Video: Massive Explosion Rocks Shell Oil Production Plant In The Netherlands

Moments ago a massive explosion, accompanied by a raging fire seen from miles away, occurred at a Shell Oil production plant in Moerdijk, Netherlands, reports the Omroep Brabant. Two “enormously loud bangs” were reported by bystanders. Bystanders reported a pink flash of light followed by flames that were meters high. According to a Dutch reporter, the explosion shook the neighborhood houses as if an earthquake occurred. Marieke van Wijk of the Safety Mid and West Brabant reports that the fire occurred during an exchange of services.

“The blaze is pretty intense and the smoke goes straight up. Hazardous substances are igniting high in the air. “Stay at least always the smoke,” adds the municipality of Moerdijk.

No evacuation of local residents has been ordered so hopefully the damage is contained.

This is what the facility looked like before the accident:

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A picture of Shell Moerdijk before the accident. 5:25 PM – 3 Jun 2014

And this is what it looks like right now:

brand moerdijk 3 6 2014

Brand shell moerdijk 3/6/2014

Uploaded on Jan 5, 2011

MOERDIJK – Na uren te hebben geblust heeft de brandweer het vuur bij chemiebedrijf Chemie-Pack in Moerdijk in de nacht van woensdag op donderdag onder controle gekregen. De brand zorgde vooral in de avond voor grote overlast in de wijde omgeving van Moerdijk.

Grote Brand Moerdijk RTL NIEUWS 05-01-2011

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peter bolderheij @bolderheij

Foto van 1 van de 2 ontploffingen  5:57 PM – 3 Jun 2014

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Dat is flink schrikken. Foto (van foto) vanuit tuin van 2e explosie.  5:21 PM – 3 Jun 2014

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Daar gaan de  5:46 PM – 3 Jun 2014

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RT @Korsmitje: Explosie shell 5:05 PM – 3 Jun 2014

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Update: Oorzaak van de brand in Moerdijk is volgens de burgemeester een ontplofte reactor PM – 3 Jun 2014

Johann @JCdeGraaf

According to the mayor a reactor has exploded, causing benzene to leak   6:06 PM – 3 Jun 2014

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