Al Qaeda-linked terrorists questioned over missing Malaysia jet: report

NY Daily News – May 5, 2014

Rahman Roslan/Getty ImagesMalaysian Acting Transport Minister, Hishammuddin Hussein, shakes the hand of Chief Coordinator of the Joint Agency Coordination Centre, Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston, on Friday in Kuala Lumpur. Houston told media the search for MH370 will continue in the Indian Ocean, but it could take a year to be located.


A band of Al Qaeda-linked terrorists was reportedly being grilled Saturday over the disappearance of the missing Malaysian jetliner.

The 11 suspects — believed to be members of a terror group planning bomb attacks in Muslim countries — were arrested in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur and the state of Kedah last week, according to London’s Mail on Sunday.

The militants were rounded up at the request of international investigators, including the FBI and MI6, the paper reported.

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Comment from a poster at the NY Daily News site: “After all I have read about this mystery, I have come to a few conclusions that I want to share, especially after the Malaysian government issued their last statement.

Imagine this scenario…..Shortly after 1:00 a.m. the Malaysian military picks up a radar signal of an aircraft entering their National airspace. They initiate radio contact, but receive no response. Fighter jets are quickly scrambled to investigate. The fighter jets also fail to establish contact so after repeated threats to the aircraft to identify itself they are forced to shoot it down, as would any modern air force….that’s their job!

A few hours pass by and the military becomes aware of a missing passenger jet……..oops…….better start covering tracks………delay any word about seeing the aircraft for a week while sending search parties half a world away. Meanwhile, the Malaysian military has a week to clean up the debris from the shot down plane……

Any government would be hard pressed to admit that they had done such a thing. In this case, they seem to have gotten away with it. Only time will tell.” END

I can’t remember having heard that conjecture before…

So now it’s officially al-Qaeda – a little too convenient? I want to see the plane! And one can’t hekp be concerned about the possibility of a “false flag”.

Note: I still want to know about the 4 people who checked in but didn’t board the plane.

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