75% of Americans Believe Politicians are Corrupt

William Bigelow
April 6, 2014

A new Reason-Rupe poll reveals that Americans believe that 75% of politicians are “corrupted” by the money given to them by special interests. Further, the poll indicated that the respondents felt 70% of politicians use their influence to give aid to their friends and hurt those opposing them. Despite the recent ruling of the Supreme Court that ended limits on campaign contributions, the pervasive anger at how money can influence politicians was so strong it outdistanced the concern the public had about campaign contributions.

The poll asked which of two problems was more serious; “special interest groups spending private money on campaigns to elect the politicians they favor” or “elected officials enacting policies and spending taxpayer money that benefit the special interests they favor.” 63% of the respondents chose the latter problem. Read more



I just read where the State Department under Hillary Clinton, “misplaced” 6 billion dollars – this is either corruption or bad management – corruption it is…. Printing fiat paper money makes everyone rich except thee and me.

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