the new government in the country, which came to power last month unconstitutionally, has a dangerous fascist element of Ukrainian ultra-nationalism, leading Moscow to take steps to protect ethnic Russians in Ukraine.

Ukraine’s parliament is due to hold an emergency session on Friday to discuss Avakov’s resignation.

Right Sector, along with Muzychko, is a major ally of the Svoboda party led by Oleh Tyahnybok, a member of the new Ukrainian government and an active promoter of the ideas of Stepan Bandera, who collaborated with Nazi Germany during World War II in the wartime ethnic cleansing of Poles, Jews and Russians. RIA Novosti


The “useless idiots” are no longer useful. The deed is done and the austere measures imposed by the IMF package will cause yet more destabilization. The bankster-corporists will now add to their already heavy war chests by buying more rich land for pennies – signing their oil and mining deals, and use the enslaved Ukrainians as slave labor by increasing taxes. Taxes = labor and property. Soros has his human rights groups and international courts, Gates  has his monsanto and vaccines, Omidyar appears to have taken over Soros’ role in regards news media indoctrination and so on – all with the help of the Ukrainian/Russian billionaires. Paraphrasing Soros and Jeffrey Sachs who started this scam in the Balkans – the people will have to tighen their belts – it will hurt for a while but eventually straighten out – it doesn’t. I believe the Ukrainians will regret not listening to Yanukovych who said NO to the WB/IMF/WTO corrupt looters.

Bottomline: The unelected bozo’s currently in the Ukrainian government will now be governed by the unelected EU – this was understood by the embezzeler Princess Leia et al. Everything will be privatized and sold to their international billionaire buddies for pennies with kickbacks/stocks to themselves. Pensions are history. People are enslaved. Ukraine has lost their sovereignity and the government run by the cartel.


The International Mafia Cartel is now established in the Ukraine.

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