Video and Images via Twitter: Taliban Turn Over Army Deserter Bowe Bergdahl to U.S.

Javed Hamim Kakar@HM_Kakar31m

. Taliban releasing Sgt Bowe inside Afghanistan.

An emotional Bowe Bergdahl waits for U.S. forces to land at meeting site for handover.

Taliban member holds white flag as Bowe Bergdahl (dressed in white) is turned over to U.S. forces in Afghanistan Saturday.

U.S. forces head back to helicopter with Bowe Bergdahl.

Link to the Taliban propaganda video of Bowe Bergdahl being turned over to the U.S. –

He looks sad at leaving and since he hates the US why leave…Will his dad now shave his beard and change from the son-dad taliban white matching outfits – is the question(s).


Obama – “We have consulted with Congress for quite some time about the possibility that we might need to execute a prisoner exchange in order to recover Bergdahl,” Obama said on a trip to Poland to discuss Eastern European security. “We saw an opportunity, and we were concerned about Bergdahl’s health. We had the cooperation of the Qataris to execute an exchange, and we seized that opportunity.” He added that “the process was truncated because we wanted to make sure we would not miss that window.”


Does this deserter look sick to you? They waited 5 years and all of a sudden it became a matter of life and death to release him and to surrender 5 fanatical taliban terrorists in his place? Doesn’t make any sense – one wonders what’s really going on… Meanwhile there’s an honorable US soldier in Mexico awaiting release from jail!

Handover video now on youtube:

Published on Jun 4, 2014 – The Taliban has released a video showing American hostage Sgt (sic) Bowe Bergdahl being handed over to US forces in Afghanistan.
The video, emailed to the media, shows him being handed over close to the Afghan border with Pakistan.

Bowe Bergdahl

Note: They were obviously warned not to have him appear looking like a taliban terrorist that we’ve seen in the past so they staged him to look like a peaceful Buddhist. This guy claimed in an old video that he was a captured POW. Now that he’s home, members of his platoon can speak out, and they’re saying he was a deserter who caused the lives of a number of his platoon. Members of the Army top brass are also claiming he was a deserter who caused the death of many soldiers. Yet one of Obama’s administration expert liars, Benghazi Susan Rice, went on television praising the Private as a hero and an honorable soldier…more trouble in the horizon.

Obama attempts to divert us from one disaster to another even worse one and when one adds them up they amount to total and utter chaos. No amount of media lies can cover this devastating and destructive administration.

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