Egypt’s Counterterrorism War Undermined by US Insistence on Muslim Brotherhood

By Tera Dahl – 5/2/2014

On a recent trip to Egypt with a delegation of national security experts and journalists we had the opportunity to meet with senior-level Egyptian security officials, as well as several members of the country’s various religious and civil society movements. The message being disseminated in the Western press about Egypt is contrary to the reality on the ground.

A recent Los Angeles Times article repeats the accusation that Egypt’s response to terrorism is in fact the reason Egypt is in such trouble. This narrative has become entrenched in some circles of the US foreign policy establishment. To quote directly from the article, “…some U.S. officials warn that the Egyptian actions may alienate civilians and spur anti-American sentiment.”

The inference is that the al-Qaeda-affiliated political movement known as the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), ousted from government, continues to be the most important “civilian” political entity in the Arab world’s most populous nation and that the MB is a legitimate political actor. This is despite the Brotherhood being removed as a result of what may have been the largest popular democratic revolt in history, with tens of millions of anti-Brotherhood protesters flooding the streets in the summer of 2013 in rejection of the Brotherhood’s theocratic regime.

Having spent an extensive amount of time in Egypt since the removal of President Morsi last June, I can say with confidence that “anti-American sentiment” is currently at a dangerously high level, but not for the reasons many in the press cite. The animosity stems from America’s policies of not backing the Egyptian people and their war on terrorism.

On our recent trip, members of Egypt’s civil society, that very backbone which any future democratic polity must be built on, asked us why Washington is supporting terrorism and not supporting the Egyptian people and military in their…Read more at


Some pictures from the Obama engineered – “Arab Spring Revolution”.

The military just sentenced over 600 of the Muslim Brotherhood to be hanged. The Egyptian military has a long, long, history with the MB which is likely why they let the street demonstrations go on so long. They wanted to put stress on their organization by making them keep people in the streets 24/7 for longer than they planned on so they could identify as many of them as possible. As things dragged on people who would have otherwise stayed in the shadows had to come out to deliver supplies or messages, pay people in person rather than through the usual Friday at the mosque subtle stuff, take a shift in the streets so others could work at their regular job,and so on…

That made it possible for the Egyptian Military to identify the majority of the dedicated supporters and leaders so they knew who to imprison, deport, or just intimidate by letting them know they were going to be watched from now on. The military owns at least one third of the Egyptian industry so they can many of these people from getting a decent job or let them know that if they step out of line and they’ll lose their job.

It’s what Nasser did back in the fifties. He let the demonstrations go on until the MB were having their people, who had not revealed themselves up to that point, writing articles, and giving speeches, in the hope of pushing things over the edge…they lost. And I hope they lose this time…

Published on Jul 10, 2012 – “Rep. Michele Bachmann says the Muslim Brotherhood, the international Islamist movement that recently came to power in Egypt, has made “deep penetration” within the U.S. government, and she wants an investigation of its influence within five federal agencies.” – “Young Turks”.

Video: “The Young Turks” are ridiculing Congress Michelle Bachmann when she called out the the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood in this administration.

They have an interesting name to say the least: The Young Turks and the Armenian Genocide:

One keeps finding Turkey (EU/US – and all NATO countries) behind most of the horrendous events taking place in the ME.

It was identified later that Michelle Bachmann was correct! This administration is also funding both the MB and their terrorist wing…without money they’d be starved out of existence!

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