Pressure Builds Over Germany’s Secretive Drones Strikes Which Killed Thousands of Civilians

By Reprieve – Global Research, May 01, 2014
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Recent revelations over German complicity in US drone strikes will tomorrow cast a shadow over Chancellor Angela Merkel’s talks with President Barack Obama in Washington.

Investigative journalists in Germany recently revealed Ramstein, a US base in the country, to be a major data centre for the secretive strikes, which have killed thousands of civilians in countries such as Yemen and Pakistan. Legal charity Reprieve this week revealed that a strike in Yemen over the Easter weekend killed four builders on their way to work, leaving at least 20 children fatherless.

The Ramstein findings contradict claims made by both leaders at their last meeting in June 2013, when Obama dismissed reports that US bases in Germany had been used for drone attacks. He told journalists: “We do not use Germany as a launching point for unmanned drones […] as part of our counterterrorism activities. […] I know that there have been some reports here in Germany that that might be the case. That is not.” During the same visit, Merkel spoke of Ramstein as filling “a very important function”, saying “our work is based […] on shared values.”

Recent questions in the German parliament have increased pressure on Merkel to reveal the true extent of Germany’s involvement in the strikes, but there is little evidence that the government plans to challenge the Obama administration over them.

Kat Craig, Legal Director at Reprieve, said: “One year on from Chancellor Merkel’s assertions about shared US-German ‘values’, the extent of Washington’s use of German soil to perpetrate illegal killings is clear. Despite Obama’s promises to the German people last year, the number of civilian deaths from these secretive drone strikes is higher than ever, and the response of the German government has been to ignore the issue. It is high time that Merkel raised concerns with Obama about the launching of illegal drone strikes from Germany – concerns that are echoing loudly throughout her country. ”


Journalists are writing as if they live in a sovereign country which hasn’t been the case for decades.  The USA isn’t the only big bad wolf – one needs to start investigating who is really giving the orders. Merkel and Obama are but CEO’s of the unelected leaders of the EU. who are under the auspices of the UN, which is the office of the “Company”. So it’s really USA Inc., Germany Inc., and so on…The Monarchs or their Financial Advisors, such as Rothchild, have never lost control and continue cling to their self-declared Divine Right to Rule. If the did, and the know it, they wouldn’t last a decade since they produce nothing. And yes, I know their corporate media tells you otherwise…The Bank of England has been producing paper money since 1694 when King Billy gave his royal stamp of approval and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why…

Bottomline: these “royal” and their “aristocratic” friends are people think we’re lower than…listen carefully to what they say and write and not how they smile and smooze while sticking a knife in your back.


No more wars for the Houses of the Bankster-Gangsters! They’ve already killed billions since their “adventures” and “excursions” over the centuries. Enough already!

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