Utah ATV riders in showdown with BLM

Denver Post
May 10, 2014

Recapture Canyon is a calm place of cottonwood shade, sinuous streams, beaver ponds and bird song. Ancient cliffside dwellings and ground dotted with potsherds lend it an aura of quiet mystery.

The typical landscape in vast stretches of Utah. Credit: katsrcool / Flickr

But this canyon — so close to Blanding, Utah, that locals there consider it their wild backyard — is also the site of a long-standing but escalating anti-federal government, Cliven Bundyesque furor.

On Saturday, protesters plan to drive their ATVs past a “closed to motorized use” sign and into the 11-mile-long canyon to show their disdain for the Bureau of Land Management’s decision to keep that area off-limits to vehicles. Read more


Youtube – Published on Jan 4, 2014

2/27/12 San Juan County Commissioner Bruce Adams orders Lynn Laws Superintendent of the road department to open a road that the BLM closed illegally. Instead of going out and opening the road like the commissioner ordered Superintendent Laws goes to the BLM to let them know what he is going to do.

According to the below document’s Laws tells the BLM that the road is not blocked or closed but he has been told to run a blade down it. Lynn Laws seeks permission from the BLM first before doing what he was told. Before the road was opened Lynn is told not to open it because John Fellmeth and other county employees decide that county road D0570 is no longer a county road.

John Fellmeth is the president of S.P.E.A.R and both Fellmeth and Lynn are on the county lands bill team representing the citizens of this county. This is just one example of where the Lynn and others have circumvented the commission and the citizens of this county. I don’t know about you but at the very least neither of these two men should be on the lands team.

Link to PDF documents: http://www.scribd.com/doc/195924168/L…


That’s how that game is played – the Feds-BLM have their appointed insiders. The Feds-BLM tighten the noose around everyone’s neck with more laws, and then call it unlawful conduct if people don’t like it. They apparently feel they even have the power to shut down roads willy nilly. A Police State Tactic.

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