Muslim Brotherhood Dealing Drugs to Fund Terrorism

By on April 24, 2014

Coptic Solidarity

The Muslim Brotherhood and its jihadi supporters are the latest terrorists to grow and cultivate illegal drugs in the hills of Sinai, in order to sell them and fund their terrorism campaign with the proceeds—not unlike Afghanistan’s Taliban earlier.

A security source from Egypt’s Interior Ministry who chose to remain anonymous recently made these revelations to reporters.

Among other things, he said the numbers of such drug plantations in the Sinai had dramatically grown since the January 25 Revolution, which brought the Muslim Brotherhood to power.

Since the June 30 Revolution, however, which saw the ousting of the Brotherhood, the military has found and destroyed dozens of acres where poppy and cannabis were being cultivated, plants from which opium, heroin, and hashish are extracted.

Although such drugs are generally banned in Islam, the Brotherhood and its supporters, explained the security source, grow them under the Islamic maxim “Necessity makes the prohibited permissible”—that is, in order to fund the jihad to overthrow the “apostate” Egyptian state and reestablish Islamic rule (seen synonymous with Brotherhood rule), it is necessary to sell harmful drugs to fellow Muslims.

Thus the Brotherhood and its supporters find two complementary ways to destroy people, including fellow Muslims:

first with drugs, and

second with the money made from the drugs.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a political movement who uses the Muslim religion to obtain their goals. Their armed divison is al Qaeda.

The MB is part of the Global Mafia Cartel, of course, they sell drugs. In Afghanistan it’s their top trade. The International Bankers Cartel are certainly involved since it’s a multi-billion dollar business. Their old company – Royal East Indian Company  – expanded this lucritive trade in the 1800’s…drug running into China who had banned Opium.

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