Earth Day: More Americans Believe in God than Al Gore’s Global Warming


22 Apr 2014, 8:04 AM PDT

Some will seize on this as proof that Americans are credulous and anti-scientific, but I’d draw the opposite conclusion. The survey – insofar as it can be taken seriously: only just over 1000 people were consulted – suggests how remarkably resilient Americans are in the face of relentless environmental brainwashing.

The schools, the universities, the government, the green NGOs, Hollywood and the MSM have invested billions of man hours and dollars trying to persuade them that climate change is the greatest threat of our age. But according to this survey, only 33 per cent are buying it – while another 37 per cent remain thoroughly unconvinced.

Now these people  have made a killing in their investments.

Happy Earth Day!

In the survey, respondents were asked how confident they were in a range of scientific statements. The ones in which they had fullest confidence were:

Smoking causes cancer – 82 per cent extremely/very confident

Mental illness is a medical condition that affects the brain – 71 per cent

Inside our cells there is a complex genetic code that helps determine who we are – 69 per cent

Overusing antiobiotics causes the development of drug resistant bacteria – 65 per cent

The universe is so complex there must be a supreme being guiding its creation – 54 per cent

Childhood vaccines are safe and effective – 53 per cent

The average temperature of the world is rising, mostly because of man-made heat-trapping greenhouse gases – 33 per cent

According to a Nobel Prize winning biochemistry professor Robert Lefkowitz of Duke University, the poor performance of greenhouse gas theory in the survey may result from “the force of concerted campaigns to discredit scientific fact.”

Perhaps he should venture out of the biochemistry lab a bit more often. If he did so, he would realise that the 67 per cent who had doubts about greenhouse gas theory are almost certainly correct. The most obvious flaw in the statement is that phrase “mostly because of”.

Few scientists dispute that greenhouse gases have a warming effect; none disputes that, since 1850, global mean temperatures have risen by about 0.8 degrees C. But there is little if any scientific evidence to suggest that man-made greenhouse gases are the main driver of climate change.

On the contrary, all the latest research suggests that the importance of CO2 and other greenhouse gases has been grossly exaggerated in the various computer models predicting catastrophic global warming, which is the reason why they have been so badly wrong-footed by real world data – such as the pause in the global warming since 1997.

Maybe the true, encouraging take home message from the survey should be this: most Americans know more about climate change than your average Nobel prizewinning biochemistry professor.


Americans have too much commonsense than to believe in anything as daft as Global Warming. It takes a while but we eventually come to a conclusion which is – since AlGore and his accomplices sounded the alarm twenty years ago; that we’d be under water by now, huge areas of land would no longer produce agriculture products (he was probably talking about Monsanto, land grabs for windmills which needs thousands of acres of land – rather than food…, and had a freudian slip), and the Polar Ice Caps that would be gone, blah, blah, blah.

What we have learned thusfar: if you invested in some of the new Corporations popping up to combat the problem early, you could make a s**t load of money. If you were late to those companies, or stayed invested too long, you would loose your money, most going bankrupt.
Bottomline: The Earth is in a period of Warming, except when it is in a period of Cooling. Hurricanes will be more numerous, except when they occur less often, and Tornado’s will become more severe and numerous, except when the numbers are below the long term average. Most of us know that Science has become corrupted by University Grant Money targeted to get a specific result. Obama said the science was settled – science in never, ever, ever settled. the end.

PS: I was taught to be a Good Stewart to the land by my parents. I passed on the message. Many people have been snookered by these greedy fatcats like Al Gore, the Clintons et al…and we’re paying for their stupidity with our taxes. It was one of the greatest scams the world has ever known and yet another legacy from the most crooked luciferians on the planet.

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