UPDATE: Reid Trust, Joseph L Bowler Jr. Successor Trustee… Water Rights!

First watch Rusty Hill for the first few minutes here…


Rusty Hill:

“It’s going on all over the place in South Nevada”.

“The Whole West is Under Seige”.

“Law Enforcement Needs to Look Into This…”

“This in only the Tip of a Huge Rotten Iceberg”

BUNDY RANCH | Whistleblower Rusty Hill uncovered the Corps and Shady Land Deals connected to Reid Bunkerville LLC, Zion Bank Corp, and BLM lands surrounding the Bundy properties. (Reid Family Trust. Cedar Hill Economic Developement Corp.)


Harry Reid to Escalate Crisis at Bundy ranch

Rusty Hill, a former Land Broker who worked in that area for nearly 20 years issued this to our news room:

“It is not about turtles, it is about water. There are developers working for military contractors that want that land and water for mining weapons grade minerals for industry… they want to sell the land by the highway for real estate development because it’s close to I-15 and the Bundys have been refusing to sell what they actually own directly for over 20 years. Many buyers sent me out there with crazy offers for that land for many years. It is prime real estate not worthless desert. There is a natural gas pipeline going through there and lots of water under ground too. Somebody connected to a military corporation is using political power and the BLM to muscle those people out.”bundy rangeland



A Rancher TELLS ALL:

B Hunt writes:

I live in SW Utah. I grew up on a ranch less than 100 miles from the Bundy’s ranch. My father knows Cliven Bundy. I know Cliven’s son Ryan. This is not a hoax, it is an action of force by the BLM.

The BLM was going to sell the cattle at one of the smallest cattle markets in Utah. No cattle markets in Nevada would take the cattle without a properly signed brand inspection (which the BLM cannot obtain without Cliven Bundy’s signature).

The BLM paid the owner of the Utah cattle market $300,000 to do the sale (‘R’ Livestock Connection in Monroe, Utah, owned by one Scott G. Robbins, according to the Utah Business Entity Search). Utah Governor Herbert stepped in and forbid them from bringing the cattle into Utah without the legally required health and brand inspections (which again, require Bundy’s signature) and that no feral cattle are allowed to be imported at all (per Utah statute).

Because Bundy claims ownership over maybe 350-500 head of branded cattle, the other 500-700 estimated head of cattle would all be considered feral. BLM officially backed off, but we suspect they are still secretly shipping them through Utah without any permission to do so, to “private” buyers in Colorado. The contract cowboys that the BLM hired to do the roundup are from Sampson Livestock in Meadow, Utah (traitors one and all).

From what I understand, Cliven Bundy owns both the Water Rights and Grazing Rights to all of the land where his cattle run. If Bundy failed to use them, the Grazing Rights would revert to the BLM and would be retired, while the Water Rights would revert to the State of Nevada, likely to be sold to the highest bidder (which would probably be a bidding war between mineral companies that are behind this action with the BLM and the City of Las Vegas which is thirsty for water and has had multiple attempts to buy water–through eminent domain from Utah farmers and ranchers–from Utah, which were all blocked by the Utah Legislature and Utah Governor Herbert).

Chances are, the BLM has already filed a claim on the water rights so that they can sell to the highest bidder (instead of the state) and are trying to get the cattle off to show that Bundy cannot use the water beneficially (much like what the US Forest Service and BLM both tried to do to Wayne Hage).

ENN Solar Nevada


Now, for Cliven Bundy, he’s not fighting this for his cattle or his own livelihood. He recognizes that he will probably die before this fight is over. He has said multiple times that he is fighting this to wake people up about the tyranny of the Federal Government and also to help wake up the western states about getting the rights to their own land back from the federal government, which has repeatedly shut down ranchers and closed off land:

  • 1st, get all the ranchers, farmers, Native Americans, and foresters that use the land for positive, sustainable production off of the land;
  • 2nd, grab up all the resources;
  • 3rd, close off the lands to public access including camping, hiking, horseback riding, hunting, fishing, boating, shooting, etc;
  • 4th, sell off the resources to the highest bidder regardless of what that will do to the land, the local environment, or the economy;
  • 5th, collect royalties on the resources in perpetuity;
  • 6th, reduce and eliminate all SLS and PILT payments to the states, impoverishing them beyond belief.)

Theft – Bribes – Armed Coercion – Fraud -Tyranny

From this we can now firmly conclude:

  • The BLM’s actions are not only flatly illegal, they are unlawful, and not only unlawful, they are so unlawful that it took bribing someone with a $300,000 payoff to get them to accept stolen cattle from a Government agency. I do not think that could be topped ANYWHERE else in the world, other than with something like a Mexican drug cartel.

Response from Jim Stone Freelance:

So we have a clear cut case of unlawful and prosecutable actions by the BLM in this case.

The real goal is to shut down public access to these lands. Obviously Cliven Bundy was not a jerk, and he let people go back there to explore. I myself have done a LOT of back country exploring, and noticed in the early 2000′s that they closed down all the back roads about a half mile before the destination they used to go to to discourage people from exploring the wilderness.

Rather than drive the whole way, you had to get out and walk a considerable distance to scenes such as Swazy’s leap, Paul Bunyans Wood Pile, and practically anywhere else you would want to go while out 4 Wheeling. And in the desert sun, that long of a walk was usually tough to do. This resulted in these types of locations no longer being visited, which effectively equaled a shut down.

The motives are for profit. Rather than manage the lands responsibly, the BLM is stealing it from it’s rightful holders via corrupt actions and legal loop holes, and selling it off to corporate interests. This is cold hard proof that America is not a democracy, or more importantly a Republic, it is in fact a facist dictatorship where corruption rules and rights, freedom and honor are irrelevant. thereaganwing – NextNewsNetwork

This is getting much bigger and a lot more corrupt…




UPDATE 4/28/2014

Title of this blog changed from – BLM Whistleblower, Reid Bunkerville LLC & the Military Industrial Complex to the current title.


Bundy Ranch: “The Land and its Masters Revealed” –

Remote & secluded location, lots of high quality WATER…heavy minerals….

Cedar Development and Bunderville LLC got land for free!!!



Nevada Secretary Of State Business Registration · Data Updated April 17, 2014

Reid Bunkerville LLC is a Nevada Domestic Limited-Liability Company filed on March 15, 2010. The company’s filing status is listed as Active and its File Number is E0115432010-5.

The Registered Agent on file for this company is Bruce W Gamett and is located at 2600 Paseo Verde Pkwy Suite 250 Henderson, NV 89074.

The company has 2 principals on record. The principals are Bruce Gamett from Henderson NV and Joseph L Bowler from Bunkerville NV.

Company Name: REID BUNKERVILLE LLC – File Number: E0115432010-5 – Filing State: Nevada (NV) Filing Status: Active Filing – Date: March 15, 2010 Company Age: 4 Years, 1 Month

Registered Agent: Lookup Address on Google Maps

Bruce W Gamett 2600 Paseo Verde Pkwy Suite 250 [MC – it appears he’s an accountants)
Henderson, NV 89074 Report Due Date: March 31, 2014

Company Contacts BRUCE GAMETT – Manager 2600 Paseo Verde Pkwy., Ste # 250
Henderson, NV 89074

JOSEPH L BOWLER – [MC-this comes up as an Elementary School – the someone who did the update on the 17th has a sense of humor] Manager Po Box 7209 Bunkerville, NV 89007


Clarke Country Nevada Property Records:


REID BUNKERVILLE L L C DST-901 #002-26-301-002
REID BUNKERVILLE L L C DST-800 #002-26-301-004
REID BUNKERVILLE L L C DST-800 #002-26-301-005
REID BUNKERVILLE L L C DST-800 #002-26-701-001

Reid Bunkerville LLC

REID BUNKERVILLE L L C DST-901 #002-26-301-002 – Recorded Date Apr 20 2010
REID BUNKERVILLE L L C DST-800 #002-26-301-004 – Recorded Date Apr 20 2010
REID BUNKERVILLE L L C DST-800 #002-26-301-005 – Recorded Date Apr 20 2010
REID BUNKERVILLE L L C DST-800 #002-26-701-001 – Recorded Date Apr 20 2010





NOTE: Reid Bunkerville LLC is a Nevada Domestic Limited-Liability Company filed on March 15, 2010. The company’s filing status is listed as Active and its File Number is E0115432010-5

On April 9th 2010: Joseph L Bowler Jr. “successor trustee” bought 4 parcels of land.



Who are they…? Why did they get land for free? Click the last link and one can see that a Joseph L Bowler Jr. signed the deed on April 9th, 2010 for 4 sections of land as the successor trustee. Reid Bunkerville LLC address is a PO number – tax exempt status was checked.

Bottomline: It’s mostly about the Oligarchs wanting to own all our water rights, food, electricity…which will make us totally dependent – controlled.

Note: The PO Box traces to a Joseph L Bowler, Bishop – Mesquite Mormon temple who passed away in 2004 – there’s also a Joseph L Bowler Jr and a Joseph L Bowler III – Joseph Jr, likely a son, signed the deed.

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  1. Parakletos says:

    “ the “Reid” in Reid Bunkerville LLC was Laverne Reid, an octogenarian from Bunkerville. “

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