VIDEO: Feds Forced to Surrender to American Citizens

Published on Apr 13, 2014

In an epic standoff that Infowars reporter David Knight described as being like “something out of a movie,” supporters of Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy advanced on a position held by BLM agents despite threats that they would be shot at, eventually forcing BLM feds to release 100 cattle that had been stolen from Bundy as part of a land grab dispute that threatened to escalate into a Waco-style confrontation.


It helps when the people are armed – there were also militia men and women on standby covering both sides and up on the bridge. A few days ago the federal government used tazers and attack dogs on unarmed men and women. This time the ranchers armed themselves, and the feds gave back the stolen cattle as they high-tailed it out of town. It also helped when Cronysim (government + big business = cronyism per Mussolini who should certainly know) was discovered – the BLM Director was once an aide to Sen. Harry Reid, that Harry Reid and his son Rory were in a crooked land deal with a Chinese billionaire. This was an abuse of power by an elected official and I’m looking forward to watching Harry Reid being put behind bars. This corrupt government, along with other corrupt governments around the world, are working for the Globalist Mafia while we’re being ignored and robbed blind by these Internationalists. They must be stopped! Throwing Harry Reid in prison would be a good start at cleaning house.


I posted this within a blog yesterday but it deserves a blog of it’s own. Enjoy!


Thusfar on youtube – likes = Like Dislikedislikes = 49

BTW, why does the Gov need heavily armed forces in riot gear and shields to collect cattle?

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