Every Senator Probing Time Warner Cable Merger Took Comcast PAC Cash

The 18 Members of the Senate Judiciary CommitteeDouglas Ernst – April 12, 2014

Money talks — or at least Comcast hopes it does.

The Senate Judiciary Committee held its first congressional hearing on the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger Thursday, and every single member of the committee has taken money from Comcast PAC — even Democratic senator Al Franken of Minnesota, who is generally considered to be anti-Comcast.

Out of 18 committee members, 10 Democrats and eight Republicans, 17 got money from Comcast’s federal PAC, according to the database at OpenSecrets.org, technology website Ars Technicareported.

Control! There’s so much that needs to be changed back – prior to the corporatists ever growing gigantic footprints and corruption within the government.

Ars Technica then confirmed with Mr. Franken’s spokespeople that he did accept $5,000 in Comcast PAC cash in 2009 for his recount fund, since OpenSecrets.org did not have that donation listed.

The full list of Senate Judiciary Committee members and cash they’ve accepted from Comcast PAC donations are:

Comcast PAC donations to Democrats:

• Chuck Schumer, New York: $35,000

• Patrick Leahy, Vermont, Chairman: $32,500

• Sheldon Whitehouse, Rhode Island: $26,500

• Chris Coons, Delaware: $25,000

• Dick Durbin, Illinois: $23,000

• Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota: $22,500

• Dianne Feinstein, California: $18,500

• Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut: $11,500

• Mazie Hirono, Hawaii: $5,000

Al Franken, Minnesota: $5,000 (2009 recount fund)

Comcast PAC donations to Republicans:

• Orrin Hatch, Utah: $30,000

• Chuck Grassley, Iowa, Ranking Member: $28,500

• John Cornyn, Texas: $21,000

• Lindsey Graham, South Carolina: $13,500

• Jeff Sessions, Alabama: $10,000

• Mike Lee, Utah: $8,500

• Ted Cruz, Texas: $2,500

• Jeff Flake, Arizona: $1,000

In Sen. Franken’s case, the recount money might not have been well spent.

“There’s no doubt that Comcast is a huge, influential corporation, and I understand that there are over 100 lobbyists making the case for this deal to members of Congress and our staffs,” Mr. Franken said on Thursday, Ars Technica reported. “But I’ve also heard from over 100,000 consumers who oppose this deal, and I think their voices need to be heard, too.”

Ultimately, it will be the FCC that either allows the merger to go through or not, but Comcast PAC knows that the senators wield tremendous clout.

“Congressional reaction will tend to influence how the agencies react,” wrote Harold Feld, seniors VP of consumer advocacy group Public Knowledge, Ars Technica reported.

Washington Times


Sounds like another well-invested “investigatory” panel – golly gee, wonder who they’ll favor?! And what contacts does Comcast have inside the FCC one might wonder…

We have the best politicians money can buy! USA Inc.


“This is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people no longer. It is a government of corporations, by corporations, and for corporations. — How is this?”

~ Rutherford B. Hayes


Note: Be aware, Obama is trying to shut down our alternet medium outlets by transferring ICAAN: I’m sure he has a place on the ‘global community’ board that will assign IPs and you can bet those who disagree with their agenda won’t be approved for an IP. No IP, no Internet.

Obama didn’t do this on a whim, he’s been looking for a way to shut us up and now he’s found it. He’s doing his usual distractions, nothing to see here, etc. to stall until the transfer is completed but Congress can stop it now .

All Congress has to do is tell ICAAN to stop the transfer, the Prez doesn’t have the authority to authorize it.

“The Property Clause of the Constitution says Congress must pass legislation to effect a transfer of government property.”

How to Save the Internet – The major reason the BLM backed off was the net. source


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