Van Rompuy: Unelected EU Will Control Europe and Flank Russia

EU apparatchiks and U.S. may start war despite widespread opposition

Kurt Nimmo – May 1, 2014

President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, said that even if there is little public support for expanding the globalist union to the border of Russia, “we do it anyway.” Photo: European People's Party via Wikimedia Commons

The unelected president of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, says the globalist union will eventually control every country on Russia’s western border.


Von Rompuy’s dream, according to a Breitbart story citing the Flemish daily De Standaard, is to have all of the former Soviet states in the Balkans and “the whole of European territory outside Russia” linked to the European Union.


Reflecting the true character of an appointed high level globalist apparatchik, Van Rompuy said that even if there is little public support for such an effort, “we do it anyway.”


The remarks arrive as the EU and the United States impose a new round of economic sanctions on Russia as the political crisis in Ukraine unfolds.


On Wednesday, The New York Times praised the declaration of economic warfare against the Russian people and lauded the country’s “slide to recession” after Ukraine rejected the “accession treaty offered by the European Union that touched off the current crisis.”


The description offered by the Times ignores the role played by the State Department in touching off the crisis and stage managing the installation of a coup regime including a number of ultra-nationalists and fascists violently opposed to Ukraine’s historical relationship with Russia and its people.


Moreover, the Times, echoing the stance of Van Rompuy and the EU globalists, admits the situation will undoubtedly, in the words of the German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, facilitate “the worst crisis since the end of the Cold War.”


“That crisis will only get worse unless the West is prepared to unite behind serious economic sanctions that hurt Russia’s financial, energy and military sectors,” and, left unsaid by the editorial board of The New York Times, the Russian people.


Predictably, and faithfully, the Times mirrors the consensus of the financial and global elite. As Ron Paul noted in March, the American people are overwhelmingly opposed to United States involvement in the Ukraine crisis. Of course, this is of little concern to the ruling elite and its propaganda media.


Disregarding popular consensus, the United States will forge ahead with the European Union and continue instigating a wider conflict in Ukraine and along Russia’s western border.


Herman Van Rompuy and the leadership of the United States, including many members of Congress, are in agreement. The difference is Van Rompuy, as an unelected EU bureaucrat, will not face the wrath of Europeans, many whom, like their American counterparts, oppose and fear an escalation of the conflict and a possible war with Russia.



The implementation of the abhorrent Obamacare steath tax legislation proved to many Americans that we weren’t taken into account by a partisan only vote by the Democrats, who acted at the time like they were at an auction – it was disgusting. In the past year we’ve been observing that the Republicans aren’t interested in negating this horrific bill either. This bill now leaves us at the mercy of government in all aspects of our lives – it’s also a bill which will never be paid for – it will always be increased at the whim of the people in power. Neither elected parties serve the people of the USA since they’re both getting a piece of the pie.


So who do these elected officials serve? The International Mafia Cartel. They’re the people who are running the globe, in the past they were called a shadow government, today they’re not hiding as much which means they’re confident of their success. This unelected guy Van Rompuy is just another agent doing the bidding of the Royal German-Dutch-British House of Orange-Windsor with their financial advisors – the Rothchilds, Rockefellers…nothings changed since their “adventurers” – “excursions” aka invasions-wars in other countries in order to steal their resources. The template is in history. Elected or unelected these agents are on sale for a price. Time to take back the globe from these bastards.


Here’s their Blue Print:


  •  The Global Mafia Cartel start by targeting a country ripe for “Regime Change” and brand it a “Rogue State”.
  • Then they destablize – by arming, training, financing local and foreign and local NGO’, mercenaries/terrorists through CIA, MI6, Mossad, Drug Cartels and relabel them “Freedom Fighters”.
  • Then they create a false flag event which is tweeted throughout the area. The paid instigators are ready as planned, people gather and are induced instigated into anger. It eventually leads to the inevitable mayhem and destruction.
  • This is when they strong-arm the politicans to join the EU/NATO/IMF/ World Bank.
  • If this is refused then war is threatened by using a bogus “UN sanctions to protect civilians” excuse. We all know its bogus because their true motive is to rape the people, and tax them for the priviledge.
  • Meanwhile they continue to spread flagrant lies through their Media Monopolies, NGO’s, paid journalists, Human Rights Watch-Amnesty, ICC… which are all funded by them, and call it “International Community Concern”.
  • They then invade and control the target country and call it bringing “democracy” – ”liberation”.
  • When the target country falls fully under their control, they impose “the kind of democracy we want to see” (as Hillary Clinton said of Egypt on 22-March-2011)
  • Finally, they steal all resources and call it “Foreign Investment and Reconstruction”
  • The people are left to pick up the tab, which will never be paid – it was set up that way, and so they remain, like us, in their grip as serfs-slaves to these immoral bankster-gangsters forever.

This is Mafia tactics and strategy. It’s sold to us all as “freedom”, “democracy”, “human rights”, “free trade”… The dictators knew what was up, Milosovic knew what was up, the ousted president of the Ukraine knew what was up, Putin knows what’s up…anyone who reads history knows whats up…many people around the globe are awakening to what’s up. Those who disagree with them are labeled “anarchists, “domestic terrorists” and so on…if those in disagreement or whistleblowers are important enough they go through a “special” personal assassination of character or otherwise meaning they could be “disappeared”. One has to continually think of them as a Mafia Cartel. Just my opinion for so long as I’m permitted to voice it!

PS: When the veil finally was removed from my eyes it was extremely difficult to handle but truth triumphs as always.

The “adventurers” – investors and “merchants” – business’ came to Ireland with Cromwell. Cromwell had already invested 600 pounds for land before he ever set foot in Ireland in 1649. They were so sure of taking over the island,  which they did, and profited greatly along with the Royal Crown. The latter bequeathed the land owned by the indigenous Irish to herself [Elizabeth I and others of her ilk thereafter] and her aristocratic friends. The dregs they left for their lower enchelons in the military in lieu of payment for their atrocities of the Irish people. They threw the real owners off the land, thus making them paupers and slaves, those ho know the history know how devastating that turned out to be. The Irish apparently didn’t own their own land because they didn’t have proof of ownership though they’d tilled the land for thousands of years. So Lizzie just stamps a royal seal and voila it belongs to someone else – her chosen people now have proof of ownership – they call/called it their Divine Right. Reminds one of the Bundy Ranch and the federal decrees which harken back to King George…It’s the way the “Company” – “Cartel” – “Mafia” works.

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