WATCH: Innocent girl gets taken down by Tucson Police Officer

The unnecessary brutality on the young girl occurs around the 0.22 mark. The video captures a female student simply walking through the crowd and getting brutally knocked down by a riot cop for absolutely no reason. The event occured after a university ball game.

“Local business owners and students told the media that the cops incited the violence, claiming that “police were all dressed up for a riot and had no riot to go to,” according to the Daily Independent report. The cops declared the crowd to be an unlawful gathering and began indiscriminately firing pepper and beanbag rounds, bystanders claim.” Source

There’s no getting round the evidence of this video. This cop should be fired immediately – period!!!


Where is this GLOBAL gestapo-style brutality coming from…

“Towards A Global Green Constitution.”

“The issues are not about if a global politics is necessary. The question is how do we achieve binding agreements in Law complete with effective programs for applying sanctions against non-compliance that would oblige each nation, regardless of size, to abide by a set of principles that are required to guarantee the survival of life on this earth. Perhaps we will find that there is no other alternative to a system of rigid controls that some would equate to a police state.

“Unfortunately, in order to save the planet from biocide, there have to be very powerful constraints from doing the ‘wrong’ things. The constraints must transcend national boundaries, be world-around and enforceable…

See – The Green Agenda: Club of Rome – Club of Budapest – Club of Madrid

under Agenda 21.

We’ve fast becoming a police state, and we the people around the globe a bunch of cowering sheep, including yours truly. Every country needs to be told by the people to STOP this oppression. They also need to be told that we’re still  in charge and won’t tolerate seeing our neighbor brutalized in such a manner. Time to take our country back from those we foolishly trusted to manage and lead!

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